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  1. The Trump campaign paid $3m for a manual recount in Milwaukee. Result - Biden increased his lead by 132 votes. Money well spent.
  2. Sure, things are 96% agreed with only 4% left to sort out. Problem is that it's the same 96% that was agreed right at the start, and the same 4% that has been causing the problems ever since. And it ends when France accepts that its fishermen are going to get comparatively screwed, and the UK accepts that there will be a governance structure which will allow retaliatory measures if they decide to stray too far from the status quo. And neither seem all that keen to budge on those points.
  3. Optics, innit. Doesn't really cost them anything. No point anyone (inside or outside) thinking that they were the ones that caused the talks to fail. Or rather, no point giving additional ammunition to people who want to think that.
  5. Warwickshire goes into a month-long lockdown in Tier 1. One-month lockdown happens. Warwickshire emerges from month-long lockdown in Tier 3. Impressive stuff.
  6. It's a good case study, but I think they'd be fine. They don't claim to be Irish (I think they'd struggle to claim that even under current rules), they claim an Irish recipe. Either way, I imagine they'd fix that particular problem with a quick rebrand and just carry on. Emulsified high-fat offal tubes all round. Worked for Jim Hacker.
  7. The factory is in Hyde though according to the interwebs. So they're probably fine.
  8. I expect you're correct, but it's a pretty hopeless chip. Per this story from February, so it's not something that's suddenly appeared as an issue: The license (still) doesn't exist. With enough political goodwill there's no reason that it couldn't, but I'm struggling to see where the internal pressure to develop such a license, just to help UK exporters would come from. Maybe Ireland as you say, but you'd think they'd just move into the European space vacated by the UK. I'd give it until no later than the start of the summer barbecue season until the Government realises that all
  9. It's sort of correct. But only because the current EU law is being adopted wholesale before they start tinkering with it. So if the government want to say "actually we've got no problem with the importing of processed meat" then there's nothing stopping them from changing that law straight away. They'll probably have bigger things to ruin than making it an immediate priority, but if the Government wants people to be able to buy foreign sausages then "the terms of the exit deal" aren't going to stop them.
  10. Plus when you go into the details, it becomes more problematic. A casual glance suggests that this is the UK testing their border, and this is a way of ironing out the creases. It's the French authorities testing their system. And it's working fine. So the five mile queue is us using the current seamless arrangements, and the French using the January 1st ones. Our plan still isn't really a thing.
  11. I trust that everyone is very excited for "There's bound to be a solution to get rid of the border if people would just be creative Volume II"
  12. I also remember quite a lot of talk at the time along the lines of "well, it's written in the Labour stone tablets that we have to contest every seat. So even if we wanted to to enter an agreement with you centrist dicks, the rules tell us we're not allowed to"
  13. So Corbyn was actually getting more popular at the end of his tenure and Starmer's approval rating has gone down since he became leader. Case closed.
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