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  1. Woody1000

    Dean Smith

    Still not convinced about Smith. I like the guy, probably more than every manager we have had in my time as a supporter (I’m 38), but I worry that he is out of his depth. I just feel that he is abandoning his principles as a coach, and starting with the same team last night that produced the awful first 45 mins against Brighton. I worry that the job is possibly too big for him. Perhaps I’m being too hard on him when he’s having to deal with injuries and a squad that on the whole is clearly not up to task, I’m more worried and concerned rather than angry with him. I really hope I am wrong, and that this is a period that we will look back on as a time that the hierarchy did the right thing by holding their nerve.
  2. Looked good mate, we have an extra player when we attack with him in the side
  3. Must win tomorrow, not an easy game by any means but a side we need to be defeating in our home games to have a good chance of staying up.
  4. Assuming Benrahma is pretty much a done thing, I would only be open to any more signings as long as they are significantly adding to what we have already. I know we’ve all been sick of the ‘Fulham’ comparison, but just buying squad players now for the sake of it just seems daft to me.
  5. Pleased with the result, but felt we looked a bit off the pace for long spells. Trying to be optimistic, I’ll put it down to players bedding in etc. Heaton will win us at least 10 points on his own this season, that save from the header was outstanding.
  6. Is he locked in Delphinho123’s basement ala Julie B until the morning?
  7. I know the way that Delph left the club left a bitter taste, but let’s not try and re-write history and try and make out that Delph was some clogger - he was quality for 2 seasons at least! There’s a reason that Man City came in for him, and in our side we had then it wasn’t to weaken us!! As for Jack, he just continues to exceed and exceed mine and I think everyone’s expectations. I honestly believe he could play for ANY club, he’s that good. I really think we need to enjoy this season with him because unfortunately I think it could be his last in a Villa shirt as this lad is good enough to be winning the big trophies.
  8. Collar on the home? Well that’s saved me £60 Don’t know why, but I hate collars on football shirts
  9. Is it just where I cannot get my head around modern transfer fees, or can we seriously not buy a better DM from the continent for £30m?
  10. Woody1000

    Dean Smith

    This is it, it’s nearly here...... I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is the game that sends the message out that we are ready to take our place back in the Premier League. DS will set us up to play positive, but sensible football and I can see us winning comfortably tomorrow night. I believe he will start with Hourihane with Whelan to come on and see out the last 15 minutes.
  11. Woody1000

    Dean Smith

    I might be getting carried away, but I’m convinced that he’s taking us up THIS year. We are far from perfect, and I know the defence is leaky to say the least, but we’ve got so many goal threats all over the pitch and on the bench, and he seems to have found the way to tap into that very early doors. I’m so pleased for him, he deserves this!
  12. Woody1000

    Dean Smith

    I’m really excited about what Dean and ROK can bring to the team. If I’m really honest, I’m not that worried about promotion this season as I feel reassured that for once we seem to actually have a plan, and seem to be getting the right people in place from top to bottom. I have a feeling that a lot of under-utilised players like Lansbury, and Bree are going to flourish under DS, as well as boys like Hepburn-Murphy and O’Hare, which gives us some real options. There is the obvious history with Scott Hogan too, if he can get him firing then a trio of Abraham, Kodjia and Hogan all firing is the strongest in the division for me. People talk of our defensive woes, but for me a back 4 of Hutton, Chester, Tuanzebe and Taylor should be enough to get us through to January where we can reassess our options, I hope we don’t continue trying to put square pegs into round holes playing players out of position, especially at the back. The defence doesn’t overly concern me, especially if we start approaching more games on the front foot under Smith, which I’m assuming it is hoped he would bring. I think given time Nyland will be a capable GK, he’s still settling in to life in England, and has come in at a difficult time. I just have a really positive feeling about everything that we’ve done in the last couple of months, the last month especially! Finally, things are looking up!!
  13. While I’ve had my doubts about Bruce as manager (tactics/selections), he has got us to Wembley and for that he deserves a lot of credit, especially considering the personal problems that he has had this season re his parents. i just hope he sets us up a bit more like we have in big home games this season, and not like we have in the big away games. It’s a big pitch at Wembley, bigger than Craven Cottage, and I feel that the atmosphere and everything that comes with Wembley suits us more. It’s definitely a big equaliser against the fact that Fulham play ‘prettier’ football than us. I just hope that Fulham’s season has run out of puff. I feel that whatever happens Saturday, Bruce has definitely earned the right to still be manager come August.
  14. If they have any ambition to get promoted this season, then he has to be sacked tomorrow. Yes he's had injury problems, but we just do not play well on anywhere near a consistent enough basis to win promotion. You can't scrap out the 35-40 results you need for that.
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