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  1. Someone's not going to see this. I just dropped a player to make space. Then I thought about it abit and came here. Commissioner should be able to make put him back on the Punters Unanimous
  2. The person getting Drake and Adams easily wins
  3. there isnt an RB Problem. Melvin is better on the ground and ekeler is better recieving RB. Its the decimated OLine not having any push thats the problem.
  4. It the O-line, Ekeler has been terrible with his carries last few weeks aswell. Fumbles inexcusable though
  5. Not even an offer! I will have to drop 1 for waiver but thought someone might want one of them before they go to waivers
  6. Step right up! Step right up! Running Back Sale! Royce Freeman - playing 50/50 with Lindsay including in the red zone and goal line. Hes even getting receptions! Averaging over 20 points a game. Any injury to his tiny RB partner and hes a bellcow. Ronald Jones - The best RB in a Bruce Arians offense. he should rise to the top getting most snaps, hopefully after last weeks great game.... Frank Gore - MR Infinity, hes been playing NFL for longer than time. Over 25 points in both last 2 games. getting TDs and a couple of receptions in each. Singletary having issues with hamstring which often linger leaving Gore to eat up. Justin Jackson - Looks just as good as Ekeler when he plays. He is more efficient with his touches and his role is increasing each week (37% of snaps last week). Hes had a TD in last 2 games that were both pulled back by holding penalties.If his small RB partner Ekeler gets injured Justin Jackson will likely be a RB1 Show me your WRs
  7. So you don't want to trade me diggs?
  8. If anyone is looking a for a decent running back, London Champs are looking for WR help, hit me up!
  9. Ha, i was hoping there is a way to autodraft every favourite but all i can do is let the commissioner edit my picks
  10. The flex player is still WR/TE not RB right?
  11. I think you have to do snake, otherwise you might get people losing on purpose when they know they arnt going to make play offs. Basically like the dolphins already are. Plus if people go and new people come in, then where would they go'?
  12. To confirm compared to last year, Its 0.5 ppc instead of 1ppc. its 2ppr instead of 1ppr QB completions gone down from 1 to 0.5 all milestone bonuses have been decreased So WRs and TEs will score more especially ones who catch alot but QBs and bellcow RBs will score less? also have we changed anything on Def?
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