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  1. This is it though isn't it? I don't care if they call it a pen or not a pen, so long as its the same for everyone. And it isn't.
  2. Of course it's no penalty. No replays, nothing to see here.
  3. Luke Shaw always in acres of space.. Someone please have a word with traore
  4. I've just done exactly them same What do I know
  5. He seems to have a bit of a track back, then decides he can't catch the player and stops and gives up. It's as if he thinks once the player gets near our box it's the defences responsibility and his job is done
  6. Yeah Traoré is gonna cost us here, he's not tracking Shaw at all
  7. That's some stat and I'm pleased for aeg.. But to suggest he brings more to a game than de bruyne or grealish is a bit mad.
  8. Like i said aeg should have been hooked at half time! Brilliant finish.
  9. Yeah but it's nice just to have this performance back.
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