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  1. He really did look like a competent player at the beginning of the season. Tough tackler with a mean cross on him. What happened?
  2. AV82


    I still think he'd offer more than Hourihane does in the middle (set pieces aside).
  3. Hourihane is not a premier league player. Take. him off.
  4. Let's not forget Saint-Maximin is playing Bruceball. I'd much rather have ASM in our team than Trezeguet (and perhaps even El Ghazi) at this stage.
  5. The conjecture in this thread is hilarious.
  6. I’d rather see what Jota can do.
  7. He put in some mean crosses at the start of the season, what happened?
  8. Regardless of how we setup in defence we're desperate for 3 bodies in the middle. Either 3-5-2 or 4-3-3 please.
  9. Pretty easy to play with a cut. Pretty difficult to play with double vision. Why can't people understand that and give our players the benefit of the doubt?
  10. He gets a thumbs up from me for Targett, Mings and Samatta. The others clearly need time. The only signing I'd call out as a true dud is Trezeguet. How realistic is it to expect 6-8 signings who all land on their feet whilst having enough quality?
  11. My impression was they were more worried about getting on with the game in that moment, they were pointing towards the corner flag where Targett was waiting to send the ball in. Whilst I agree it's not good to see the players at odds with each other there's a big difference between that and completely destroying a player and calling him out when we have no idea of the severity of the 'injury'.
  12. I think we can all agree this guy doesn't cut the mustard.
  13. AV82

    Ezri Konsa

    As with most of our signings Konsa needs time to adjust to the level. We're having to rely on young, inexperienced players like Konsa, Hause and Douglas far too much.
  14. Pathetic comments like those in this thread are what causes players heads to drop.
  15. We're actually playing football. ... Reina what the actual **** was that.
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