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  1. I thought that correct etiquette with UKIP / NF Party literature is to attach it to a half-brick with rubber bands and return it to sender with no postage paid?
  2. You won't get McGeady now - he was an SBC last week and not on the market. Maybe save for 87 De Ligt to replace Clarke. Hard link to Onana, and definitely better.
  3. At this stage, neither really. If you've really got an SBC itch you want to scratch, do the league SBC clubs that are cheap with good packs. So 12k on Bilbao to get a Prime Gold Players pack is good value. So is 9k on Betis for a Rare Electrum Players pack. Others: Newcastle, Chelsea, Valencia, Dortmund. Just don't bother then spending 60k to complete Cardiff or 80k on Huesca just to get a player you could get better than for 50k. On icons - same as above. Someone amazing will cost you 1m+. Right now, you could pick a pretty dodgy icon, say Bobby Moore. His SBC will cost around 400k. The same player on the market would cost around 450k and you can then sell him when you find that he's short and slow in game. TOTS Stones would be better and less than half the price. Low-end icons are great in October, a waste of money in May / June. I would really advise sticking with your current path. Full EFL TOTS. Abraham, McGinn and Maupay is a recipe for fun times.
  4. Very nice. Although a warning, I got his 90 from WL rewards and really didn't get on with him. He ended up in the Vieira SBC. Got Mane from the SBC I assume your Aguero is from. Which I'm very happy with, as LM was more or less the only position I didn't have an end-game player for.
  5. "The real Azor Ahai is the friends we made along the way"
  6. Surely the easiest thing to do is just take it completely at face value. Their policy is in their current manifesto. And it's "leave, but keep things as close as possible to how things are now". So if you don't want to leave, you shouldn't vote for them. And if you want to leave because you don't like the current arrangements then you shouldn't vote for them.
  7. Half the points of the points of the country that finished second-last.
  8. He's the guy that had one of best stage shows a few years ago and lost to that terrible Ukraine song about genocide. He was better the first time.
  9. Nice little cameo from Euron Greyjoy from the time he hosted for Denmark.
  10. Iceland are fun. A bunch of people who look like they are in the way back from a Mortal Kombat-themed bondage party, growling and screaming through an anti-capitalist song called Hate Will Prevail. It's definitely different to normal Eurovision fare. And the guy who's probably going to win it for Sweden this year has done us a solid by writing our song for us. The one he's singing himself is obviously better though.
  11. To be fair, he didn't name it or found it. It was formed by Catherine Blaiklock, before she was forced out for being too racist for her racist party for racists. Farage then took over.
  12. I'd suggest Lib Dem then. The referendum that you want is pretty unlikely, but is more or less impossible without full (and enthusiastic) Labour support. The only way that happens if they realise they can't take Remain votes for granted and they see their vote share dropping off the Remain end rather than the Leave end. Coming third in these elections behind the Lib Dems is unlikely to make that happen, but it's a useful step in the right direction.
  13. Assuming you mean from a remain perspective, it depends on what your priority is. If it is to try and "beat" NF and his cronies to the largest number of MEPs - Labour, or possibly Lib Dem depending on how next week looks in the polling. If it is to get the Remain vote share as high as possible, whoever best fits your politics of the Lib Dems, CUKTIG, Green or one of the Nationalists. If it's to get the highest possible number of MEPs from Remainy parties, Lib Dem or Nationalist. If you mean who to vote for from a leave perspective, Tory or don't bother voting if you are happy with how things are going. Farage Party if you're not happy with how things are going and want to shout incoherently at clouds about the injustice of it all. UKIP if you're a massive racist and don't care who knows it. Edit - and in all of that I forgot the actual, idealised answer. Which is of course: Forget the idea that it's a proxy Brexit referendum, and vote for the party whose Parliamentary group best represents how you see the next five years of cooperative European politics, whether the UK is part of those decisions or not.
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