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  1. Losing at home to all but relegated WBA who we always beat. The players arent just on the beach, they have cocktails in their hands and a rubber ring around their waists.
  2. What an absolute non entity of a second half that was. It's scary how effortlessly Man City can keep a team at arms length. We havent got the quality to do anything against that.
  3. That's that. Any chance we had of getting a result has now gone.
  4. The Palace chairman made a good point about this earlier. Saying the Dutch and Austrian champions for example have to play qualifiers in July when the 4th placed Premier League side goes straight into the group stage. He's right, its a disgrace.
  5. Simon Jordan has been brilliant on TalkSport this morning. "They didnt even have a fight. At least be a man who put your fists up! They didnt even get off the stool. Someone farted in their direction and they gave up!"
  6. I have to say that the famous ex-players have come out of this with a lot of credit. Gary Neville, Shearer, Carragher etc. All of them set their stall out without hesitation.
  7. If there was one shred of truth to that then it wouldnt have been kept secret from the fans, players and manager.
  8. Typical spineless Arsenal words removed.
  9. John Henry's grovelling apology is amazing. He says "I apologise for the mistake I have made" like it was distasteful tweet or something and not a coup of the entire football structure. No doubt their fans will lap it up though.
  10. The amount of back patting going on is cringeworthy. Its the equivalent of a burglar stealing jewellery from your house, bringing it back 2 days later and then opening a bottle of champagne to celebrate. There is nothing to celebrate here. Football is still a complete mess run by idiots and scumbags, just as it was 3 days ago.
  11. As much as I’d love them get punished and they deserve to be punished, it’s kind of pointless. No fine will so much as dent their bank balance so it would have to be a points deduction. If that happens they will appeal and whatever and it will drag on for months. Everyone sees them for the scum they are and no one will ever forget what they did. That’s punishment enough. I’d love to see them banned from Europe for a couple of years though.
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