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  1. Pre match chit chat

    I won’t rest until I’ve seen @Vive_La_Villa‘s score predictor table. I think a 1-1 draw. I really hope we can pinch a win like Ipswich managed a few weeks ago.
  2. Star Wars: Disney Era

    I watched Rogue One again last night, I’m watching The Force Awakens tomorrow night and then off to the cinema Sunday to watch The Last Jedi. Can’t wait. Not read a single thing to avoid spoilers, all I know is it’s meant to be awesome.
  3. Playstation 4

    I wonder if any of the resident geniuses could help me. Had my PS4 a good few years, long enough to be out of warranty. Went to load a disc the other day and the console is having none of it. It’s refusing to suck it in as it would usually, and can’t force it in either! Frustratingly the Mrs has got me GT Sport for Christmas which I won’t be able to play! Anybody else experienced this, or have a fix that’s not going to involve paying Sony £125?
  4. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    When Chelsea were storming the league last year and winning lots of games in a row Conte was a genius. Pep does it and he’s an arsehole. Man City and Pep are undeniably good, I have massive respect for what he’s achieved. Nothing in football is a given, no matter the resources or reputation.
  5. Burnley

    Down to 6th currently. Dyche out!
  6. January transfer window 2018

    Also, this. He is following Dr Tony, as well as some other Villa players. Seems he’s on the way on loan. I would have preferred someone with more experience to hit the ground running, but he can take the burden off Davis.
  7. January transfer window 2018

    Not sure how true this is...
  8. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Looking like a good turnout for the 23rd. That’s also on TV. Hopefully get a positive result Saturday to boost it further!
  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    None of our games have been picked for TV for Jan and Feb. Maybe a positive for attendances and going about our business out the limelight.
  10. January transfer window 2018

    Interesting comments from Howe on Grabban Definitely some movement there by the looks of it. Seems to be highly thought of by Howe, could be a smart move to bring him in.
  11. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Every team other than Wolves are decidedly average. It’s just a case of being less average than the rest, which we’re capable of. Second place is wide open.
  12. January transfer window 2018

    Hadn’t realised Grabban has 11 goals this season already. Wouldn’t be a bad option to bring in if possible. He’s fit and scoring. Just what we need!!
  13. The Game's Gone

    No automatic group stage entry in the Champions League for the Dutch Teams from Italy, Spain, Germany and England now take up the 12 auto entries into the Champions League group stage now. Dutch football is on its arse.
  14. John Terry

    Doesn’t look far off judging by this -
  15. Henri Lansbury

    Bring back Hourihane next week. He and Whelan work. Lansbury is fine for rotation and impact, but I think Hourihane is the better overall player.