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  1. Would 100% rather get relegated with Smith than scrape 17th with fat Sam.
  2. Reminder for those calling for Smith to go; he signed a new 4-year contract 22 days ago. He’s going nowhere for now. It would be a shocking loss of face for Purslow to sack his manager less than a month after offering a new long term contract. I agree with those saying our squad overhaul was probably too much too quick. I don’t think any of the signings are bad per se, but it was always a big ask to integrate so many new faces into the squad and into the premier league in one swoop. Now injuries and lack of confidence are hitting us and it’s compounding the problems. I still trust Dean to pull off the great escape. It looks bleak now but it looked bleak last year before a 10 game unbeaten run and playoff glory. For that alone he should get plenty more time to sort it out.
  3. lol ok m8. Like all teams we have plenty of long balls up to our striker, especially when were under pressure from pressing sides. We better be prepared to lose that outlet if we play Kodjia, as no one else in the midfield or forward lines is good at this either.
  4. This is not true at all with respect to aerial battles. Whenever Kodjia has been on pitch this year I have been amazed just how weak he looks in challenging in the air up against premier league centre backs. That being said, so long as we don’t play any long hoof balls, no problem. Wesley has been increasingly good at winning his aerial duels I feel. Kodjia’s lack of work ethic is also an issue. if you could combine the 2 players skill set you have a quality striker.
  5. I like him. He's obviously still adjusting to the league but he is classy on the ball and in his passing. I would like to see him move the ball on quicker especially when he's near our box - when Newcastle started to press at the start of the second half he was caught out a couple of times. I'd also like to see him try some more ambitious forward passing when he's got space and his head up. It felt like he mostly went for the safe or backwards pass (may have been told to), but with his quality I'd love to see some KDB style diagonal or through balls for our attackers to run onto. There was a period where we struggle a little bit to break down Newcastle and this could have been a different option.
  6. I don’t mind losing away at old Trafford but please please please don’t go 1-0 up and throw it away in the last 10 mins. I couldn’t live with the Utd wankfest that would ensue. Still have nightmares about that donkey Macheda...
  7. So incredibly predictable and depressing . It was a great performance but I am gutted we have nothing to show from that. I just hope we can perform that well against all the teams in the leagues, as there is no point raising our game for the top teams if we can’t see out the games and get some points. Wolves away next...Will be a long international break if we get nothing from Wolves!
  8. So can we take this as proof that Wyness did nothing wrong? Or is a Out of court settlement just better for everyone as it will keep the embarrassing truth of how our club was run under Xia out of there courts?
  9. Judging by that turgid performance the Wolves squad is incredible shallow and they are going to struggle later into the season if they stay in the Europa League Thurs-Sun cycle. Don’t tell me that wasn’t their B team...they played their entire bench from Sunday’s game against Newcastle.
  10. Can I just say: what pathetic tactics from Wolves. Flat back five, 2 shots on targets, 0 corners. I know it was their second or even third string but they were absolutely terrible. We weren’t great but we did enough and over 70% possession and 20 attempts on goal tell a story. I would be peeved with Nuno if I’d paid to watch that as a Wolves fan.
  11. A very frustrating performance. I think 3-0 flattered them really and if we had been more careful with our possession and passing, and particularly our transitional play, it could have been a lot closer. It gives me hope that City we’re struggling to break us down really until we gifted them a goal through an individual error. Against lesser teams we may not have been punished in the same way (great finish by Sterling - found a gap under Heaton when it looked like there was none). As this relatively new squad continues to increase their experience playing together I think we will become more solid and cut out the errors, whilst keeping up our goal threat. Grealish our best player as usual, just hope the injury is not bad!
  12. On the way to Manchester. It’s torrential rain. Skiddy pitch may not suit the City possession game? I am definitely looking for hope where I can find it
  13. Connor needs to start for me. City are a dirty side and we will get set pieces in range of their goal. Set pieces will be an important element of our attack if we are going to get anything from this game.
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