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  1. R.Bear

    Wesley Moraes

    He cant play up front on his own, with this lack of service.
  2. One of his worst performances in a Villa shirt.
  3. Utterly toothless in the final third as we have been in pretty much all games. Taylor is a waste of space, never ever crosses so what the **** is the point of him getting down the left? 2 points dropped.
  4. They're there for the taking. We have to win this game ffs.
  5. There will be loads of moaning about the ref but that was a shocking performance. The only player who came out of that with any credit is Heaton. Really really poor.
  6. Yep, not seeing anything he brings to the team yet.
  7. Taylor's crosses are such shit. High lofted and easy to defend.
  8. Can we stop this "cup final" stuff? Looking at Palace's team makes me think we should win.
  9. R.Bear

    Wesley Moraes

    I've been away for a week, have people really been writing him off after two games?
  10. An impact sub is exactly what he's suited for and will be useful all season doing just that.

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