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  1. The Aston Villa injury sagas are Godawfully **** boring at this point.
  2. Another injury. We're just collecting patients out on the wings these days.
  3. "You scratch my warts, l'll scratch yours."
  4. UEFA attempting to ban City from the CL and being bullied out of that by £££££ and a team of lawyers bigger than the club's entire academy put paid to the notion that these types of powers can be regulated or punished in any way. Mark my words, Newcastle's owners will basically be allowed to do what they want. Small fines here and there to keep up the appearance of there being a rule of law over the Premier League. In reality it's still a case of who's willing to throw enough money at a problem to make it go away.
  5. The Premier League does though. It performs fit and proper persons tests on all propsective owners, supposedly. So if what you're saying is true - who is "the Premier League", in constituent terms, in this scenario?
  6. So the 19 clubs are united in opposition to the deal and have demanded an "emergency meeting" with PL hierarchy to discuss why it wasn't brought to the clubs first. I've been told more times than I can count that ["the Premier League hierarchy is made up of the CEOs or appointed representatives of the 20 member clubs"] and that when it comes to decision-making everyone gets a fair shake at it. Evidently that's bullshit. Which we already knew.
  7. Exactly this. There is so much evidence to suggest that, unfortunately, a lot of the PGMOL referees are really not very intelligent or critical human beings. The fact they won't answer to criticism or go before an interviewer says a lot, but their record in-game says even more. The only way to legislate clearly for this type of tackle which recklessly endangers a player every time (and not just some of the time, like some other types of sending-off offenses) is to make it explicitly clear that you cannot use your legs as some sort of vice grip and wrap them around the opponent, even if you win the ball first. It's not clumsy, it's malicious, and players like Ben Mee absolutely know that. Until the rules catch up with that and refs are crystal clear on it, twunts like him will keep injuring players.
  8. Easy way to make it not a grey area: ban scissor tackles. They're pretty much the most dangerous tackle you can perform, next to a two-footed lunge off the ground. The injury rate from scissor tackles is ridiculous because they take both players legs at the same time, and twist them in the process. It's actually a miracle if a player walks away from one.
  9. Sheffield United and Bournemouth aren't Premier League teams
  10. Game's been gone a long time but it's gone over the edge of the waterfall now with the Saudis involved. Abu Dhabi and Saudis both pouring bottomless pits of dirty money into a league where clubs like Norwich routinely struggle to spend enough to even survive. Disgusting. Such a shame Newcastle weren't relegated before this could happen, not that it would have made a huge difference, but the EFL is way more serious about FFP than the Premier League.
  11. Because there's no racism amongst the Villa faithful?
  12. There are loads of people on social media saying Ramsey should have come off sooner and was appalling all game. He wasn't really. Also if he'd come off earlier, we wouldn't have scored the equalizer. He then came off and we almost immediately conceded again. It wasn't just social media either. If you take a quick look through the match thread you'll see endless calls for him to be subbed off and many saying he should have come off at half-time.
  13. He wasn't close to being the worst player out there.
  14. Being expensive doesn't mean anything, you have to earn your place. I was excited when Buendia joined and I'm still looking forward to seeing what he can bring us, but he was crap when he came on today, didn't change the game in our favour at all. I'm confused as to why him costing £35m+ means he shouldn't be starting on the bench at the moment. His performances so far suggest he should be.
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