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  1. I'm amazed there are people defending him. It's like they have been watching different games. There hasnt been one positive facet of his game to grab onto too moving forward. You could forgive him missing chances if his passing game was good. You could forgive his rubbish heading if his shots were accurate. But there's been nothing. People saying "he will come good" are basing it on nothing but blind optimism. For example Wesley is someone who showed signs of what he can do, strengths to his game. Samatta has showed nothing and gotten worse game by game. As I said yesterday, he was far from prolific for Genk. He's a dud, plain and simple and should be shipped out at the first opportunity.
  2. The thing I enjoyed the most about this game was how well we ran out the clock. Granted it was against a West Ham team who didnt give a **** but the way he didnt panic and shut the game down was superb and very un-Villa like.
  3. R.Bear

    Dean Smith

    I've been a big critic of his but at the end of the day, every one us would have begged for 17th before the season so its mission accomplished, twice in two seasons so he absolutely deserves to be manager next season. However there can be no excuses moving forward. We have to develop some sort of style of play and the signings need to be much, much better this summer. We can't let it go down to the wire next season for all our health. Obviously its all about results but he is a genuinely top bloke and the players seem to love him.
  4. Genuinely one of the worst strikers we've had in the PL era. I cant believe people are saying "give him time". If we've learned nothing else this season, time is something you dont have in this league. He is 27, he isnt getting any better. Whether he has talent or not is irrelevant. He's been appalling for us and needs to be shipped out immediately. Btw, in his last 15 league games for Genk he scored 2 goals. A complete dud signing.
  6. At least we know 100% what we have to do now.
  7. I'm so glad the commentator reminds us every 5 minutes that we are only 1 goal conceded away from going down as I keep forgetting it
  8. I never want to see Samatta play another game for Villa. Atrocious player.
  9. What is Samatta good at? It's like a goal repeller. Actively trying not to score.
  10. I wasnt. I've said all week that Watford wouldnt be the problem. They were never getting anything away to Arsenal without a proper manager. We have to assume that Bournemouth will win but I dont feel we're going to do anything but play for a draw unless we concede. This 45 is going to be torture.
  11. Positives - We're still 17th Negatives - Bournemouth winning, we're playing shit, situation absolutely precarious. That Jack miss could be so costly.
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