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  1. I’m not sure about that as squads will have changed slightly both by contracts and injuries. What happens if it starts back up in September and our final game that in the 90 min Heaton makes a game difference save, we stay up and West Ham go down. Heaton not meant to play the rest of the season but an extended season means he’s fit. Is that fair on West Ham. Or Heaton’s recover doesn’t go well and Reina has gone back to his club because they want him back (I know we have Nyland). I mean every team has likely impactful changes to their squad. Rashford scores the winning goal against us in the 94 minute when in the season he wasn’t back. Is that fair on us? You can argue it’s just tough and we play with what we have but the longer football is out, the less fair it is to finish the season off. Any solution is not going to be fair to some though so I don’t know what the answer is.
  2. Yeah from a pure theory point of view but players won’t have played for months, match fitness, organisation of the games, what if players have the virus. If it was purely Football Manager game then fine but there is so much around it that needs to be considered. Whats the point of playing the final games when players aren’t match fit? It’s not a fair comparison compared to the first part of the season. Will mid table teams that have nothing to play for risk players or really play competitively.
  3. Loads of pages What facts do we have so far? Please detail below. Forget speculation, rumour, guesses and Chinese whispers from friends and family. No judgements good or bad. We have the photos We know it was his car We have him (including bizarre footwear) at the scene What else?
  4. The problem is how? somebody more intelligent than me must have better answers. My nephews dont even like football, which is sad to me, but I dont have to worry about that and football idols. I've tried the likes of Prof Brian Cox and utilised the amazing programs he has where he takes something complex and general not exciting and adds amazing videos to it and while the kids are interested for program, five minutes later they are back to idiot YouTubers and rubbish that comes with it. I love YouTube and I'm on it a lot but the kids go towards the rubbish rather than the stuff I would like them to watch and I'm not talking to the level that Prof Cox goes to. My brother blocks a lot of sites for them but there is always new ones, my brother restricts access to only a few hours a time, a week but changing a generation just seems unlikely. Also doesnt help with the likes of Trump or Boris. Trump just lies, wings it, is a bully and generally is just an idiot. Doesnt help when the most powerful man in the world is like that.
  5. If this season even finishes. If he doesn’t leave and we do go down he’ll be pivotal in getting us back up. As for proceeds, it’ll be interesting to see how FFP will fit or not fit into this plus we still have parachute payments. We know we don’t need to sell Jack for money (only possibly FFP and not because we need cash) so why should we. Yes if this true he’s a idiot but his talent would be better than anything we would get in the championship.
  6. Aside from the Grealish issue, society’s role models are floored generally...footballers, musicians and my young nephews look up to YouTubers...it’s just madness. Not sure that will every change but it seems to be getting worse every generation.
  7. That crossed my mind as well......I feel evil for even thinking it but there you go!
  8. Funny enough it looks like my moms slipper, I should try that next time.
  9. You can! The fear, panic and loss of control in an accident and few seconds easily you can. So people are good under those situations, some people can’t. The only that matters is why he crashed in the first place not the resulting damage as thankfully it sounds like nobody was injured.
  10. I still keen to see the full facts before my judgement, it doesn’t look good. I just had to pop out to the chemist to pick up my 74 year old moms repeat prescription essential drugs and have to say I look as unkempt as Grealish and if I had had a crash it would look very similar perception wise. Obviously my situation is necessary but without full context wouldn’t look good. I know he’s not picking up his elderly mothers drugs but I wait to hear excuse before passing judgement.
  11. what happens to teams that might have one, two or many players that have the virus? are they just classed as injured? that would cause uproar. What about players contracts, they could extend expiring contracts but what about players that were looking forward to leaving and dont want to stay. What about fitness, a preseason given we will have been out for a number of months. Just a silly idea!!!!!!
  12. I wasnt judging you it was a question that society is asking about what is the tipping point between normality and lockdown. The problem is nobody knows and everybody has different opinions and some people feel opening now is worthwhile which is one extreme to closing down for 3 months totally the other extreme. It's true so many virus' and other things that kill us, at what point do we get on with life. I havent heard top scientists saying your second sentence, about that being anytime soon. Obviously they have mentioned if we were in lockdown for months but so far......probably like you I have been watching different nations scientists speak on the matter.....but havent heard any scientists say that we are at that point in the near future i.e. the next month or so. The only person I heard say that was Trump and his dumb reopening on April 12th. I think the difference in my mind is that we understand the flu, we understand deaths by other diseases, we understand car deaths, we understand.......etc etc (well as much as we can). With this we don't, the assessment that old people and immune diseases were the vunerable....now we are starting to get cases of healthier younger people dying from it. We still dont fully understand the transmission....we only in the last week found that a case it had lingered for 17 days. We still dont understand the asymptomatic side of it. We dont know enough about getting it twice although we only have one case or two. We could expose, if opened too early, it respreading again because open too early causing longer shutdown. We still dont have enough PPE or ventilators (most ventilators are on average used for two days, COVID19 uses a ventalitor between 10-20 days, so we dont have enough of them in the country). Do we continue to risk our NHS workers as when we open their lives become harder and we still dont have enough beds for none COVID19. Then people going to hospital for none COVID19, do there get risked being around people COVID19 people both who are suffering and who are asymptomatic. There is just too many unknowns that we know about this COVID19 compared to anything else we have data on like the influenza. I get the suicide, alcoholism, murder, abuse argument....the economic long terms argument....I just come from the angle of a bit more safety than risk it getting worse, the risk of more death for the sake of a bit more time. I think we just take it week by week, day by day and make the best judge then....or the people at the top make the choice. I just hope it's not about money but about health, but in this day and age we know it will be about money, which is a little scary.
  13. Even at an early peak of 12th April, general life restrictions back to normal are unlikely anywhere near the end of April or early May, it’s just not realistic. A leading scientist said the best line to this when some Americans were commenting about opening up over there quicker.....something along the lines that we don’t decide the timeline the virus decides the timeline or the virus doesn’t care about your timeline. Don't understand your comment that it’s not sustainable and the long term costs could outweigh the benefits? So letting people die so people can go out and be normal is acceptable to you? How many deaths per day are acceptable to you that allows people back to normal life? Personally, I like my family and friends so my answer is none. Lockdown longer now to save lives, just plain selfish to do anything else because things will recover when we do reopen....but people want things now in the modern age....they need to just stop.
  14. A couple of years it’ll be back to normal, people love football too much, have short memories and are always furious in the moment but care less later. The families impacted, mostly definitely yes but everybody else will slowly drip back football over the coming years just like concerts, gigs, festivals, comedy shows, church’s or any large gatherings.
  15. I don’t mean short term but in a couple of years it will be back to normal.
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