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  1. I do love that he never looks out of breath. He runs and runs and runs but looks less out of breath than I do after walking upstairs.
  2. nick76

    Dean Smith

    I think the sharkeyvilla comment above yours is the more accurate response than yours, no disrespect....I think you are off base slightly in your analysis of what DC was talking about.
  3. I always thought Jack was the POSTer boy of the club
  4. I don’t disagree. I think we need somebody that is an out and out goalscorer...a young Luiz Suarez type figure without the biting . I don’t think Ollie out wide is good when we have a poor alternative at the moment but if we had a top class striker, that been my issue when it’s been talked about this season. I think Ollie would be awesome on that wide forward side but it really concerns me he doesn’t want that role. That’s not positive long term so there will need to be a lot of work on that if the club does decide to buy a top notch striker. It’ll be interesting to see what th
  5. Didn’t Smith say the other day that Watkins doesn’t like playing out wide? Smith said he knows he(Ollie) wouldn’t have liked being moved out wide the other day. If that is the case and despite footballers have to play where they are told/picked I’m not sure it’s going to be positive long term for us putting Ollie out wide when he doesn’t want to play that role for any material game time.
  6. But can’t we do that as well? Get in Neto (an example) and buy the next wonderkid? We need quality now but we also need more for the future. Buying wonderkids who have not played at this level or the intensity of the PL is a huge risk plus generally need a long settling in period. We are doing well with gems in my eyes...may not be young or extremely cheap but they are worth far more now than when we brought them....Emi, Konsa, Cash...McGinn we brought for what? 1.5m...worth a hell of a lot more now. Even Mings and Ollie have increased their value altho
  7. That’s true! My brain has gone blank on a world class CDM but whoever that is has always been a Villa fan and so will want to come to us, well that’s how Man U fans argue about easily getting players. So many told me last summer that Jack was a Man U fan
  8. Messi, Haaland, Mbappe front line with Jack sitting just behind.....I think we might score a goal or two
  9. nick76

    Dean Smith

    I’ve even decided to drop away from post match commenting apart from an initial post match comment because recently it’s been OTT negative, finding fault and more. Constructive criticism is vital, over negativity isn’t and while there is a fine line this board post games has gone way over the line hence why yesterday I kept away. I will be back to post match at some point but best to avoid at the moment because it’s not based on reality. edit: I accidentally quoted myself instead of editing
  10. nick76

    Dean Smith

    To be fair, not everybody comments so while the stats at the top said that the comments and discussions were going into a meltdown somewhat. I know I was involved in that discussion and it was bizarre...
  11. Yeah I looked into them when this question came up before and apparently they have to sell one of either Mbappe or Neymar for their finances. Neymar signed a new contract last month so looks like Mbappe is out. Apparently while publicly they are saying they want to keep Mbappe behind the scenes they know that’s not possible financially. Mbappe has a year left on his contract and so PSG are looking to sell Mbappe for a huge figure and get somebody in like Eden Hazard. They are also looking at Messi whose unhappy at Barca now and because he’ll be a free transfer would satisfy the
  12. Sounds mad doesn’t it but I wonder what the next step will be for Smith and the owners. Will we continue to try to find nuggets from the Championship/abroad or will they try for some a bit more proven, maybe players that have proven but dropped off a bit like Coutinho. Everton got James, mainly because of Carlo link. Odergaard went to Arsenal. I mean we are playing and mixing with those teams now so I wonder what the summer will bring and whether players will find us attractive yet or want to see another season of us repeating this level in the league. Will we also spend the
  13. I’m more worried about the likes of Konsa, which are more likely to go than Jack because of contract situation, pay, non-Villa alliance etc etc. We need to lockdown our key players now and build on them.
  14. I’ll be surprised but if so it’ll be a very sad day but we’ll likely have 150m or so in our pockets to spend.
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