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  1. Gonna be a Saturday evening blockbuster I think. 4-3 to Villa
  2. Trypophobia? Yeah it's a weird one, I have that to an extent thought it's not something I have to deal with on a day to day basis thankfully. Just glancing at a photo of a bees nest for example causes me to panic and I can't help but look away.
  3. Whaat?? Really? I've no issue with Efron specifically but he's a chiselled beefcake in his thirties and McFly was a weedy teenager
  4. Can't see myself ever going into a pizza joint and ordering a pizza with pineapple specifically but I wouldn't turn away in disgust if I was hungry at a house party and that was all that was left. I don't really get why people are soo disgusted by it.
  5. I can't wait until Jacob scores his first cracker.
  6. Lad took that like a trooper even applauding the crowd as he was carried off. Might still be in shock
  7. Stunning album. One of my favourite albums to fall asleep to.
  8. Optimism for this game rockets if I see both Bailey and Watkins in the starting line up. Still very very tough to get a result there but just knowing we will be a threat in the final third.
  9. Only ever heard that in genuine conversation once in my lifetime. A stunningly beautiful Irish barmaid in Shannon around 10 years ago to whom I'd delivered the old "where's good around here?" line. Can see why the word would irritate people but for me it conjures up a great memory
  10. If I'm heading into Glasgow city centre I'll "I'm heading into town...." Never given it much thought before but seems to be a a UK wide thing.
  11. I'm going to wait until I see the team sheets before I start getting excited about their missing players. I've seen quite a few miraculous comebacks from opposition players in time for Villa games over the years.
  12. Happy to give Seinfeld a shot now that it's accessible (in October). My comparison to Everybody loves Raymond was based on nothing other than assumption btw, I've never watched a full episode of either. It also ran while I was between the ages of 3 to 12 so may not have appreciated anyway.
  13. Same, I always put in the same bracket as Everybody loves Raymond.
  14. Infuriating from a club perspective. Martinez I can understand his desperation as he's now their number one but as you say Buendia doesn't even make the bench.
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