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  1. To be fair, it could have been ruled offside. There was exactly the same incident the week before (in Brighton game i think), and it was adjudged offside. Watch Watkins when Hause heads it in - he doesn't celebrate at all, looks at the linesman and is very sheepish like he is worried VAR rules it out.
  2. Let's be honest, since Bielsa arrived, this average group of players was over achieving season after season. Dip had to come, sooner or later. I fear for them when Bielsa leaves, they may crash down to earth... They also have terrible luck with injuries to their central defenders, which doesn't help.
  3. Wise words Everybody has the tendency to get too high after victories and too low after defeats. Any talk of Europe is premature. Let's wait and see if we are anywhere near 6th position after Christmas.
  4. Why do you think so? They are rich enough to afford VIP treatment at any premium golf club they want, including Belfry
  5. Not sure, it looked like a rushed job. They threw money at Southampton and Ings to get it done quickly and have him announced before Jack left.
  6. You need a House to keep bad wolves at bay, not against United maybe, but against dog heads. 'Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in!' said the wolf. And he huffed, and he puffed and he blew but nothing happened. So he huffed and he puffed and he blew again, even harder, but still nothing happened. The brick house stood firm.
  7. Against United? I am pretty sure Smith will stick with 3-5-2 with House replacing Tuanzebe
  8. His limitations were clear to see yesterday. Let's hope Bailey fitness record improves so we don't have to rely on AEG too much
  9. His set piece delivery was very poor, I noticed that in other matches too. Hopefully he improves with time, probably didn’t do enough today to deserve starting place against United though.
  10. James Rodriguez gone to Qatari league, such a fall from grace.
  11. Well done, and a right back as well! Anyway, looks like Cash is definitely happening, his father confirmed in interview with Polish media. - Matty chciałby się sprawdzić na poziomie międzynarodowym. Gra już drugi sezon w Premier League, a występy w reprezentacji byłyby kolejnym krokiem do przodu. A zatem: jeśli polska federacja wyrazi zainteresowanie, to syn jest na takie rozwiązanie otwarty - stwierdził ojciec piłkarza Stewart Cash w rozmowie z WP Sportowe Fakty.
  12. Is he gonna be first ever Polish national to play for Villa? I don't recall anyone before.
  13. are there many premier league teams with more than 4 senior CBs? I am happy to be corrected on this point. I don’t think we will sign anybody this winter, unless there is a long term injury in the squad or other crisis. We are mindful of stockpiling players to keep wage bill down and give space for youth to progress.
  14. 20/21 accounts are not published yet, It’s on page 7 of 19/20 , under post balance sheet events.
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