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  1. Im happy he had a good game and looked the part... However I am also not going to get ahead of myself... It was only against Minnesota... He wont have time on the ball next year to pull of that kind of move and the level of opposition players is going to be drastically higher... But if he can pull off that kind of touch against Premier League opposition! Bring it on Freddy!!!
  2. Which is all well and good... but the whole “this is my club and I’m staying” rhetoric went right out of the window in the space of a fortnight
  3. Couldn’t give a toss who Neil Diamond supports... Man City could have afforded any player they wanted... but used their infinite wealth to buy all of our best players and destabilise us instead... Sorry - but the idea of a song being associated with us being sung by a pair of blokes who are fans of the very club that **** us to begin with just doesn’t sit right with me...
  4. Why not? I’m personally not a fan of a song sung by a pair of Man City fans (bearing in mind it was that club that almost single handedly caused our downfall) being the sung anywhere near our stadium!
  5. “Turns out to be poor” We have all seen him play! It’s not like he is an unknown quantity!
  6. Steer deserves a shot at the big time... Even if it’s just the first 5 games of the season to see how he adapts... His contribution to our promotion was absolutely priceless
  7. We are being run properly now... Last time we were in the Premier League, we had a clueless charlatan as our chairman who bottled it and shafted us after Man City got taken over by oil billionaires and his wife divorced him... He then penny pinched and **** us... I am confident we are going to make progress under our current owners and management
  8. If he only scores 9 goals but ends up assisting 20, I would be happy with his contribution
  9. Spot on... All except: Skin colour Hair style and colour Overall bone structure but aside from those... Yeah... they are practically twins!
  10. Not that I’d ever heard of Wesley beforehand... but if Deano wants him, it’s Deanos choice, and the owners are willing to sign off on the deal? Youre absolutely right... Compared to his Brentford days of picking through the bargain bin and finding the occasional gem; he must feel like he has a much better pick of every litter going!
  11. No... you need a permit now

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