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  1. Impressive. My academy has only produced about 4 or 5 usable players in my whole save! So frustrating. I’ve got increased all the possible factors through the board and still not getting anywhere bringing through my own players.
  2. Just came across this article. You’re right essentially.
  3. My German newgen striker Maurice Schaffrath is now Aston Villa’s all time leading league goal scorer, after surpassing Harry Hampton. Schaffrath now has 217 league goals in 230 games and 350 in all comps for me, and is 26! He’s going to set a high bar for any future challengers!
  4. My reign as England manager is over. I stuck around to the Nations League finals at the end of 2035. Beat Spain on pens in the semi’s then faced Belgium in the final and lost on pens, and immediately resigned. Too much faff for me doing club and country at the same time. My Villa season went well, finished the season undefeated, won the league, FA Cup and League Cup and the Super Cup and Community Shield. Thought I was on for the clean sweep, had to play 5th placed Liverpool in the CL final. 2-0 up at HT cruising. Never ever throw away this position with my team. Had a goal chalked off just after HT for offside which would have made it 3-0, (a would-be Schaffrath hat trick), they immediately go up the other end and stick a free kick top bins. No worries. We’re still dominating... then they peg us back to 2-2, another set piece. No worries. Just the match engine making it interesting, plenty of time left. Yes! 3-2 Villa, here we go. Schaffrath hat trick, my hero. Cruising and dominating the game. Liverpool only had a few efforts on goal, no danger. Last few minutes out of nowhere they equalise. Buggar. They take us to extra time, I continue to attack looking for the winning goal. Penalty Villa. Schaffrath slots it home. His 4th goal of the game in a CL final, including a ET time penalty. His second penalty of the game. Dispatched both. Nerves of steel this man! We lead 4-3. Surely won’t throw it away again! My other striker then pops up with a goal, wait... VAR check, no goal, again! Once again, straight up the other end and the same player sticks another free kick top bins!! F**k sake!!! Game is definitely transpiring against me at this point! 4-4 final score and we go to penalties. Here comes my hero, Schaffrath, first up. Saved... oh sh*t. My centre back smashes his penalty wide and Liverpool win 4-3 on pens. Devastated. First time we’ve lost a CL final, and of course the board are unhappy. Going to try and blood some of my out on loan stars into my squad and sell some of the fringe players to freshen it up this summer.
  5. I got an awesome centre midfielder from Boro who’s one of my star men. I always keep a close eye on their academy.
  6. What a player! I bet he does get the crowd going the filthy animal! Those physicals belong in a cage Edit - and he’s 6’5”! Sweet Jesus! Did he come through your system or did you sign him?
  7. Close but no cigar. Hopefully being able to focus on the league will give you the boost to push up the table. Im at the stage in my save in 2035 where I feel like I have a closer relationship with my newgen German striker than I do with my wife, such is the love I have for the man!
  8. Keep them coming. Always enjoy hearing/reading about other people’s saves. Have you played the 2nd leg yet?
  9. Matt Hancock no doubt can’t wait for the Premier League to get testing as it’ll boost his numbers significantly! Then he’ll boast in his daily briefing about hitting his 100k target consistently!
  10. Good luck to them getting anti bac wipes. Sainsbury’s haven’t had them for weeks...
  11. We would be safe in every scenario if we were to win that game.
  12. Beat them 2-1! Went 1-0 down after 2 minutes. My English Villa centre half Marlon Williams gave away a penalty which Schaffrath cooly slotted home. At this point I was fearing the würst. Thankfully my left winger Wroblewski (also Villa) popped up with an equaliser after 8 minutes, and then miraculously a Spurs striker, Rob Brain, never bottled a big final and scored his 10th goal of the tournament - to win the Golden Boot - after 16 minutes. Then dominated from there and should have scored more. Lifted the World Cup and thinking about quitting the England role as it’s a bit of a faff really. I’ll add the screenshot later!
  13. I’ve made the World Cup final and will play Germany, against that goal machine I posted yesterday who is a monster. There is also a centre midfielder from Germany who’s mine who is also a beast. Wish me luck! I’ve got a couple of stars in my England side who are Villa too, so it’s whoever turns up on the day! Probably the bloody Germans though!!
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