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  1. It's quite clear Guilbert wants to play and isn't super comfortable in England. It is what it is.
  2. Young is more than adequate as a backup RB.
  3. We have Cash, Young, Konsa and Tuanzebe who can all play there. Plus Kesler on loan. Best we move Guilbert on.
  4. Top class pro. How sad that we haven't managed to sell him, he's a very valuable asset to a C'ship side.
  5. At the end of the day it's a **** game and we've reached a compromise. Don't like it? Get over it.
  6. I've just read he'll miss 8 games?!
  7. Since our 'first string' are mostly out on loan, what's the average age of the team today?
  8. Would be nice to see the likes of Targett, Hause, Tuanzebe, Guilbert, Sanson, etc.
  9. Apparently he's a box-to-box player and Spurs are in contact. Not happening for us surely?
  10. AV82

    Austin MacPhee

    I noticed during one throw-in MacPhee was screaming and pointing at Douglas to move into space. Douglas obliged and his marker followed which allowed McGinn to drop back, collect the ball from the throw-in and spring a pitch wide pass over to Ashley Young. Great to see.
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