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  1. I can't wait to play Liverpool and man utd. Its gonna be great.
  2. Why does trez slow down there and stop, instead of attacking that cross?
  3. We are just basically shite. Every corner /cross goes about 2-3m deep or wide. The players just aren't very good.
  4. Don't worry lads, trez is warming up, we'll be fine
  5. Yesss. 17= That makes us out of the relegation zone, in a way.
  6. I feel a bit sorry for Smith, having to play players like trez, who are utter shite. But they are mostly better than he has them playing.
  7. I would never had have him anywhere near the club.. But Smith unfortunately just doesn't seem to know what to do. Nothing changes. Id get big Sam in, big bonus to stay up, gone in the summer for a new manager either way.
  8. Why does Smith do nothing? It might just be time now, to go.
  9. Right so the rains coming down, Davis to sweeper, defend for 45 minutes and were out the bottom 3.
  10. I can honestly say I didn't see that coming..
  11. There is var supposedly, but the ref said the goalline tech didn't buzz, so no goal
  12. Any coaches on here that can pop down to bodymoor tomorrow to go though 'how to mark a man'?
  13. So they did - I sent them a tweet complaining that they'd never talk about it etc etc (and with a bit more moaning) So I take full credit for inspiring the talking point But by the way, I don't think it's acceptable to say, 'well we know it's not a corner, but that doesnt matter, you have to defend it properly' Yes we do need to defend it properly, but that's hardly the point. Surley that's what var is for.. If the officials can't tell, then check the var, that's what it should be for.
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