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  1. The villa boys did us proud and we responded. Well done to all.
  2. AV82

    Douglas Luiz

    He was average tonight but funnily enough I'm happy to see him have a 'quiet' game. I thought the defence opted out of passing into our #6 a couple of times and a few no-nonsense games under his belt will go a long way to building that confidence between the back 4 and the #6.
  3. AV82


    After seeing his cameos against Spurs and Bournemouth I'm not afraid to admit I was worried. Jota proved me wrong today with intelligence in abundance and that turn in the first half was incredible. What a buy.
  4. Was beautiful to see the stadium erupt after that slide tackle, what a fantastic performance.
  5. AV82

    John McGinn

    I love me some jack but this guy is our best player in my opinion.
  6. AV82

    Wesley Moraes

    Enormous today. Will get better. **** the haters.
  7. How do I use that ignore function again?
  8. AV82

    Dean Smith

    I completely agree but, personally, I don’t think we’ve been shit at all so far. Far from it in fact. Your post rings true. There’s a long way to go and we will improve.
  9. AV82

    Wesley Moraes

    There’s the VillaTalk overreaction I’ve sorely missed over the summer.
  10. AV82


    It’s almost as if playing a Premier League opponent is different to facing Walsall in a friendly.
  11. AV82

    Dean Smith

    Interestingly at times I noticed we were set up with Grealish and McGinn pushed up almost in line with Wesley up front. At one point all of El Ghazi, Grealish, Wesley, McGinn and Trezeguet were stood in a line which served to create a disconnect in the midfield, specifically cutting short Douglas’ passing options. I’m certain it was under instruction from Smith but couldn’t quite figure out why.
  12. AV82

    Dean Smith

    Agreed. I just hope Targett is proficient at the back when he inevitably takes the shirt.
  13. AV82

    Wesley Moraes

    Isolated up front. Second game in a villa shirt. Would’ve had an assist if Trezeguet put it away. We can pull stats out of our arses all day. I don’t disagree with your fourth point but a lot of the criticism levelled at him is harsh in my opinion.
  14. AV82

    Tom Heaton

    Two huge mistakes (a penalty and fumbling a ball in the air) but made a few tidy saves so all is not lost. He won’t give away a penalty like that again.
  15. Showed me absolutely nothing today. Very disappointing.

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