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  1. Listening to Dave Jordan on that podcast with Johnny Gould this is one we could potentially do late in the window if Celtic are desperate for cash flow, as he refers to financially distressed clubs needing money. These would be a prime example with no gate receipts and no CL money coming in this season again.
  2. @mjmooney This the one you mean?
  3. Imagine the scenes when he eventually signs
  4. Feels like a murder mystery. I’d like to step forward as another of the trusted 3 of @AvfcRigo82 Who’s the other musketeer?
  5. There was a tweet but it was the worst Rashica doppelgänger I’ve ever seen.
  6. @The Inspiration are you the man to track planes?! Any private jets heading out of Bremen today?
  7. That makes a lot of sense! Hadn’t thought of the Lange connection!
  8. Yeah Denmark isn’t on the quarantine list I think when arriving in the UK, but neither is Germany!
  9. Weren’t we plane spotting a few weeks ago for Rashica and his family from their pre season tour?!
  10. Interesting that Big Cuts did the selling of the club and talking to the player. Rather than Smith or Lange. Shows a real trust in his staff from Deano which is massive I think, and probably why we have such a good atmosphere. Got a great feeling about this one.
  11. Delighted we have got this over the line. Will be a massive signing for us and a lot of people are starting to sit up and take notice.
  12. Can’t wait for the Wilder meltdown if someone nips in and steals him
  13. My favourite day of the week. After Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
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