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  1. Aren’t you based in Scandinavia mate? Even if you clapped he wouldn’t be able to hear you
  2. nick76

    The NSWE Board

    Doing this to Arsenal players and targets.
  3. I reckon Gabby is sitting on Talksport thinking he might be able to get a game now his mate is now back.
  4. Plus you guys are all misunderstanding Smith and the owners recruitment model. They said they want young players…his name is Young…he is a Young Player!
  5. That picture looks like a photo from The Hunger Games films. “From District One, Ashley Young”
  6. Yeah I know, it’s really doing my head in. Whoever cut that grass should be fired….only straight lines please.
  7. Yeah couldn’t figure whether it was Lukaku or Lautaro Martinez he would help settle in. Thanks for confirming.
  8. Happy even more now I’ve watched his interview. I’m sure he’ll be a real positive signing for the club.
  9. It’s actually nice that I don’t have to watch a YouTube video to see what type of player he is. A bit sick of watching edited versions of players best moments.
  10. That's the whole point, not only do they balance the odds in their favour but they attract punters using media. A large amount of betting generally is emotional and bookies take advantage of that and hence why they hate professional gamblers and also amateur gamblers who use matched betting software because then bokkies lose that advantage.
  11. There are no odds for Villa because bookies are clever and dont want to lose money so dont offer odds. All the other options on odds for other teams is just free money to the bookies because they know he's staying at Villa.
  12. Completely agree, McGinn stays and yes not our best player but not close to our worst either and his other attributes are so important in this club as well.
  13. Why not? It’s what the big teams do and our owners want to be mixing with them
  14. True but I would argue Young played at a much higher level and a better player. Elmo may also want to leave to get more game time elsewhere, he may have asked.
  15. I think it would be part of the general model. Have a young group of players of around 20-30 players (first team and quality in younger teams) and then a handful of older players for various reasons. I think there needs to be a balance, it cant all be young and so our model is 90% young and the rest older players. A pure 100% youngsters would seem too far. Somebody like Young whose been around the block, is free, and I assume his wages wont be stupid will benefit the younger players. I think this would be part of the general model.
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