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  1. ml1dch

    Fifa 22

    Yeuch. A fight between FIFA and EA Sports about whose right to make billions of pounds out of football is more important than the other.
  2. Tory MP Sir David Amess stabbed multiple times at his constituency surgery.
  3. I make no claim on the qualification that you ask for, but it'll be no surprise to learn that It's Complicated. If you take both parties at their word, then maybe, but probably not. If you don't (and you shouldn't) then definitely not. There's nothing short of the destruction of the EU and guards with machine guns on the border that would keep some people happy. So a bit more flexibility on sausages and medicines isn't going to cut it for them. And lots of those people are in significant positions of power or have the ear of those that are. Most likely seems to be that this is just theatre, the EU try to look pragmatic and magnanimous so that when the UK rips everything up then they are the bad guys rejecting the reasonable proposals. Nothing will be "good" whatever happens. It's all degrees of bad. If enough people play nice, then this is one of the best versions of bad. But they probably won't.
  4. Technically independent at the moment rather than Labour after having the whip removed. Judge apparently considering a custodial sentence - which would trigger a recall petition. More than 12 months would trigger an automatic by-election.
  5. Six innit? There's a much better reason why Starmer isn't going to go with a question like "you keep banging on about record growth, but isn't that just because you screwed things up so badly so it's had further to grow?". It would just illicit an answer like "we took decisions to keep the country safe, and I thank my Right Honourable Friend for highlighting the incredible growth that we have overseen since we took the bold decision to get the country moving, which I would remind him, HE OPPOSED!" That's not to say Starmer and his team are doing a great job of choosing questions either, mind. But he's not going to pick a question which just lets Johnson talk at length about alleged successes.
  6. I expect you could make a reasonable claim for stopping an overcrowded dinghy heading into a busy shipping lane on safety grounds. On emi/immigration grounds, I can't think of any.
  7. In the absence of a general "shit media" thread... OMG! Senior Tories have been seen panic buying. That's actually pretty big news. Blimey, the FT is a pretty reputable source for such a claim. Oh. They've misread a colour piece. Pics from a horrible source, but nonetheless accurate
  8. On a normal shorthold tenancy agreement, yes. For the holiday rental - Air B n' B model being discussed, no.
  9. Presumably when the city mayoralty terms end? I can't imagine there is much enthusiasm to do this all again for the sake of putting Nandy or Rayner in charge for a couple of years.
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