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  1. Sold it for £11m, rent it back for £15m. Genius planning. Either it is another FFP loophole or they are desperate for the cashflow.
  2. The international break has come at a good time for us and gives us time to reflect before the run in (would have been even better 2 weeks ago!). Dean now has 2 weeks to analyse our recent performances and plan for the games to come to mastermind a way back into form for the seasons end. Hopefully Grealish will line up for the remainder of the games the season. From the position we are in now, and considering this is the weirdest season ever, I will be happy if we maintain a top 10 finish and don’t slip further down the league. I’d be ecstatic with 7-8th and I think any higher is beyond
  3. Awful again. Thank god for the international break because I seriously can’t watch us play again right now. It’s soul destroying. Please please please be back for the next game Grealish
  4. A good time to play them I reckon but I'm still dreading this game. It's negative to say but we just look so lifeless at the moment and it has been a difficult watch. If Grealish is back I'll get excited again but given he will not travel with England I think that is a slim possibility. Therefore I think a battling draw would be a good result on current form, and it would keep us comfortably on track for the top 10. May not make for comfortable viewing though.
  5. A frustrating player. Flashes of brilliance and masses of poor decisions and questionable play. Reminds me of other mercurial villa talents such as C N'Zogbia and S Ireland. The kind of player who we would traditionally sign to a long lucrative contracts and then regret it for years... Chelsea already made that mistake with RB so I hope we don't pay them for the pleasure of doing the same. If he could be had on the cheap then he may be worth the gamble but no doubt Chelsea will want to recoup their losses. .
  6. Praying this is true When they sack Bowyer in 10 games times they can put him on gardening leave too and hire a new “team leader”.
  7. The sad thing is this would be a good point if we can hang on now
  8. The ref should do the honourable thing and abandon this match.
  9. This is hard to watch. Can I sit through another half as poor as that? Might as well just assume a 0-0 now and check the result later.
  10. Utd are comfortable with 10 men. Awful performance.
  11. It would be interesting to look at teams that typically lose points from winning positions and see if they make lots of subs and whether that negatively affects them. There might be something in sticking with the starting 11 for as long as possible when defending a lead as it maintains stability. When we are chasing the game though I do think Smith could be quicker with the subs as it’s hard for a sub to impact a game with only 10 mins to go.
  12. Perfect player against teams who are like to have a lot more possession than us. Chases the midfield relentlessly a bit like a deeper lying Watkins in terms of energy levels. In games where we have more possession he is probably not worth a place as his passing is mostly sideways but he certainly has a place in this squad for the right opposition.
  13. Not ideal circumstances, but I’m actually looking forward to seeing Elmo back in the team now. His all round game is not as good as Cash but Elmo’s crossing is better, especially from deep positions. Might freshen things up down the right to try someone new, as it’s been no where near as good as the attack down left side last few games.
  14. I like Barkley but in games where we will be in a hard midfield battle I think we would be better off dropping him and bringing in another CM. Ross plays as a floating No. 10 which is fine when we have a lot of possession but exposes us badly against better opposition. If he wants to keep his place then he really needs to be providing goals and assists every week, since we sacrifice a lot in midfield to play him.
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