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  1. I myself have given AEG some stick on here and it really is sobering to see him comment on his inconsistency. He's doing his best and it's too easy to sling mud and assume they don't give a shit. I think people need to read the above and check themselves when they're quick to jump on a players back (see: Barkley).
  2. There's no way we'd risk him with the Euros fast approaching. He'll be raring to go if he is named in the squad.
  3. AV82

    Dean Smith

    Two individual errors and a silly red card will take the attention off what was a really strong performance in the first half. This is the next step. Playing smart, cutting out mistakes and keeping our cool over 90 minutes is what will propel us into Europe.
  4. Ridiculous. I agree United are jammy words removed but this particular incident was a stonewall pen either way. Stop making excuses.
  5. Any of you that think the Douglas challenge wasn’t a pen need to take off your claret & blue specs.
  6. Mistakes and lapses of concentration at this level really are often the difference between 2nd and 10th.
  7. Yeah, unfortunately two mistakes have cost us this (so far).
  8. Try jumping in the air to challenge for a ball with your hands down by your side. It’s impossible. No pen.
  9. How have they cheated? Douglas made a mistake and it’s a stonewall pen.
  10. I can forgive a mistake but it’s the fact that it’s **** Manchester United AGAIN.
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