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  1. Or maybe he will be like Kevin de Bruyne and become one of the best midfielders in the world? Or Sergio Aguero and become a club and Premier League legend?
  2. Liverpool got 97 points the other year and finished 2nd. That total would have won the league in every single league season except that one and the one before it. So what? Also, in this hypothetical dream world, Jack playing 38 games would have made us finish in the top 6? I guess no other teams had injuries last season, it was just us!
  3. You cant imagine why he would want to join one of the biggest clubs in the world, surrounded by world class players, with an all time great manager, playing in the CL, guaranteed to win trophies and potentially one of the biggest players in Europe? And what "dramatic rise" are we on? We finished 11th last season. I understand people are sad that he's leaving but how can anyone possibly be shocked or even surprised that he wants to take this massive opportunity?
  4. Or maybe if we use a little common sense it went like this. Man City enquire about Grealish months ago. The club ask if he would even agree to the move He says he would but only if its kept quiet until after the Euros I don't think its a coincidence that the offer is tabled and made public as soon as he comes back from holiday. Or maybe that tweet is total bullshit. Regardless, even if it was tapped up, who cares? It goes on, its part of football. I couldnt care less if he was.
  5. No the moral of the story is not be so invested in a football team to the point where something like a player leaving actually upsets you.
  6. I don’t believe you. More money, CL football, world class teammates, more exposure, more endorsements, huge fame. But yeah he should sacrifice all that to have some fans chant his name at Villa Park in 10-15 years. He’d be a total idiot to stay.
  7. Obviously I’ll be sad if he leaves but I would certainly understand if he chooses too. He’s nearly 26, about to have his prime years and they will be wasted pottering around mid table with us. I realise some Villa fans will take this very hard but it is just football. I hope we don’t see the cringey “I never loved you anyway stuff” if he goes.
  8. Great result for Emiliano and everything but I didnt find Argentina entertaining so this trophy doesnt count
  9. When it's written down like that, it emphasizes just how insane certain posters are
  10. Probably. A few Villa fans dont care about the England national team which is fine except when god forbid Jack is subbed, then they foam at the mouth. They seem to care a great deal about something they don't care about then.
  11. It absolutely did happen, sadly.
  12. You definitely sound about 20 years old which isnt a crime obviously but does explain your posts. I agree. With a competent manager England would be in the European Championship final having conceded just one goal.
  13. Am I misreading this or are you saying you'd rather Villa play good football and not win than win whilst not being entertaining?
  14. Maybe but I think more people put stock in a man who's been in the job 5 years, knows them left to right, is getting the best out of them and is one game away from winning a European Championship over a fan watching on TV.
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