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  1. Don't get me wrong, I am not knocking what we have achieved under Smith's leadership. I have loved every bit of the ride under DS. Dean Smith has many strengths. He is an educator with a excellent track record of developing players. He comes across as a fantastic human being and really likeable. He has helped to transform the squad/club since he arrived. He has a local connection with Villa. I want him to achieve more & more. I do not take any of that for granted but I am not blinded by it. I have doubts about whether he can become a coach that is at the top end of the Premier League and wins silverware (which has been the stated aim by NSWE). We must not be sentimental and make excuses for DS when we lose games and under perform. That is wrong too. We will be stuck on a hamster wheel with that mind set. Praise when it is deserved, criticise when it is deserved. That is the fairest way. There may be a time when the club needs somebody else to progress, all totally healthy and does not take away from what Smith has done here. I crave success for Villa, I cannot speak for all the fans but I am fairly confident that a large percentage want us to be truly successful again. If we have to change coach and look for somebody with a proven track record then so be it. Aston Villa needs to be great again, it is an injustice that we have not had the success the club deserves over the last twenty plus years
  2. Onuoha will naturally have regrets about how it transpired at City, he probably feels a different coach would have elevated his career at that point - it is important to remember Nedum was loaned to QPR at the time they won the Premier League, so some resentment will linger about not being involved and contributing to that. It is perfectly natural to be honest and understandable. I am wary of former players talking about ex coaches, especially when it is one sided. Not everybody is going to like you and that is fine. At the end of the day, It is all about what happens on the pitch for us fans, we all crave success at whatever cost. Morals have no say in who wins or loses. You are more likely to win silverware with a Mancini than you are with a lot of current managers. If we are all being honest we would take a manager like Mancini in a heartbeat.
  3. They are. Personal pride is a big thing too. I think you have to have some steel about you at the very top level. It is a ruthless industry, driven by money and ego. You need a big ego to achieve success and cope with the pressures. Coaches have to have some bite about them, and I imagine there is internal conflict every week to get those sorts of results/achievements over the longer term. You have to admire the dedication to their jobs. Fair play.
  4. Sounds like sour grapes from a former player, whom I am guessing - Mancini told some home truths too. The game is about winning at the end of the day. if we have a manager like Mancini (proven winner), and won the things he did at City - I can assure you we would all be buzzing about him, regardless of sore ex players. We would love to have a manager of his ability/experience, it would improve the club greatly.
  5. I wouldn't disagree with any of that. I just hope Dean knows the media are coming for him, and they have a very low opinion of his achievements/success with Villa, unlike us fans. The narrative is only going to build, he needs to come out fighting and not doubt himself.
  6. Rightfully so. My hope is he comes out of his comfort zone a bit, he is a little bit more nastier in his decision making and in press conferences. I cannot believe he hasn't snapped back at Grealish questions from reporters - like the media are questioning your managerial record & ability when they ask you about Jack after a defeat against Watford. Tell them to do one! There is a time and a place to be emotional. Dean will learn from yesterday's defeat. We will improve greatly in the coming games as the squad gel and match fitness improves. I like that he is working within a new coaching set-up that will challenge him too and potentially help him progress. Big season for him, make or break.
  7. In my opinion, he is done. We both have to move on. Does not have that fight in him when the going gets tough during a game, I saw no reaction in the second half like I did in the other players. I believe that is a huge part of being really successful in English/British football. He is one of the best technically, nobody would dispute that claim but there is no heart in him. I would love to be wrong, and he turns into a consistent reliable winger. Highly unlikely. Time for Smith to make a tough decision and move him on. We need to be ruthless if we want to challenge at the top.
  8. Really doesn't suit this deeper role. I much prefer it if John was further up, pressing from the front and getting into the box to score. Would have had him behind Ings, Emi on the right & Anwar on the left. He is all action and aggressive but we don't want him to play in this manner.
  9. Copyright Premier League.
  10. I would love to, but it would be blocked if I tried.
  11. We are all highly emotional. I was saying sell the lot of them at 3-0 down.
  12. 1st Half was terrible but I think it showed a group of players who have had a disrupted pre-season. I thought we ended the game strongly and perhaps got a draw if we got the 2nd early enough. Lots of work to do, but the team needs more time before we write the season off.
  13. Exciting development. I hope Wes is successful in achieving this goal. If everything goes to plan, I will definitely be holidaying in Vegas and buying my baguettes from Morrisons!
  14. Good news. Maybe TalkShite meant Watkins?
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