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  1. Ratings and Reactions: Newcastle v Villa

    I've been on a cost saving exercise recently, and cancelled Sky Sports at the start of Feb, with my thinking being we never f***ing win on TV anyway. The first time I can remember ever not having Sky Sports, but that's what Villa have done to me. I just don't give a shit anymore. I'm absolutely baffled how we can change managers, owners, the board and bring in 19 players (or however many it is), and still produce a performance that last seasons players would have been proud of! The ridiculous thing is, for the first 40 minutes we were comfortable and more than in the game, and could have edged it and knicked the 3 points, but the panic at that corner cost us dearly. Such a soft goal to concede, and we never recovered from there. Hutton and Taylor did fine. Jedinak looked to assure Lansbury and Hourihane, but we just need more from every single player out there. Bjarnason over Adomah was a strange one, he didn't seem to know what to with himself!
  2. Scott Hogan

    Hopefully just a badly twisted ankle as opposed to a ligament tear or break. I think he may have feared the worst and been so distraught due to his injury history with his knee, fingers crossed it's not too bad for him.
  3. Scott Hogan

    Got to feel for the lad. Such a shame for him to get what looks like another bad injury.
  4. Prematch Thread

  5. Pre Match Thread

    Disappointing for Bree. I hope it's nothing serious for the lad!
  6. Sam Johnstone

    Maybe Gary Walsh fancies a game? I think we should get him registered. Couldn't do much worse.
  7. Scott Hogan

    I think this team could provide him the ammunition to score goals, Lansbury has shown he can pick a pass, Hourihane is up there with most goals created this season, and Grealish can chip in with assists. We need to keep the ball on the deck more, I saw Hogan gestating to the defence after a ball was fired up to him over head height, pointing to the floor. Hopefully Bruce can work on that shape and we have more than 29% possession next week!
  8. Jonathan Kodjia

    I hope Hogan gave him a bollocking after the game, and others highlight it to him too, it's only a minor adjustment to release the ball more often and we'd have a quality looking partnership up front.
  9. Jonathan Kodjia

    Where would we be with his 10 goals and if he passed the ball? That's the point, he needs to release the ball more often. I've got no issues with him taking on a shot when the time is right, but his decision making is poor, leading to squandered attacking opportunities far too often.
  10. Jonathan Kodjia

    God is less than impressed...
  11. Sam Johnstone

    Was Brad Friedel the last decent keeper we had? That's going back a bit now!
  12. Birkir Bjarnason

    Did ok tonight for me. A right footed left winger is fine. A right footed left back or wing back isn't fine. Amavi would have been more effective going forward. Thor did a solid job, and defended well, given the fact he's been chucked in a centre midfield and left wing back in his first 2 games despite not playing since December.
  13. Sam Johnstone

    Priority number 1 for the summer is a new experienced number 1. Sick of keepers dropping clangers for us every other week.
  14. James Bree

    A right back who isn't a walking disaster. The play didn't break down every time he received the ball. Seemed very assured, I like him a lot.
  15. Conor Hourihane

    He must have a stiff neck tonight watching those balls from Elphick and Baker fly over his head. Difficult to judge him when he's not often fed the ball. If Lansbury and him can get on the same wavelength and get Jedinak fit to sit behind them, I think that'll be our best bet. Delivers a good ball in, and is a threat around the 18 yard box, should we ever get there.