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  1. To be fair it was absolutely and utterly terrible
  2. BBC are claiming it's like returning to "1970s". The worse they think it is the further back they claim.
  3. I have a feeling he'll be at a championship club in the summer
  4. mind sharing that website? all my friends are wiuu rocket polishers found a easy way to deal with aksor the priest , in that space ship. or well someone showed me. you can hide under that platform on the far end and aksor can barely hit you and maybe a third of the other enemies can, well easy to kill em all Google "Destiny LFG" there are two, fairly sure one ripped off the other but does the job. I got a game that wasn't full of american kids calling me a douche bag or a "fag". A few moments had me in stitches, particularly when one the team got a ship as the main bit of loot at the end of beating the final boss.
  5. I am basically Billy No Mates on PS4 so never had anyone to do the raid with but I used one of those websites that advertise people who want to do various missions. Found a team and I must say that the raid is so much better than the rest of the game, its actually clever and requires you to think. As everyone who has done it will know you all need mics and basically a lot of it down is down to communication. The only downside was one of our team left for the last boss so the team decided to cheese it. I've never done any raiding before but loved the Vault of Glass.
  6. kiddybloke

    GTA 5

    If it makes you feel any better the above crashed my ps3 and deleted my character. Karma.
  7. kiddybloke

    GTA 5

    So i just robbed a gas station then it wouldnt let me get in a car. Ran about for a bit not being able to get into a car until i realised that i wasnt taking any damage. Basically i was in god mode in the server. So obviously i had a long shoot out with the police then went to troll the other players. Funny having them empty a full clip into me then kill them with a slap. They kept trying to run me over but id just keep getting back up. So much fun.
  8. kiddybloke

    GTA 5

    Works fine on PS3 now. Good things come to those who wait i guess.
  9. kiddybloke

    GTA 5

    Well it appears to be totally broken on PS3, managed to find a way to start playing but the first mission (a race) wont start. Problems for most (?) people it seems.
  10. kiddybloke

    GTA 5

    So can you only play online with friends because none of my ps3 list have GTA 5 and online wont load for me on PS3 (it let me make a character).
  11. In his own half so comfortably onside.
  12. Oddly i would probably get a season ticket again if we went down (gave it up after 9 years when we appointed McClown). We'd probably win some games at home and it would certainly be an interesting ride, if not a bit demoralising.
  13. I hitch hiked to the ukraine a few weeks ago. Then couldnt get back out of the country so had to take an 11 hour train journey across the country to get to Kiev to fly home to saftey. I couldnt get any phone reception on my twatberry as well so we got reported as missing persons etc etc. Interesting story there
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