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  1. That would be great. Unfortunately though, if someone were the sort of person to believe it all from the beginning they'll have no problem swallowing the imminent narrative of "horrible, intransigent EU, desperate to punish poor Blighty for having the temerity to forge it's own way as an independent nation, freed from the shackles that the bureaucrats of Brussels (continues overleaf)..."
  2. But it that gives you half a decade of what the Lib Dems have been electorally given for showing their ability to compromise, then I expect that next time they (and by extension other parties) might feel that it's probably not worth it.
  3. I can't imagine you've seen Casablanca then.
  4. Well yes, that's true for you, me and the rest of us with a functioning moral compass. But a standard Tory criminality issue of crashing your Mercedes into an ambulance while drunk at 2am, or embezzling funds pledged to the local orphanage pretty much come with the rosette and membership card. It's a bit harder for your average Sir Bufton-Tufton to give it the old "well, you know what Charlie's like..." when it's about allegedly sexually assaulting his parliamentary researchers. Edited - probably needs an "allegedly" in there somewhere.
  5. Rejected by Bercow. But useful to know that there's another vote in the Commons to get rid of that disgrace sooner rather than later.
  6. Now that we know the charges, it reflects pretty horrendously on May and her team. "The Conservatives - where allegations of sexual assault are more serious than your career, but less serious than ours"
  7. Drove through Brecon and Radnorshire today. Counted around 20 Chris Davies signs to 17 Lib Dem signs. Although about 12 Tory ones were in the same field. No other signs at all.
  8. A bit of a lazy headline in the circumstances though. I'd hope that The S*n went with Srial Killr's Dealr Guilty Of Grindr Murdr as a bare minimum.
  9. Fair's fair - it was just known as that rural suburb of Guildford until around 2008.
  10. Shadow Brexit Minister. Labour's Kwasi Kwarteng or James Cleverley as Keir Starmer is their Steve Barclay. I should really get out more.
  11. Anyone who keeps an eye on this ugly topic on Tw*tter will likely have come across him over the last couple of years (before he deleted everything he's ever said due to his new position). It's not so much "Randy Lerner thinking Alex McLeish as Villa manager would be a good idea" as "Randy Lerner thinking Paul Tait as Villa manager would be a good idea".
  12. Minor point of order, but isn't the point of a poisoned chalice something that appears attractive but on closer inspection is not? This is more like a tatty paper cup of poison, with "poison" scrawled on it in in rat's blood.
  13. Nice to be reminded that every now and again a bit of good news bubbles to the top of the septic tank that is current UK politics.

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