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  1. My Leeds supporting friend is bricking it now. Doesn’t want to play us at all. I’d back our 11 against theres should we both get to Wembley. Absolutely miraculous turnaround from us. We’re the ones to beat in the playoffs now. Unbelievable. Thank you Deano!!
  2. Unlikely to be on AVTV mate as we are on Sky today as a main feature game, 1pm kick off U.K. time.
  3. Nah, triple captain first week for United away. Hat trick incoming.
  4. Spent the 470k I had on Shearer and Aguero to mix it up a bit up front. Been playing with Ibra and Rooney for months now. @Dante_Lockhart the trading game is a bit flat now as mentioned. The best way to do it is pre-empting what SBC are on the way, I follow a few trading tipster on twitter and do a bit that way, and @ml1dch is an absolute oracle! He’s helped me massively over the last 6 months or so! Just got to keep grafting and grinding.
  5. It’s good to see some activity in here. Myself and @ml1dch took it to DM as it was the unpopular choice to like FIFA and Ultimate Team it seemed. We’ve both been trading and playing it for a while. @ml1dch more successfully than I, his team is awesome! It does take time and graft to get a good team without spending, but it’s much more rewarding. At the start of the game I was buying packs, but stopped around November I think, and turned to trading, and it has been so much more rewarding! With better results from packs, and personal satisfaction. If you get the app you can do all the SBCs from there. My team -
  6. If my aunt had a co*k she’d be my uncle and all that. The game is done. We won, deservedly. It could and should have been more comfortable. Not sure how our visitor friend can argue against it. Must be fearful of dropping out the top 6 now.
  7. I’m pretty sure the EFL know all about our finances after the debacle of last summer. We’ve been monitored ever since and I’m sure I read we’ve had to submit various things periodically to the EFL to show we have our house in order? This sounds like Gibson trying to upset the apple cart to me. Pretty sure Boro are walking the financial tight rope too!
  8. My thoughts exactly. He could quite easily play the next 2 with no bookings, then get booked against Leeds and get a well earned rest against Norwich! Safe in the knowledge we’re in the playoffs.
  9. It took some minerals to step up and take that penalty on Saturday after missing against Rotherham, considering the way the game was balanced. Fair play to him. Thats one of his best attributes, his mental strength, as he just keeps getting into positions to score. It’s a shame he missed the pen against Rotherham as he’d likely be in 26 goals if he’d scored that, and stepped up for the next one too. As for buying him in the summer, I would. There’s never a guarantee that a striker will get goals. At least with Tammy you know there’s a good chance even in the Prem and he already knows, and loves the club.
  10. Surely it would be more cost effective to get promoted, not spend a penny then get relegated again with the parachute payments?
  11. My Leeds supporting friend feels the same. They really don’t want the playoffs because of the fear of us. We’re the team to beat at present.
  12. Playoffs looking likely now which is great news. Just keep winning and keep momentum. I’d much rather Sheff Utd in the playoffs over Leeds! Leeds are the much better side on their day!
  13. I love Mings, and he has been excellent for us. However, with his sending off midweek I don’t think the social media team should be lauding him and showing him celebrating and all that, as it could have cost us greatly.
  14. As the great Lemar once said - ‘Right about now I’m 50/50’
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