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  1. Just came to post the very same thing. Very very average team, and not much for us to fear from them I would say. Really lacking any depth too.
  2. villan-scott

    Axel Tuanzebe

    You’re right. From our current players this is the back four I’d go with, but we all know Saturday will see Tuanzebe, Jedinak, Chester, Hutton. Jedinak to combat the aerial bombardment from Ipswich, completely disregarding the fact he’s no good at centre back. Tuanzebe is more than capable at playing centre back AND heading a ball! Crazy I know.
  3. villan-scott

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    They probably just feel sorry for Lee Hendrie, so choose Villa games to keep him in work.
  4. villan-scott

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Nothing to do with FIFA this one. He is/was one of the most highly rated youngsters in the world, leading to Real Madrid snapping him up, and they’ve been loaning him out for the last few seasons to develop him. Still only 19 I think, been at Madrid since 16.
  5. villan-scott

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    It’s probably more linked to viewing figures, and they know that more Villa fans will tune in for away games who can’t travel or get tickets. Probably the best supported club in the Championship, so will naturally be on TV more.
  6. villan-scott

    James Bree

    I agree he needs a loan. The move here has really stalled his development, and has only played a handful of games. Needs a loan to another Championship club that doesn’t have a ridiculous amount of right backs. I really like him, and hope he makes it here.
  7. villan-scott

    André Moreira

    There were some serious WTF moments from him during the game, but equally some very positive signs. I think once he settles down he will be perfectly fine.
  8. villan-scott

    Pre Match Thread

    I like the look of the team. Looking forward to this.
  9. villan-scott

    Henri Lansbury

    I’d be intrigued too mate if you could copy and paste me a pm? Always interested in the inner workings of this type of stuff.
  10. villan-scott

    Pre Match Thread

    Judging by Instagram posts from the players, it seems a pretty much full strength squad has travelled. Kodjia, Chester, Grealish, Whelan, Tuanzebe and McGinn all spotted.
  11. villan-scott

    Villa and FFP

    I’m not man enough to grow a goatee I’m afraid.
  12. villan-scott


    Probably due to Levy trying to barter with the contractors.
  13. villan-scott

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    This chap on Twitter has mocked up the 3rd kit in the teaser colours. Looks decent.