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  1. Robert Snodgrass

    Great goal. He made a really positive impact when he came on. Really bodes well for us as he gets sharper and more games under his belt!
  2. The complete and utter chants thread

    What about this....
  3. Pre match buildup

    Not sure it would put massive pressure on the team losing there. Wolves away is a tricky game any time but they look superb this season. I'd view it as if we take something it is a massive positive but a loss isn't the end of the world. I want to see us try and win every game but if we lose sometimes then so be it, better than drawing all the time.
  4. The complete and utter chants thread

    FC Koeln fans at Arsenal last night were excellent...simple song we could use they do below: "Sha-la-la, la-la-la-laaaaa.....Astonnnnn Villaaaa...." ... *repeat*
  5. Best eleven?

    I think this is still our problem. We don't have a preferred style of play or formation but we have lots of decent players. What we keep seeing is formation tinkering and team tinkering but it isn't working so far. What I want to see is Bruce sticking to a formation and a style of play and then bringing into the starting line up the most suited and natural players. Sure, we need to be able to change formations sometimes but every week is just suicide IMO.
  6. AC Milan

    thanks mate! :-)
  7. AC Milan

    My thoughts too! Just strange they don't seem to be readily available online with 2 weeks to go till the game
  8. AC Milan

    It is Udinese on 17/9/17. Thanks for the tips about where to sit and for drinks - free pasta sounds amazing! Thanks for replying really appreciate it
  9. AC Milan

    Has anyone ever been to the San Siro to watch AC Milan? I'm there this month and want to go but cannot seem to buy tickets via AC Milan website as they are not appearing. I don't want to put money into Viagogo or any ticket touting rip off site if I can help it. If anyone has any ideas please let me know! Cheers
  10. Parking

    Anyone know the best place to park to be able to have a mooch around Bristol centre, but not too far away from the ground for when the game finishes?
  11. Pre-match thread

  12. Pre-match thread

    I think we still struggle to break them down. We should play the same system as them and invite them to attack us and aim to catch them on the break in my opinion. Otherwise if we attack attack attack we will be up against 11 behind the ball and vulnerable to the counter ourselves.
  13. Glenn Whelan

    He did fine for the first half but in the second half errors started creeping in and noticeable fatigue. I was surprised he stayed on the pitch and Lansbury didn't especially as he had a yellow card too.
  14. Best eleven?

    What is our best eleven with the new recruits? I'm finding it hard to pick and also to work out our best formation. It is nice to have options though! Seems to be pretty good competition in each area. 4-3-3? ---------Johnstone---------- Bree Terry Chester Taylor -------Jedinak-- Whelan------ -----------Lansbury-------- Green -----------------Elmohamady --------------Kodjia 3-5-2? ------------Johnstone--------- -----Chester---Terry---Samba----- Bree----------------------------------Taylor -------Hourihane---Lansbury----- -----------McCormack--------- ------Kodjia-------Hogan------- 4-4-2? ---------Johnstone---------- Bree Terry Chester Taylor Green Jedinak Whelan Elmo ------Kodjia----Hogan---
  15. Easah Suliman

    Great news! Hope he can go get some good solid game time in the EFL this season (probably not for us).