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  1. AV82

    John McGinn

    Still can't decide whether the problem is fitness-related or if it's how we're deploying him.
  2. AV82

    Wesley Moraes

    I feel sorry for the guy. He needs help with his off the ball movement for sure. He's tidy enough with it but getting the ball to him is a big, big issue.
  3. AV82

    Douglas Luiz

    Douglas making an impact as soon as he came on is one positive I'll take from this game. He has to start in front of Nakamba. He helped plug the gap between DM and ST which opens up when Hourihane is making his driving runs into the left channel and McGinn is pushed up almost parallel to Wesley. Who would I drop? Hourihane can score a perfect hat-trick the game before and I'd still drop him for encounters like we had today against Chelsea, it's not his game at all.
  4. We have such potential. Relatively pleased with that half. Delicious cross from elmo.
  5. He 'hopes' El Ghazi will be available for Sunday. The pessimist in me tells me it'll be Sheffield United before we see him back. Big loss if so.
  6. AV82

    Wesley Moraes

    Needs to be more of a goal threat but thought he linked up well today.
  7. AV82

    Wesley Moraes

    Promising performance, did OK today and I hope he continues to improve. One thing he needs to work on is his jumping. Holy hell. He'll jump a good 2 seconds too early and be on the way back down as the ball sails over his head.
  8. AV82

    Douglas Luiz

    One of our players has impressed enough to not only earn a call up to the Brazil squad but also make his debut in their famous midfield... and you're cut up because he's been out for a steak.
  9. Snore. Are we still taking about x goals in y games?
  10. AV82

    Dean Smith

    Between tactics, man management, injuries and us having an off day I'm not entirely sure where to pin the tail on the donkey but it really does seem like fitness is an issue. 8 of the Wolves starting 11 played 100 minutes on Thursday and they still looked twice as fit and twice as hungry as we did. That is unacceptable.
  11. AV82

    Matt Targett

    Saw a few misplaced passes from him today. Was that after or before the knock to the head?
  12. AV82

    Henri Lansbury

    I'd swap him in for Douglas. Give him his chance.
  13. AV82

    Ezri Konsa

    Yes, on a positive note Konsa looked pretty comfortable today. I'm excited to see how he develops.
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