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  1. Kristof Terreur (Belgian journalist) says Brighton agreed a fee with the club, but the players agent flew back from Brighton without a personal agreement with the player being made yet. The Agent and Brighton hope to resolve in the coming days. Genk said another unnamed Premier League club were interested in the player. That team is supposedly Villa. But we have not made an offer. Doesn't sound like anything concrete to me, except we are looking for another winger/wide forward - which we all knew was the case anyway.
  2. Man City are activating their buy-back clause in Angelino's contract at PSV for 12m Euros. They will sell him on for probably double that making a quick profit. Talented Left-sided defender. Wonder where he goes.
  3. Let's look at Suso/Purslow/Smith's permanent signings thus far if we include this latest news: Kalinic - 29yo - £6m Guilbert - 24yo - £5m Jota - 29yo - £2m + player El Ghazi - 24yo - £4m ~ £8m (conflicting reports) Wesley - 22yo - £22m Not much to go on but some general trends that are more plausible than others: More players have come from abroad than domestic leagues (thusfar at least) General focus is on younger players, coming in to their prime, who should only increase in value. This is not the case for the Goalkeeper. If we are looking for a new keeper, experience and ability is more valued than their potential future sell on fee. Prior experience of Smith's system a bonus (Jota and, arguably, El Ghazi too). Excited to see what else is to come!
  4. Wes

    Wesley Moraes

    I love this for obvious reasons.
  5. Expected to see engaging discussion about potential new signings but instead there's nothing but puns to Peruse.
  6. Marca reporting Fornals set to join West Ham for 27m Euros. As mentioned by others previously, I think the tenuous link to us that appeared yesterday was a shirt-colour/lost-in-translation moment by someone.
  7. Which, in my following sentences which you have not quoted, I was agreeing with.
  8. The average net spend of Premier League teams last summer transfer window was around ~£36m. Just to stand still (by signing Hause, Mings and El Ghazi) we will like be spending around £25m. Safe to say we will be going above last year's average figure. How much we go above that is another matter and depends entirely on how well we have scouted in my opinion.
  9. I would say that the real test will be to see if a media outlet (specifically a Spanish based one) reports a bid has been made at all, rather than believe the twitter account themselves as to what has occurred.
  10. Well they've pinned themselves to a name which we have not been associated with now so it will easier to track their claims going forward.
  11. Interesting if true. Wonder, if we did, who would intrigue them. Maybe Bounou from Girona has a relegation release clause? Allain (Dijon) was reported to have interest from English clubs a few months ago...
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