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  1. Utter nonsense. What exactly has been arrogant about anything we've done?
  2. Outside of the Liverpool game, he has been largely anonymous. I barely noticed him tonight.
  3. We werent good tonight by any stretch but the reaction from the fans is ridiculous. We could very easily have taken the lead on 3 occasions before they scored. It could have been very different tonight. I know, shouda wouda coulda. Our next game is very winnable and we need to put in good performance to erase this one.
  4. Bullshit. We very nearly scored twice in the minute before they took the lead.
  5. I thought that was a stoner waller in real time.
  6. Our tracking back and commitment in the tackle is fantastic. Any team hates playing against that.
  7. When were we last top of the Premier League league? 1998-99?
  8. I'm sure this has been covered but I hope not a single one of you is paying for this.
  9. Title chase? We should be looking to beat the points record!
  10. Genuinely one of the best signings we have made in recent years. Inspired.
  11. We have 25% of our points total of last season after three games. We have 34% of our points total of last season after four games.
  12. I genuinely **** hate Southgate and its nothing to do with how he left us. "The Villa fans have always had it in for me". Well check social media and all the newspapers because right now EVERYONE has it in for you Gareth you big nosed field grazing word removed.
  13. Yes probably. Let's be honest, our home fans are awful. If we concede. they will keep on singing for a few minutes but if we havent equalized or go 2-0 down the atmosphere becomes toxic. Either silence or groans at every missed pass or poor play. I genuinely believe we're one of the worst crowds in the country for this. The only time the home fans are useful is if we're winning but you can say that about every team in the world.
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