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  1. Certain areas of Italy were under lockdown from February 22nd. That was expanded to most of northern Italy on March 7th and the whole country on March 9th. Chinese data doesn't have much to do with the Government announcing on March 10th that there is no reason to postpone sporting events, describing outdoor gatherings as "relatively safe" and allowing the Cheltenham festival to take place a week after Italy was in full lockdown.
  2. Then again, scientists and governments across the world were working with the same (presumed false) data from China. And not many others chose to take the initial path that ours did.
  3. I'm doing the same for Gove. Nothing to do with his picture though.
  4. You're going to make tonyh29 furious.
  5. I have a bottle of this gathering dust at the back. Any cocktail suggestions gratefully received.
  6. ml1dch

    U.S. Politics

    No, it would go through Congress. So I've read, anyhow.
  7. Fine. Although I'm not sure that buying San Miguel will really help with your last line. There is nothing in the legislation which specifies what you should or should not buy if you visit a supermarket. If they deem if appropriate for sale, it's available for you to buy.
  8. I'd rather do the same, unfortunately those in charge of the current Government have a long track of openly and intently lying to the public. So it's much harder to give them that benefit of the doubt.
  9. Given it's only a few weeks back that he was aiming for "herd immunity", I can only imagine he is delighted that he is helping the national effort.
  10. Netflix is clearly helping kids prepare for the brave new world that we're living in.
  11. Depends, has two weeks of quarantine put her off you?
  12. They're going to be first-born kids. Not much of that is going to be happening in a house under lockdown that already had children climbing the walls in it.
  13. Chris Whitty now self-isolating with symptoms. Looks like "interesting" is pulling into the station...
  14. Probably several dozen young-to-middle aged women in the Westminster area as well.
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