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  1. Does anybody know when the Holte Suite will be open before the game? I wouldn't mind going in, getting some dinner and beer etc at like 5-6pm
  2. Wolves play on Thursday night in the Europa, may that help us just a little?
  3. Ah missed that. Shame! £25m is a bit steep for a LB for us. I think the gems are to be found in the lesser leagues, obviously a bit more of a gamble. Netherlands, Scotland, France etc I'd hope to see a couple of recruits from there.
  4. Would anyone try any more players from the SPL? Boyata, Tiereny?
  5. Time is needed. Giving time to Smith gives us a better chance of saving time in the long run - i.e someone else starting all over again.
  6. My problem is there's no song we have that is long enough and unique. Hi Ho Aston Villa is boring and used elsewhere, Yipe I a just fizzles out after like 2 or 3 lines.
  7. If Abraham goes, Ollie Watkins did well under Smith at Brentford, I would be happy to see him sign.
  8. He's in the Marc Albrighton phase. We'll release him and then he will win the champions league or something.
  9. But that only leaves us with Terry and Samba (!) and even they might leave. In this scenario, we'd need 3 maybe 4 new centre-backs. We've got to keep JC.
  10. I thought loans could still happen in the EFL after the regular deadline? This was from 2 years ago so maybe something has changed https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/loan-window-open-you-need-7291191 not sure what constitutes an emergency though. Can a club bottom of League 2 declare an emergency just because they're struggling?
  11. We might as well get Callum out on loan for a few months in League 1 or even 2. Much better than just playing u23 football. It did Jack Grealish good playing for Notts County.
  12. I had to Google this as I was thinking, how the hell can you have DRS on a cricket bat (like in Formula 1)...
  13. It doesn't guarantee it, but it gives a much higher chance of being correct. The officials have a chance to catch their breath, talk over the radio, watch it back and then make their decision. I'd much rather that than a split second decision, or perhaps the referee even missing something completely. So if it increases the chances of decisions being correct, why wouldn't you want it?
  14. I watched AC Milan v Udinese in September and VAR was in action. 2 goals were disallowed when they might have otherwise incorrectly stood and changed the whole course of the game. It's quick and makes total sense. I'm just shocked it's taken this long to do this - I mean rugby and tennis have had decision help using technology for years. I for one wish it was in play for the League Cup final in 2010 ;-)
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