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  1. But also someone that will work in harmony with the rest of the team - really be able to sing from the same songsheet.
  2. Well Iran are 27th in the world so he would only need to have appeared in 60% of their recent internationals and judging by his caps in total and of those around him, wouldn't be surprised if he met that.
  3. Directly from Smith that we are after another Striker too.
  4. Just tempering expectations that should the registration all come through, he may not play 90 minutes. I, like most others, hope he is fully ready to go of course.
  5. In outgoing news, reports in Belgium suggest Kalinic wont be joining Genk, instead he will be heading to Toulouse on loan.
  6. Totally agree in comparison to Drinkwater, I meant more in terms of short-term fitness - Samatta last played for Genk on the 26th of December. Pretty sure that the Belgian league has a winter break, and they've only just played this past weekend since the Christmas period. So whilst he will be fresh, he will likely not be match sharp having not played a competitive fixture for 3 weeks. But it's up to Smith to determine whether he is ready to start the full 90 or not, whenever his registration is complete.
  7. Would depend entirely on his level of fitness. Could you imagine what would happen if he picked up an injury because he was played too early?
  8. Forget Glenn Murray. And anyone else from a bottom-10 side. All their managers have said "why would we try to help someone we're competing against for survival?" Same with Benteke.
  9. So the current pretty strong active links, which potentially may come through apart from Samatta, are: - A Player in the Romanian Leagues (Source: Romanian Agent with ties to FCSB) - Gaston Pereiro from PSV (Source: Himself on radio) - Islam Slimani on loan (Source: UK Press)
  10. He has a 10m euro release clause. Source: The Guardian
  11. Slightly different because Tanzania are ranked really low, but the fact he played in the Champions League for them regularly counts towards the point system I believe. I'm not sure if Belgium's top league counts as a European Top League either... The system is quite confusing, I'm sure the club will have done all the calculations for permit points needed already though.
  12. Champions League Experience. Regular International (albeit for a lower ranked national currently). Reasonable Fee. Decent goals/match ratio. We couldn't have really asked for more given our predicament this month. I think this is a really good signing. Fingers crossed there's no problems with the Work Permit. Hope he does well for us.
  13. Would expect him to meet criteria, although perhaps would have to go to appeal process. Regular international (although Tanzania are ranked really low at 134), decent fee and likely on decent wages too. Might take a bit of time to come through though so might be after the Watford game. Who knows with these things.
  14. It's a reasonable fee, he's got a fairly good goal ratio, he's played in the Champions League. The only thing lacking is Premier League experience but that's in short supply. Just my opinion but there's really nothing not to like about this deal given the situation we find ourselves in.
  15. Copying on @VillaChris great calls with Pereiro yesterday. Two weeks ago... And for my next trick...
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