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  1. Apparently the £75m --> released is the biggest loss that any club has ever taken on a player. So far, obvs.
  2. Bang on. It's always difficult for anyone who is interested in politics to remember that hardly anyone else is. [Wild speculation] I'd wager that the very act of clicking on a politics related thread on the internet would automatically put someone in the top twenty percent most politically engaged people in the country [/Wild speculation]
  3. Pretty much. Basically "choose one dotted red line to make solid" Or, make the solid line a dotted red one.
  4. It was in the middle of multiple occurrences. Seems to be virtually an annual occasion, before and since.
  5. I didnt say there was anything wrong with it. Just saying what his initial reaction was, which isn't quite as unequivocal as originally quoted.
  6. His initial response was something along the lines of "this is terrible, it should be fully condemned whoever did it, but we shouldn't jump to conclusions as there are loads of actors around there who could be to blame, we can't risk a new cold war, and has the Prime Minister provided a sample of the chemical to the Russian government to analyse as they have asked?"
  7. Freedom of Movement has nothing to do with the border issue at all.
  8. "We can't have the EU doing that thing that we agreed to ten months ago"
  9. He said that you don't have a stake, not that you can't have an opinion.
  10. Villa legend Jose Angel Crespo only one round away from the Champions League group stages with PAOK. Time to feel a bit silly if you're Benfica. They gave Andrija Zivkovic a free transfer this summer. He joined PAOK last week and this evening he scored the winner for them to knock Benfica out.
  11. Not really. The only circumstance that matters is they have 80 more MPs to vote for what they are told to vote for.
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