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  1. My FF league did a sweepstake for teams in playoff. I ended up with the packers and couldnt be happier. Especially as an Eagles fan. Giants and Dem Boyz
  2. Android: General Chat

    anyone got a ZTE Axon 7, im obviously very happy with my 1+3 but have always been interested with what i think is its competitor
  3. NFL Fantasy League 2015

    ah, top 8 go through and 2 weeks left so not all doom and gloom yet...
  4. NFL Fantasy League 2015

    Thought 10 point lead with sturgis and Cook for me and only Adams against was enough. Obviously not. Now i have to get the win over Xia Mondeos with Zeke, Evans, Brady and Pats (vs LA) Looks like my beloved Eagles terrible D last night will have cost me a playoff spot
  5. 2016 Holiday Plans

    In contact with them now (Ashad) and already seemed very helpful. Was looking at getting the train from Kandy to Ella (9 hours) which he said was pointless, just get on the train at the last stop before Ella, so you just get the best 2 hours. Also he suggested looking fairly budget for the inland accommodation as we wont be in them for alot of time and then nicer rooms/hotels for when at the beach which makes sense. So, thanks
  6. NFL Fantasy League 2015

    Yeah, Kaep wouldnt have been enough. you didnt start off to well, for a while the live predictions had me ahead despite no QB
  7. NFL Fantasy League 2015

    Fair enough, although Rudolph was never really a player of note before this season, he was one of those streaming TEs who you always picked up after a good week and he didnt perform again till you dropped him. TEs are the worst!
  8. NFL Fantasy League 2015

    Dont blame Yahoo, they are just telling you who has the better match up, you still sometimes gotta pick the better player. you play Rudolph over Kendricks irrespective of match up, like you play Julio over Sharpe, even if Julio is against the Broncos and Sharpe is against the Browns. Could be worse, you could have started a back up QB. luckily i would have lost anyway even if i had subbed Kaep in in time. Was annoying me when our projected scores where around the same time despite a 0 for QB.
  9. NFL Fantasy League 2015

    Starting Ryan Fitzpatrick, so that's a loss for this week. Stupid
  10. 2016 Holiday Plans

    My Buddy cant go till 15th now so going to be away for just over a week, so scrapping the other countries. Just going to Sri Lanka now. How long were you there for @tonyh29, seems like you did alot. did you rent a car and driver, take busses or air taxis?
  11. 2016 Holiday Plans

    Looks like we might go to Sri Lanka have the option of 2 or so days in Muscat or Mumbai. presume you would recommend Muscat?
  12. 2016 Holiday Plans

    So, circumstances have lead to me having 10 free days in december. I am going to be in maritius from the 23rd Dec which should be good however I am now free from the 12th Dec and so thought i would do something first and a friend of mine is willing to come. I can do anything really. However obviously with going to Maritius though rather than going somewhere(Like Colombia) from London and back before then flying to maritius, i though somewhere close to mauritus where i can fly straight from there might be good. Im looking for a mix of culture, activities, sun and drinks. Tanzania(zanzibar) via Oman/Dubai was my first though... we both have friends in dubai and iv actually never been. any thoughts or suggestions people? @chappy @tonyh29 Thanks in advance
  13. Nintendo Switch

    Im way more interested in this than a PS4 or Xbox. those things have little interest to me these days. I have had a PS1,2&3 btw. Im obviously not a gamer. i dont spend enough time at home to be one. I maybe watch 30 mins of TV a day. It seems more simple than those other consoles, where i could play a game of mariokart with the misses at home or on a train/plane. I will wait for it to come out and check review etc but im interested.
  14. Android: General Chat

    & ZTE? The Axon 7 is meant to be the phone to have