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  1. Guess that would explain why he has to get all his cash from anonymous donors.
  2. Impressive stuff from the Uzbekistan Day of Remembrance:
  3. Particularly if your entire brand is "look at us - we're the calm, capable, professional ones" If you're going to be a semi-competent rabble, you might as well be the ones that people can get a bit excited about.
  4. Tracy Brabin walking away with the West Yorkshire mayor position. So another by-election coming up in Batley & Spen.
  5. I'm sure there is something I'm missing, but the SNP / Green total has been above 65 since the previous election (63 SNP, 6 Green) If it were just a case of a pro-Independence majority, surely there has been nothing stopping them legislating* for it since 2016? *to the extent that they can.
  6. I'm definitely a fan of "we shouldn't be spending our time talking about a divisive referendum and getting distracted from the real issues"
  7. Has STWS noticed that everyone has been banned from everyone else's house on the orders of the Government for what seems like the last twenty years?
  8. Others will be far better placed than me to judge, but this doesn’t strike me as a decision that will suddenly get everyone rallying round the leadership.
  9. This is an excellent read on the Jersey kerfuffle (albeit with a rather annoying screen grab format)
  10. I have no strong feeling about Scottish independence or how well the SNP do, but given that the ****s taking over England will be very upset by them doing well, bring it on.
  11. By all accounts there are two things happening, a lot of the early results are from Tory areas (as much as they exist in London), so are more likely to be weighted towards Bailey compared to other areas, and also the supplementary vote system means that there are likely to be huge numbers of Green / Binface / Lib Dem first, with Khan second so he cleans up in the second round. Edit - although this sort of thing is pretty damn arrogant: "Complacency from voters who believed it was safe to put a candidate from a smaller party as first preference"
  12. Maybe these are the sorts of lessons to learn...
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