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  1. Never paid much attention to him, but from the clip looks like he has it all. A step above everything we have currently!
  2. Our transfer activity is keeping Blues afloat this summer. Taking Jota off their books and giving them a few mill, and they’ll get a windfall from the Butland transfer with a % sell on clause apparently. Butland will be a great signing. Another £20m + showing that we mean business this summer. And it’s still only mid June. Exciting times ahead.
  3. You might be on to something here...
  4. I’d wear a rubber man, it’s sounds like if you bed Wes you end up pregnant!
  5. ITK it’s Frosties and Tony Tiger isn’t it?!
  6. Welcome Wes! I hope you like it here in sunny Birmingham. Rio de Janeiro isn’t a patch on the culture round here! Just don’t drink in the City as the Peaky Bluenoses run the town allegedly.
  7. Thanks mate. This series had completely bypassed me!
  8. Would you parade your ex girlfriend to your new wife on your wedding night?
  9. Ahh good, thank you! Didn’t realise!
  10. He’s just posted this on his story on instagram - Could it be we haven’t taken the option to buy?
  11. Whatever happens it can’t be worse than this... Our last Premier League match day squad

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