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  1. 7.2 Mill a year. For 5 years. So 36 million pounds. Edit: I should add I think he's worth it, I'm happy about it- in the footballing context anyway
  2. Yeah I think you're right, I think he'll manage 15+ Seems like a clever player..
  3. Nice goal that.. Easy finish for Watkins, but he was in the right place at the right time.. Something we haven't had from a striker for a while
  4. Is anyone else's sky broken? I've just sat down turned the game on.. In the corner it says we are 1-0 down.. After 4 mins? Can't be right
  5. Because they think he's a bit thick and will made a blunder in an interview if they ask some dodgy questions.. It's all seems a bit anti-brummie to me! But f*ck em, he did well in his 15 mins.. Im glad he got on, I was only watching in case he got on the pitch.
  6. You must be on the wind up Pintpotvilla explained it pretty well, in a couple of short sentences .... 4 minutes ago, pintpotvilla said: The actual transfer fee isn't the problem for FFP because the outgoing fee is balanced by the incoming value on the books. The problem is the wages and length of contract ( for amortization). This is what affects FFP but this has been explained a thousand times on this site!!! The length of contract/amortisation counts for everything! Like pintpotvilla says above, you buy a player for 40m this season
  7. Yes.. As I remember , FFP is calculated over a rolling 3 year period. Max loss in the championship per season is 13 million, in the premier its 35 million. I think we are still 1x championship, and 2x premier at the moment, so have a rolling limit about 22 million for the season lower than clubs that have been in the premier league for 3 seasons. The owners can't just throw money in the bank account.
  8. No, his family sold that restaurant years ago. I'm not sure what he's doing now, Ive known his cousin for years, and know his brothers quite well. They're all still local, I think Ricardo still owns a fair bit of property round here,but not sure what he's doing 'full time'. He joined us for a five a side game once, whilst he was still playing for villa. Quite an eye opener - none of us could get near him, and he wasn't breaking a sweat. He wasn't really that quick either, premier league wise.. Anyway, have we signed anyone yet?
  9. I knew it. We were just biding our time. Messi has handed in a transfer request, summer window business done. And he's available on a free : 'The Argentina international, 33, sent a fax to the club on Tuesday saying he wishes to exercise a clause in his contract, allowing him to leave for free with immediate effect.' Come on villa, get this one done..
  10. Let's just hope we stay up, and the owners can convince him to stay another year.
  11. He totally lost his train of thought there... Got it back with a media trained answer. Sounded almost like he didn't want to go, but kind of had to - almost like he was regretting it already.
  12. Did you see Jack 's interview just? He's going... When asked the question,'was this your last game at villa Park in a villa shirt?' I thought his voice went, sounded like he was getting emotional..
  13. Think it's time now Davis & nakamba For Mcginn & samatta
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