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  1. I'd half-composed a similar post earlier, but thought that if one wanted to be more pedantic she convincingly won two rounds of voting before Leadsom withdrew. So "the Conservative Party have already had a vote for a leader when they elected May" would comfortably stand up to cross-examination.
  2. I distinctly remember a different version of those words being parroted by various members of the Government over the last couple of years.
  3. There will be loads of them. Raab, Hunt, Javid, Mourdant, I'd guess Leadsom again, Gove...
  4. Eh? What you said has been the position of the majority of posters on this thread for as long as I can remember.
  5. I'm sure I said this the last time it was mooted, but what the hell. How would it help? Ditch a third of the current cabinet and replace them with Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott, Thornberry, Cable, Robertson, Williams, Dodds and Starmer. Has a path through the woods opened up? Is there now consensus on what we need to do? Unity Governments are pretty sensible if you have a common goal with a defined purpose, like "we must defeat the French" or "we must drag ourselves out of the Great Depression", but when you have the country and parliament split and wanting two diametrically opposed things, it's not really going to help matters.
  6. This thread is worth five minutes of your time.
  7. I get the point you're making and for most cases I think your logic is absolutely sound. But in this case I don't think you can't separate the process, because it's a process that has been specifically designed to prevent the very thing happening that we're talking about. Edit: by which I mean the victory of a candidate who doesn't have broad consensus with both MPs and members. Not a system to screw over Michael Gove. Obvs.
  8. Bit different though, innit. If the Labour leader were elected using the Tory party process he wouldn't have got past the first round. Likewise if the Tories used the system Labour use, Rees-Mogg would be at 1/4, Johnson at 9/2 and nobody else shorter than 20/1.
  9. Yes, that was a lie - but Boris Johnson wasn't a part of the remain campaign.
  10. You are indeed correct. I still can't work out why she didn't just engineer a confidence vote via her allies three months ago, win it easily and buy herself a year. But then it does seem that planning isn't really her strong suit.
  11. No MP is resigning. Various members of the Government are resigning from the Government.
  12. So, if you read his letter it turns out that bag-carrier from the Ministry of Justice has resigned just because he didn't realise that article 89 is talking about the transition period. It all gets sillier and sillier.
  13. Well...apart from the thousands of people that are. https://www.remainernow.com
  14. I think that ship left port a while back.