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  1. DJ_Villain

    John Terry

    Who could blame him for wanting to go and coach at a club he spent over 2 decades (and won pretty much everything you could win) at? Its not like Gareth Barry who jumped ship for a club who (at the time) were nothing but money... JT has worked his arse off for us... If he wants to go, I'd be gutted... But I wouldnt hold it against him for wanting to go back to his spiritual home
  2. To be fair, he kept us in the black... However, in support of your argument, he also refused to pay a meagre amount for a certain Robbie Keane for reasons completely unknown...
  3. yeah, they needed him to fulfill their homegrown quota, and he was available relatively cheap by Man City standards...
  4. Isnt Richards still on our books too? His contract has got to be up soon hasnt it?
  5. Who were the two Chinese mateys that signed for Everton? Li Tie and there was another one wasn't there?
  6. My dad is adamant he is the best foreign player we have had since Luc Nilis... He's alright... Doing much better than he was at the beginning of the season... Still think my dads meds need looking at mind you...
  7. Went to the game yesterday and as my family and I were driving down Electric Avenue, some Villa lads laid Blues kit onto the road and my brother did a wheelspin and ran it over to loud applause... If anyone was there and took a video, I'd love to see it!
  8. Bollocks to Huddersfield and Wagner... I too hope that they take repeated hidings next season!
  9. Doesn't a lot of that first paragraph remind anyone of what happened with Matieu Berson??
  10. Love Big Chris... Really happy for him to be back to scoring and being cheered by fans again after his big move went sour and he got shat on... Would have him back in a heartbeat...
  11. If he can get Small Heath and Hull both promoted twice on poxy budgets, I have faith he can do the same with us. Its been a big transitional season with almost an entirely new squad purchased in both windows - We have a lot of dross still kicking about and almost an entire first team of players who might still be useful out on loan. Its worth giving the guy a shot at next season, he is a veteran in this league. He was putting out fires to start with, made some of the changes he wanted to make and the work continues from there... To kick him out now and get another manager in who could do a Di Matteo would be, in my opinion, a kneejerk reaction
  12. I hope Huddersfield lose in the playoff finals on penalties...
  13. The troglodytes from St Andrews are calling Tony Xia a 'grass' and a 'snitch' for reporting Paul Robinsons attack on Chester... Apparently assaulting someone because you are an utter mong is completely fine with these people...
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