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  1. Well yes but could have been a whole lot worse. 2 games is not significant in the length of the season really. We have a good 7 day lead in to our next game so I hope to see a proper system next game that makes the most of our available squad.
  2. I won’t blame Dean Smith for this loss. Losing Ross in the first minute can’t have been good for the game plan and with no like for like replacement the system suffered from back to front. Couple that with 1 days prep with the full squad and half the team looking gassed from internationals and Smith gets a free pass from me. Despite all that, we still looked dangerous and even ignoring the penalty shout we did enough for a point or even a win if not for dodgy finishing in front of goal. Without the international fatigue I think the concentration, control, passing, finishing etc is that much sh
  3. Lost Barkley in 3rd minute and half the players looked gassed from international break and...we still did more than enough to win + got a VAR bumming at the death to screw us out of deserved point. It’s a shame but there’s no need to overreact. We’ll be better next time out with or without Ross back fit.
  4. The most one footed player I’ve ever seen. More so than even Hourihane.
  5. My hamstring exploded just by watching that.
  6. mikeyjavfc

    John Terry

    Carlton Cole may be telling the truth or may be full of it, but I do think that most clubs would think twice before appointing Terry as manager. His murky racism accusation would definitely generate negative headlines and coverage in this age of BLM, taking the knee and the FA diversity code. I know he has held the coaching role at villa without any issues, but there is a different level of scrutiny and expectation in the top job...as Greg Clarke found our recently. I notice Malkay Mackay has struggled for work recently...I wonder if that is the same issue.
  7. Wow, didn’t NSWE pump in £20m to villa just the other day for working capital? That bit of petty cash was equivalent to the entire value of BCFC. Makes u think
  8. It’s a strange season. Before the season started I was getting majorly disillusioned with the premier league and thinking that the big 6 were so entrenched now that how could any other team reasonably challenge in the future. Now we are seeing the most open league in years with the financial juganauts of Man Utd, Arsenal and Man City badly underperforming and Liverpool running into an injury crisis. I think some of this is down to the strange covid, no fans situation but whatever the cause this is a golden opportunity to do something special in league, similar to 2016 when the big 6 all u
  9. I love how 2 footed he is. That left foot finish against Arsenal is as good as anything you’ll see from a premier league striker on their stronger foot. He will score so many goals by not having to shift it on to his stronger foot all the time, avoiding an extra touch. The best strikers these days take their shots quickly before the goal keepers and defenders have even got their feet set.
  10. In my opinion we should strengthen in January even if our squad is managing well in the league (assuming we have the FFP allowance). Thinking long term, with our owners we are clearly on a journey to try and break the top six and European football. In order to do this we will need to recruit expensively in every summer transfer window for several years to come. Bringing in one or two of those summer additions in January will spread out the signings meaning that we do not need to bed-in 4-5 new faces in the summer and therefore there will be less churn and impact to our squad. This is doub
  11. Nice article from a stats boffin confirming what we all know...the title is basically a formality: Aston Villa, are they just on a good run, or are they...good? It's been some start to the season for Villa, but are they just in the midst of a purple patch, or is this good form here to stay? https://marginalpains.substack.com/p/aston-villa-are-they-just-on-a-good
  12. Not sure this is wise in the premier league really. Probably fine for 20mins at the end of game but what if the injury occurs in first 5 mins and you have Elmo against premier league strikers for 90mins. Thankfully it wasnt needed. Let’s hope Engels or Hause is back after international break.
  13. Neither Engels nor Hause on the bench in the last match. Who would come on at centre back if Mings or Konsa went down with an injury in the first minute?
  14. I didn’t see the game but that xG hurts to look at. Conceding from 3 set pieces is a lesson for us not to give away cheap free kicks and corners...especially when they other side has a threat like JWP. The fight back is heartening but I don’t take much comfort from a good half performance against a team that are 4-0 and cruising in 2nd gear. Hope we play less open against Arsenal.
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