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  1. It wasn't premature to put him as favourite. The data at the time pointed to that outcome, so he was. If the data moves to indicate an increase of support for Long-Bailey then she'll be considered the favourite. If it changes again then someone else will be. I don't think either the early YouGov poll or this Survation one are going to look anything like the final numbers, but I'd speculate that a poll of people taken from the subscriber database of Labourlist.org (while undoubtedly not a small number), is not automatically going to tally with the whole membership.
  2. Stick with the current MO I expect. Do nothing, say they've fixed it and hope that enough of the country don't bother to look any further. Then say that any small local issues that people might experience are the fault of foreign scroungers or Brussels. Why change a winning formula?
  3. Their election literature also seemed pretty certain that a strong SNP showing was a mandate for a new referendum. If the issue was sorted six years ago, why were they saying last month that a vote for the SNP would mean a new referendum?
  4. No Clive Lewis but everyone else is through to the next round for both leader and deputy.
  5. Guess with my Serie A / Liga hybrid I've got a bit of rejigging to do.
  6. Don't the leadership come out and say something like " we suggest that you vote for candidate x"? That doofus McCluskey has said that Unite aren't backing anyone until their committee has met later in the month, at which the candidates are welcome to make their case. So presumably they'll take a position on the subject at some point...
  7. Struggling to think who was the last leader of a major party who excelled in their professional field, then moved into politics on the back of what they had achieved in their career. Rather than just trod the same boards of university / job for 5-10 years / politics foreverafter.
  8. Not standing is he? Pretty sure he's already said he's supporting Long-Bailey.
  9. Presumably would have been Rosena Allin-Khan. From what I've seen and read, she seems very good. More hers and fewer Richard Burgons and things would probably be a lot better for the party.
  10. 1. He's a Labour MP 2. Loads of people think he stopped being an MP to become a mayor ages ago, possibly confusing him a bit with Andy Burnham. 3. Loads of people are surprised to learn that he is still a Labour MP.
  11. John Tyler, born 1790. 10th President of the USA. Has two living grandchildren.
  12. [conspiracy theory] They need to suggest somebody really, REALLY unelectable to make the really unelectable Rebecca Long-Bailey seem like the compromise candidate in comparison [/theory] Edit - ignore this. That would credit these people with some level of strategic thinking and forward planning.
  13. I do an occasional internet order. I've usually used Beermerchants.com for my annual Christmas selection, but this time used beerofbelgium.com. The former is good for a wide international selection but more expensive as it's all UK imported, the latter great if you like your Belgians. As it's a warehouse in Flanders it's very cheap for the beer, but the postage is by weight - a mate and I paid €20 for our joint 50 bottle shipment. Or if you're local to Brum (I'm not anymore), I've been led to believe that Stirchley Wines have it. Where it probably costs £5 for 33cl rather than €3.60. Worth every penny, either way. Edit - I've just remembered, The Wellington and Post Office Vaults both have it. Although the last time I was in the latter was that horrendous friendly against Parma in 2014. So I assume they still do.
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