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  1. This! Even watching when England vs ROI I forgot he was even playing for ROI, that’s how non-existent he is in games. He’s not a starter for any game strategy we may have unless an early round cup game because his ability at set pieces in the PL doesn’t in any way make up for his open play game these days, which is a real shame because I like Conor.
  2. Robbed Anyway otherwise, defence was poor, Brighton were getting in too easy. McGinn was better second half but poor first half. Jack was quiet today Watkins wasn’t really supplied anything. Trez played really well except he couldn’t hit a barn yard door today which ultimately lost us the game. Would’ve preferred he played slightly worse but scored but he did play well. Traore was better than I thought he’d be. He’ll be ok once he has more game time. Entertaining game, we were robbed but we have ourselves to blame by not taking some chances and th
  3. Nah can’t agree, this has been a very poor showing from him today.
  4. I thought he’s been alright since he came, done his bit for the team
  5. Just came n this forum after watching the 1st half so don’t know what the general vibe is but for me, McGinn is awful today. otherwise how haven’t we scored. This game could easily be 3-2 now with the chances for both sides.
  6. Given his comments on a range of topics earlier in the year I don’t think he finished drinking from last Christmas. Anyway there is no reason to write off Wes, he was starting to show some things before injury and before that he still had scored some goals and for a new player whose young, foreign, doesn’t know the language, environment or players who are mostly new to this level.....it’s harsh to judge him after 5 months. I think there is a talent in there. Hard to compare him to Watkins (good or bad) as well because Watkins doesn’t have the above challenges and the team is f
  7. I agree. Barca is such a pull but they are at their weakest at the moment with Koeman only there for this season, money issues, poor quality in the squad, ownership issues....it would be at least 18 months until Barca would be appealing and that’s if everything goes right. Real Madrid are struggling as well. With the rumours this could be Pep’s last season at Man City as well, options of teams that could afford Jack are falling away in the near future. Plus and more importantly, we aren’t selling Jack. why we are even talking about it is silly, don’t care what dodgy media source
  8. I disagree, we have spent over 200m in the last two summers so while a huge sum to normal humans like you and I, why would we contemplate selling our best player for the equivalent of half of our outgoing spend. I don’t think there would be any discussion. The only way I think there would be any discussion is if Jack wanted to force himself out and then the owners would have to think. I think that scenario has gone with Jack signing a five year deal indicating he’s happy to commit long term here when he could’ve easily stuck on his three year contract which he would’ve got a pay rise
  9. Just signed a five year deal he isn’t going anywhere. Why would we sell him? We wouldn’t. Given he’s just a signed that deal he doesn’t think about leaving either otherwise he wouldn’t have signed for five years, he would’ve just had a pay increase to his current deal. We surely aren’t going to go through another season with Villa fans thinking Jack is leaving in the summer. I think the owners and Jack have resolved that issue with signing that deal literally just a couple of months ago, the ink is still drying that’s how new the deal is.
  10. nick76

    Dean Smith

    Oh I agree apart from the length of time. Like I said, 30 mins fine or even 20 mins fine but 5-10 mins is just winding down the clock subs and not sure that’s a confidence builder for them so that’s why Dean made the right choice in my mind. To be honest I’m more interested in the current XI because they needed confidence after the previous two games plus this team is still new to each other so continuing playing together will help later in the season especially with less pressure of being 3-0. I understand the squad theory you are talking about but a convincing win, more playing
  11. nick76

    Dean Smith

    I disagree, looked what West Ham to come back and Arsenal have formidable strikers like Aubemeyang who even having a bad game could score. We can also leak quite easy as well as lose our heads and concede a couple of goals quickly. We scored in the 75th minute for our third, for the sake of let’s say 10 minutes why risk the game for subs, why risk a confidence win, a clean sheet for just a few minutes. Why impact control of a goal just for a few minutes. The likelihood of 95% chance we would be fine but no point risking it. If 3-0 after 60 minutes, maybe because those players would
  12. nick76

    Dean Smith

    Yeah and if we impact our control of the game and they do a West Ham you’d be complaining that he changed something that was working. Dean played it well today,no use rocking the boat because it was a stroll anyway not a physically demanding game and we don’t play again for a few weeks so we don’t need the players in a few days (don’t care about the impact to internationals)
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