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  1. Obviously I can't guarantee it but I absolutely guarantee this won't happen.
  2. Hi Douglas, I think you're really good at football and handsome. Love troon_villan (Aged 34 ¾) x
  3. Read this since you edited but yeah he is just a big slogger, he's not a footballer at all.
  4. As a huge Stone Roses fan, I found Ian Brown's new song this morning a really distressing experience. Honestly **** 2020
  5. Sold to SHA you say? I'll drink to that.
  6. Just me or has there been loads of Traore's in football over the years?
  7. He looks like he has a touch of the Saint-Maximin's about him.
  8. It's an interesting one. I feel the link to us has been tenuous at best, I can't even remember where the original link came from? Alan Nixon was it?? Regardless, I say it's interesting because when I saw the initial rumour I was pretty excited about it. I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure this guy could have a brilliant career depending on his next move. You know, 'cause it's not always just about ability, it's more often than not a combination of that and the right move at the right time. See Benteke for an example of what I mean. Anyway, now we have Watkins any lingering hope is
  9. Well, I must say that when the original link came in I huffed and puffed and expressed my frustration that a thread had even been opened. Mostly due to my pessimistic nature rather than any relevant knowledge or vitriol towards the creator of the thread to be fair, but still I posted a few passive aggressive digs. Look, this one still seems to be hanging in the balance and could go either way and I'm still not getting my hopes up too much but there is positive noise and I don't think anyone can deny our interest is genuine and progressive. On that note, a wee fist bump to @A
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