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  1. It's the Dean Smith way...on to the next one. And always keep focused. Of course we should be beating Everton....we're Aston Villa!
  2. Powehi

    Douglas Luiz

    I thought he was excellent, to be honest.
  3. Symbolically, as the only remaining 'dead-wood' at the club (although you could make an argument for one of the keepers) we should definitely get him out the door in the next week, even if by buying out his contract.
  4. Those I anticipate will be added to the thread by the end of the month (or whenever the season loan window SLAMS shut): James Bree - Championship team Birkir Bjarnason - Overseas team Callum O'Hare - Championship team Rushian Hepburn-Murphy - Championship team Scott Hogan - Championship team For the other fringe players, I expect Kalinic to be sold, Nyland to be 3rd choice for the season and Tshibola to be released.
  5. Great signing, I expect a decent battle with Luiz for that DMC spot.
  6. That's good then, Sheffield United bid incoming...
  7. Powehi

    Wesley Moraes

    Yeah I would have said the (Persian) Gulf in class was too high to risk him.
  8. Heard he's looking at houses in Sandwell.... Berge's Adventures In Tipton
  9. Here's the key I think. Are BB and Lansbury good enough to be 4th and 5th choices for a team aiming to finish 11th - 15th in the PL? Yes, I think so. I would rather Dean and the team put effort and money into strengthening those key positions remaining this summer, then we can improve the general quality level of the squad in future windows. Finding a new first choice DM and winger is the priority, not swapping our backups.

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