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  1. Can't believe we got hammered 55 - 45! Lambert pulls it out the bag again!
  2. After drawing a blank last year with my wrestling theme I was just going to roll over the same picks. Look's like Mean Gene has beat me to it! Therefore; 1. Ric Flair2. Kamala3. Mean Gene Okerlund replaced by Bushwacker Butch4. Abdullah the Butcher5. Vince McMahon Jr.
  4. We're back to talking about Bannan now?
  5. So he's not performing at the level you all pretended he was at in the summer. You can't get pissy at him about that now.
  6. Hope for the worst and get worse than you thought, that's what I've been taught over the last 11 years...
  7. It's pretty uncanny actually, like he already knows...
  8. Well, if this does turn out to be our guy, he's already close to having the haunted villa manager look down.

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