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  1. But... but... but.... they were all of Chelsea... and Grealish had the temerity to turn down a move to Spurs and stay at Villa... How bloody dare he!
  2. It was always going to be a massive jump up from playing in the Belgian Leagues to the Premier League... But its the only way of proving himself... Never know, this could be the game that it all falls into place... Lets be positive
  3. For a newly promoted team by the Premier League champions... I pray you’re being facetious... Southampton just got done 9-0 by Leicester... THATS a thrashing
  4. Plays for Spurs... Pretty much makes him a cast-iron word removed and not a thing can be said to vindicate him of that fact... I hate that club so much that I don't even cheer when Spurs players score or play well for the England team!
  5. Which is a shame because Danny Rose is a bag of shite!
  6. I'd be inclined to agree... Given was shite for us!
  7. Hasn’t he scored more goals in the less appearances that Benteke did when he first signed for us? Correct me if I’m wrong, but Tekkers was awesome for us and took some time to warm up... I’m confident Wes will get there... Call it blind faith in Dean Smith, call it naivety... but I reckon we could be on to a goodun... Just a shame that we didn’t sign a zippy type striker in the window as another option... I think that’s a main contributing factor towards people getting on Wesleys back... He has to shoulder pretty much all the responsibility and our only other option is Davis who is unproven, young and still learning (just like Wes)... the only difference is Wes has experience playing first team football and, crucially, in European competition...
  8. Its fit for purpose... but because its used at the refs discretion and the fact that the ref has the final say regardless of the VAR call... Its a farce... It should be the managers decision to request a VAR call (like in cricket or NFL)... a limited number of VAR calls per match and if a call is successful, you dont lose one (badly explained but I hope you know what i am getting at)... and the decision made by VAR should be final...
  9. He did a great job for us last season and was an integral part of us coming up and still has time on his side... Well worth what we paid for him and, although he can be iffy at time, he still has a part to play
  10. He played his part in Grealish's goal bringing other people into play... He might not have been on form like he was against Norwich, but he did his bit IMO
  11. Liverpool will be a very difficult game... They look virtually unstoppable at the moment... Man City though... If Narch can turn them over, then we can... Its going to be an exciting (but potentially frustrating) few weeks!
  12. So... Referee calls for VAR to dispute a goal they score... VAR says no goal... Referee gives them a goal anyway... Not trusting this VAR bollocks... Someone wants certain teams to win and they are trying to engineer it any way they can...
  13. Everyone is allowed a bad day at work... Even SJM... Still love him...
  14. Think its funny how... if the referee had paid any attention to the decision made by VAR in the Spurs game.... we would be above them in the table by now... Amazing isnt it... That the referee request VAR... and then just ignore the decision.... Almost as if there is an ulterior motive...
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