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  1. (this year, not in total, not that it changes the point) Personally, I'd say that the less time that tits like Raab and Davis spend getting in the way, the better.
  2. So it would seem Shotguns and rationing it is then.
  3. EU publishes its " in the event of no arrangement" clarifications. I just hope that the blame if this collapse happens is pointed squarely towards Westminster, where it belongs.
  4. They did it in the dying throes of the Major government as well. They'd paired three Conservative MPs with three Labour and three Lib Dem MPs.
  5. While I'm in pretty broad agreement with your whole post, which other proposals do you feel would have been worth including in such a survey?
  6. And in other "half-witted former cabinet ministers" news, David Davis and his cohorts are planning to use a "humble address" to force publication* of the DexEU version of the white paper. That's the very same freedom of information loving David Davis who fought tooth and claw to prevent any shred of information being released when he was in charge (sic). *Although given anyone can read the whole, unabridged thing on the ConservativeHome website already, I'm not sure why they're bothering.
  7. Maybe I'm missing something obvious that someone can explain to me, but why is there this feeling that a new election is going to be a panacea that solves this problem? Does the inevitable minority Labour government propped up by SNP and Lib Dem votes suddenly mean that their policy stops being an incomprehensible, illiterate mess? Would even a large Conservative or Labour majority (which would seem to be nigh on impossible at the moment) stop their policies from being an incomprehensible, illiterate mess?
  8. The latter - at the type of numpty that says things like "oh, they'll just make us keep voting until we get the decision they want". Edit - Apologies if you thought the tone was accusatory, just thought it was worth adding the context around the 08/09 referendums.
  9. You mean the one that was rejected and then renegotiated to act on the concerns raised by the rejection. Then, a referendum carried out following a manifesto pledge by the winning party in a general election to hold one, and accepted with a 67% / 33% majority. For something that's often wheeled out as an example of the EU's disregard for democracy, it strikes me as pretty darn democratic.
  10. To quote Adam Bienkov: "So in summary one of Theresa May’s ministers has resigned in order to support her government’s policy after the prime minister whipped her own MPs to oppose her government’s policy in order to prevent a defeat to... her government’s policy"
  11. As I said, what has changed from two years ago? All of that was also there in 2016 (resignations, possibly aside)
  12. Hmm. What has changed? There is nothing that is now known that wasn't also known two years ago. Why was it understandable then but not now?
  13. In other news, it sounds like all of the Rees-Mogg amendments are going to be unchallenged by the Government. Given that one of those is that there will be no Irish Sea border, we will thus have written into law: 1. That we are leaving the structures that mean we don't need a border (in the customs and standards sense of the word) 2. That there can't be a border on the island of Ireland. 3. That there can't be a border between Great Britain and Ireland. So we're basically writing into law that black is white and up is down.
  14. Something that I only just twigged - Chris Heaton-Harris, the bloke who has replaced that quarter-wit Steve Baker at DexEU is that plum who wrote to to all the universities last year and demanded they send him all their course material on Brexit. For that Pete Townshend-style "book" he was writing. It really comes to something when you're replacing Steve Baker, and somehow you end up with someone who is even more of a nitwit.