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  1. I confirm that I absolutely hadn't done that!
  2. I immediately went to live chat as I was pretty pissed off. I received a fairly stock response "account closed as a business decision, the security team can do this at their discretion, no further information can be given" I hadn't broken any rules that I know of. My account P/L may have been too healthy though and after winning another £94 it was flagged.
  3. Several hard luck stories, a few sent to the glue factory and a handful of big price winners. A very up and down week at Chelts for me. Paddy Power spitting the dummy out and closing my account after I won with Flooring Porter yesterday was a particular highlight. A "business decision" apparently. They've advised they have withdrew my balance (£94 btw, not exactly taking early retirement) to my account so no major loss.
  4. Tomorrow looks a real head scratcher for the accumulator punters. The 13:20 has a short priced favourite but you could make cases for several in each of the rest.
  5. My only winner of the day was Galvin right at the last. I'll take it though, blew my free bets earlier in the day. Tough to find any value in the winners. Vintage Clouds has been haunting me for about a decade!
  6. Nice one, cheers for posting! Might have missed that otherwise!
  7. Is anyone having a nibble at the nags tomorrow or throughout the week? Why don't you jot down your picks and tips and we can all be losers together? First away at 13:20 and SkyBet are doing their risk free £10 bet, so if you lose you get your tenner back as cash in your account. I'm on Metier with Sky Paddy Power are also doing a 'free' £5 bet on the 13:20 for those with an account. I've taken Soaring Glory with them. Appreciate It looks the one to beat but at even money it's way too short to take. Who ya'll backing?
  8. Well that depends if he's on grass or not
  9. I don't think Grealish will be back personally. That's based on absolutely nothing other than a gut feeling though and whether he is or isn't will clearly kept under wraps until Friday evening.
  10. Gotta beat these surely.
  11. Just don't know what to predict anymore with Villa. Thought we'd beat Sheffield 7-0 but I was miles away really. 6-0 to Villa.
  12. Is this Edgar Allan Poe?
  13. All of us are well within our rights to be absolutely seething at that result so if anyone vents, OTT or otherwise, just leave them to it. Don't dig them up for it.
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