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  1. I think that if we spend again this summer and keep all the players we want to keep, then a fair expectation for next season is top 10.
  2. Really pleased for him. Got ruined by Adama Traore last season, and looked a bit ropey in a few other games, but has really improved defensively this year, and is a solid choice for POTS. Without trying to sound biased, has there been a better defensive left back in the league this season? Not for me.
  3. I think he should be Dirty Dean from now on?
  4. I feel that if we are to have another season like this one next season, our kind and generous owners will possibly show a ruthless side that we have yet to see, but while we are comfortable in mid-table there is no chance of Dean not being manager going into the new season, even if we don’t pick up another win this season imo.
  5. Woody1000

    Keinan Davis

    Anyone coming on this thread tonight to try and justify their hate for him, bore off.
  6. The comparison was more to it being another loan disaster from Chelsea, but fair enough I guess. And to be accused of being OTT by someone like yourself is the most ironic thing I’ve read all day!
  7. Who would’ve thought after what felt like the longest wait for him to regain fitness after his injury in November that we would be left with Danny Drinkwater Mk II.......
  8. -10/10 for his game today? Jesus, I don’t know what you expect really. I guess we’ll agree to disagree.
  9. I never said that. You’re overreacting, I understand it’s the heat of the moment, but these early years are a learning curve for players like him. He’ll learn from it, it’s cost us today but we move on.
  10. He’s a young lad, cut him a bit of slack mate
  11. Just wish he wasn’t so casual all the time....
  12. Sorry to single you out Paul, but I’ve seen a lot of this lately on forums and social media. Where has this “That is not good enough now” come from? We stayed up on the last day last season, now please correct me if I’m wrong but I think we’ve only fell out of the top half of the table for 1 game this season, and we’ve passed the 40 points mark - if offered that in July, you’d have given your right arm. I know I would have! We are indeed a grand old name in the history and fabric of English football, but today in the PL it counts for very little, we have to be careful how we progress
  13. I agree that he needs time to settle, but I think the bold is a stretch for a French person playing in England
  14. I’m giving Kendrick the benefit of the doubt on this one, if he’s saying that he’s out then I take his word for it.
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