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  1. That's a tough one to take. There's nothing worse than losing to trash and we have had plenty of examples this season.
  2. I was about to say two points dropped. Make that 3. How are we losing to this shower?
  3. The Newcastle keeper looks like I did when facing the headmaster for the first time.
  4. Obviously the semi and final are more famous but I come back to this game frequently. If it wasn't for Bosnich, we could have lost 7-4. What a smash and grab
  5. You do have to laugh that our fixture congestion is a result of other teams outbreaks and games postponed as a result. When it happens to us its full steam ahead!! But as I said, the FA have no choice because in their infinite wisdom, they have tried to squeeze 50 match days into 30 weeks and it's now impossible to postpone anymore.
  6. Tough shit. If they can't legally cancel it, all clubs could have declined entry. The season will not be able to be finish before the Euros, that much is becoming obvious. It isnt helped that we dedicate an entire weekend to this two bit waste of time farce of a cup that no player, manager or team want to participate in.
  7. It's amazing really that both domestic cups werent scrapped at the very least. No fan would be crying about losing them at the best of times, let alone in this situation. I think pretty much every PL team will be playing their U23 teams this weekend.
  8. No mate no one cares about the summer tournaments. They only pull in the highest rated viewing figures of any sport in the world, bring the country to a standstill for a month and get people who don’t even like football watching the games. But yeah, who really cares? There’s Burnley vs West Brom next week and that’s the priority.
  9. The season should be scrapped. This is farcical. Constant outbreaks, teams playing 4 games in a week, injuries all over the place. Yes we’re doing well but it’s still a hollow existence with no crowds. I don’t see how this season can possibly get finished as it’s getting worse not better.
  10. This is getting ridiculous now. Maybe it's time to suspend the season again. Every week fixtures are either being called off or we have a farce like this.
  11. Outside of Jack, he's out most important and best player. Easily the best keeper we've had in the PL era. An absolutely inspired signing and inspirational player. He doesnt make mistakes and seemingly has no weakness.
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