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  1. Nah that ain't Hoddle is it. Its the guy that wears the hipster glasses. Can't remember his name. Walker?
  2. Surprised Sky never demanded this be played on telly. Has the feel of a Derby about it. Didn't wish the man any harm when he was punted but the media have done their job and hooked me in. My arse is twitching like a rabbits nose! Please don't lose!!!
  3. Fakir D'Oudairies in the opener with Sky Bets money back offer. Aramon EW with William Hill offerering 7 places in the same race.
  4. Ah, so he's injured for the rest of the season then?
  5. A few of my tweets, when frozen in time, may have given the impression I hated Tammy Abraham. I would just like to go on record as saying, I never hated him and will continue to want his babies. Love and peace. TV
  6. Please stay fit. Forever and ever and ever.
  7. Have a great day man, what ever happens.
  8. Inky pinky ponky Father had a donkey, Donkey died, Father cried, Inky pinky ponky.

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