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  1. All Newcastle players in the box and Barkley is just chillin' there in acres of space. Haha they were absolutely abysmal! I think they were just in awe at times, enviously watching a team of ballers given to licence to play the beautiful game.
  2. So get through Burnley and Southampton without a booking and it resets yeah?
  3. MOTM - Ollie Watkins Runner up - Kelly Cates melons
  4. Good selection. We have 3 attacking midfielders on the pitch and having Nakamba will allow Luiz to get closer to Barkley Very confident here.
  5. Looking forward to seeing him on Saturday, we will have the majority of possession in attacking areas so will be a better indicator as to where he's at. Best you can say about last night is that it was a good work out for the lad. Anyone using that performance to sway their long term opinion of him needs to get an extra hour or two in bed each night.
  6. Best LB at the club since Willy Boom
  7. Everything I've seen so far this season including tonight points to a comfortable victory. They are awful and we are not. I think they will approach us like they would Man City or Liverpool and sit deep and play long balls to Carroll but they have no chance. We should be fired up after the past couple games. Judging by Targett's social media post he will be fine for Saturday which is a huge boost as he has been really good. Even with Taylor we should have enough. Ramsey for McGinn and El Ghazi for Traore please.
  8. Played a wonderful ball through to Watkins when Ramsey almost scored but his general play was all over the shop tonight. Misplaced passes and fluffed shots. One to forget for Ginny.
  9. My only complaint is we keep gifting possession back to them in midfield which is resulting in wave after wave of attack. Defending our box really well so far in fairness but another 45 of that will be tough. Barkley understandably looks very unfit but I'd like to see Ghazi on for Bertie sooner rather than later even if it's just to sit on Foden. He's one of the best young players I've seen since our own Grealish.
  10. We're building a team of handsome bastards ain't we? Very shrewd of the owners to build up our female fanbase like this.
  11. All prem games are televised, in the UK anyway. This is on BT
  12. Just so glad Aguero isn't playing. Been sick of him banging them in against us for what feels like 30 years.
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