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  1. Will this thread be merged with the old Ashley Young thread? I feel it needs to be so we can see 10 years later…
  2. Nope, nope, nope! Not for me. He seems to be at the heart of the good culture we have. He still had a lot to contribute on the pitch too. Where we are right now McGinn is way down the list of players to sell IMO.
  3. Agreed. It feels like he is the first to be pushed in front of the camera or microphone for everything. Hopefully he gets the minutes to match!
  4. I firmly believe a lot of this is down to Smith and the recruitment. He was talking up the culture from day 1, and we’re now seeing the fruits of this labour. Massively aided by the fact Jack is our captain, and seems immensely popular across football.
  5. I posted just above must have been at the same time. Also confirms the ESR bid!
  6. Back post Percy Quite happy with this to be fair. Will be good experience and a good pro. Plus, was my favourite player back in the day! Still got a shirt with his name on somewhere, in fact. Think it’s the Acorns shirt not sure it’ll still fit though
  7. Get the band back together. Cover for left back perhaps?
  8. He’s so good he’s covering sticks and playing up front. What a guy. Rush keeper making a return.
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