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  1. So much love for the guy... He deserves this recognition...
  2. Hutton was never the most talented of footballers... His crossing was awful, he often left us exposed on the right flank... But he worked his arse off, loved this club and its fans, scored a wonder goal against the great-unclean-ones, took a paycut and stuck by us when we went down when all the other mercenaries jumped ship - even after a succession of managers tried to farm him out or put him into various 'bomb squads''... He will always have my respect and I will always welcome him back to Villa Park and applaud him... Back on topic... Freddy looks the real deal... Wicked play against Everton and gave us far more options and made their defence have to think twice... Hope to see more of the same...
  3. Youri Djorkaeff, Jay-Jay Okocha, Ivan Campo, Eidur Gudjohnsen... They had some cracking players in the late 90s-mid 2000s...
  4. Thanks for reminding me that we once signed Senderos....
  5. Ok... so we couldn’t/didn’t sign another striker in the transfer window... It sucks. However... who would you rather bring on as a substitute... Kodjia or Gestede?
  6. If he ends up being half as good as John Carew, I’ll be happy...
  7. Jota should have replaced him and not Trez... Trez was looking much more creative and was actually holding the ball. Bad day at the office for El Ghazi. Onwards and upwards though!
  8. Wesley is starting to give me PTSD of the Harewood days...
  9. Let’s sneak a win against <hock, spit> Spurs and get the ball rolling from there!!!
  10. Blues fans must be spitting feathers!
  11. Im happy he had a good game and looked the part... However I am also not going to get ahead of myself... It was only against Minnesota... He wont have time on the ball next year to pull of that kind of move and the level of opposition players is going to be drastically higher... But if he can pull off that kind of touch against Premier League opposition! Bring it on Freddy!!!
  12. Which is all well and good... but the whole “this is my club and I’m staying” rhetoric went right out of the window in the space of a fortnight
  13. Has anybody else haddock about enough of these fish puns? It’s bream going on for a whale now

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