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  1. I love having 2: Superbowl champ and would-have-been-MVP
  2. I agree especially with the other possible available QBs and then the 6 or so decent QBs coming out in the draft. Will Foles stay as a backup, also Vikings have an interesting situation and a team might take a punt on one of those 3 guys
  3. Crypto currency

    So while prices have been unsteady, iv been sorting out my holdings : Ether Bitcoin Ripple INS Ark Powerledger VeChain Flixx Bitcoin Cash Neo and i got into the Farmatrust Pre-sale, so hoping that does well. Ton and Polymath, still the ones to look out for i think Out of my coins i like INS value the best
  4. Superbowl LII

    C'mon Eagles!!!!! It's a shame our fans are terrible
  5. Crypto currency

    I use blockfolio
  6. Crypto currency

    Wait so you can have 2 Ledgers with the same wallets?
  7. Crypto currency

    Its the key to your wallets. I have the same one by the way. with out that device plugged in to the PC and the 4 digit access code you cannot access the wallets. Obviously, If you go away without the ledger, you wont be able to access the accounts. I understand if you lose the ledger, there is a way to get access again with the 24 word recovery sheet, im not sure how easy it is though.
  8. The Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    Im all for VAR, very suprised it wasnt a penatly, i know he made the most of it but it was a terrible tackle. Anyway i still think its more important to have a no talk back to refs / swearing / shouting rule in place. Rugby can do it, all the american sports can mostly do it.
  9. Crypto currency

    Hopefully you are right. I dont think there will be much of a bounce for a while (at least 3 months). This is just a correction after the mad crypto rush leading up to Christmas IMO. I mean look at the Bitcoin Google search charts, it was crazy
  10. Crypto currency

    Hodl Strong! It is difficult to be so at ease with the loss. Im going to have a really expensive wedding in Cape Town it looks like but my loss in the last day and a half could have easily covered it. Just gotta keep remembering how much i put in and that i am way up on my investment (3.7x). Even if the market halves again, i would have snapped your hands of for that, when i invested.
  11. Crypto currency

    bought 20k at c.0.00029 Ether Now: 0,000345
  12. i found a site called phonemend which shows you local repair shops and what they repair. They will email you a quote if you request one.

    1. PieFacE


      Cheers dude will have a look into it! 

    2. PieFacE


      Cheers dude will have a look into it! 

  13. Android: General Chat

    Think it will be cheaper but believe you have to send it to Poland or somewhere and it can take a while. There customer service is not considered great. Alternative is a phone shop who can probably do it in 2 hours but will charge £120 or so. Im probably going to give it to a phone shop to do it
  14. Android: General Chat

    I have just done the same last night. you going to get it repaired through oneplus with all that hassle or go with a phone repair shop?
  15. Crypto currency

    INS Coin went on Exchanges today went up to $13. coin offering was around $1. its sitting just under $10 now. Bought it with Etheruem which has tripled in value since so comparatively its up 3.3x. Im Hodling though, should start driving up over the next few weeks