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  1. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Hmmm am i mad that im thinking of sitting Gordon and also starting Blake Bortles this week
  2. Crypto currency

    I also recently got a Nano S. Was using Coinbase before, specifically the vaults rather than wallets which seem pretty good. you can only make a transaction 48h after your first request, you need 2 types if authorisation and they notify you ALOT. That 48 hours can be a trouble if you want to do something fast, obviously. Also you still have an issue if Coinbase went down or anything. I have the following: Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Ethereum Ripple Power Ledger ARK also bought some INS coins in their current ICO
  3. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    I dont deserve playoffs if i get there. I dropped Jags D (was WW4 i think when trying to pick them up the follwing week but no dice) then i traded Kamara away for Drake. Drake had the week last week i was hoping for.
  4. Android: General Chat

    Bought my GF the Xiaomi Mi A1 for £180 and she loves it. Android One, Duel Camera, 4GB ram, 64GB storage and its pink. All for under £200. I am annoyed i paid what i did for my Oneplus 5. next phone will be chinese
  5. Crypto currency

    No, i bought it at USD 0.17. My girlfriends brother was staying with us 2 weeks ago. He works in the renewable energy space in Australia and also bought some, so it was under his advise. i bought alot more ether than the rest of them unfortunately, although last few days its been flying and i still think its the Crypto to own/use
  6. Crypto currency

    I have built a bit of a crypto portfolio since early July. I currently own Ether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and Powr. I owned Neo but sold it to buy Powr (i would have rather had both but numerous reasons made selling my Neo my only option) My portfolio is 2.5 x the value i put in, so seems to be all going well.
  7. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    ah, but yeah if he was Waiver spot 1 and you were 2, he would go to 14 after his pick but then your pick would put you 14 and bump him up to 13, again one in front of you again. Who knows, if you had gone perine number 1, and Kansas number 2, you may have got them both
  8. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Everyone puts in their claims WW spot 1 goes and either makes no claim staying WW1 or picks up who he wants and then goes to the back of the queue (WW14) then number 2 goes, same as above unless his first choice was taken by someone before him, then it goes on to his second chocie if he has one and so on. your claim priority is by the order you put forward a claim, unless you "change priority". The time of when teams make a claim has no bearing on who gets who. Only the teams spot in the queue and their priority of claims effect it. In the above scenario, presuming you made claims for Perine and Burkhead what happened is following: Rhys had priority: 1: Burkhead 2: Perine You had Priority either: a) 1 Burkhead 2: Kansas 3: Perine or b ) 1 Kansas 2:Burkhead 3:Perine or c) 1: Kansas, 2: Perine 3: Burkhead But basically Rhys was always getting burkhead over you. You then priorotized (possibly by accident) Kansas over Perine so took them next, leaving Rhys to then get perine
  9. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    i was never going to play kamara unless i lost 2 of my running backs (injury or bye) hed be a great assett if our scoring isnt the way it is. If Drake gets 20 touches a game, its like hes starting 100 yards ahead of kamara who gets c.10 touches. So im happy with the gamble
  10. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    What happened to Wankchester? Name change and dropping Big Ben for Huntley 20 mins before his game? It was looking fairly close before that?!
  11. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    I have both Snead and Kamara that id be willing to trade. Looking for a good TE
  12. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    How Jags didnt score higher for that is actually the weird one i was looking at. i mean they scored high but 9th best
  13. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    I mean i understand this if you didnt play last year, as its strange scoring, but it is the same as last year. I like it as its different, although the DST scoring seems wrong to me.
  14. Week 5 - Trubisky

    not sure if you did it on purpose or not but nice move picking up alex smith the week i play you with no QB
  15. Gardening

    Knew id find this on VT. Do you still do fencing? Im looking to put up some fencing for 2 flats in Sutton Coldfield