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  1. Wes

    Wesley Moraes

    I thought he adjusted and showed he was learning as the game went on. Could see flashes of his full potential. He doesn't have the full relationship with the others around him yet, which will come with time.
  2. A Sevilla ITK account, although apparently one considered to be fairly good, has said we have bid 32m Euros for Ben Yedder. On this topic, this post is from a Norwegian commentator tweeting about it: That translates to "According to @InformSevillaFC (pretty well informed this summer), Aston Villa have made a bid of € 32M for Wissam Ben Yedder." Some follow-up tweets from the Sevilla ITK account say Sevilla or Ben Yedder's agent received a call from Manchester United today too. There's also been talk online today of Sevilla using Ben Yedder somehow in a deal involving Rony Lopes from Monaco going the other way.
  3. Wes

    Tom Heaton

    Fantastic! Welcome Tom.
  4. Wes

    Douglas Luiz

    Exciting to say the least. Well done Suso & co.
  5. He can play deeper though if needs be - his versatility in this regard is definitely a factor with this one.
  6. Clever tactic by Purslow. Release a little quote saying 2/3 signings, gets around the news a bit. We then sign Douglas Luiz, Nakamba and Trezeguet and everyone thinks the well is dry. No more money. But that's what they want you to believe - and we end up getting a really good Goalkeeper on a really good deal near deadline day.
  7. FC Cologne are about to buy Skhiri from Montpellier. Why is this relevant? Skhiri is a DM/CM and Cologne were the other known team in for Nakamba.
  8. My guess is @Dante_Lockhart is referring to this tweet from @agentvilla (posting link rather than twitter note as it's an ITK account, not an outlet/journalist). I can't find any mention of it in any publication.
  9. A big call from that supposed ITK account as there's not a hint of this from any other outlet. His agent said earlier this month he was going to stay at Werder Bremen to continue developing, despite interest.
  10. Telegraph reported last week (one sentence in an article) that we were one of about half a dozen clubs who had made an enquiry to Fulham. Nothing further.
  11. According to this article on HLN.be, he was due to report to the club today but either he or his agent (lost in translation) told them he would not be turning up - as he appears to be trying to force a move. They seem to report than both us and FC Koln have made bids, but were not accepted.
  12. Reports from Belgium (via nieuwsblad.be) that Nakamba did not turn up to training today because Club Brugge turned down a 10m Euro bid from us for him.
  13. Agreed. Beneficial in this sense that we can still sell abroad up until the end of August after our own transfer window closes.
  14. Wes

    Douglas Luiz

    Douglas Luiz had a really good Toulon Tournament for Brazil. Remember this article about Suso's new French area scout he hired at the end of last year, who was there scouting the tournament? There's also this scouting report from the rather good breakingthelines.com of the player during the tournament (specifically a match report of his performance n the game against Guatemala). Some choice quotes from the article, although I suggest reading it all:

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