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  1. Wasn’t even thinking about selling prices generally, it was just boredom thinking rather refreshing websites to see if we had signed somebody. Just noticing more and more ex villa players playing more than I used to ie Lichaj playing for hull on tv now. I think all clubs lose/sell young players that come back and end up stars, just the way it is. For every star there are 100 players that were rightly let go. It just seems high for us because we know them in our villa tinted world
  2. Trying to rack my brains but just had pizza so I’m in a food coma but wondering of the ex Villa players playing now, is there a better team that we have let go that would be better than our current team. The players as they play now and not in their prime ie Benteke and they would be compared to the current Villa team ie Grealish is only in the current team. Albrighton at right wing is a good starting point...is there a reasonable XI...thinking Jordan Ayew, Cahill, Milner, Young
  3. Been there twice in the last four years on safari holidays so I know the beauty of the Masai Mara and then spent some times in the villages, towns and cities so know a bit about it but only touristy. No reason for this post, just wish I was back in the Mara again.....
  4. I agree about ease to sign a player hence why I said if player becomes available....unlikely though I agree Why is it being delusional about spending money....we know the ambitions of the owners, we have no reason to assume they are lying. Being relegated they will want to avoid at all costs, if the right player became available....let’s for example say a Tammy type player became available and wanted to come to us, I’m sure the owners would fork out because the longevity and potential of the player.
  5. I think if the right player is available we will spend that kind of money. There were solid whispers at the end of the summer window and since this window opened. Maybe the management just don’t fancy Benrhama or Bowen, and are still looking. Just because fans like players means nothing.
  6. I’ve been all positive recently on this website (aside from some post game reaction posts) so I’m going to be devils advocate and say it the least they needed to do. We lost Heaton, McGinn and Wes and only just replaced with two loans in Reina and Drinkwater, and another untried forward in Samatta so we are basically back to where we were squad wise about a month or so ago.....big deal, even arguably slightly poorer re McGinn vs Drinkwater. We needed more before then so we need more now, so adding another striker isn’t enough. I’ll return to my positive side now...
  7. Thought somebody had identified man bun man as one of Suso’s people.
  8. nick76

    Wesley Moraes

    Exactly! 10 points from 18, 50% win rate, no striker, 16th in the league and probably not playing at our best.....but yeah we need a miracle apparently. I just don’t understand the constant negativity from some.
  9. Villareport again, sure you can trust it? Looks a bit CGI to me
  10. nick76

    Kortney Hause

    Defensively great passing poor last night again I thought, he thinks he has all the time in the world.
  11. No idea, many times deals fall away at the last minute. At the end of the transfer window all the talk was another striker was coming in with a number on here having ITK names. For some reason it didn’t happen but I don’t think that was due to lack of finances or cash but I could be wrong but seems strange that we’d go after a player(s) when we had no more finance wouldn’t it! Could be anything from the player wanting too much, the player getting a better offer or cold feet, agent fees were too much, the selling club didn’t get their replacement so refused to sanction the deal....there are maybe other possible reasons. We look like we just run out of time to turn attention elsewhere which is understandable if they thought they were close but maybe bad planning....who knows! All we know is it left us short and then we’ve been unlucky with injuries.....sucks!
  12. No, the 140m would be amortised over the contracts so if 5 years for simplicity of this example would mean 28m per year
  13. I still think it’s too early to predict, I mean Southampton looked certainties for the drop but now they are comfortable on 31 points. See where we are around 30 game mark.
  14. Just reading the Watford board somebody posted a few pages back....how delusional are they!!! Interesting their views before the game and after the game. One guy even said Grealish wouldn’t get in their team
  15. I’m sick as a dog the last day or so and I almost didn’t go tonight to the game but I went and I’m so glad I did. I can now die in bed now for the next day or so. Such a dire performance but jeez didn’t they make up for it with that last minute goal, think I screamed and hugged everybody. Massive, massive, massive win!!!
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