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  1. Doesn’t it show how stacked England are that Man United’s regular starting RB can’t even get a call-up? International football will only help Matty to improve IMO.
  2. I think he should take the Poland call-up if it comes, unfortunately he’s never going to play for England with the amount of good English RB’s there are.
  3. I wonder if Buendia is going to find himself in a catch 22 situation in his quest for international selection with Argentina. He won’t get a chance if he turns down a call-up due to Covid regulations/quarantining, but if he does go along he risks losing his place in the Villa team (as he looks to have done for tomorrow’s game) which would then hinder his chances of selection anyway.
  4. Sorry, I was more referring to the ability to nullify a full backs ability to go forward just through their fear of being caught out of position.
  5. I feel Cash has definitely got the higher ceiling as a player. Perhaps playing as a midfielder before reverting to RB the season before joining us has something to do with him being a more rounded footballer?
  6. You make a really great point there that I hadn’t really considered before. Questions are always asked about wingers/wide attackers about their ability to track back, but I’d never considered their ability to nullify the opponents full back just by their presence.
  7. See I’m fairly happy with them defensively, and they do support our attacks from out wide, but I’m not sure that they are good enough going forward to be THE wide attacking threat if that makes sense, which I feel a 3-5-2/5-3-2 would require.
  8. We may well match them up, my only concern would be where you draw the line over the quality of your opponents - it’s totally understandable to do it away at a top team like Chelsea, but I’d be very concerned if we were constantly changing our formation to match our opposition, especially an opponent we should be trying to take the game to.
  9. I’m not so sure as with us being at home I would like to see us take the initiative, let them worry about us.
  10. I think we will go back to a 4-3-3 Saturday, I feel the 5-3-2/3-5-2 was more about matching Chelsea up. I’m unsure that Targett and Cash have quite got enough going forward for it to become our new go to formation.
  11. This is becoming a big issue on this forum, and it’s usually from people providing criticism. This whole “I can’t say anything on here” attitude is tiresome and childish, if you’re going to offer a negative opinion on something then you have to accept that someone will probably call you out on it.
  12. I was given one of the 1/4 zip training tops at the weekend for my birthday, I usually wear medium but this was large and it’s a pretty good fit. I couldn’t have got away with a medium put it that way Go one size up from your normal size for sure.
  13. You’re so right with this. We were “fickle” and “unrealistic” when we were languishing in mid table in the Championship, but they seem keen to hound a manager who has constantly improved us out of a job when we are comfortable in the PL. The idiots on Twitter don’t help, as it allows them to build a narrative that “the fans have turned”.
  14. I can’t believe there is such an obsession now with the football reporting media hounding managers out of jobs. I appreciate a large amount of it is click-bait nonsense rather than anything with an ounce of credibility. I guess like seemingly everything else in this world, it’s just getting more and more toxic by the day.
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