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  1. Very possible. Will need less time to adapt, which may be invaluable if we're targeting top 6 this season rather than next.
  2. Being active doesn't mean you're going to get the bodies in, and doesn't mean we've been chasing realistic deals. If most of our activity has been aiming for the likes of ESR, well that's ambitious but doesn't bode well for success rate does it?
  3. That would be a lot of business in the time remaining.
  4. Just like the dream I had where I fell in love with Lily James, and she reciprocated. Best few hours of my life.
  5. Top 8 is a realistic ambition for us this season. I honestly feel sorry for anyone who would happily settle for less.
  6. Which according to the owners ambitions would be failure.
  7. Big concerns, for the third season running, about our strength in depth.
  8. AEG is simply not good enough on a consistent basis to expect more playing time. more money seems fair as he was signed on a promotion club wage and we are now an established premier league club, but if we got a serious/reasonable offer for him then i'd be more than happy to sell.
  9. I think I'd just die then and there.
  10. Jeremy Performance Head is a really unfortunate name.
  11. As predicted, no ESR. Premier League kicks off in 3 weeks, we need to get moving.
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