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  1. That’s just not true though is it, the few games he played in an advanced role in our winning run he scored 3 goals from open play (2 against Derby and the winner against Bristol City). He scored a hat trick against Norwich the season before which were all from open play and his pivotal goal in the play offs was from open play. Swansea away he scored the winning goal with a header from open play, there are a lot more examples as well. I’m not advocating him starting ahead of Grealish or McGinn but he is by far our best midfielder for arriving into the box late. The fact his set pieces are so good as well shouldn’t take away from that fact. Great option to have in the squad and seemingly a great professional as well.
  2. Why on earth would anyone need that explaining to them?
  3. mole86

    Wesley Moraes

    People complained about Tammy doing it at Blackburn away, then he started banging them in and surprisingly no one mentioned it again...
  4. Completely agree, would be the equivalent of the Friedel signing for me. I'd be very happy to sign Butland but if we could get Heaton for a fraction of the price then that would be my preference.
  5. I'm pretty sure that was after O'Neill as well, Houllier's season wasn't it?
  6. Angriest Norwegian since Anders Breivik
  7. mole86

    James Chester

    That wasn't the first game
  8. This post should be copied and posted as a response every time someone makes the Fulham comparison over the next two months.
  9. Watched a different game to me, obviously the opposition were poor but thought he was the only player on the pitch confident and able enough to switch play quickly. He had a spell in the second half when he hit 3/4 near perfect crossfield balls in a five minute period. He messed up his only decent free kick opportunity by trying to go under the wall and hitting Duffy but his corners were threatening all night, far better than the couple Brady took when he came on. Was no more than a steady performance but by no measure could it be described as horrendous.
  10. I wouldn't agree with the bolded statement based on what I saw of Tomori this season. Tuanzebe was great for us but he is really really poor in the air, if he improves that aspect of his game he would be amazing but it's a serious weakness currently.
  11. Don't disagree with the wider point, it was our second penalty though. Hourihane went first
  12. I know he’s being linked with some of the top 6 but I would love us to make a move for Ryan Fraser, he completely fits the profile of what Purslow talked about in that interview and would definitely see us as a step up from Bournemouth
  13. He’s in the Villa end today, just met him queuing for a beer
  14. So composed on the ball but awful in the air, I’ve never seen a centre half actively avoid heading long straight balls away as much as he does. I really like him but he’s got to improve that if he’s got any chance of making it as a Premier League centre half, pace and composure only gets you so far
  15. mole86

    Scott Hogan

    Why are you spending your Wednesday night on an Aston Villa forum?

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