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  1. villan-scott

    Jack Grealish

    I think this shows both Smith and Grealish in a positive light. I get the feeling they will work well together.
  2. villan-scott

    Pre-Match Thread

    Is there no pre match press conference today? Not seen it anywhere yet!
  3. villan-scott

    Scott Hogan

    I rate Hogan and hope he can rediscover the form that saw us fork out a large transfer fee for him. What I haven’t seen mentioned too often in this thread is the 2 very serious knee injuries he has suffered while at Brentford, and he still came back with a good goals to game ratio. My view is that the only poor form in his career to date is while here. That is a culmination of things from the manager, the system, not getting a run of games, and moving to a much bigger club. Lets hope we get to see the old Hogan for the remainder of this season.
  4. villan-scott

    Pre-Match Thread

    They’ll do well to see the game from there. The other 41,999 tickets are all in B6...
  5. villan-scott

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    Not sure about De Niro... more Madeley?
  6. villan-scott

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    First interview with the man himself too. New beginnings, and hopefully the start of a successful period for the club again.
  7. villan-scott

    Henri Lansbury

    This is very true! Hopefully Lansbury can now be out to some use.
  8. villan-scott

    Dean Smith

    You’ll have to ask Purslow, judging by his pronunciation in the press conference yesterday
  9. villan-scott

    Richard O’Kelly

    He seems genuinely delighted to be here. I like that! I wonder if he was a Villa fan growing up too?
  10. villan-scott

    Richard O’Kelly

    I imagine Grealish and El Ghazi potentially? Both technically good players!
  11. villan-scott

    Dean Smith

    I loved these words on Smiffy. It certainly feels like we’ve got a good one. I can’t wait to see his style of play implemented here.
  12. villan-scott

    Christian Purslow

    A superb public speaker. Excellently measured and thoughtful. Had all the right answers and seems to know exactly where we want to go and how we want to do it. A plan within Aston Villa from top to bottom, and no mention of any engines anywhere. It does seem that we are going about our business and affairs efficiently and effectively. Now let’s hope the results on the pitch follow suit.
  13. villan-scott

    Dean Smith

    Absolutely delighted with this. His interviews today have been nothing short of faultless. Not full of cliches and the usual bs. Very confident, modest and motivated. He acknowledges he will be learning all the time, which is something I haven’t heard from a Villa manager in a long time. A really refreshing change of tact and direction from the new Head Coach. Roll on Saturday.
  14. villan-scott

    Dean Smith

    Have you ever considered converting to a centre back? I mean... it’s never too late. Can you head a ball, like really far?!
  15. villan-scott

    Dean Smith

    You’ll have to let us know how you get on in training today