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  1. I’m still a bitter ex after being dumped by him , I really wanted him to miss the pen
  2. chauffeur “ I know a bloke that knows a bloke ,now you know this bloke”
  3. I’d go with that but if the option is there maybe switch Bailey to the left and put Bertie on the right
  4. Yes it was his fault , very poor pass then tracked ESR for 10 yards then stopped and restarted but to late by then , absolute dog turd
  5. I saw Mings tell someone to F off , do we know who it was ? As I know him and Cash don’t quite get along
  6. The only thing the midfield did really well tonight was pass the ball straight to the opposition , first half they were bullied out of the game and didn’t look like they wanted it , after the formation change (thank McGrath!!) they were allowed more time on the ball and still managed to pass it away consistently! ,absolutely awful midfield display but definitely got better when Ramsey came on
  7. I’m a big fan of Tyrone but he never comes back from international duty as the same player that left , to much swagger and not enough action , he’ll settle down after a couple of weeks but it will be the same again after the next load of training sessions with GS and Engerlaand
  8. International duty strikes again , TM is a great player but the billy big bollox attitude after being with the Engerlaand squad is not pretty , his almost cocky attitude trying to smash it up field resulting in a slice x2 which bred panic in the rest of the lads !
  9. My youngest has been with FDC for over 2 years now , huge at snapping up local talent with the centres at Studley, worcs warriors and now alvechurch, top level young local players , eg . 3 teams at u13mjpl all very strong sides
  10. So is he off to Newcastle yet ? ? ?
  11. F#ck the geordie maggots, what they do has no bearing on the direction we are taking , we have a great academy set up which is well underway which in its own way will be the future to counter ffp restrictions , we are also a very attractive option to any players we are willing to pay for . Where they are as a club right now is just pap , they will not turn into a superpower overnight just because of new ownership the rules will see to that , hope they get relegated
  12. I think he’s a class act and growing into a real player as his game experience increases
  13. No from me , too many tools that couldn’t be trusted with being responsible enough not to throw it , always be some berk sat behind spilling ale down yours or your kids back , certain to cause a ruck
  14. It was a bad one that’s for sure , couldn’t happen to a nicer shower of *****
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