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  1. Yeah you’re in control of that. I’ve got rid of Suso, and got a Technical Director in too. I tend to use them for negotiating staff contracts I want to keep but can’t be bothered to go through and do them all the end of every season.
  2. villan-scott

    Pepe Reina

    What a revelation. Still a top top keeper.
  3. Superb result that I didn’t see coming at HT. What a feeling. Hoping we can kick in now!
  4. For those wondering - Touati debut, 2-0 win in the community shield against Man City, goal and man of the match. Both he and Amaral look to be top class!
  5. If it’s not a gold one I’m not interested.
  6. I use a 4-2-4 tactic, with controlled possession. 2 ball playing centre backs, 2 attacking full backs, 2 centre midfielders one a DLP the other an AP or Mezzala depending on who’s starting. A right winger on support, or inverted winger, depending on who starts and the same for the LW slot. Then a pressing forward (Haaland) and an advanced forward. Short passing at a quicker tempo, playing out from the back, focus play down the wings, but distribute to playmaker. High defensive line, and high line of engagement works for me. I always start a game as balanced, and if it’s not going my way can always push to positive and attacking. Or cautious away to tougher teams.
  7. Yeah he looks immense. My save seems to be similar actually, as full backs are a rare beast. Especially left backs. I wanted a new left back too, but couldn’t find any better than I already have. I use Guilherme Arana, and Gina-Luca Itter, who are both decent but not world beaters. I’ve got another newgen right back called Bielen, but he’s nowhere near as good as Amaral attribute-wise. I could have signed Amaral about 18 months ago in the save as he had a release clause of 56m, but didn’t have to budget to splash that out, so went back for him but the clause had expired. Agreed about the strikers, I seem to hoard them actually. Have about 5 or 6 youth prospects all wonderkids who are decent, but I keep loaning them out. Will sell a couple this window and recoup some money. Toloza, an Argentine from River I signed for 2m is worth about 25m now, loaned him to Toronto where he scored about 30, then Porto loaned him for the remainder of that season. Tempted to sell him.
  8. cheers. Not played a game with them yet as I’m early in pre season. Looking forward to seeing Touati in action!
  9. Sold him for £167m in the end. Had a spending spree too... Signed Touati for £90m. Amaral for 61m. O'Connor for 45m
  10. I’ve just finished season 23/24. Won the league again, but also won both domestic cups. Lost to Barca in the CL semis 8-6 on aggregate. Was a bit of a mental couple of games. I’ve gone a bit mad and signed Sancho from Barca for 100m, 60m + loads of add ons. Ive also just rejected a £150m bid for Boadu, from Chelsea, who signed Edouard from me earlier in the save for £90m. Kind of regretting rejecting it though. Crazy money, and Haaland out scored him with 38 and Brian Walker got 19 as a bit part player last season. I could also sign the other new gen from Lyon, Touati, who I posted a screenshot of earlier on the thread. Edit - I did save it before rejecting to give myself some thinking time and can easily go back to it. Thoughts from you guys?! Plus it’s negotiable...
  11. I haven’t played the game in a good few years but this year I’m into it. Sometimes you feel it may be a bit scripted and you get done, but overall it’s really enjoyable.
  12. Announcement imminent apparently. Hopefully in time to play Tuesday!
  13. I of course follow Sam Quek for her sporting prowess...
  14. Made a big difference when he and Vassilev came on. Got to start against Watford.
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