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  1. flamingsombrero

    Match Thread: Villa v sha

  2. flamingsombrero

    Henry Watch

  3. flamingsombrero

    Dean Smith

    We're back to talking about Bannan now?
  4. flamingsombrero

    Word Association

  5. flamingsombrero

    Jack Grealish

    So he's not performing at the level you all pretended he was at in the summer. You can't get pissy at him about that now.
  6. flamingsombrero

    New Manager Speculation

    It's pretty uncanny actually, like he already knows...
  7. flamingsombrero

    New Manager Speculation

    Well, if this does turn out to be our guy, he's already close to having the haunted villa manager look down.
  8. flamingsombrero

    Pre-Match New Dawn Patience

    No Chester and the return of the Mac? 6 - 2 Millwall How it will go after half time though is anyone's guess.
  9. flamingsombrero

    Steve Bruce

    Time's up