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  1. Jordan Veretout

    Let him go he was terrible here.
  2. The push for the Play offs ?

    I still don't think we will do it. I kind of don't want us to - it will mean another squad overhaul which we could do without. I just want this good run to continue and finish around 8th or 9th.
  3. Andre Green

    I think he could be the best player to come out of the academy since Gareth Barry if he continues in this vein. He appears to have his feet on the ground and the right mentality. If he can keep that he will go very far! I love his play, he's quick, tricky, can take on a player, works very hard to get back and defend and he very rarely wastes possession. He clearly is switched on and bright. Keep it up Andre!
  4. Atmosphere at the club

    Very pleased with last nights result against Bristol City and in particular second half performance. However I was left with a bad taste in my mouth due to some fellow fans sat around me and my mates. One the lads I was with was having a moan here and there notably when Johnstone kicked the ball out in a really panicked way and Gardner was playing poorly at one point. To my surprise a group of fans sat in front of us, one in particular, turned around and started having a go at us. I was quite shocked at how aggressive they were being in their tone and I hadn't actually said anything negative personally. I said to him that everyone is entitled to an opinion and lots of other people are moaning (including them!) at various points during the match. I just got told to F off repeatedly and I was told to "watch my mouth" whilst he was clearly reaching boiling point looking like he could explode at any moment. He also came out with some rubbish about "where have you been for the last 5 years" which made no sense - we'd never met before and he had no idea the amount of games we had been to. Plus, if he thinks Bristol City at home on a Tuesday night is some kind of glory hunting he is completely gone upstairs. It was all getting very silly and about "I'm a better fan than you" type stuff. For well over 90% of the game we got behind the lads and moaning is just a natural reaction to something that happened in that instance. Why am I posting this? I just wanted to get it off my chest and if any of those lads are reading this, I'm not here to trade blows or insult you. I just want to point out that you were wrong last night to act like you did and I hope you learn from it. No one should go to Villa Park and sit with fellow supporters and be spoken to like crap and be threatened. I understand passion but you crossed a line.
  5. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Derby

  6. Steve Bruce

    My take on this was at the time we didn't appear to be in any danger, so signing these players would give them more time to settle in for next season. Now that we are on a terrible run it does come across as that he is contradicting himself. I'm generally happy with our new signings but we need to play a better system - one with more natural width.
  7. Ratings and Reactions: Newcastle v Villa

    Kodjia absolutely woeful and the icelandic player. **** OFF FOOTBALL
  8. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    I reckon us and Blues could easily get dragged into a relegation dogfight!
  9. Relegation thread 2016/17

    We only have to look at Leicester to see that players who were excellent last season have no divine right to be excellent this season. A lot of our new signings have been superb at this level in the past and it is not clicking yet. I really hope it does soon though. On current form we are absolutely in a battle for survival and I'm not sure if the lads are mentally equipped to deal with it, so we need to steer clear before we get sucked into the black hole of a relegation battle. You'd also have to say on current form that the Blues are not safe either! Last season you would've only needed 41 points to survive, the season before 42 and the one before that 44. In 2012/13 Peterborough went down on 54 points! I would expect that 50 points would be enough for survival this season but at the moment I cannot see where we are picking up points. I'd take a draw from anywhere to stop the rot right now.
  10. Ashley Westwood

    Beaten by Lincoln at home. He did always love losing to lower league opposition our Ashley .. or anyone for that matter
  11. Ratings and Reactions: Villa v Barnsley

    Angus Macdonald for them played quite well. They singed him for absolute peanuts from Torquay. I watched him play for Torquay against Kidderminster in 2014 in a game they lost. Just shows how players can rise up the leagues. Barnsley have unity and it really showed. We need that as soon as possible.
  12. Sam Johnstone

    I own a pair of gloves. I'm crap in goal. Can I have £20k a week and the best view in the house of the match?
  13. Alan Hutton

    I went to the game last night for the first time in a while and nothing has improved on the Hutton front for me. I think he is ok in a challenge but his positioning is really remarkably poor. Several times last night he was suddenly at centre back or even closer to left back leaving a gaping hole on the right. I find it utterly bizarre that a professional footballer with so many games under their belt can get basics like that horribly wrong.
  14. Season Ticket Renewal

    I don't blame you for not renewing. In my opinion the atmosphere is dreadful, the football is dreadful (although optimistic it will turn around under Xia at some point), it is overpriced (I know it's cheap in comparison to other clubs, but I just think football is a rip off) and Sky mess around with the fixture dates and times far too much. I much prefer picking and choosing and watching some games on TV. That's the way I see the current generation going unless some of the above points are dealt with.
  15. Martin O'Neill

    Funny listening to him on the BBC now moaning about weakened teams. He was saying you should go for the cup because if at the end of the season you don't achieve your goals [in the league] then you'd be gutted not to have gone for the cup. I wanted someone in the studio to bring up the CSKA Moscow farce!