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  1. I’ve updated to the full version and can’t score for toffee. Played 4 games and gone from free scoring to unable to score at all. XG is decent in each game. Should have outscored my opponent in every game according to that and scored none. Anyone else having a similar issue?
  2. Full release today, I’ll be having a little dabble today when I can. I’ve done my usual and start with Villa. I’ve got us up to 6th at the end of January and going well. One thing I’ve noticed on the beta is the league fixtures seemed messed up. I’d played Liverpool, Spurs and City twice in the first half of the season. Played Liverpool back to back before if even played some teams. Anyone else had strange fixture scheduling like that? I never got round to reporting it. The good thing with the above means that my second half of the season ‘should’ be easier. Hoping to finish
  3. Definitely a scouse saying/word. I took it as a play on that, but meaning Karanka had a big influence on him coming maybe?
  4. Teenage me was “too dirty to clean my act up”. Very much enjoyed that video, on many occasions!
  5. Recommended a dodgy kebab house once I heard. He had the shits for a week after his doner.
  6. Saw on Instagram he was travelling back from internationals on a private jet. Hopefully all the Villa lads are getting the same treatment. From what I saw looked the same as the one JT, Smith and O’Kelly went golfing in.
  7. They keep getting him in front the camera. His profile is going through the roof.
  8. Class tonight. You could tell he’s won the respect and trust of his England team mates. They constantly sought him out with their passes. He linked quite well with Kane. Definite potential there with those 2 for England. Despite the result really enjoyed him strutting his stuff out there. Class act.
  9. This is the exact reason why lenders are all maxing out at 85% LTV tops. Some are dipping their toe at 90% LTV for a day or 2 as an exclusive or FTB special, but nobody is really sustaining it. Most lenders are only comfortable around 80% as we know it’s a false economy. I haven’t yet seen a big issue with down valuations, as surveyors are having some leniency with the 3 comparables due to the pause in transactions earlier in the year. People are calling for higher LTV’s to come back, but it would be a foolish move right now, as if there is a big drop in the market suddenly you’re
  10. You do realise this is a Villa forum you’re ‘visiting’ or kinda feels like you’ve moved in...
  11. I work in the mortgage market for a lender mate, and we haven’t heard anything about any extension. Although, judging by the way government have handled everything so far, they won’t make a decision until the week before it ends! We had no idea about the payment holidays until Boris announced it at 6pm and we were supposedly meant to be offering them the next day.
  12. You can tell it’s the international break when Lambert is topping the other football charts!
  13. villan-scott


    My wife bought me a Tag Formula 1 Chronograph last year for my 30th. Absolutely in love with it.
  14. Same for me. You can probably count on one hand the games we’ve had on BT since being promoted. Typically next weekend is one of them. Can’t bring myself to pay for BT on top, pay enough to Sky already!
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