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  1. Were you working at Tescos at the time or was this just a hobby?
  2. If we go up, I am convinced he will want to join us instead of staying at Bournemouth... He has become rather fond of us I feel...
  3. Bought a new TV to watch the playoff final... Opened the box and couldn't believe it... No Leeds...
  4. I think so... and he is the only keeper that Alan Shearer never scored a penalty against as well.
  5. DJ_Villain

    Jed Steer

    Well let him get on with it then.. We all know that Villa were the club that made him famous... and now we know that Villa are the club that helped to make Jed Steer famous too!
  6. Did what he gets paid for! To play football when we need him to! Thank you Mile!
  7. DJ_Villain

    Jed Steer

    Bosnich isn’t dead
  8. DJ_Villain

    Jed Steer

    Loved that too! Psyched Holgate out like a goodun... He may not be the greatest goalkeeper we have ever had... but he did his job today... Love Jed!!!
  9. DJ_Villain

    Jed Steer

    He is the Alan Hutton of goalies! For years pushed to the back of the queue and farmed out to other teams and basically being told he isn’t wanted... Then comes in when we need a keeper and has done his best... and his best has been exactly what we needed!
  10. DJ_Villain

    Jed Steer

    Not enough in the grand scheme of things...
  11. DJ_Villain

    Jed Steer

    What a lad!!!! Jed you absolute beauty!!!
  12. I disagree mate; I always liked Kappa... Night bright vibrant colours and striking designs... Then again, its all a matter of opinion... Im looking forward to seeing our new kit
  13. The chant could always be ‘Tam-Tammy Abraham’... but to emphasise the idea he is a black man is just asking for trouble and always going to cause a stir... No, it isn’t meant to cause offence and yes, he is black... but it’s the principle of it... especially considering there has been a great deal of racism directed at footballers in the past few months anyway... So many other ways to fill a single syllable of a chant without having to bring the colour of someone’s skin into it

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