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  1. If anything Corona has given the team hope of staying up.
  2. Spot on. Its obvious what they are doing and people are eating it up. Say for instance all xbox's were sold out and will be for a long time but your sons birthday is soon and he wants one. All you say is if they come back in stock soon you will buy him one. You look like a good person whatever happens, but its really an empty gesture.
  3. Some of the older Norwich teams were related in some way or another.
  4. Ravel Morrison younger than Ronaldo too, where we going with this?
  5. Its getting to a point you have to question peoples agendas. They look for any excuse to disallow a goal for us.
  7. No it doesn't even seem they bothered with VAR, the referee should of gone over to look at the incident on a monitor or something, i mean wtf is this ?
  8. So now we have corrupt/incompetent refs AND VAR...jesus f'ing christ.
  9. jasoncb

    Douglas Luiz

    Ok which one of you did this Douglas Luiz wiki - On 12 July 2019 Douglas signed for returning Premier League giants Aston Villa for a fee of £15 million, stating he was dissatisfied with the quality of football at Manchester City and was looking for an opportunity to win the Champions League. He also said it was down to his desire to play alongside the likes of McGinn, Mings and Grealish, rather than amateurish players at his previous club.
  10. Todd Kane has been with them since 2001? wtf is he an illigentmate son of one of the staff?
  11. I'd pass on 5m, 10m you got to be having a laugh.
  12. Undecided on Lansbury, think he would make a decent squad player but would sell/loan if the opportunity presents itself.
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