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  1. The first one was a great Hollywood pass. Even Barry Bannan had one of those in him every game. There was nothing 'amazing' about the pass to Grealish - it was a straight and direct forward pass with no obstacles. Grealish had his back to goal, so all the work was his to do. A midfielder occasionally completing a pass does not a good performance make. Can we break the illusion that he's doing anything but flattering to deceive if he keeps giving the ball away in between those completed passes? Nakamba's midfield performance at the weekend put McGinn's performances either side of
  2. None of that, unfortunately, has anything to do with us leaking 3 goals against fvcking Burnley.
  3. McGinn poor again. Barkley worryingly shit again. Davis still completely useless, I don't care whether it's 90 mins or 5 mins, it's painfully clear that he is not a winner. Grealish unplayable. One of those games where he'll be seething with the efforts of those around him (apart from Ollie). Martinez is brilliant but should have got a hand on two of those three. Crap one unfortunately. Need a huge lift for Southampton or they'll do us again, too.
  4. El Ghazi and Trez coming on. Bit **** late mate, has to be said.
  5. Targett doesn't get up to it, Martinez doesn't get across to it. Disaster.
  6. Traoré and Barkley both been crap tonight, giving us nothing. Double sub time Dean.
  7. Concentrate now boys. Yes I'm looking at you, Tyrone.
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