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  1. No, they have made a Labour Government their priority. Something that is a great deal harder to form if they aim to compete in seats where they can't win but can enable a Tory victory.
  2. Surely the same works in reverse then? If Labour are trying to diminish the Lib Dem vote in seats they can't win, then they can't be all that concerned about a Conservative majority either. Why are they trying to help the Conservatives to hold St Ives, Winchester and Wokingham?
  3. The Lib Dem candidate in Canterbury stands aside to help Labour and Rosie Duffield retain the marginal seat. Lib Dem HQ say that they want a new candidate to stand. All four of the approved-for-candidacy local Lib Dem members refuse. Lib Dem HQ look like they are going to parachute in an outsider, while the local activists support Rosie Duffield. It's like they actually want to hand this election to Johnson and Nu-KIP.
  4. Fine. That makes her an incoherent, idealistic politician. Like most of them. None of that means she has "hate in her heart" for goodness' sake.
  5. What on earth is this nonsense? Have a word with yourself.
  6. Those requirements Reckon I'll try and bash through five, grab Zanetti and stop there.
  7. Maybe a phased withdrawal. Couple more days and he stands the rest down. Today just the first step down his ladder. Even if he doesn't, this is still good news for the Conservatives. The "helping Labour" bit he was doing anyway. They aren't benefiting any more than they were already by today's news. The "helping the Tories" bit is a pretty big help. If they'd done it in Peterborough and Brecon then the Conservatives would probably have won both. And every Winchester or St Albans that they narrowly retain is one fewer Halifax or Darlington that they need to take.
  8. I guess the glimmer of hope is that winning those seats isn't enough, hence the election. And if standing in all those seats that Johnson need to win splits the moron vote and creates a load more Brecons and Peterboroughs then today doesn't really help all that much.
  9. Looks like Farage is about to bottle it and stand his troops down. That would be a pisser.
  10. Are there people who think that doctoring footage is them doing a good job? Wouldn't anyone who isn't a propagandist just want them to use the correct footage, regardless of who might benefit politically from it?
  11. Don't worry it was a routine production mistake. They accidentally went into the archives and replaced yesterday's footage with pictures from three years ago. Could have happened to anyone.
  12. Six goals in his first two matches for me...
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