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  1. I dunno. Have you seen how many of the characters in Reservoir Dogs make it through to the end of the film? (disclaimer - yes, I know that jokes about violence and MPs are obviously a terrible thing. And still shouldn't be made flippantly. But still.)
  2. I think option two isn't quite what option two would actually be. If we take as wrote that the thing that stops it getting through the Commons is the backstop (as most MPs claim is their main objection), that will still be there under a renegotiation. So there's not much point renegotiating. Let's say May caves, and agrees to all of Labour's fantasy demands which are then agreed by the EU27 - the backstop still won't be leaving the withdrawal agreement.
  3. There is something like 26 days of Parliamentary business before we leave, in which around six months worth of legislation essential to us leaving needs to be voted upon.
  4. Doesn't really matter even if they do win. Whatever happens, neither side is going to brush the dust from their hands and say "that settles that then". These divisions aren't going anywhere now, regardless of what is perceived as the end result at some point in the next two years.
  5. Can't wait for those European Parliament elections in May. I expect polling day will show the country at it's dignified best.
  6. I mean, if you squint at it really hard you could maybe read it this way... She's probably upset she didn't lose by more. She'd be virtually unstoppable.
  7. She was going to be crucified whatever happened. Just like she is being now. As would anybody else who had tried. That's the problem with policy based upon a fantasy. The hypothetical ideas sound great in an argument on the Today Programme or in a speech, but they fall down when your success or failure is judged against them. She's spent two years telling people Brexit was going to be one thing, and now that it's nothing like what she's been promising people unsurprisingly don't much like what she's been cooking.
  8. I reckon a quid on John Bercow at 949/1 is money well spent.
  9. I don't think that anybody who has been following this closely thinks there is anything more available within the constraints that she has set. From the very beginning it was a decision of deciding how much "control" we wanted back, weighed up against how much economic prosperity we were happy to sacrifice to get it. She decided on "quite a lot" and "quite a lot". Other principles if they were in charge might decide "not much" and "not much".
  10. I'd bet a lot of money that they are outnumbered by the people who are absolutely positive that this is only going badly due to the treacherous Remainers who have sabotaged their glorious freedom.
  11. Full repeal of the EU Withdrawal Act I would assume (which has Exit Day contained within), given it has received Royal Assent.
  12. If that happens, we'll have left 59 minutes beforehand. Although with the competence shown by this Government, I wouldn't rule that out.