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  1. From my recollection Given was terrible for us! And played second fiddle to a resurgent Guzan most the time?
  2. We were 1-0 down when they went down to 10 men and scored what should have been 3 goals to turn it around. It’s not always going to be pretty but we got the job done. I’m frustrated by winning at Arsenal to then lose to 10 men, and failing to capitalise at 0-0 against West Ham. The Brighton game we did well to turn it around from the toughest position we’ve faced against 10 men.
  3. It’s great to have proper full backs isn’t it! I feel this kid will get better and better too.
  4. I hope you can sleep tonight pal, you seem very worried about this. So much so that you feel compelled to post it in every thread!
  5. I’d love to see more detail on this. How many from distance? How many clear cut? How many saves by Heaton?
  6. Enjoy that @AVTuco? A win is a win. That’s all that matters. What a way to win too. Delighted with that.
  7. People are starting to notice and realise what we see.
  8. It’s terrible in comparison to the City one. Bielsa didn’t allow them into training (ironically) so it’s pretty much a highlights package of their season with a few interviews thrown in. I was very disappointed.
  9. I took him out for the Norwich game, but drafted him back in at the expense of Callum Wilson. I hope he delivers. Hopefully he is fired up again.
  10. We are so fortunate to have washed our hands of these pair. We are worlds away from what was being served up by this joker and Wyness. I did defend Xia, but my word I was wrong. I had a bit of blind faith and optimism. NSWE have shown me the light!
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