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  1. Hornso

    Pre-match Thread

    After struggling with them in 16/17 (0-1 at Villa Park & 0-0 at Portman Road), last season was much better (2-0 & 4-0).
  2. Hornso

    Australian Football

    Steven Lowy has quit the FFA
  3. Hornso

    Players that you think are rubbish

    It was Jedinak.
  4. Hornso


    Anyone want to inform the majority of the VT membership of this?
  5. Hornso

    Carabao Cup 2nd Round Draw

    Doncaster at home is my guess.
  6. Hornso

    Jonathan Kodjia

    I hadn't realised it had been so long, but the commentator last night said he hasn't scored from open play in 16 months. A few goals will get the pressure off his shoulders, the confidence up and the smile back on his face.
  7. Hornso

    Ratings & Reactions: Yeovil v Villa

    Thursday 7pm before Sunderland v Wednesday
  8. Hornso

    André Moreira

    Was a mixed bag. Will need more chances to get an idea what he's like.
  9. Hornso

    Jack Grealish

    He's always a class or two above the rest. Worth watching Villa just to see Jack.
  10. Hornso

    Ratings & Reactions: Yeovil v Villa

    That was a tough watch. Not ideal being a reserve or youth team player being thrown into a game like this with wholesale changes, where the underdog home team are clearly up for it and looking to cause an upset, but disappointed a few more players didn't rise the challenge and put their hands up to get in the senior team. General sloppiness and the inability to make simple passes particularly frustrating. Think we were definitely lucky to get their goal ruled out, but this was evened out by the referee not giving us a penalty for the player who dived in front of Hourihane's shot. Credit to Moreira for saving the penalty and doing enough to prevent their striker scoring from the 1 on 1 but he was far from convincing. Tried to be a bit cute with his kicking at times which nearly cost us. Bringing on Grealish and Kodjia changed the game and thankfully it was enough. Although it would have nice to rest them, it certainly beats being knocked out and humiliated on live TV.
  11. Hornso

    Pre-match Thread

    Ex-Villan Janoi Donacien has started the first two games of the season for them. One at CB and one at RB. Looking at their squad there isn't too much to be afraid of that I can see so hopefully we can continue picking up points.
  12. Hornso

    Pre Match Thread

    Looking forward to getting up tomorrow morning and watching this on delay before work.
  13. Hornso

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Sounds like a ridiculous excuse now but, Senderos got injured and it just went tits up from there!
  14. Hornso

    Villa and FFP

    Granola packaging doesn't even have a football on it. GRANOLA OUT!