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  1. With so many new players to bed in I think it is safe to assume we will start poorly and get better as the season goes on as they get more and more minutes together. We have shown glimpses of what we can achieve but still aren't quite at the pace of the premier league yet. No need to panic and I genuinely believe we will get better and more assured with every match if we keep the faith with Deano's system. After all, if we had gotten a deserved point at Palace I think we would have been pretty happy with our total.
  2. I disagree. The obvious criticism of Taylor is he is poor on the ball, poor at passing / crossing and poor offensively etc...but his defensive play has been excellent . In the first 3 games he has only been dribbled past once, which is the joint lowest in the league. This is the perfect game for him in my opinion: away from home and where he can legitimately hang back in a deeper position and keep an eye on Zaha, without worrying about committing forward too much. If any thing I would be more worried if Zaha was up against an attacking fullback like Targett / Gilbert who may be caught up field on a break.
  3. mikeyjavfc

    The NSWE Board

    To think we couldn't raise £4m to pay a crucial tax bill under Xia but NSWE have just raised £22m for beer money! #blessed
  4. Hopefully not a bad injury. I wonder if he was carrying something all game so lacked a bit of sharpness.
  5. Let's just say...tonight's team sheet better be...Marvelous
  6. Hopefully we'll see him tonight. We paid £14m for Targett which is still pretty decent money for an untested full back, so I can't see him being any other than first choice left back going forward.
  7. A classy player. Absolutely rapid and I loved the interplay between him and Jota. He's got to keep the shirt against Palace.
  8. Time for the B team to shine. Mings, Grealish and Wesley to be kept away in a different postcode. We aren’t blessed with enough depth to risk our best players in a game like this.
  9. I think Taylor has his uses. Left side of a back three, or subbed on when we need to see out a game under the cosh. Apart from that I would be giving Targett the nod - he wasn’t a cheap purchase you know, so he was bought to be a starter surely?
  10. All we are saying, is give Wes a chance.
  11. Would like to see Targett introduced and Hourihane reinstated for this one. We missed Connor's set pieces last match and it was a tough match for Luiz (barring wonder goal), so I think he should be introduced from the bench a few more times before he starts. Same with Guilbert at right back. However, I can't see any reason why Targett shouldn't start over Taylor. I could stomach Taylor on the left side of a back 3 formation, but in this 4-3-3 system where full backs need to overlap the wingers it makes no sense. It's like being a man down once we have possession. Targett has prem experience and everything!
  12. 36 points would only see you safe in 11 of the last 23 seasons so might need to find a couple more points than that.
  13. Tough game to find your feet in the league, really looking forward to seeing him against Bournemouth. Those who criticise only need to look at Kodjia's performance once he came on to see it was tough going against spurs.
  14. There's only one professional football club in Derby...what a a waste of money!

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