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  1. Yep... Even robbing from people trying to help the already skint... Hope that stadium is their death knell... All they have to do is have one lousy season and drop out of Europe completely...
  2. https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/news/spurs-charged-council-33000-to-use-stadium-as-a-food-bank/12/08/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=bfa Spurs really are a bunch of miserly, snivelling bastards... From boardroom to the fans and everyone in between...
  3. Hearts used to be my Scottish team... Only because their colours are *kind of* similar to Villas... but then I moved to and lived in Scotland for a few years and became acquainted with some Rangers fans... so now, I like Rangers!
  4. Hope he does a good job! Welcome to the club Craig!
  5. Finally started looking the part and stepping up a gear against Burnley... Then Ben Mee assaulted him... Im willing to give him another shot to see what he is made of
  6. I wouldn’t mind if we took a punt on Joe Lolley... An improvement on Lansbury and Nakamba... Villa fan... Pretty nifty little player... Still got some years in him... How much do you reckon it would cost to convince Forest to sell him and what would your opinions be about signing him?
  7. He often comes across like a bit of a bellend... but he seems to have a soft spot for us and really dislikes Birmingham City... So I can't help but like him either...
  8. Despite his name, he is pretty pacy... 30 years old, Italy international... Good experience at a lot of top European clubs including Dortmund, Sevilla and now Lazio... He has scored 100 goals in 140-odd appearances for Lazio since 2016... So not a bad little player and considering he is on the older side, we might be able to get him a wee bit cheaper
  9. Cant believe Ross Barkley is only 26... Its like he has been around forever!
  10. £1 billion... with add ons... and setting fire to Tottenhams stadium... or GTFO
  11. When they were incredibly unsporting and pretended to kick the ball out of play, then scored a goal and Bielsa demanded they let us score a goal to level it... Oh ... and Bamford dived clutching his face to get El Ghazi sent off... Basically because we called them out on being cheating arseholes and then we got promoted and they didnt...
  12. DJ_Villain

    Tom Heaton

    Didnt Reina say he wasnt going to stick around after the end of this season?
  13. Absolutely they have... Not on here but on other well known social media sites, I have seen some abhorrent things said about the bloke (and his family) all because he can't kick a football like they do at the Nou Camp... He comes across as a genuinely lovely bloke who has been given a golden opportunity to show how good he is... and yeah, ok... A lot of the time, he has shown he might not be up to the task... but then he pops up by getting himself into the right position and sticks the ball in the back of the net... and he has done it a good few times this season... Considering its his first season in English football (let alone the Premier League), he is still adapting, still learning the language and settling in... I can't help but like the bloke
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