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  1. One of the few who did their job and did it well tonight. The others weren't on his wavelength at all tonight. He was pressing on both sides of the pitch and in both halves. Was looking for the quick one-two passes that our Attacking players were doing for fun at the start of the season. But nobody was on his wavelength, he rarely got the second ball he was looking for. A really promising performance from him. Has to be starting over Ramsey for me, he has more of an impact, Ramsey is less detrimental to the team than Barkley but hasn't really delivered yet. Sanson has to start.
  2. Rhian Brewster would be a great replacement for Keinan in the squad (obviously not in terms of style). He has been poor for Sheffield, is a sellable asset when they drop so potentially will be at a cut price and still has a lot of potential. His style was never suited to Wilders Blades, he'll pick up his potential in a side that play football. There isn't a lot of value to be had in Sheffields squad, Berge and Brewster will be their assets most likely to remain in the Prem. O'Connell too but can see him staying with them
  3. If we're going to play him it should at least be in position to give him his best chance. Don't think you can half ass it by putting him on the wing scared of what happens if he makes a mistake at RB. I think giving him half an hour at RB would be a good call if we're winning. Ideally we're 2-0 up but would be good to see what he can do with some senior players around him
  4. For me, we need: AM & Striker - need to spend proper money on quality additions to slot into matchday squad immediately. LB, CB & a RB - We can afford to go for good prospects that have time to bed in. Theirs paid off quicker than even they expected but I'm thinking like Leicesters move for Fofana. (only a RB if we sell Freddie, which I don't think we should) Out: Elmo, Taylor, Barkley, Hourihane, Trezeguet (?, But would need to add Winger to the shopping list) New Contracts: Konsa, Dougie, Martinez, Targett In: 4-5 newbies. I think the AM or Striker needs to b
  5. Can't see it. Edouard is tailor made for Leicester who simply have to start planning for life after Vardy and Iheanacho is not the answer. Plus the Rodgers link. Tammy is good and he'd fit the bill for sure. He won't come to sit on the bench and his style of play wouldnt lend itself to being our first choice over Ollie (nor move him to the wing). Tammy will either go to be first choice somewhere or he'll do what he's always done - back himself to be #1 long term at Chelsea and stay there.
  6. Been away from VT for a few weeks but just saw this. WHAT DID YOU DO
  7. Just came to post. Good to see we kept him, be interesting to see what he does now, the chatter about him moving on may have been his agent but would assume he expects to break into the matchday squad within his new contract. Cup appearances next season perhaps?
  8. Finances in football have outpaced matchday revenue for years. Last year and January, I agree. But when push comes to shove in the summer it only takes one of the big clubs to go balls out and it'll be back to normal. Only thing that may stop that is the two that need to do it most - Liverpool and Barca - are the ones with no cash money. If that had been say Man City or Chelsea I think we'd be back to normal in no time
  9. Whenever I hear him speak about how he picks up the other members of the team or see him being the one driving getting the team huddles together it baffles me that anyone let this man leave their club. What a bloke he must be to have in the dressing room being that dedicated to bigging everyone else up and trying to create that team spirit Then throw into the mix he's probably the best keeper in the league at the minute and we've absolutely had Arsenals pants down.
  10. Southampton, West Ham and Arsenal are pretty tough sides in a tough league to make your debut against. Particularly the way each of those games was going when we started looking to make subs. I can see why Deano has held off playing him too much. Personally I think a proper Midfield 3 today (I.e. bringing Morgan on for Barkley instead of Ramsey) would've helped us out more in the final 20 minutes. But again, Arsenal are a good side and making a mistake to cost us 3 points Vs Arsenal would've been a horrid way to get off to his Villa career. We rested Dougie today, I think he'll rest
  11. It's a small act, but I specifically remember some (me included) saying that Jack not being petulant and kicking things down the touchline as a reason as why he wasn't being criticized... Difficult to then see someone do exactly that a few weeks later and not criticize them
  12. He was better today and then when Arsenal turned it on he went missing. He's a great player to have on the edge of the box when he's linking up with Jack and Targett and we are playing our best, most fluid football.. but when we aren't at our absolute best he's a luxury and a lazy one at that when we're under pressure. Again. I'd like us to sign him he adds something to us that we don't have without him. The early season form before his injury was unreal and we were at our best. But quickly becoming apparent that he isn't a 90 mins player in any match in the Premier League and he probably
  13. Brilliant post and I agree with every word. And with hindsight .... He couldnt manage to do it
  14. Shame for Cash but great for Villa that there is such a deep class of talent at RB for England at the minute. He won't get a look in with Wan Bissaka, Reece James and Trent. But he's immense. Puts everything on the line. For a converted Winger he's probably better in defence than attack too.. what a signing
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