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  1. ml1dch

    U.S. Politics

    At last, everyone is on the same page. Glad you're finally on board.
  2. Bristol. Getting wallpapering stuff, ironically (given your initial post).
  3. I actually was in B&M today and it felt virtually empty. The fact that they are the size of the Maracana probably helps with that feeling though.
  4. @michael1979 on Twitter. He's got years worth of that sort of thing. I enjoyed this one:
  5. "We now go live to the latest in the levelling up agenda..." Just the 40% cut in their budget then.
  6. That, and (the kicker for me) the people now experiencing buyers remorse are only upset because it's them who are being screwed when they didn't think that it would. They were always completely comfortable with the fact that other people were going to be screwed over.
  7. It's fine. Just sit back and enjoy how historic and momentous it is.
  8. Hmm. I would wonder whether having potentially millions of people phoning GPs' surgeries on the off-chance they might be able to jump the queue is the best use of their resources.
  9. Not hugely appealing. But looks like heaven compared to the offensive, alt-right culture war in Government form that we actually have.
  10. Because they never saw a piece of public money that they didn't want to extravagantly waste?
  11. I agree. Labour seem to take a lot longer to change their leader than most do. Presumably it's because a lot more moving parts have to align to make it happen, unless the leader goes voluntarily. As an example, who was the last Labour leader to leave the job without fighting a General Election? I can't think of one in my lifetime. (forced out reasons, not John Smith or short-term interims etc)
  12. It's from The Times. And has the hallmark of the usual Government "leaked-to-friendly-journalist-prior-to-announcement" comms feel.
  13. Typical "small-picture" thinking from Johnson. If he were really serious, he'd have another one going north to Iceland, one going south to northern Spain and one zig-zagging around to link the Isle of Man to Manhattan Island, just for the nice linguistic symmetry.
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