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  1. Disallow that one you **** wad referee.
  2. The LCM position is now Hourihanes to lose as far as I am concerned. He seems to have a good connection with Targett and his overlapping as Grealish tucks in is a constant threat which culminated in both McGinn's disallowed goal against Burnley and Wesley's second against Norwich. 2 in 2. We know Smith likes to attack the space between full back and centre half and Hourihane helps facilitate that perfectly.
  3. AV82

    Dean Smith

    I can't overstate how grateful and pleased I am to have Smith (and Suso/Purslow) in charge. People get very wrapped up in the moment and the fact that many are disappointed with not being in the top half of the premier league after what has been a very promising start blows my mind. One year ago we were 14th in the Championship with an ageing squad and not a shred of optimism - compare that to our strong start in the prem with a squad that oozes potential, which hasn't even got a glimpse of it's ceiling yet. UTV.
  4. AV82

    Dean Smith

    1 year at the helm and I've loved every minute of it. Long may it continue.
  5. AV82

    Wesley Moraes

    Admittedly I do forget this guy is only 22 years old. Price tag aside he's a young guy with a lot to learn.
  6. AV82

    Matt Targett

    He has missed a few games and was then thrown straight in the deep end playing 150 minutes in the space of 3 days. It could be cramp. It’s too early to say he has pingy hamstrings.
  7. AV82

    Matt Targett

    7 games into the season and he's injury prone? Have a day off.
  8. AV82

    Kortney Hause

    I agree that Hause has to replace Taylor moving forward. He's young, more physical and showed he can play the position adequately last season.
  9. It has been a frustrating start but we are not down and out yet. There have been many positives to take from each of our games so far and that is encouraging enough for me.
  10. AV82

    Wesley Moraes

    There's far more to a striker's game than simply scoring goals. If Wesley was providing assists or even any hint of decent hold-up/link-up play he'd be an asset. Today Wesley offered absolutely nothing. It was akin to playing with 10 men. Davis came on and did more in 3 minutes than Wesley did in 88 and I'd wager if Davis starts the next game he'll do a far better job in terms of holding up the ball and playing in his team mates. Smith has said himself that we need goals from all areas of the pitch, not just our strikers. Everyone needs to chip in and I think Davis deserves a chance in that system after Wesley's ineffective performances.
  11. This guy has quickly supplanted Guilbert as my favourite of the summer signings. Absolutely immense.
  12. I disagree. I thought he was good in the first half but quickly faded in the second. Should've been subbed after 60 minutes.
  13. He's growing as each game passes.
  14. AV82

    Matt Targett

    The news is it's his other hamstring to the one he injured and so hopefully he'll be back for the next game. We need this guy in the starting 11, he had a fantastic game today.
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