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  1. DJ_Villain


    If only Randy Lerner wasnt such a complete and utter stain and had actually invested in proven quality for us in our later years; Traore might never have left... He's become some player!!!
  2. I couldn't agree more... I actually really like the bloke as a player... He is learning the ropes in a league that is infinitely more intense than anything he has played in before and is working his arse off for the team... I've said before that sometimes his application can be a bit suspect, but he doesn't down tools when things go wrong - One of the hardest workers in the squad IMO
  3. I probably ended up cackling at that way more than I should have... Proper tickled me!
  4. DJ_Villain

    Pepe Reina

    I had no doubts about this signing... Far too much experience in a catalogue of elite competitions playing for some of the best clubs in the game... and now he is here... with us... in a Villa shirt! Its only 6 months, but the experience and knowledge that he can pass on to our players (including the more experienced ones like Heaton) is worth it’s weight in platinum!
  5. I'd be happy we won the World Cup, but I'd loathe the fact it took a Spurs player to do it... Spurs fans would never shut the **** up and they are, without a doubt, some of the biggest scumbags I have ever met... Entitled, delusions of grandeur... rocket polishers basically... The equivalent of a Liverpool fan but in a white shirt and with a Londoners accent...
  6. Thats a bit of a long shot as far as shades are concerned... Carew had played for some of the biggest clubs in Spain, Italy and France and was a relatively well known name across the continent... OK, Norway aren't an international powerhouse in the grand scheme of things - but they have certainly produced some very good players over the years... More-so than Tanzania... So being an experienced international striker for Norway carries a lot more weight, in my opinion. I'm struggling to think of another Tanzanian footballer that I may have heard of... However, now we have a Tanzanian footballer playing for us... an experienced one at that... and he is his national teams striker in the prime of his career and has joined us from a club playing in the Champions League (as you said)... So I support him!
  7. This is how we are going to beat FFP... Sign players from countries with very few (if any) current or historical ambassadors to the Premier League and boost shirt sales!
  8. To be fair, if you dislike a team, you dislike them... I hate Spurs and refuse to celebrate when one of their players scores for England... and I probably would do the same for a Blues player in an England shirt... But none of them get that far, so haven't experienced it yet...
  9. Wesley was starting to improve... It was Ben Mee that ran him into the ground...
  10. Not looking good for Smith at all... He is looking out of his depth and like he is running out of ideas... As much as I love him for what he did for us last season... Something has got to give...
  11. This!!! i don’t care how good he can be, all I care is that he is playing for us... I’m not even a football fan... I’m a Villa fan... The success of other clubs and players playing for those clubs doesn’t concern me... especially if it’s to the detriment of us!
  12. Can’t guarantee that mate... If he signs for Spurs, he can **** right off!
  13. Completely outclassed by a team that has been expensively assembled over the past decade, won many league titles and is riddled with world class players... Jesus, their bench is more expensive than our first team... Not happy with the performances whatsoever, but if anyone honestly thought we were going to get anything out of this game, I want what they are smoking... On to the next three games which it is imperative we win at least two... Otherwise, we are in the brown stuff and something has got to change...
  14. Works his socks off and seemingly is desperate to impress... Can't fault his work rate at all... but his application can be hit-or-miss
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