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  1. I work for a specialist mortgage lender. I won’t name them. We have now set up all phones to divert to staff at home. We’ve implemented a whole new phone system just to do this. If someone calls the office, whether it’s a new sales enquiry, customer service anything, they’re diverted to staff working from home. We employ about 1500 people, and the office is being manned by 10 people now doing the things that couldn’t be done from home. I imagine all lenders and large offices will adopt a similar process, or already have. Volumes of calls are ridiculous due to the mortgage holiday stuff.
  2. I’ve just pissed off the whole club and fans in the year 2030. Mbappe has been with me 5 years. He’s now 31 nearly 32. Going into the last year of his contract. Went to negotiate a new one, he wanted 550k a week, current deal was 375k. So sold him to Real Madrid for 98m. Pains me as he was still top class but couldn't justify those wages and length for his age. Hope it doesn’t come to bite me in the ass.
  3. Great stuff. Yep I’ll send you over my number
  4. Everywhere in Kidderminster is close to be fair! I can get to Spennells in 10 minutes max! My sister lives on there too. Just let me know. Happy to drop a few bits by if need be Hopefully they’re all doing well.
  5. Hi Rob. I actually live in Kidderminster and have been pulled off the road for work now, so ‘working’ from home. If they need anything don’t hesitate to ask! Cheers
  6. They should declare it null and void, and I imagine most European leagues will be the same. It’s not as though this is just a PL problem, it’s global. I guess all the leagues will need to sing from the same sheet and decide the same outcome, therefore European completion can continue next year. Very much easier said than done. Imagine if the PL voids, but for instance La Liga carries on in a few months. I think all leagues will need to have the same result, and easiest way to do it is void the season and annoy a few teams!
  7. He’s here and he’s beautiful... free image hosting I missed out on this guy at the start of the save to Man Utd, where he has been an absolute boss for years. I’ve tried and tried to sign him and failed over many years. Out of nowhere this preseason he hands in a transfer request and I sign him up for £107m. Delighted!
  8. Won the Club World Cup in 2029. Nearly destroyed my players in the process. Although for the semi they were at about 80% fitness at kick off (did my OCD no favours) , miraculously for the final they were all fully fit. My top scorer Brazilian new gen bagged 51 goals in all comps and only took 2 penalties. Goal machine, but I don’t have that love for him for some reason!
  9. Good work. Could finally be your year! Once you get into that rhythm it tends to continue for the season! I’m coming to the end of 28/29 and we’ll clear in the league again, but my goal scoring exploits have been ridiculous! Scored 102 goals after 30 games. GD of +76. I’m staying motivated with the save due to the amount of youth and wonder kids I’m farming at the minute. Plus the new stadium on the horizon, secretly hoping that’s named after me!
  10. Oh, that’ll teach me for not fact checking my Twitter viewing!
  11. I live and learn! Chelseas 3 strikers now are all ex Villa, and they’ve spent a combined 350m on them! Boadu for 140m, that guy Walker and another regen called Toloza who’s goal record is appalling they had off me for £60m!
  12. Stat of the day - following their 13 game unbeaten run they have ended up lower in the league than when they began it
  13. The moment you regret not adding a sell on % clause... Signed him as a 19 year old (I think) was always 3rd and 4th choice and didn’t pull up any trees for me, done alright since leaving me!
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