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  1. Yes he was... all of them are... Once they make the decision to leave us for one of our direct rivals in the same league... and the club aren’t trying to force them out? They become shit pretty much instantly... Benteke... Shit Cleverly... Shit Delph... Shit Barry... Shit Yorke... Shit Albrighton?... Not shit Mellberg?... Not shit Downing.... Shit
  2. He was at a “top team” for ten years... and didn’t get a sniff in. Even when he single handedly won them the cup last year, they STILL replaced him... I think that might be playing on his mind should another “top team” make enquiries because he won’t want to be a benchwarmer again
  3. Can see Newcastle making a move for Eddie Howe to be honest
  4. We would be able to (and willing to) offer Tammy FAAAAR more playing time than Chelsea... Like I said before... They want "The next big thing"... Big bucks signings scoring goals in other leagues with exotic names.... Tammy Abraham just wants to play football and (I believe, like us all) wants to feel like he is doing a job that people appreciate... This is a local London boy, FINALLY given a fraction of an opportunity to play for the team that he has loved since he was a sperm cell, but because he isnt scoring a hattrick every 10 minutes, Chelsea have spunked money up the wall on some
  5. Think his name is Donny Cockwash or something like that... He won a Premier League medal with Marc Albrighton!
  6. I agree... however, given the current circumstances? If Villa were to table a bid... I reckon Tammy would definitely consider coming back on a permanent basis... He knows us... The spine of the team that was here when he helped get us promoted is still here... He would be like a duck to water... and I would put money on him putting the ball into the net enough times to put him into consideration for the England squad regularly
  7. I don’t think he did... He made a name for himself with us and got given the opportunity to do it with the club he loves... but Chelsea are going to Chelsea... A soulless club who are only interested in “the next big thing”. I wouldn’t be opposed whatsoever to Villa putting in a joint bid for Tammy and Ross to sign with us permanently. That would be a statement of real intent
  8. After what he achieved with us and the fact that he scored against us with his boyhood club and refused to celebrate? How could any self respecting Villa fan not love the bloke?!
  9. Mate, a choice of attacking options with Ollie, Tammy, Wesley and Louie? Yes, it sounds like a boyband lineup... But it still makes me rigid... And everybody knows Tammy still loves us
  10. No links, no source, no ITK... and maybe I’m just being nostalgic through watching videos of our championship promotion campaign... but come home Tammy! You gave it a go at Chelsea but they don’t love you like we do!
  11. Mate... A certain world class midfielder has had his career railroaded because of his comments about the inhumane treatment of a certain ethnic group by a certain massive, insanely rich and famously corrupt country. Too much dirty money flowing through football... and that is dirty money that certain people want to hold on to... and they will not allow underlings to take it from them with fanciful talk of "reaching their potential", "hard work" or "ethics"
  12. Money and power corrupts people... And as the Premier League has grown in popularity... and become so financially lucrative... Too many big players have too much to lose from a game which is mainly based on skill... but of which there is also an element of chance... A gust of wind here or a balloon thrown on the field there could cost some people a bucketload of cash... And money talks... However.... It could just be put down to me being a notoriously bad loser... which I am... and I am not going to pretend I am not... But with Ollie Watkins having goals disallowed fo
  13. No, they havent... They have played a blinder to make sure that they can make it easier to manipulate certain teams into winning... They have **** it for us... Definitiely... But having little old Aston Villa who narrowly escaped relegation and who have Jack Grealish playing for them (which they cannot... ****... stand) put up a fight against so called "BIG CLUBS" (Who are all cuddling together to try and form a European Super League so they never have to worry about being played out of) is something they are not willing to tolerate... Which they have put this
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