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  1. I posted this in the Brad Young thread as it's mostly about him. But its a good interview, gives some insight to why he as a 6yo despite being a Villa fan chose WBA over Villa. Why he left and came back to academy football. More importantly to this thread, also little tid bits about the stats and reasoning the club gave to him about his style of football and Carlisle's. Standard stuff really but nice to see some thought and planning in action.
  2. A great article and interview with Brad Young. Might be written off back of the audio one above as some similar quotes. Long piece for a interview with a kid too.
  3. Perhaps. But two Konsa's wouldn't be as good a pairing as Mings and Konsa imo. Mings is more likely to make a mistake but is also more likely to make a last ditch block (not that Konsa doesn't) and lead the defense and team. An upgrade on Mings with his good attributes is a very expensive player to play alongside Ezri. £40-50m+ £65m+ if they're English.
  4. I'd have thought Konsa in the middle would've made the most sense. Mings was a LB so the LCB makes sense. Whilst Konsa and Axel have both filled in at RB in their careers, Axel has played there the most by far and Konsa is the most experienced CB of the two. Not to mention a better partnership and understanding with Mings. Mings-Konsa-Axel for me
  5. We're fickle, reading the posts from 2 days ago and today!
  6. I hope it comes for JJ. His recent games have been such a big improvement for him and is giving me the feeling it'll come for him. Not convinced he has regular rockets on him though, feel that we'll be waiting for AJ for those
  7. Awful mistake. Decent game otherwise. Good player. Very good Captain. Great man.
  8. I've just been alerted to the existence of a 3rd Ramsey brother. Calling @sir_gary_cahill for our traditional dose of optimism? How great is Cole going to be?
  9. Oh yes so there is, found this on the AVillaFan site, Cole Ramsey, 14. G'warn Mrs Ramsey, absolute hero.
  10. Wait, is there a third Ramsey?
  11. No issue, he just starts to look out of place next season if we achieve our objectives this season. I wouldn't move him on or sell him at all. He's superb value and doesn't let us down. I'm more thinking I'd never see him replacing Mings and worth us having somebody who can push him
  12. We had been telling players not to go for weeks as had the entire Premier League. FIFA told us to shut up and let them go. Paperwork appears to be the issue or even a deliberate mishandling by Brazil, who rather than stop them the day before or morning of the game where line ups could be changed, decided to wait until 11 minutes after kick off to disrupt. It's not the club's fault.
  13. Clubs are not allowed to stop their players playing for their country. FIFA issued an announcement on it literally days before we had to allow them to go. It is Argentina and the players' fault this happened. The players I can understand as they were allegedly told they would not be selected again if they missed it. This is not the club's fault.
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