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  1. Villa_Vids

    The NSWE Board

    I have a great feeling the twenties under this ownership is going to be special and FUN. They are here for the long term! Enjoy the ride.
  2. Get well soon Mr Nyland.
  3. Just goes to demonstrate the mess we were in last summer. Very frightening indeed. Onwards and upwards under Wes, Nassef and Christian. They WILL succeed.
  4. If he signs permanently in the summer, he needs to be made captain. Mings behaviours like a leader on & off the pitch. Chester is a great professional but he isn't a strong enough captain for a club like this.
  5. Cracking player, just sad it is only a short term deal.
  6. Hasn't he done that? We have been a lot more negative recently, sitting too deep and lacking aggression.
  7. The performance over the last two games have been gutless and spineless.
  8. That was the worst game I have ever seen us play (and there are a lot of games to pick from, especially in recent years).
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