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  1. Darth Villa

    Steve Bruce

    We need a Brucexit...we need it now!!!
  2. Darth Villa

    Steve Bruce

    I've never known such a "good bloke" divide the opinions of so many "good people" as Steve Bruce is managing to... he is at fault for many things (lack of shape, tactics, entertainment!), as are the lazy players who take their foot off the gas at every opportunity instead of going for the second or third goal...we simply don't have the killer instinct required to be wining the Championship or any other league. I never disliked him (feel sorry for his recent personal loses too) but his comments last night about the "intelligent fans" just felt childish and uncalled for, he's his own worst enemy at times. As for the future, I think the owners can see what we do, Bruce is under pressure to deliver this season and if not, he'll be gone. We do have an excellent (in this league) albeit unbalanced squad and should still be aiming for promotion but my gut feel is that won't be happening with Bruce and even if it did, he wouldn't keep us up. I keep wishing that I'll be wrong but I've seen nothing so far to change my expectation.
  3. Darth Villa

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Rotherham

    We're not pretty to watch, seemingly lacking an effective system but Mr Potato head lives on to fight another day. Kodjia had a cracking game alongside Tammy with McGinn man of the match for me. Jedinak provided the physical presence at CH too. I just wish we inspired more confidence as I still can't see Bruce getting us up this season or any season for that matter!!
  4. Darth Villa

    Pre-Match Thread

    I'm already feeling depressed and we haven't even kicked a ball yet.... can anyone offer even a glimmer of an optimistic thought..
  5. Darth Villa

    Proposal: Match day protest against SB

    Totally agree with this, we're looking at owners with a long-term outlook and whilst they won't want to hang around in this league you can bet they won't do anything knee jerk either. Bruce will get us promoted or be kicked out, we just have to hold our nerve and wait for him to keep screwing up. The end will come soon enough but I still wish it wasn't like this. We're Aston Villa, we'll be here long after Bruce and i'd love him to prove us all wrong...but just can't see that happening!
  6. Darth Villa

    New Manager Speculation

    Something has definitely changed with regards to Bruce and his relationship with the players. Not sure if it's down to Terry and Snodgrass no longer influencing the dressing room or the bizarre team selections but for me that's the major step backwards from last season. Whoever comes in next should provide an immediate lift in moral amongst players and fans. I think we need an established manager who can demand respect, coach during the week and kick arses on a matchday. Just not sure who fits that profile?
  7. Darth Villa

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    We often debate Bruce's ability to setup a team with regards to cunning (or more like basic) tactics and now we suspect (hope) he has hatched a fiendishly brilliant way to bring JT back despite giving his number to Kodjia? As @Junxswas right, that ship has sailed and we need to keep everything crossed that Chester can stay Injury free between now and the January window..
  8. Darth Villa

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Whilst positive in lots of ways, the stories about his knee being shot are a concern - although we did once sign a player from Man Utd with suspect knees and he turned out to be God. Hope this Bolasie doesn't turn out to be like the Devil, Christ it's been bad enough with McCormack all these months...
  9. Darth Villa

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I think a Mitrovic type striker is exactly what we need... anyone know of a Portuguese equivalent we can get through our new international super agents?
  10. Darth Villa

    Steve Bruce

    ^^ Very much this, I know it's a dull, damp afternoon and therefore the perfect time for a VT debate but I equally think we were so close to going up that over analysis will indeed lead to paralysis (to quote the old pun). We have a good core of players, albeit lacking pace (and one or two much older than we'd like) and with no consistent team style but I feel confident that things will come together. That's not a reflection of the manager or any given player, it's simply that we now have owners who know what they're doing. Steve Bruce will get a final chance to deliver, if he fails then he'll be gone. No messing, no doubt, just decisive leadership - I'm not sure we can ask for more than that?
  11. Darth Villa

    Time for a takeover

    Enjoy your season in the Premier League @Wolf man as p-taking aside, you won the league by some distance and deserve to feel smug for that. That been said, it's very reassuring to see that you're worried enough to come on here but I still don't understand why you and the rest of the Dingles have become so fixated on the Villa? The immutable law of football states that no matter how bad things are in B6, they're always worse in B9 - as proven by their recent transfer embargo kicking in just as the sh!t was hitting the fan down Villa Park. No mention of Dingles or Tesco bags anywhere in that and yet you do seem to have become somewhat obsessed. Have we wronged you somewhere along the way without realising it or are you trying to establish yourselves as a big club by seemingly claiming to rival a truly famous club such as the Villa? It could be worse mind you, seeing as our new BFF's from Leeds have seemingly vanished all together now that we're not going to the wall
  12. Darth Villa

    Tony Xia

    ^^This is exactly the point bothering me. Hollis was brought in to sell the club and I don't believe Xia was his first choice either. How is it right that we can be threatened with FFP on one hand by the same governing body that couldn't get its DD and background checks right in the first place (allegedly). In all of this, that point seems to be almost as easily forgotten as the shared culpability of Steve Bruce!
  13. Darth Villa

    Tony Xia

    I think the timing of the letter is key, were clearly selling players to balance the books but we knew that already. So i'm guessing it's bye to Jack next week (Tuesday always seems a popular day for such things) and a few others. Seems Bruce is staying and so is Xia - so if we survive the summer from a financial perspective then we've at least a season of both staying put. Now I really am depressed..
  14. Darth Villa

    Tony Xia

    Lerner - Xia - Trump (the unholy trinity) What club would survive that sort of ownership?
  15. Darth Villa

    Tony Xia

    Make Aston(Villa) Great Again! Who knew Trump was a Villan all this time?