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  1. No way was he back to his best today, he wasnt in my top five ratings today for Villa players. Today's result was inspite of him not because of him. Better than recently but the team carried him today more than the other way around.
  2. Who was better than Jack today in my eyes Well I thought Reina was really good in goal Trez beats him, even if just for goals Luiz is looking quality in midfield The defence looked good generally and were fairly untroubled aside from the VAR goal. So 3 definitely better than him and I would argue a couple at least in defence than him if not more. So where am I wrong?
  3. I had basically accepted relegation yesterday but now I have a little hope with Everton out of form....we are still poor but damn the Villa giving me some hope. My brain is on fire. If we beat Everton and West Ham lose or draw with Watford and then lose to Man Utd.....it's an all or nothing on the last day against West Ham. Or do we want Watford to lose to West Ham.....you expect them to lose to Man City then and hopefully Arsenal beat Watford...so if we beat Everton then down to our game with West Ham and we may only need a draw, but probably a win. GD is 6 different with Watford and if they lose their last three and we win one, lose one, and draw one the GD will be close. Oh bugger Villa, why are you getting my hopes up.......especially as it still looks like we need 2 wins from 3 and we have just had our first win in 11 I think
  4. I didnt want to say it as people think I have something against him but he was awful...............again!
  5. Same as Mings against Arsenal where it was classed as a penalty, therefore this was handball thus no goal.
  6. Sorry, I thought Jack wasnt great today. He wasnt terrible but one of the lower ratings in the team today for me.
  7. You mean VAR doing it's job and Reina doing it's job, that's what it is supposed to do!
  8. The way we have played the last six games, that's what we have been doing havent we?
  9. I find that worse mate, I then keep refreshing every minute and think about it all game. Or I leave my phone, just out of reaching distance but then it's worse. I've done a couple of time over the last ten years when we have been in trouble but feel worse for doing it. Sitting, facing the pain seems less painful than the dark secret on my phone that could tell me how bad it is. I need therapy I think!
  10. Stop being "normal" and having a life. Come and join us depressed people for 90 minutes.....
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