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  1. Look, if the people you play golf with are insisting that you do things on your knees, you can always just find other people to play with.
  2. Obviously they'll pay it all the lip-service going, but do they actually care all that much? They were quite happy to cut Northern Ireland loose without a second thought. And without that 59 seat block which would usually be an impediment to a Conservative majority rather than a help they'll probably see the bright side. Not to mention a new "them" to rile up their dopey culture warriors. Not to say they'd be actively trying to ditch it, but it's probably not too high up their list of priorities.
  3. It's not really a question that needs more than about three picoseconds to know that the answer is "no, of course they won't"
  4. Obviously the Washington bit needs to go too. Y'know, slaves etc. I suggest The Shenandoah Powhatans. All sorted.
  5. I would hope that he would be allowed to openly express his views. I'd then hope that everyone with an ounce of decency was then allowed to openly express the view that said player was a massive dick as a consequence.
  6. The Arctic is ice, Antarctica is land with ice on top of it. If my memory of year nine Geography stands up to scrutiny, anyway.
  7. *shrugs * Maybe. Maybe not. There are definitely people living there though, permanently or intermittently, unaware of what is going to happen and therefore doing nothing about it.
  8. Rather depressing thread. I expect there will probably a lot of people awaiting a similar surprise spread across France and Spain.
  9. ml1dch

    U.S. Politics

    Google tells me that he must be a fan of this:
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