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  1. AV82

    Dean Smith

    He's finally built a very strong 11. Can't wait to see what he can do with a strong 18.
  2. He played centrally for a while but Jack wasn't tracking back so Smith switched it up.
  3. villalad up front for sure.
  4. AV82

    Tyrone Mings

    Napping? They'd been asleep for hours with that line.
  5. AV82

    Dean Smith

    I wish Smith would have said f**k it, rested Douglas for Nakamba, McGinn for Hourihane and Grealish for Traore just so we could actually see it all in action. .. Oh wait we did that against Bristol City back in September and we lost 3-0.
  6. AV82

    Tyrone Mings

    Physically and technically Ming's is a fabulous player but mentally he keeps switching off which is strange given how smart he comes across.
  7. The defenders contact on the ball has to be substantial otherwise he's simply impeding the attacking player which was the case today. The real question is to what extent did he impede the player? I think it would be a harsh penalty as the contact with the player seemed quite minimal but that's beside the point. The contact by the defender on the ball was not enough to overturn the penalty and that's the issue.
  8. Masterful counter-attacking by Brighton with our defender's blunders playing perfectly into opposition hands. Once again we fall to a low block. One thing's for sure, we can't keep playing like we did today. Poor cover from our wingers and a ridiculously high line was suicide against a team like Brighton. We really need to work on our game plan when up against counter-attacking teams.
  9. Whether the attacker exaggerated it or not there was definitely contact.
  10. As I said in another post I disagree that 'touching the ball = no pen'. Seems like a bit of a blanket statement to me. If I touch the ball can I follow through and break someone's leg?
  11. AV82

    Tyrone Mings

    Not sure what about but Mings needs a serious talking to. He needs to clean up these mistakes.
  12. Having said that it did take Trezeguet time to adjust and that may also be the case for both Hourihane and Nakamba too but I trust Smith's judgement in this case.
  13. The ball brushed the bloke's ankle and if Trezeguet wasn't impeded I'm of the opinion Trezeguet would've kept control of the ball. He might've touched the ball but he didn't dispossess him.
  14. It was interesting to see Smith bring him on and play him centrally - I wasn't expecting that.
  15. Would've been a harsh pen imo and Trezeguet throwing himself around didn't help the cause. What I don't agree with is overturning the penalty so it should've stood.
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