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  1. villan-scott

    Tammy Abraham

    I wonder at what point he decided - fu*k it, just call me Tammy Abraham! He could relaunch as Kevin Bakumo-Abraham and be a new man! It’s like all the Brazilians. How do they decide on their nicknames?
  2. villan-scott

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    That’s just criminal isn’t it. So poor to not have picked up more points here. They should have pulled the trigger sooner, in the last international break. I’m just glad Smith is here now, and we seem to be taking the league by storm.
  3. villan-scott

    Players that never lived up to the promise

    Ethan Moore
  4. villan-scott

    Jack Grealish

    I believe the limit is now 10 bookings as we are so far into the season. So Grealish is nowhere near a suspension now.
  5. villan-scott

    Jack Grealish

    I believe the limit is now 10 bookings as we are so far into the season. So Grealish is nowhere near a suspension now.
  6. villan-scott

    Tammy Abraham

    Had a mate who’s a Leeds fan texting me today saying about Tammy being recalled. Obviously scared of us coming for them. I of course told him I believe the paper story to be total b***ocks! Can’t wait to do them in a few weeks with Tammy on the scoresheet.
  7. villan-scott

    Tammy Abraham

    Lets make it happen guys and gals!
  8. villan-scott

    Christian Benteke

    Happy Birthday Benteke. I miss the player you used to be!
  9. villan-scott


    Thought I’d venture into ‘Off Topic’ for the first time in a while for a browse. Absolutely laughing my tits off at this thread. Superb. I suffer with smelly farts, probably due to poor diet! My wife does the loudest farts ever. The first time she did one in front of me she was asleep, and it was a right ripper. I laughed!
  10. villan-scott


    I said the exact same thing to my Liverpool supporting mate. If it was Mourinho the press would have a field day. Klopp just gets lauded and entertained doing it.
  11. villan-scott

    Pre-match thread

    Buzzing for this one already. Just a week at work to get through first. I’m gutted I won’t be able to watch as it’s my work Christmas party Friday night and we will be sitting down to eat just as we kick off. Might have the phone out watching it under the table I fancy us to out attack these and win 3-1 or 4-2. Hopefully the extra days rest and prep benefits us.
  12. villan-scott

    Ørjan Nyland

    My exact thoughts. 2 big blunders from Leno and Pickford, 2 of the highest rated keepers around. Nyland goes from the sublime to ridiculous, like his save from Hugill yesterday was more difficult than the Grabban or Lolley one from in the week.
  13. villan-scott

    Academy General Topic

    You can only join if you had a double ‘ss’ in your name though.
  14. villan-scott

    Dean Smith

    The set piece variety yesterday was great. Chester’s goal came from a corner and him taking up an unusual starting position round the back. Also, the second goal was the result of a well worked short corner, and the second phase of the play created the goal. Have we appointed a set piece coach at all yet?
  15. villan-scott

    Dean Smith

    I kinda disagree. Smith has an attention to detail that we only ever dreamt of previously. Stopping others playing by setting traps, and allowing us to play our game more. Smiths idealogy around continuing to attack is great, and exciting, that’s one of the unique things about his style. Teams will be fearing us now. Home or away.