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  1. Anyone know any good emergency free agent goalies?
  2. Brazil wanted their players in the prem to make the trip. It was a big outrage in Brazil that they weren’t allowed to go. No doubt there would have been an exemption for the 14 day isolation rule if the Brazil players had travelled, but since they didn’t and the Argentinian players did, they are now getting punished. It’s not clear how much of this was foreseeable but it sounds like assurances were given by the gov that they would be permitted and the health dept has since overruled them. Apparently that is a thing that can happen in brazillian politics . A mess for sure but sounds like the rug has been pulled a bit.
  3. This is my view. It would be pretty shocking actually if the players went against their word and returned late, particularly Buendia who has just joined us - not a good way to endear yourself to your new employer and team mates. They could likely expect fines similar to Harry Kane missing the start of pre-season if they return late and I would also expect Buendia may lose his place in the starting 11 (Martinez is harder to drop however). Regardless of what is 'right' in this situation, the players know the terms that they agreed with the club before they left for duty. The Argentinian manager is just looking out for his own best interests by applying pressure, but it doesn't mean anything if the players are true to their word.
  4. Fine the players and block them from the next intl break if they stay for the 3rd game? Up to them if they want to risk that, they knew what they signed up for regardless of what Argentina manager says.
  5. Not too fussed about another signing. If we don’t make one today then the right player was simply not available. I have no doubt any money saved this window will be spent in the next window instead, as we have pretty much spent up to our FFP limit in all previous windows under NSWE. No reason to think this is the end of the heavy squad investment over the next few seasons.
  6. The only running joke here is how bloody unreliable Villa Report is!!
  7. Doesn’t say much for our preparation and conditioning for Watford if we are still having preseason games after the first game of the season…Also if Traore is injured that’s a damn shame.
  8. 2 days before the season starts...IT'S M'ON ALL OVER AGAIN.
  9. Hopefully Buendía and Watkins were pulled out of the last game as a precaution to make sure they were fit for first fixture. Definitely going to have to grow into the new season as players come back, so need to lower our expectations a bit until everyone’s back and fit. At least the first choice defence is fit.
  10. Embarrassing loss for City and Grealish. Must be grating for their Abu Dhabi overlords to spend a billion quid and have to watch that.
  11. Until we reach the champions league we are a development team of sorts, just like most other teams. The highest calibre players will not hang around for years and years without CL football. If our players are being sniffed at by clubs like Man City then it indicates our recruitment and academy teams are getting it right. The only way we stop this is to crack the top 4 and become the club that hoovers up other teams talent instead. Personally I think the fact we have sold Grealish to City has made us more attractive to young talent. There is a clear pathway to a top 4 team here (either through villas ‘project’ or through earning a transfer), and we have shown we are willing to do transfers if the fee is right. I do wonder how many players would want to go to Tottenham now seeing that Harry Kane is locked into his 6 year contract at Spurs.
  12. Taking a while, wonder if there’s a snag with the medical?
  13. Really useful and clear ITK info as usual then.
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