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  1. If you've ever been one of those on here that gets all upset about possession stats this is your time to shine!!
  2. Kid on the right went on to star alongside Katie Holmes in The Boy
  3. This is exactly the kind of game we always seem to drop points in. To actually get the job done was very heartening despite it being fairly lacklustre overall.
  4. Come on Villa, all this complaining about not buying anyone is getting old now. We want to complain about exciting new things like buying the wrong players and paying too much.
  5. Nah, this time it's definitely Huntelaar
  6. So i haven't watched WWE in over a year but I got curious about the thunderdome, I made it 5mins before I tapped out. - **** me Vince looks old - Is that it, THAT'S the thunderdome? - I'd heard people joke about the camera cuts but jesus christ this is making me feel sea sick!!! Maybe the rest was amazing and I missed out ,somehow I doubt it. Bonus points for the thunderdome reminding me of this;
  7. I almost wish it was true so we could laugh and then twirl our diabolically evil moustaches at them
  8. **** hell, those Wednesday shirts look like something found at the bottom of a school PE kit lost and found.
  9. As we already have strikers that are injured and/or out of their depth Sturridge seems surplus to requirements.
  10. Worked in retail for any length of time edition:
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