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  1. I too have issues with sticky balls in hot weather..
  2. It seems clear to me that one or both cups will have to be cancelled to clear up the calendar.
  3. It’s a great idea and the only fair thing to do really is to roll back the league table to the last game week where all teams had played the same number of fixtures. Game week 27, when... *checks table* ...Villa were 17th in the league. West Ham, Watford and Norwich are relegated - a shame for sure but what’s fair is fair.
  4. No idea if it’s true but the article says the NHS do not want them since they can only turn around 1 test every 2 1/2 hours. TBH It’s still a PR nightmare for the PL to be hoarding private testing machines when the government can’t provide enough tests for front line NHS and essential workers:
  5. Lyon already gearing up to sue the French League for the decision to end the league early which has denied them a champions league place. Another reason that the premier league will try to finish the games at all costs.
  6. The Mail are reporting that lockdown is likely to be extended till June at next week's review. I would guess any chance of full training being reintroduced before the lockdown is lifted are non-existent so the window to finish the season is reducing further.
  7. Not really though, we haven't f**ked up anything yet - there are still 9 games to play. Most people on VTsaid they would snap your hand off for 17th place this season...we are 2 points away from 17th with a game in hand. I'd say we are meeting expectations. If we are so clearly the worst team in the league then why are 3 other teams sat only 2 points ahead of us having played 1 game more? Maybe try some realism?
  8. The only way this season won’t be finished is if the delay is so long that it starts to impact the new season. Losing £750,000,000 is bad but not as bad as losing £3,000,000,000 if the new season is impacted. I suspect some but not all of the loses will be covered by insurance anyway. The prem will be desperate that next season runs normally to protect next years income after this massive upheaval.
  9. Yeah I was surprised how little impact this story made in these football deprived times. Barely made a dent in my Twitter other than villa fans. The mainstream journos seem to have ignored it except typically garbage press like the Sun.
  10. One thing is for sure, the premier league will act in its own self interest. Premier League PLC is entirely owned by the 20 prem clubs of any given season and they are under no obligation to throw a life line to the Championship clubs if that hurts the current premier league clubs. My guess is the prem will seek to finish the season so long as it can be done in good time before the start of the new season, so as to fulfil this years TV contracts without having to reimburse rights holders. They will have insurance for this but they will still be extremely out of pocket. If the season cannot be finished fairly before the planned start of the new season I think the prem would prefer to void the season and start next season clean, so as to not affect next years TV contracts, which they will be desperate to run normally after all this upheaval. I can’t see a 22 / 23 team league or similar - all this would do is water down the share of the TV rights for the existing teams, which would be entirely against the interests of the existing teams / shareholders.
  11. Now that the league has been suspended there really is no logic in bringing it back for several months. The infection numbers reported today are the absolute BEST they are going to be for at least 3 months and possibly 6 months if you believe the government models. So any attempt to bring it back before then would be walking into a worse situation than we currently have today...which was bad enough to suspend all matches. I can see the league, all cups and Euro's being cancelled now and a fresh start being made next season, possibly even delaying the start of the season by month or two to be safe.
  12. This my thought as well. Get some sort of resolution before it has to be abandoned.
  13. I think we can pay out on this already
  14. Postponing also isn’t great as most football contracts, including loans, run out on May 31st, so you are likely to get many teams ripped apart after May (especially in Championship where loans are very prevalent). Do you allow another mid-season transfer window or make teams stick with their squad until the end? I’d also be surprised if UEFA roll over and agree to delay the champions league, Euros or both to accommodate the late finish of domestic leagues. They will look out for No. 1. Whatever happens it’s going to be a mess and controversial.
  15. A pathetic ending after a decent performance I thought. If Engels doesn’t air kick that ball we would all be talking about a gritty and determined result that may just keep us up. Fine margins indeed. Now we just need to Produce that level of performance for the rest of the season and against teams with less prolific strikers we’ll probably get the points we need.
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