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  1. UKIP and their non-racist well informed supporters

    Personally, I think that the only sound response to any party member unhappy with Bolton as leader is along the lines of WE HAD A VOTE AND THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN, WHY DO YOU HATE DEMOCRACY???!!!111
  2. Ish. It's mainly made to work by manipulation of the tender process. So Berlin City Transport Authority (for example) made it a condition of tender that any winning bid to run the S-Bahn had to provide €1bn of new rolling stock. Unsurprisingly, only Deutsche Bahn were interested. So a bit of a sneaky workaround, but all within the rules. What can't really be done under EU rules is full on Bolshevik style Communism. Apparently there was nothing in the last Labour manifesto that couldn't have been implemented, according to a study by Andy Tarrant and Andrea Biondi (no, me neither) which is easily Googleable.
  3. They don't seem high in comparison with the bonuses of those company directors who have managed to not direct their companies to liquidation? That's not really comparing similar levels of performance is it?
  4. Yes, you're right. Expecting people in this situation to make sensible judgements based on economic arguments wasn't, and isn't going to happen anymore. "If the EU wants to cut itself from the sources of capital that keep the banking system and debt markets afloat then they won’t do a deal on financial services. If they want to maintain the Eurozone, they will" Ah.
  5. All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

    A quick Google would suggest something along the lines of "we are Hungarian and aren't really up on our English slang words for female genitalia, so probably won't factor that into the naming of our daughter"
  6. Maybe, just maybe all the people who believed the lies from last time might be a little bit more critical about the poison that the likes of Johnson and Farage are feeding them. Edit - not that it matters. This is nothing more than an ugly little reprobate trying to keep his name in the papers for one more day. It's irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.
  7. The other amusing irony is that their current tactic is basically "if you don't let us keep things as they are then you are risking political and economic instability". Or, the exact sentiment that was so widely mocked by the same people in June 2016 who are now using it.
  8. While Messers Davis and Hammond are off in Germany telling everyone how silly it would be to do anything that might make it harder for financial services firms to operate. Demonstrating a massive lack of self-awareness, in Davis's case at least.
  9. "Prime Minister - you know all those rules that the EU have written down in all those big long documents that we haven't read? Well, they're only going and bloody sticking to them! Yours, David Davis, Master Negotiator"
  10. The death penalty

    Complaining about other people's use of language Dem? That's a pretty rickety bridge you're walking over there...
  11. Speak for yourself. I live in a Tory / Lib Dem marginal. It's never had a Labour MP in its history. Anybody following your advice here would be doing their bit to produce a Conservative Government.
  12. Just as well then that your choice isn't restricted to those two parties.
  13. The excitement of Cabinet reshuffle day.
  14. You then go on to say "it would be great...to have someone explain it". Which as I then did and you thanked me for doing so, doesn't suggest I was out of line in claiming to have told you what you repeated back to me yesterday.
  15. If you'd care to check this link to refresh your memory... https://www.villatalk.com/topic/14720-should-i-stay-or-should-i-go-now-uk-inout-of-the-eu-contd/?page=375 "I'm genuinely confused by this one. There are loads of people having a meltdown over it but Barry Gardiner (who should know what he's talking about in this respect) says it's a bad amendment. Just not sure who to believe so it'd be great to have someone who's studied the amendment and understands the implications to explain it"