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  1. mole86

    Scott Hogan

    Why are you spending your Wednesday night on an Aston Villa forum?
  2. As false as the Infinity War alternative ending you posted last week
  3. mole86

    James Bree

    Trying vainly to keep this thread from being about Bruce... I thought Bree did ok when he came on last night in the circumstances, let a couple of balls bounce that he shouldn't have but other than that hard to find too much fault in either he or Tuanzebe. Obviously not a long terms solution there but every time he does play I always think he shows his potential. He really could have done with a loan move this season.
  4. It’s obviously not going to be this formation
  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Green run past a full back, I’d wager Adomah, Bolasie and El Ghazi are all quicker than him. He’s probably been the most unimpressive of any our youth players that’s broken into the first team the past few years. Move suits all parties, he needs games and we can’t afford to carry him
  6. I didn’t see the Ipswich game but every other match this season I think we’ve been massively shown up fitness wise
  7. The strange thing is claiming Sky have an agenda and enjoy us losing. Is that the whole of Sky, just a specific department or is it Scott Minto that has that particular agenda perhaps?
  8. Literally have no idea what you are talking about. Sky enjoy showing us because they get better viewing figures, I really wouldn’t get worked up about it
  9. You always get so hung up on what games Sky show, there isn't a conspiracy and it has no bearing on the result.
  10. He signed Bowen for Hull when he was 18, Andrew Robertson was only 20 when he signed him and Harry Maguire was 21. Obviously Hull gave him different instructions from above
  11. mole86

    Thierry Henry

    Why is anyone entertaining Hippo? It's exactly this sort of nonsense that derails any manager thread before we get to see how the results play out.
  12. Wagner really isn't the best example of someone that plays more attacking football. He's done an unbelievable job but even during their promotion season 22 out of their 25 wins were by a single goal and they were the second lowest scorers in the top half. They then scored once in 330 minutes during the play offs and had to rely on the lottery of winning successive penalty shoot outs. There are definitely reasons to suggest Wagner as a candidate for our next manager, attacking, exciting football is not one of them.
  13. He pulled out of a couple of challenges, with Hutton covering behind, after he'd been booked. I think of all the players in the squad the notion of 'not fancying the chase' couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to Snodgrass, he runs himself into the ground every game. Imagine if he'd picked up a second yellow for tripping up Traore unnecessarily!
  14. Yet he was the one sacrificed at half time to make way for Gary Madine, who went on to set up the only goal.

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