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  1. A nice welcome to the club, even the bench ran to get in on the celebrations.
  2. Think we've got the better team, but they'll be up for this one knowing they need a win to kick start their season. Got to match their intensity from the first whistle. Also Mings/Konsa/Martinez have a difficult task in keeping Mitrovic quiet but I think we're capable enough. 2-1 Villa.
  3. ESPN headline... "Cleveland Browns have first winning record in six years"
  4. Good luck to him. Hope it works out in Turkey. As for their obsessed fans trashing our club online, what’s **** off in Swahili?
  5. The tweet is fine. It’s the article that it links to that is poor.
  6. Mate, no need to apologise. You got to put yourself first in these situations and what you are going through is infinitely more important than a little bit of side fun like this. If you ever need to chat/vent/whatever hit me up. Id offer to catch up in person if I weren’t so far away. Take care mate, you can get through this.
  7. If Nyland goes, do we hold Kalinic until Heaton is fit or do we offload him this window also (if we can)?
  8. Thought would be a bit of a banana skin. Glad I was wrong and am hearing encouraging things on here and from the match reports. Great for Traore to hit the ground running, Ramsay to put on an impressive performance and for Jed to get a gig and keep a clean sheet. Bring on Stoke at Villa Park.
  9. From a somewhat selfish point of view, if Brumerican is going to bow out I think it's fairest if he is replaced by somebody. He comprehensively beat me Week 1 but it puts me at a bit of an unfair advantage if he's a walkover for everyone else throughout the season.
  10. Imagine having to walk into the bosses office with that bombshell... “So..umm...yeah, Tyrod’s no longer available. Bye”
  11. Anyone know how long he signed for?
  12. Despite being entertaining, I know the Spurs doco is essentially a Jose promo piece. Really wish they had some of Poch behind the scenes so we could compare how the two operate, come off etc.
  13. Notched my first ever win. Victory music...
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