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  1. You could’ve put this in the Ross Barkley thread also
  2. Why? Name 3 players who performed worse than Nakamba last Saturday?
  3. Christ on a bike, it’s as bad as Twitter on here!! Dougie is quality, he just had a bit of a dip but he will be back to that player. He was the least deserving of the drop from our midfield 3 on Saturday if you ask me, based on match performances anyway, but I fully expect him to come back in for Brighton.
  4. I find it interesting that you find Everton’s interest interesting
  5. Woody1000

    John Terry

    Pretty much said the exact same things to my old man today!
  6. While I admire his work rate, but he always looks a bit like a puppy off the leash to me when he comes off the bench. The problem as mentioned is that Traore possesses certain quality which unfortunately Trez does not. From what we’ve seen this season, if Traore is on form then no way does Trez start.
  7. We are the most improved team in this league by a country mile. Are we going to end up in a situation that a 9th or 10th place finish this season is going to be seen as failure?
  8. Would I have made some substitutions earlier last night? Yes Amount of games I’ve won as a Premier League manager? None!
  9. I just think making jokes about incidents where people have died is in bad taste, so I called it out. I don’t want to sound like a snowflake, it didn’t offend me.
  10. Just listened to the claret and blue podcast, Nakamba completed 64 of his 65 passes Saturday night!! I would still start McGinn tonight, but Nakamba has proven himself to be an option.
  11. That’s really poor taste
  12. Another player who last season was inconsistent, but has seen the level we play at now and has raised his game. Would still start McGinn against Burnley, but I think most fans are currently satisfied with Nakamba as backup if he can produce performances like last night whenever he is called upon.
  13. Financially we’ve played a blinder. I worried a bit tbh that we looked a little small time after the “pathetic” bid in the week, but we’ve got a 26 year old player who was playing in the CL this season for a great price.
  14. Unfortunately. I’m quite pleased with the reported fee on this as even if Hourihane goes on a permanent deal in the summer, I doubt we’d get more than £7m-£8m for him. Like you said, the recruitment team have earned our trust over the last 12 months so we will have to wait and see.....
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