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  1. would be a real shame if we never even tried, if anyone at the club need an interpreter then PM me and I'll help you have a chat with him I agree we should be thinking in these terms. We're Aston Villa after all!
  2. Totally agree. He has a great track record.
  3. This will be the final nail... I can't cope with anymore depressing news FFS!
  4. Is Etienne Capoue totally out of the question?
  5. Nice one Archie... great post I try and spread the Villa religion in Calabria, when I can.
  6. He is such a tool... I can't wait to hear the plop fans applauding their team when they finish lower than 10th next year.
  7. I'm not someone who posts much, but I read VT constantly, I was really hoping that Rogers was holding out for us, after initially refusing the plop, I think he's a better manager than RM, just a feeling, no real proof, although any of you out there who have to recruit managers, will no what I mean. But, if we can't get him I'm happy with RM, although, I can see Randy getting upset that he has spoken to the reds... Still away to go I reckon!
  8. I know Rogers turned down being part of the Liverpool process; but why do we think he's not interested in us, he doesn't really get a mention here? He may think our situation is far more appealing after following AM.
  9. I was thinking, if it turns out that Rogers has snubbed Liverpool to throw his hat in the ring for the Villa job, and if I was making the decision (and it was my money at stake) this would make me sit and think,,, and then appoint OGS.
  10. I can't wait for tonights suspended betting!! The most fun we've had as Villa fans recently is when we don't have a manager. Last years anticipation for Ancelotti in hindsight seems really funny.
  11. excuse my ignorance; who are the bad apples?
  12. It's clear that McLeish is operating under a salary cap, so he takes a risk and releases Makoun and takes on JJ. It failed. I can see why he was tempted, but in hindsight it looks silly. We all new deep down that JJ was an injury risk.
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