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  1. Without question this is what they are planning. An absolute cup final of cup finals is the Sheff United game.
  2. We should absolutely refuse to play on neutral grounds. You cant change the rules halfway through a competition. I would rather get relegated than dance to the beat of these greedy bastards' drum.
  3. If we can't get relegated, hey play the games in the middle of nowhere with no fans in empty stadiums. I dont care. If we can get relegated, its a disgrace and a ridiculous threat to to the survival thousands of people which should be rejected on the strongest possible terms.
  4. I love how people say "take the captaincy off him" like the captaincy means a damn thing. They call heads or tails before a game and wear an armband. It means jack shit (no pun intended). A leader is a leader whether they are "captain" or not.
  5. Not to mention in the Army pretty much every move and decision you make is dictated by someone above you, not from mature decision making based or life experiences. So I agree, it was a nonsensical remark from the poster.
  6. Be that as it may, those knuckle dragging scumbags arent to blame, Jack Grealish is. If a couple of Villa fans took pictures of *insert name of shithouse Bluenose player* then we'd be having a right giggle about it.
  7. Did Neymar release a video instructing the public to not leave their houses hours before? Was Neymar partying with a highly toxic ex-teammate? Did Neymar crash his Range Rover into several cars? Did Neymar sheepishly leave the scene heavily intoxicated?
  8. The breach of lockdown doesnt bother me so much as whoever was driving that Range Rover was clearly **** smashed/high or both. And if they couldn't even get 50 metres from the party before hitting several cars then they were obviously shitfaced. I just hope it wasn't **** Jack driving, the bloody idiot.
  9. A CB at RB, a RB at CB and De la Cruz was a completely useless waste of space. Once of our worst PL era players who played a significant amount of games. Also I can only assume the people including Schmeichel are either too young to remember or are just picking him on reputation as he was utterly shite for us after the first 10 games, at fault for a stack of goals.
  10. I'm gonna do the best players for Villa in each position, not "folk heroes" or personal favorites. Bosnich Delaney - Laursen - McGrath - Wright Young - Grealish - Merson - Barry Yorke - Benteke
  11. So? Who it affects and how has nothing to do with anything.
  12. I said the season is either voided (cancelled) or finished (38 games played)?
  13. As I keep saying, fair has nothing to do with it. If three teams were on level points from 1st to 3rd you would probably say "well its fair enough to cancel" but because Liverpool are well clear, you thinks its harsh on them. That logic is ludicrous. Either the season is finished or its voided. It's that black and white.
  14. No, if the season cannot be completed, they will cancel it. You cannot finish a competition early when all teams havent played each other home and away. It's impossible. The amount of worms that can opens is off the scale. Cancelling and voiding everything is hard on some, relieves others but is equally fair (or unfair). Whereas any other solution is not. The stats can still count, who really cares about that? Its happened before
  15. All this may be true but its completely irrelevant. Them having a big lead has no bearing on anything. If the PL cancel the season then the league wasn't completed so there can be no relegation and no champions. The competition effectively didn't exist. Its hard on Liverpool but **** them quite frankly. At this point, IMO the best we can hope for is next season starting on time in August. The idea of this season being completed in any capacity is a pipe dream.
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