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  1. R.Bear

    Dean Smith

    What a load of absolute nonsense. If we had held on today we would be 7th place which if we finished there would be as high as even the most optimistic Villa fan would dream of. We bottled the game today, make no mistake, but it happens and we have to make it right next week and the week after that.
  2. He played in South America two days ago. We were lucky to get 60 minutes out of him.
  3. R.Bear

    Dean Smith

    I dont put this one on Smith. The subs were bad but that was down to the performances of the players involved. The three goals were through stupid mistakes or panicking. That isn't Smith's fault.
  4. So bad today. Anonymous throughout except when he got the ball on rare occasions and then made a sloppy touch or the wrong decision. He just isnt good enough for us to go to "the next level". Not even close.
  5. An unforgivable shambles of a last 10 minutes. Littered with mistakes and fear. Utterly pathetic.
  6. How on earth have we thrown this game away. Jesus christ.
  7. Watkins dawdling on the ball for 10 minutes then.
  8. He was miles offside and didnt want to draw attention to himself. Smart play.
  9. Best since? He won a Copa America and the match today via mind games. He's already our best PL keeper and already ahead of Bosnich.
  10. They might but he just isnt a natural goalscorer. Misses too many chances and lacks confidence finishing. He is loads of positive things, fast, a nuisance, works hard etc but if anyone thinks he's going to explode and score regularly then they'll be waiting a long time. He can be frustrating but he is what he is. Definitely needs a goalscorer next to him to flourish so the pressure isn't on him to score.
  11. To say Emi got into Fernandes' head is an understatement, 21/22 scored before today and he balloons it. You have to love it
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