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  1. Ha I’m working out of our Leeds office tomorrow. This is going to be my new tactic to torture Leeds fans with!
  2. We’ve been underdogs at the last 4 Wembley finals and we all know how those went. I’ll take being favourites if that’s what people want to call us! Most neutral media I have seen has us pretty evens with villa just shading it. That seems fair based on the season.
  3. Almost as if the club had a load of large size stock they couldn’t shift before the end of the season so they slapped a 50p play-off final decal on the chest and sold em for double the price!
  4. He's proven time and time again he's better off the bench. Keep him fresh for super sub status.
  5. Take the fine, take the points deduction, leave Villa Park alone. Having a better shot at being promoted is not so important that we should put the core of the club at risk.
  6. One of the greatest back handed complements I’ve seen!
  7. I'm buzzing with the win, but being honest it was a very flat performance. Lots of possession but that was more due to the fact that WBA let us have the ball on the whole. Very little width all game and almost no overlapping from the full backs which has been a staple of our game all season, especially down the right. Fair play to WBA for stifling our style but ultimately they tried so hard to shut down our attack they forgot to leave there own half for the 210 minutes and deservedly lost. I am not blaming Deano too much. He has built up too much credit for that and I think a lot of that performance was player mentality. We played within ourselves as we had a lead to protect and then once they had scored the fear of the sucker punch exit from the playoffs meant we rarely played a pass that wasn't safe, or directly to feet. The lack of through balls or balls to chase / in to space was obvious and made us look very rigid and ponderous. I think we will play with more freedom in the final when the mentality is win or bust, and Leeds won't defend with 11 men like WBA. One definitely bonus is that the penalties were fantastic on the whole apart from Albert's skyrocket, and it was good to hear Deano say we have been practicing peno's for 4 weeks since we knew we were in the playoffs. I assume the psyche out routine from mild mannered Jed Steer was probably Deano's idea too! If the final goes the distance than I am VERY glad that we have the experience of a nervy shoot out under our belts!
  8. Frustrating day but we got the rewards in the end. The goal we gifted Albion really influenced the 90 minutes as they could just sit on their lead and hope to take 1-0 back home. Ultimately that negative tactic came back to bite them when they let there guard drop a couple of times and lost the game. Not our best performance by a mile today, but we just needed to have patience and play our game as it has been proven to be effective 11 games out of last 13 now! They’ll need to come out of their half in the next leg so hopefully we’ll have some joy in cutting them open next time out and kill the tie early doors. Good subs from Smith, I bet he’s buzzing this afternoon! UTV
  9. Presume it is just unsafe to have members of public hanging around by the side of the road at the gates of BH, where I’d guess there is no footpath etc.
  10. I for one welcome our new Qatari overlords.
  11. The worry is that even if the injury is not too bad will Chelsea prevent him playing under light injury or with painkiller injections etc? I certainly wouldn’t want our players playing through injury when on loan...
  12. Regardless of his current form, it is surely absolutely damning that the one manager to get a tune out of Hogan in the past (Smith) has decided to loan him out rather than keep him in the squad. Just goes to show you, even with his good form at Brentford under his belt, Dean Smith recognises Hogan for what he is: a limited player suitable for a mid-championship team, not one with promotion hopes.
  13. mikeyjavfc

    Tom Carroll

    35mins - shortest Villa career ever for a signing? (in terms of playing minutes, not including villa academy products) Can anyone beat that? I guess David Unsworth will always hold this title. Edit: I thought Simon Dawkins would run him close but turns out he has a cool 71" to his name.
  14. The David Moyes special
  15. We need to start quickly and score early to set the tone. If we let Shef sit back and dictate the pace they could be hard to break down. That being said Tony P's Middlesborough tried this and got taught a lesson! I just hope Tammy has his shooting boots on this week as I feel like he misses 2 good chances every week, which would make life much more comfortable for us.

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