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  1. Nah Lange is a waxwork and Nakamba is behind the scenes pulling the strings......Traore and now Rashica
  2. Did you see how quickly he said Yes to leaving Lyon.....lightening quick!
  3. Seen a lot about him both anecdotally and stats wise but this isn’t bad at all
  4. It’s official, Saturday is the new Wednesday!
  5. Excited by this signing. Seen a lot of the negatives about him but he has a clean slate with me and JT knows him so I trust him more than reporters. Nakamba seems to be our recruitment team this season with Traore and potentially Rashica.
  6. Did I do this? No I didn’t dismiss offhand I’m a huge Wes fan, I’m really looking forward to when he’s back and sad to hear it now won’t be to the new year. I really think there is a player inside Wes. Dismissing the stats was more because I wasn’t comparing Tammy and Wes, not sure who was for that poster to bring up those stats apart from them saying Tammy isn’t better than what we have I think. I have no issue with them thinking that, I think Tammy would be an incredible asset to us. I think the original argument before that poster got involved really boiled down to somebody assigning an arbitrary 55m price tag. I said I’d pay it, others said they wouldn’t pay above 25m.
  7. I assume you are insinuating something which I’ll let others discuss. As you’ll see from the Wes thread, I’m a huge fan of Wes and think a trio of Watkins, Tammy and Wes would be a phenomenal choice of options through a long season for us especially as we won’t have Wes for months.
  8. See, after watching both of them I think they are different in styles. I’m not talking about the extremes of a Sheringham vs Henry difference but quite a difference. There are obvious similarities but I think the difference is material enough to affect a game. Plus our squad isn’t varied enough to make many tactical changes. I also think with buying Rashica and Traore we are favouring a style and thus you don’t want your strikers to be significantly different and with Wes, Watkins and Tammy you have a nice mix. We obviously aren’t going to agree so we may as well stop. I would buy Tammy, you wouldn’t now. Neither of us have a choice anyway and I’ll back whoever.
  9. Because you can use the stats you need to back your argument and leave out stats that go against your argument. This is common in politics, lawyering and many other professions. Stats are used to defend your argument but can’t form the only basis of your argument. As for being a dick, people do that because the original poster posts those facts as if that’s the only truth, which it’s not. They are being just as much a dick as the person whose responding. I hate when people propose one view with some stats and believe that is the only answer that should be.
  10. You said he wouldn’t offer us that much now we have signed Watkins.....that’s just silly. We have Watkins who I’m looking forward to, looks great but is untried at this level. Wes whose injured until we don’t know when. Samatta looks to be leaving. Davis who’ll probably go on loan but if he doesn’t has already scored his one cup goal for the season. Yet you are saying Tammy wouldn’t make us much better, that’s just plain silly!
  11. Zzzzzzzzz You are guessing this not based on fact. You don’t know how I’ve formed by opinion. Stats that you have chosen to suit your argument. Zzzzzzzzz
  12. Stats you’ve chosen to hit your argument
  13. We can’t attract the names you mentioned. The rest is tosh about Tammy! Sorry!
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