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  1. I predict that we may, or may not, making another signing this window. Yes, yes, I know.. I am very in the know. This is solid and you will see.
  2. Welcome Bertrand! Let's kick on now.
  3. AV82

    Milot Rashica

    Literally none of you have any idea what is going on. Give it a rest already.
  4. Sure, Baggies, you can have him for £20m not a penny less.
  5. AV82

    Milot Rashica

    We are setting ourselves up for a monumental, VT-crashing level of heartbreak if we don't pull off this transfer.
  6. Better than Samatta going missing and having zero shots.
  7. Over the moon with Watkins so far. Those Brentford fans were right after all eh!
  8. Hause, Taylor and Lansbury really are terrible aren't they.
  9. AV82

    Dean Smith

    I was also critical of Smith's game management but when the options are Nakamba and El Ghazi off the bench I give him a pass.
  10. If Smith wants him get him the **** in.
  11. AV82

    Dean Smith

    Wanted to poke my head in here and say Smith has certainly been a huge factor for Jack staying and has also definitely helped Jack realise his potential and excel on the pitch over the last 2 years. It's clear to see they have a great rapport and Smith deserves some recognition for that.
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