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  1. nick76

    Dean Smith

    Grealish to Pep “Thanks boss for bringing me to the great Man City, I’ve come to learn from you and improve me. How will play against Chelsea?” Pep “I’m going to copy what Dean Smith did”
  2. nick76

    Dean Smith

    Maybe he did but we didn’t see it because Jack got praise for it when it was success but Smith got the blame when it was failure, there wasn’t a little balance there. You don’t go on runs like we have or beat Liverpool 7-2 because of one player. Yes Jack was incredible for us and most things went through him and he was a massive catalyst for us but our bad run of form last season started before Jack got injured. Smith is getting some of the credit now he probably also deserved from some quarters last season but back then Jack got all the plaudits.
  3. Even Brazil were afraid of him, had to get the Brazilian government to make up a reason to get him off the pitch.
  4. nick76

    Dean Smith

    Smith keeps smashing through the imaginary ability ceiling people think he has.
  5. Ref isn’t even going to let us start as he feels we aren’t worthy to play his Man Utd, therefore announces we forfeit the game by default and awards an automatic 3-0 win to Man Utd. Ole still complains in the post match press conference they didn’t get a penalty, Ronaldo claims all three goals and De Gea still looked crap.
  6. Then the Belfry as our main sponsor (for 100m per year )
  7. I feel the ref will ruin it as usual...it's the only game I expect a loss because even though I know it isnt rigged, it always feel like it is rigged afterwards because of the events that unfold. I'm always fairly optimistic these days going into games but this game I never am. At least from that point of view I'm never disappointed if we lose and will be happy with any bonus of a draw or more. Maybe even a good starting point is a fair ref even if we lose tomorrow, at least there is hope for the future
  8. I trust our medical professions dealing directly on the pitch who have the experience, qualifications, know how and can make an assessment with the player in line with both protocols and appropriate medical guidance rather than some podcasters, newspaper or some supposed doctor who has no detailed knowledge of the situation apart from what he saw on tv.
  9. Also we won’t lose him going on internationals…more time to settle into the club.
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