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  1. Was watching “Hannibal” the other day (The film, not the series). There is a scene where football is on telly... and our Julian Joachim makes a star appearance!
  2. I think this lad has come on leaps and bounds since the restart of last season into this one
  3. Alright then, have it absolute that your finishing position at the end of the season (aside from relegation places) determines how many signings you can make in the following transfer window...
  4. I've always thought a "Signing Cap" could be implemented in the Premier League. If you win the league, you are allowed to make one additional signing in the next summer transfer window... In order to make more signings that window? You need to get current players off the books permanently through sale, release or retirement. Second place gets to make two signings Third place three and so on... Teams below the top 10 and newly promoted sides are unrestricted...
  5. Makes you think... If by "Popular vote" of the powers that be... Would there be any chance of FFP being scrapped or the rules being revised? Now there are more billionaire owners of football teams wanting to be given the green light to open the chequebook? and Man City and Chelsea being investigated for dodgy dealings and swindlings over the past few years...
  6. and if he does want to stay and push Martinez? We, as a club, can only benefit from it!
  7. Sorry pal... Didn't mean to be insensitive...
  8. DJ_Villain


    and with that comes a club that players want to sign for... and stay at!
  9. "NFL giants Minnesota Vikings" Hyperbole much?
  10. No, he was offered a ridiculously lucrative long-term contract by some charlatains to play for one of the most famous clubs in English football and, like any sane human, took it... He has stolen nothing...
  11. I haven't seen a group of our defenders show such faith in their goalkeeper for quite some time... An inspired signing...
  12. Doesnt bother me one way or another... Its just nice to see Villa players get called up for the first time to their respective national sides (in this case England) due to their performances in a Villa shirt... With players not abiding by lockdown procedures and breaking curfews etc? and with Mr. Prim and Proper Headmaster Southgate in charge? Anything is possible I guess!
  13. As much as I wan't to see Matty Targett do well for us to the point that he is considered for an England call-up... I think we know thats a *bit* of a push
  14. I distinctly remember someone making a comment on this forum about Southgate probably being bitter and twisted from his playing days of him being the model professional and a bloody good player in his own right, but the flash lads getting all the limelight and adoration and him thinking "When I manage England, there will be none of this" Someone did say something like that didnt they? or was I dreaming it?
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