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  1. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    It would be great for him, amazing to see him sign for Villa. But realistically we'll be fighting for promotion and he's not ready for that or the Prem yet with the injuries he's had he hasn't had the time to develop yet. He should go to a mid table team who will be in the Championship for a few years (and not weighed down by Fan expectation of immediately being promoted) to develop his game. If we end up in the Championship for years our fans just aren't forgiving enough to give him time to develop. Would hate to see one of our own get the treatment Bacuna got yesterday for example.
  2. Match Thread: Nottm Forest v Villa

    Shouldn't have been on the pitch. Bruce waiting too long to do anything that.
  3. Match Thread: Nottm Forest v Villa

    you not watched the 3 great changes he's made? Unfortunately they all fell to Elphick who really should have scored atlas one.
  4. Match Thread: Nottm Forest v Villa

    I hope we wait another 15 minutes before making a change.
  5. Pre match chat

    Close enough Johnstone Chester Elphick Baker Bree Lansbury Hourihane Thor Grealish Kodjia Hogan
  6. Pre match chat

    Johnstone Chester Elphick Baker Bree Lansbury Hourihane Amavi Grealish Kodjia Hogan
  7. Jack Grealish

    We won't get more than £10m for Grealish if we sell, maybe £15m if silly season really kicks in but wouldn't have thought so. We should keep him.
  8. Squad / Team - how do you see it?

    Johnstone Bree Chester Baker Amavi Lansbury Hourihane Adomah Grealish Bjarnason Kodjia We'll need another striker (unbelievably, considering we started the season with 3 of the most prolific Championship strikers of the past 3 years).
  9. Jordan Amavi

    Lol what.
  10. Match Thread: Villa v Brentford

    We've made two subs through injury. Only one left
  11. Match Thread: Villa v Brentford

    Would be a lot more than £100 a season I feel