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  1. villan-scott

    World Cup : Group D (Arg, Ice, Cro, Nga)

    Get your money on a Messi hat-trick tomorrow. He won’t be upstaged by Ronaldo!
  2. villan-scott

    Alan Hutton

    His pay cut is that huge that he has resorted to wearing Luke clothing donated to him by the club. Hutton out! Although, for me, this is good news. Reduced wages and one less player needed to find.
  3. villan-scott

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Well to me yes, interesting as it is the first glimpse of the new shirt.
  4. villan-scott

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Looks interesting!
  5. villan-scott

    Tony Xia

    How many girlfriends do you have?
  6. villan-scott

    Keith Wyness

    Has the clubs best interest at heart clearly...
  7. villan-scott

    James Chester

    Hopefully we aren’t intent on selling everyone, and hopefully don’t have to.
  8. villan-scott

    Going Under ?

    Perfectly poignant. AVFC have been a mess for 10 years. We need to change our ways and hopefully today is the dawn of a new era.
  9. villan-scott


    It seems the theme is losing the older higher earners. Which in an ideal world would happen, but the reality is nobody will be queuing up for them.
  10. villan-scott

    Going Under ?

    Can we fast forward to the bit where you come out the other end and are on the verge of appointing Biesla please?
  11. villan-scott

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    Not yet. He could be the investor and added to the board
  12. villan-scott

    Tony Xia

    Well things don’t seem as bleak as his time yesterday. If the £50m is there as a pot for Villa then problem solved. If not, our real problems haven’t even begun.
  13. villan-scott

    Tony Xia

    This made me chuckle to be fair!
  14. villan-scott

    Going Under ?

    POB has aired his view. He’s one of us!
  15. villan-scott

    Steve Bruce

    It’s for the best now if Bruce stays IMO if we stay under Xias stewardship. Who else comes in if Bruce goes and we bounce from disaster to disaster?