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  1. Tiago, the former Chelsea midfielder, got the job earlier today.
  2. Weird criticism, Samatta is very good in the air
  3. I’d been looking for that marshmallow porter since I saw you mention it in here. That was a strange coincidence, I’d literally just ordered a box when you sent that picture. Hope you managed to get some!
  4. Get on the Tiny Rebel site now for the latter, added some boxes today
  5. I was sitting two rows back from the dugout on Saturday in with the home fans. After El Ghazi walked down the tunnel Hourihane was straight onto the physio asking what the problem was, it didn't look like either him or Elmo were particularly impressed with the explanation given the level of eye rolling. I'm a fan of El Ghazi but the reaction of two of the more senior members of the squad was quite damning in my eyes.
  6. No, James Milner scored a penalty
  7. Samatta is that player, the third choice striker will have been signed hoping he will never play. He’s unlikely to even be involved in our match day squads barring injury/suspension
  8. But Samatta is the guy who was clearly signed to be our first choice striker, it’s fine not to agree with that but that is the choice the club has made. I don’t think anyone we signed could have guaranteed us survival
  9. Samatta is our Wesley replacement, Davis getting fit is a massive plus and meant that anyone we signed was just going to be a body. Someone with a 1 in 3 record in the Championship is probably as good as we could have hoped for, he will hopefully never start a game for us, as would have been the case with whoever we signed for this role.
  10. Luiz was so poor when we played Watford in December, physically dominated by their midfield and gave away a brainless penalty. I rate him but can see why he’s not starting, I’m actually glad he’s not got back in the side off the back of one pass. He does seem to have more of an impact off the bench currently
  11. mole86


    Maybe that's because you completely moved the goalposts from the original point. Someone made the point that people weren't exactly queuing up to pluck Mings out of Bournemouth's reserves last year, nor was it unanimously celebrated as a signing on here (rightfully so given his injury record). Your response of 'even Doris the Tea Lady knew we needed him' completely missed the point being made; that whilst we all might well have known we needed a Centre Half last January, it was our Recruitment team that made the masterstroke of getting Mings in. I twasn't in anyway an obvious signing, most of the early pages of his thread are filled with people assuming he was signed to replace Taylor at left back. It's completely rewriting history and harms any chance of serious debate, particularly given the infantile and unfunny allusion to Doris the Tea Lady.
  12. Van Dijk was signed from Southampton
  13. Lovely little touch to start the move for the goal, he was also heavily involved in the break for Grealish’s goal at Burnley. He just needs to have more of a consistent impact, frustrating player to watch but you can’t fault his effort.
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