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  1. Pre-match thread

  2. Pre-match thread

    I think we still struggle to break them down. We should play the same system as them and invite them to attack us and aim to catch them on the break in my opinion. Otherwise if we attack attack attack we will be up against 11 behind the ball and vulnerable to the counter ourselves.
  3. Glenn Whelan

    He did fine for the first half but in the second half errors started creeping in and noticeable fatigue. I was surprised he stayed on the pitch and Lansbury didn't especially as he had a yellow card too.
  4. Best eleven?

    What is our best eleven with the new recruits? I'm finding it hard to pick and also to work out our best formation. It is nice to have options though! Seems to be pretty good competition in each area. 4-3-3? ---------Johnstone---------- Bree Terry Chester Taylor -------Jedinak-- Whelan------ -----------Lansbury-------- Green -----------------Elmohamady --------------Kodjia 3-5-2? ------------Johnstone--------- -----Chester---Terry---Samba----- Bree----------------------------------Taylor -------Hourihane---Lansbury----- -----------McCormack--------- ------Kodjia-------Hogan------- 4-4-2? ---------Johnstone---------- Bree Terry Chester Taylor Green Jedinak Whelan Elmo ------Kodjia----Hogan---
  5. Easah Suliman

    Great news! Hope he can go get some good solid game time in the EFL this season (probably not for us).
  6. Promotion 2017/18: What does it require?

    Agree with you. Although I could see the 30 point gap being eaten into somewhat with a stronger mentality seeing out those games we were leading and then gave it away at the death. That could be worth 10-15 points over the season. Then for me fitness, confidence but also quality competition for every position will improve us greatly. Perhaps we lack this most at the moment on the wings and in goal. I think a good quality winger should be our priority to deal with the creativity options. Back when we had Milner, Young and Downing rotating on the wings we score so many goals!
  7. John Terry

  8. Kidderminster Harriers a 12th July 19:45

    Split between going to Telford or Kiddy. I don't suppose we will know the squads until the night?
  9. Telford a 12th July 19.45

    Seems to contradict the OP - how did you sort that? I was planning on turning up on the night but don't want to risk not getting in
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I think we should really make the most of the free transfers and loans potentially available. A shame we didn't go in for George Boyd who went to Wednesday but some good possible players out there. I think goalkeeper and a winger are our most critical signings required. Goalkeeper; Ruddy (free) Midfield; Ledley (free) Winger; Kightly (free) or Piazon (loan), Moreno (loan - Man City), Patrick Roberts (loan)
  11. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I ruddy well hope so! A very good goalkeeper on a free. No brainer! Whereas Johnstone for £2.5m, that's a real brainer!
  12. Academy General Topic

    Perhaps this highlights that these guys have to get out and play as much professional football as possible. Youth football is all well and good but less is riding on the results, the competition isn't as strong and the crowds are small. National League/League 2/League 1 would all be good leagues to get a few months of game time in IMO.
  13. Academy General Topic

    I think those two should go and get some game time in League 1 or 2. Didn't Sulliman play for Cheltenham last season? Not sure how he got on there.
  14. Academy General Topic

    Any players in our youth teams likely to make the step up this coming season? Any hidden gems like Andre Green in there?
  15. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    He's saying he had 1% battery on his phone, received email from Bruce asking if he can sign Alex Bruce, replied saying sod off. #word