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  1. It’s amazing how the FA seems so intent on punishing those “bad owners” but when it comes to the Sky 6 playing silly buggers with income and being suspect, they let that slide
  2. Mine is down to 3: City Spurs SHA
  3. Can’t believe I am saying this but I hope United win the title this season
  4. Well, he got wound up enough about a newspaper article from one journalist saying less than complimentary things about him didn’t he?
  5. He’s never had it from “his own” before though has he? Remember the look on Gareth Barry’s face when he got it from us for the first time? Priceless
  6. Maybe you’re right… Maybe it’s untrue, unfair, cruel and harsh… but he isn’t a Villa player anymore… And after that Ashley Preece article; it’s evident that suggesting he is a turncoat and a liar and that he doesn’t care about the Villa gets under his skin… Never know… Could come in useful when if he plays against us… Rile him up, upset him, wind him up to make a rash decision to get him booked or sent off… Just a thought…
  7. Just as I have been typing that, a bloke in Man City shirt just rode past me on a bicycle (I live and work in Brighton). Ive never wanted to own a bear trap more in my life…
  8. There is the argument as to whether Man City are a “bigger” club… They just got rich at the right time and nailed the door shut behind them… Their average attendances are shite for a so-called “Big Club” - They are just Wigan after striking oil… Roma are a bigger club, Dortmund are a bigger club, United (as much as I have h hated them in the past) are a bigger club… City are loaded and corrupt
  9. Did you always want to work for your current employer? Did you go to the office and watch the former employers there with your family when you were a kid? Did you buy replicas of their uniforms and sing songs about them when they met their yearly targets? Did you dream of being their team leader and representative? and then did you live that dream? Did kids then buy the new uniform with your name on the back? Did 30k+ people turn up to your shift, week after week, and sing songs about you? or was it just a job?
  10. I was with you all the way until that pal. I cannot bring myself to give him any support or encouragement… I can’t stand the England national setup - for years it’s been engineered to prise away our best players by putting them on lads holidays abroad with players at top 6 clubs so they can turn their heads… It happened with Barry, Milner, Young, Downing, Delph and now Jack… As soon as they choose to leave Villa for another English club; they lose all of my respect and support… which they are paid handsomely enough not to give a toss about… but then again, I’m that emotionally invested in my club that I shouldn’t be obligated to give a toss about a player who chooses to leave…
  11. I just don’t like hypocrites and liars… Of which he has proven to be both…
  12. Well it would be no fun and there would be no point in the forum if we all agreed… Youre obviously over the moon for him - and that’s lovely
  13. I’m not ignoring it… I’m just stating that I can’t wish him well or want him to be successful whilst playing for them or another English club… You asked me who the European Superpowers were, and I told you… The biggest teams in the other big European leagues who are regularly in the Champions League… I can’t bring myself to want to see him happy, smiling and holding medals and trophies for another English club… it doesn’t sit right with me… So while he IS at Man City, he will receive no positivity or well wishes from me… I hope something happens that sends his career sideways and Man City and their fans find a new hot property who puts Grealish on the scrap heap…
  14. Top clubs in other leagues who play Champions League football in other countries… Barca, Milan, Atletico, PSG, Bayern… and many more Any of them… All lovely cities… Anywhere but **** Manchester or another English club
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