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  1. flamingsombrero

    The Doug Ellis stand

    Rename the North "Djemba Stand" and then rename the Witton... "Djemba Stand".
  2. flamingsombrero

    Ratings & Reactions: Yeovil v Villa

    Put out a second string against an organised, aggressive opponent and didn't get beat? It may not be pretty but it's progress.
  3. flamingsombrero

    Joe Bryan

    Don't understand all the hate the lad's getting, why would he choose us in this scenario? It's a no brainer, get over it.
  4. flamingsombrero

    Jack Grealish

    All done and dusted faster than you can say Fabian Del... oh.
  5. flamingsombrero

    Jack Grealish

    Even if that is the case I still think there is something to be said for giving ourselves more room to manoeuvre in the market. That being said Spurs tend to complete their business so late in the day it might be worth still knocking them back and see where all the pieces are in Jan.
  6. flamingsombrero

    Jack Grealish

    All things considered with our current situation would selling him with a season long loan back be the ideal outcome?
  7. flamingsombrero

    Steve Bruce

    Maybe, maybe not, but I don't see how ripping up the pre-season prep and throwing a new guy in 10 days out from the new season helps matters
  8. flamingsombrero

    Steve Bruce

    So we're going into a new season with a relatively settled squad and the same manager. **** me what a novel concept.
  9. flamingsombrero

    Thierry Henry

    I think most people would agree with that right now, I doubt it would take much or long for it to unravel
  10. flamingsombrero

    Thierry Henry

    I'm not against the idea in principle. I think he could potentially turn out to be a great manager but we'd be repeating the same mistake we've made over and over. Other than a couple of howlers we have not had a string of "bad" managers but we consistently fail to pick a manager suited to the circumstances we find ourselves in at that given time.
  11. flamingsombrero

    Thierry Henry

    So we take someone with no experience and put them into a situation where they have to replicate or better the previous season with a weaker team, no preparation time and little/no chance of bringing in their own players. Simultaneously they will be expected overhaul our entire style of play again with little/no preparation time or chance to bring in their own players. And people think this will work?!
  12. flamingsombrero

    Villa and FFP

    So that's why Doug hid all the biscuits!!
  13. flamingsombrero

    Time for a takeover

    If that's the case I'm surprised we only own one.
  14. flamingsombrero

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    You may be fickle but we still like you