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  1. Sorry guys, you simply don't win 5-1 away in the Premier league and get relegated the same season. Absolutely tremendous result!!
  2. He's a millionaire footballer mate.
  3. ^^I actually thought he'd had some work done.
  4. Superb tonight against tough opposition. I think we have a player on our hands here.
  5. Feel like you have posted a really positive review of your experience but somehow managed to slag off John McGinn, albeit in a non-footballing capacity. How dare you.
  6. My friends in the group chat were all congratulating me and saying how impressed they were with Villa tonight. My reply was that I felt like I was watching the play off final all over again and they were saying well ok calm down it's only one win....., I think we all know this wasn't just '3 points'. This was the first victory in the PL in 1294 days and we have been through some tough times since that win against Norwich. I thought after the first 15 mins we were in for another Spurs-esque long game with our backs against the wall for the 90. Once we got going I thought we were absolutely tremendous and made a very good Everton side look ordinary for large parts of the game. For me McGinn continues to be the best player on the pitch and in the team. Grealish for me is still doing good things if you look closely enough, he's such a good ball carrier and is still our talisman. I reckon now 'that stat' is off his chest Jack will come on leaps and bounds and he will start to influence the game more UTVand more. Huge shout to Wesley who was just absolutely immense tonight. Can't help but compare him to Benteke and that performance tonight was up there with CB's peak games for us. Mentions for Jota, "Mengels", Guilbert for excellent personal performances and EL Ghazi for the goal which is the perfect response to being benched. UTV
  7. Jota just missing a wee burst of pace, he's a very good player though. Will probably not play too many away games when we're chasing shadows but a great option.
  8. You got a girlfriend then? #2014gag
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