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  1. Well, ain't that an interesting turn-of-phrase in the last five words. As had been said before, give it ten years and admitting you supported it would be akin to championing the Iraq war. Or being Jimmy Saville's wingman.
  2. He did then subsequently say that the Walsall move was on hold as another club had some in for him. And he went to Swindon the day after. Not that this means that he should therefore be considered as the oracle or anything. But Kesler is in his "win" column, not his rather larger "loss" column.
  3. "Hey Jack! It's me, Tommy Elphick! What's up, are you staying with Villa or moving to Man City?" "How did you get in here? I've pressed the silent alarm and security will be here shortly"
  4. If definite knowledge of his decision has got to the stage of mates of mates getting text messages saying that his mind is made up, there is no way one of those friends of friends haven't thought to try and get a quick twenty grand by selling a screenshot of it to The Sun.
  5. Given we would absolutely throw the money at him if he said "give me another £100k per week or I'll go to Man City", why wouldn't he and his agent angle for that?
  6. I expect they'd describe the guy as Thai these days.
  7. Cummings currently having a Twitter meltdown and yelling at people about how Brexit being shit is everyone's fault but his. He seems to think it would all have been great, but David Gauke ruined everything.
  8. The coverage is quite annoying, but not much the BBC could really have done about it. Discovery paid around £900m for the exclusive rights across Europe - about three times the annual budget of BBC2, or the equivalent of 24 years of Radio 1. Given the Brexit morons have decided that the BBC is the next thing they should try and ruin, it's probably not the most sensible thing to spend that much cash on.
  9. I'm not sure I agree. It's certainly fair to say that it's not clear what the precise nature of those beliefs is - and for various reasons that both are, and aren't his fault at the moment. People are in politics for broadly three reasons - ideology, money or power. Money - he's earning a fraction of the money he could earn in his professional capacity, and his income right now is probably the lowest it has been in the last thirty years. So it ain't that. Power - I could be being naive, but he doesn't strike me as a Johnsony "say whatever I have to say to be in charge and hang the consequences". So I don't think it's that, although I'd certainly not argue too much with anyone who disagreed with me on it. Normally people like that start trying to be MPs in their 20s, not their 50s. Leaving ideology. He needs to get around to selling whatever the f**k that is pretty quickly, but I think it's why he's doing it.
  10. Time to put some more diesel in the online grift machine.
  11. Were this specifically a Covid thing at least one, and I would argue both of the following, would need to be true. (a) other countries, when they were recording similar levels of infection were also reporting supply-chain problems. A quick Google of the European press from circa three months ago suggests this not to be the case. (b) the UK, when we were last recording similar levels of infection was reporting supply-chain problems. We weren't. A bit of panic-buying in the early weeks, but nothing supply-chain related. I'm quite happy to hear logic as to why there are supply-chain issues now that are exclusively Covid-related but which weren't applicable in the two scenarios above, but until then I'm pretty comfortable with my choice of posting location.
  12. I think The Sun paid him several thousand pounds and he answered all your questions in a big interview - it was their front-page story one day last week. Obviously I'm not going to lower the site by linking it, but if you really want to find out...
  13. Really? What has he said that is in any way surprising or new?
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