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  1. I think the BT Sport graphic confused people when he got booked. It had his shirt number on it which is of course 5
  2. 2 goals, 2 good saves, 2 off target and 2 comfortable saves/tame shots isn’t a bad nights work, even allowing for the fact one of his goals was a penalty
  3. Any positives to take from tonight in your eyes?
  4. mole86

    Dean Smith

    Leicester game really wasn’t that long ago
  5. mole86

    Matty Cash

    Didn't he do the opposite of that?
  6. That’s all any of us can do isn’t it? I know some people think they’ve received some top secret inside information on the Rashica ‘deal’ but it’s unlikely anything official will leak directly from the club meaning all we can do is speculate from the same uninformed position. The only cast iron fact is that he is not an Aston Villa player, even the comments from Baumann could be construed as us being used to drum up interest from Leverkusen given what actually transpired on deadline day..
  7. Three ball at The Belfry with Rashica and Leao
  8. I’m not so sure about that to be honest, the deal was clearly set up before we knew where we would be playing in my opinion. We then still went through with it as he was going to be a more useful squad member than Gardner and a relatively inexpensive addition, particularly given how much business we then knew we had to do following promotion.
  9. We did the same with Bjarnason last summer
  10. Completely agree with this, it’s clearly been a tactic since lockdown to have a narrower back four. Part of that is accepting more balls will come into the box but it really needs the full backs to get out to the winger quickly and Targett just looks like he’s not got the energy to do it. The only caveat, which has been mentioned, is that he also doesn’t get anywhere near the same amount of assistance from Grealish as Cash will from the winger the other side. Not a criticism of Grealish, it seems to be how we set up.
  11. I think it would be Rudiger they take on loan in that deal
  12. More or less interesting than it was at Burton?
  13. mole86

    Dean Smith

    I don't disagree that bringing Davis on earlier was an option, however it could also have left us prone to a counter attack not unlike the one which led to the penalty as we'd have been a man light in midfield. The decision not to make that change earlier than 60 minutes definitely can't be called "amateuresque", particularly when we won the game. Surely bringing on a 'strong striker' might have just encouraged us to play more long ball than we actually did.... I think the patience was fine, would have liked us to be a bit sharper on the ball but that's more down to fitness than tactics a
  14. mole86

    Dean Smith

    What is the more fitting tactic when your opponent has eight men in the box? It’s either going to be a moment of magic or incessant pressure from balls into the box that makes the difference. I would concede we didn’t move it quick enough at times and personally I would have preferred the full backs to push higher and wider when we switched the ball but I also heard Smith shouting instructions to that effect. The reason why we aren’t better against ten men is because we don’t have enough good players, not because they are being coached inadequately.
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