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  1. Maybe, maybe not. All I know is Frank is Sherwood levels of fraud.
  2. So glad the super league got shouted down to preserve the integrity of whatever the **** that was. (I'm referring mostly to the pre-match).
  3. Police absolutely fine with a bit of racism, according to them at least.
  4. To be fair they are getting called out on it pretty much unanimously by fans that have seen it. So what do you do when you're a fan group getting called out by the fans you are supposed represent? Double down and start arguing with them of course!! What a clown show
  5. We were artificially propped up to give us the best possible chance to return to the top table because being outside of that structure is financially unsustainable. It's certainly not as bad but it's hardly fair either. We directly benefitted from the unfair advantage afforded to relegated teams in that league.
  6. I don't remember us complaining about the unfairness of parachute payments, TV money splits and the like. The whole ESL thing stinks but let's not pretend what we have now is all about merit, especially when we have directly benefitted from it.
  7. As much as I hate this, so much of what it is purported be destroying in football is already long dead.
  8. Athletico Mince dropping some of the animated segments onto their youtube page
  9. It's all fun and deregulated games until the wrong type of people start to win.
  10. Just finished it after picking it up a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. Gameplay wise they may not have reinvented the wheel but they refined the **** out of it! One of the best sounding games ever too.
  11. This one felt like another agent using us to get the move they actually wanted elsewhere. Looks like these players might actually be on their way to us now for a change
  12. It's eerie taking a peek at the despair on their match forums at the minute. Like going back in time.
  13. Ahhhhh so all the goals we've had chalked off previously were because we weren't offside enough!!! Right, got it, starting to get the hang of this VAR bollocks now.
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