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  1. Unfortunately that wouldn't even give us an entire point
  2. Everyone is on 29 games apart from us, City, Arsenal and Sheffield On 28 games. If everyone played this weekend. They'd all be on 30, us on 29. Only games in hand are Villa v Sheffield and Arsenal v Man City
  3. We have a game in hand though. It can't be that black and white. Not just for us either
  4. They voted the rules in. Can't then sue because you don't like the results. Vote to change them for next time, yes. But they should've voted it down if it wasn't up to scratch
  5. 'The Club at the Centre' Yet Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester and Man City are all infected too. Even if they were the centre it shows how quickly this thing is spreading. End the season
  6. I say. There are only 9 games left.
  7. Think it needs a full 20 yes's to be passed. Most likely Version of it being voided is give Liverpool the trophy and then start again next season. Maybe follow a Bundesliga style version of letting the Top 3 from Championship up for an extended league. There's no way the bottom 3 vote themselves out. We have a legitimate claim at having a game in hand too that we might not even be there given the chance.
  8. Justified concerns imo too. Same with Arsenal v Brighton. Purslow will be heading this up for sure.
  9. Would also be interested to see how Parachute payments end up working if that did happen. Removed the chance the recently relegated teams have had of promotion. Can’t then give them the reduced parachutes too
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