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  1. Blimey, don’t bump this thread. There will be a raft of the new signings names appearing in here!
  2. They say ignorance is bliss, this numpty must have a blissful life!!
  3. I think it was out wide to Trezeguet?
  4. I think 5 centre midfielders might be a bit overkill!
  5. I don’t think anyone is blaming them for the defeats, more that we would be effective going forward with them changed.
  6. NB - I am not Scott Wood.
  7. Jack Grealish is quality and was very good yesterday. I imagine he probably covered near enough the most distance too with McGinn.
  8. Great defender, looks likes he’s been playing in the Premier League years. Classy player, love him alongside Mings.
  9. I’d start him ahead of El Ghazi Friday. Had a good cameo today.
  10. I hope we bring in Guilbert and Jota down the right against Everton, and drop El Ghazi and Elmo, although Elmo has been ok, Guilbert is a much better outlet going forward.
  11. Was very impressive today. As he settles he will become our metronome in the middle. I think he needs to build more understanding with Grealish and McGinn, but they’re all intelligent players so it’ll come. That goal was spectacular. Guy next to me was cursing him saying he was crap and we should sell him (!!) minutes before as he nearly gave the ball away, which I smuggly celebrated to him when the goal flew in. Massive positive signs.
  12. Thoughts are with our neighbours today as they travel to the mighty Luton Town.
  13. Game day. So excited to get back to VP. I have a feeling Smith will change it up a bit today, with Douglas Luiz and Targett coming in. I think Elmo and Trez stay in the side.
  14. Ahh the new Tommy Elphick has arrived. Excellent news!

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