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  1. It's like we're all just minions on VT enthralled to random journalists tweets, I thought this would have calmed down after signing Watkins but it seems we're in need of another hit of speculation, this transfer window stuff is just too addictive...
  2. Darth Villa


    I think if you look at the short-term picture then we are a weaker team than that which got us promoted (we've missed Tammy from the off and I can't help but feel Jack has had his head turned, whilst Mings isn't quite so dominant at this level and our keeper situation is still a joke). However, in the longer term we have now built "a" squad that are all under contract, if we go down then we'll be competitive without panicking about FFP, if we stay up then we have a platform to build on. Our owners aren't daft and whilst not all the moneyball signings are working out this season we h
  3. I took a print screen confirmation that I'd opted for cash - just in case any "admin errors" occur, saved it in a draft email ready in case I need it as proof... Not that I doubt the club, I'm just conscious that we're all stuck in this bizarre Coronavirus world at the moment and odd things do randomly happen!!
  4. Spot on @TRO, it's literally round the corner from me and the place is full of the buggers so I feel for Jack as even if he has done something essentially silly under the current restrictions then they'll always look to hype it up. That's the saddest thing about the whole situation, in the context that we've all got genuine bigger things to worry about right now. Although I do equally enjoy winding my neighbours up, so it works both ways
  5. Hi @JAMAICAN-VILLAN, no issue with what you picked up on but I did make reference to the point that he "seemed" to have cleaned up his act and I "hoped" it wasn't true - he's a young bloke, not exactly street smart when it comes to choice of friends and a multi-millionaire. I realise that spells pi**head in any language but he was given the captains armband and has pretty much spearheaded our winning run back into the premier league. Until the last few games he was still arguably running the show since we returned.... I've just seen the local news and team statement that "he's a very naughty
  6. Bluenoses in Dickens Heath would love to take down Jack, the picture doesn't necessarily prove he was driving, or anything more than a passenger/witness. He seemed to have cleaned his act up after previous drunkenness on holiday and I really hope this isn't true. It is a crazy world right now but the last thing any of us need is this sort of attention focused on our captain/club!
  7. He's clearly building up fitness and is somewhat rusty but when fit I'd have no concerns about him starting alongside nakamba for a couple of simple reasons. He's been in a relegation scrap before and brings another voice to help organise those who are new to the battle and league. This is what we need to compete in games, with the technically more gifted players (luiz) coming in once the game has progressed to a point they'll get the time and space to have an impact. Not rocket science, almost common sense and gives me confidence that we're starting to truly find our feet in this league.
  8. When I read the description of how he plays, and his general demeanor (always smiling), I can't help but draw comparison with Dwight Yorke at his peak for us. Even if he's only half as good then surely he'll have a fantastic impact on the team? Or am I just clutching at straw's like everyone else on VT?
  9. This seems to confirm our worst fears...
  10. @mikeyp102, @M_Afro, @dudevillaisnice, you all make fair points, what I was trying to get at was why are we indirectly publishing articles that hint at discord in the camp, between Suso and Smith at the point when we need everyone pulling together for today's game against Burnley? It does highlight that not all is well behind the scenes and that the coaching staff seem to have the same concerns as many of us fans I.e. the wingers are poor, midfield struggling and Wesley just isn't inspiring confidence. I'm not pro or anti Smith or Suso, I just want to see things sorted out and some d
  11. Telegraph article seems to be shifting the blame from Smith to Suso, it does read like Paddy Riley Mk2 with regards to pushing for signings that Smith gave the nod to but wasn't completely convinced with Wesley being the biggest example of Suso getting his own way and Smith ending up with poor players. When are we going to stop carrying on like this?
  12. Our set piece play is I believe the worst in the league? No idea why but we can't score from them and we've conceded more from set play than any other team. I get the feeling crossing is only the start of our problems. Good to get it all out I guess, so we can start afresh in the New Year!
  13. Looking at the YouTube that @lexicon posted, he looks left footed and that's made me wonder if Mings is more injured than we've been told or does this mean we'll look to move Hause to left back to cover Targett? Either way, we need leaders and this bloke fits that mould so let's hope we have an equivalent striker coming in with him...
  14. So how many on this thread would trust Dmith and Suso in the January window to bring in the 2 or 3 @VillaChris has reasonably suggested we'd need to arrest this slump? Again, a sensible point from @Eastieas since Leicester (ironically, Brendan Roger's Leicester) everyone else seems to have figured out how to exploit the gaps we leave in midfield and out wide for them due to our formation / the attacking ethos of Smith. So my question is, if our system has been sussed and we're short of the right type/quality of player then doesn't our Director of Football need to be held accounta
  15. It's easy to want a change of manager, I'm leaning towards that view myself BUT now I've calmed down a bit....I would much rather have an answer to the one key question. Why,specifically do we find ourselves back in this position after half a season? We have new owners, new coaches, new recruitment team and new players BUT we're back to looking gutless, disjointed and without stomach for the relegation battle we're now in. Happened with Lambert, Sherwood, Bruce and now Smith. If the definition of insanity is to keep repeating the same actions whilst expecting a different outcome
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