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  1. Oh yes, I agree 100%. It is a major cock up by the Sheff Utd players. I meant Wilder will be fuming with his players. His comments should be interesting, he doesn’t usually hold back!
  2. Wilder will be fuming. Sheff Utd all just stopped and Henderson didn’t move. Bizarre scenes. Fair play to Shelvey though.
  3. Shelvey scores after the lino flagged for offside. Sheff Utd stopped playing, ref didn’t blow. Shelvey carries on and rolls it past Henderson who just stands there. Madness as VAR rightly gives the goal. Wilder will be seething!
  4. Sometimes the opposition are just better, and there isn’t a lot you can do about it. We got outclassed last night without ever being out of the game, again. We move on, our season isn’t defined by losing 2-1 at Stamford Bridge. The rest of our December is more important to be winning games against the teams around us.
  5. Very good when he came on. Needs to start Sunday.
  6. Leicester have won 7 on the bounce now... due a defeat Sunday. Can genuinely see us getting something from them as they’re not as convincing as they were.
  7. Funny. I’ve only had 2 all season. Man City have had 10!
  8. They’ve just updated and patches the game today. Eradicated a lot of the bugs in game. My striker can actually score a 1v1 now! Having signed Bowen and Edouard I’m glad I did. 13 and 15 goals each by the end of Jan. I’d be struggling without them. Wes has 1! Trez is the best other contributor with 8. Sat in 9th and going well. Planning my summer window now. Thinking another winger, a left back and maybe a keeper. Maybe another centre back too. I’m conceding far too many.
  9. Their right back. Young English player. Reece James.
  10. This may seem like a daft question, but how free kicks has he actually won for us? Every time there’s a challenge it always seems to go against him and in favour of the defender.
  11. Shocked that he clocked the fastest speed on those stats too. Fair play to him.
  12. None of which moved to the Premier League. If a Premier League club had moved for any of them the price would fly up.
  13. Jack Grealish likes this Class!
  14. Good work. My progress is a little slower due to time constraints! Still in my first season but going well. 9th heading into Christmas. Had 2 poor games in a row losing to West Ham 3-2 and Liverpool beat me handsomely 5-0. Followed that up with a 3-1 win Vs Brighton tho. Not too happy with Heaton so looking to improve there, any suggestions welcome.
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