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  1. bickster


    The “garden” and the herbs bit with the blueberries so the herby bit (L-R Bcak first) Rosemary, Marjoram, Blueberry x2 Basil Mint, Oregano, Flat Leaf Parsley, Bay Leaf Chives x2, Mint Flat Leaf Parsley, Thyme, Lemon Thyme And out of view on the flower side at the back, there’s Sage
  2. bickster


    Thats a little prick(ly)
  3. bickster


    I don't get birds The advantage of a subterranean courtyard
  4. bickster


    Not getting this too cold vibe but I'm only growing herbs and blueberries but the blueberry bush we planted last year has many more flowers than in did last year (the berries replace the flowers later in the year and its new mate that I bought t'other week is also flourishing (best to grow blueberries on multiple bushes apparently, fruit is bigger and better) Eyeing up a gooseberry bush next
  5. Dido Harding may be able to give you some media training
  6. I think that has to be a record for collective failure in a day
  7. As the quiz question standard goes. What do the letters in ASDA stand for? And the answer is nearly always given as Associated Dairies WRONG! It stands for Asquith and Dairies (so the DA does come from Associated Dairies) but the Asquith is the name of the other company that merged with Associated Dairies to form the supermarket chain
  8. Someone should do a compilation of "list" songs, There's definitely enough of them
  9. Happy Shakespeare's birth and death day to you (at least he was English and didn't slay a mythical beast)
  10. Surely capitals is actually better as they are either titles or the start of a sentence, it’s the lack of capitals that would bother me if I spent a nanosecond thinking about it but as it’s WhatsApp, it’s something I only ever use to respond to people so I doubt I'd ever have noticed
  11. You think the BBC have been told not to report on the Rwanda story? By whom and why? It's the story of the day in the UK, it would take something monumental for it not to be. The Tories want it talked about, which is why Sunak held a superfantastic Double secret presser this morning
  12. Approaching zero chance, the bookies will gladly relieve you of your money
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