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  1. It was a poor decision, slipping in Luiz would've been the right decision, Grealish with a few yards to himself in the middle too. But there's no guarantee either would've worked and Luiz's missed chance was already as good as any other chance we had to win the game, if not better. These things happen. Poor decision, but it happens.
  2. Reina Guilbert Konsa Mings Engels Targett Nakamba. Luiz Grealish El Ghazi. Samatta I appreciate Hause will start over Engels, his mistake aside I think Engels is better though and would allow Guilbert to push further up by allowing Konsa to move over to the right a bit when we attack, effectively moving to a back 4. At the minute he can’t do that as he’s the secondary CB. Engels is slower than Hause but better overall as much as Hause gives us in the air. No messing around with Drinkwater. Bring him on on 70 minutes if we are 3 goals up to help slow the game down and see it out. If we are down or up by 2 or less. Don’t **** do it.
  3. Southampton is a must win. It has to be 3 points. I think West Ham is too but hopefully it will all be done by then. But realistically I think this is going to the wire and we need to win that game. So that's 6 points. Putting us on 31. I think we need 40 to stay up this year. I know it's been a long time since it was needed. But I don't think you stay up on 34-37 points this year. Maybe high 30s but I wouldn't want to bank on it. Newcastle, Sheffield, Palace, Wolves, United and Everton. 3 wins from those. I think it's doable. Bloody tough and we need McGinn, Mings, Grealish and Samatta to stay injury free to the end of the season to do it. But I think it's doable. Fwiw (and contradicting the rest of the post) I think we make it hard for ourselves by not beating Southampton Win: Newcastle, Sheffield, Man U and West Ham Draw: Southampton, Palace Lose: Chelsea, Liverpool, Leicester, Wolves, Everton and Arsenal 39 Points and 45k people watching streams of the final minutes of Arsenal v Watford and Burnley v Brighton inside The London Stadium, dressed as something ridiculous no doubt
  4. I disagree on Konsa, Nakamba and El Ghazi not first names on the team sheet but not disappointed when they start
  5. Assuming we stay up, I'd like to see: Axel Tuanzebe Kalvin Philips Said Benrahma Antonee Robinson (Assuming Milans interest was based on the timing of what was available and that they don't come back in for him) Will Hughes Pepe Reina (Depending on Heaton fitness) Out: Lansbury, Elmo OR Taylor, Drinkwater, Green (who I think goes on to be a success, like Robinson), Steer (for his career) That's probably £100m. Hope we wouldn’t need to sell Jack to spend that, but who knows.
  6. Good performance. Defence a shambles. Promising game until 93rd minute. It was coming though. Midfield and defence was tiring. Samatta looked fine to continue - not shattered if tiring - and Dean risked it by bringing Borja on to go for the winner Rather than try and use a sub to shore up the midfield or defence. (Lack of options too though @Suso) Didn't work. We knew Dean would always go for the winner. It's risky but we wanted a manager that does that after years of boring boring football and being shit. Now we're just shit. But we are getting what we expected. I respect Dean for it and I won't demonise him for going for the winner. On paper we should have a great Defensive coach. Terry isn't pulling his weight and needs to step up. Quickly. Poor game management but we were promising again. McGinn to come back in 4 weeks and a cup final only a couple weeks away.
  7. Not sure if it’s the rain making the ball move faster than expected but a few times Guilbert has waited too long to react to a pass and lost possession
  8. On another day either team scores 4 or 5 here. Really good game.
  9. Probably saying get in to Lloris because he can't handle coming out for the ball.
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