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  1. Shaw and Targett should be in the next England squad.
  2. I love how no-nonsense he is now, just **** it off for a throw-in when needed.
  3. Okay enough is enough Traore should probably come off soon.
  4. Watkins tried to move central but Bert didn't even bother coming back across to help out. Strange.
  5. This is his kind of high energy game. 45 to go, hope he keeps it up.
  6. I agree I just don't think Trezeguet would do much better besides running around like a headless chicken and wasting any opportunities he does get. Traore has it in his locker to pull out something special and I wouldn't replace him till later in the game.
  7. Good half. Props to McGinn and El Ghazi in particular for turning it up this match and also for Smith making the changes in midfield - Nakamba has been brilliant. Need more from Traore in the second half as Leeds will inevitably turn the screw.
  8. I disagree, as silly as it sounds he can play well without touching the ball. He's applying much more pressure off the ball than Barkley ever would. That's not to say he can't do better, he can, but he is having an impact on the game.
  9. .. and this is why he is so frustrating. Misses that final pass or extra touch that would transform him into a top, top player. Nevertheless is playing well today despite his flaws.
  10. YES MCGINN. Great running back to help out. Much improved today.
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