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  1. As we already have strikers that are injured and/or out of their depth Sturridge seems surplus to requirements.
  2. Worked in retail for any length of time edition:
  3. Well it's the Carabao, so anyone's guess. 17 o'clock halfway up a tree? Still, better than it being on the one show.
  4. Showed how far we have come and how far we still have left to go. Overall still look alright for the season ahead based on that. Bit concerned Wesley may not be the real deal though.
  5. Happy for us to follow our transfer strategy for every other position but don't **** about when it comes to the keeper. Get in whoever is right for right now. In nearly 20 years we've had one really good one that felt like a difference maker, one!
  6. All good stuff but not getting carried away. Even Helenius has looked good in these Walsall games.
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