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  1. Hornso


    What if Boston moved Kyrie to bring in Leonard
  2. Hornso

    Alan Hutton

    Not sure of the downside on this one. 1. Only a one year deal, not tied to a long contract. 2. Reduced wages. 3. Plays for the shirt. 4. Has been a constant the last two seasons - 69 appearances only Chester & Adomah have made more. 5. Hopefully the end of Neil Taylor and his ridiculous contract.
  3. Hornso

    Luke Organ

  4. Hornso

    Fixtures 18/19

    Carabao Cup draw happening today in Vietnam . Who do we want? Possibly a good away day for travelling supporters.
  5. Hornso

    World Cup 2018 Betting

    Put $5 on Saudi Arabia to get a draw against Russia. Unlucky
  6. Two quality goals by Cheryshev. Egypt might be up against it to get out of this group now.
  7. Only Salem Al-Dawsari & Fahad Al-Muwallad got a few minutes in La Liga when their sides fate for the season was already decided, whilst the players who were loaned to Segunda division clubs didn't get any minutes at all.
  8. Hornso


    It's very weird. Definitely seems like a backwards, at best sideways move.
  9. Hornso

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Hope we didn't accept a discounted fee for an upfront payment...
  10. Hornso

    Luke Organ

    And his father, Throbbing.
  11. Have joined the masses (currently 4 )
  12. Hornso


    Is Philly really the right move? LeBron is going to take the ball out of Simmons hands and hinder his development. I can see Boston, Houston or the Lakers happening.
  13. Hornso

    Your World Cup Favourites

    Warning! Best of Australia post And I'm sure you will all love this one...
  14. Hornso

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Found Billions Season 3 to be a decent watch, looking forward to Season 4 after how they've left things. Raced through the first two seasons of Imposters with the OH and found it to be an good, entertaining watch but have just learned it has been canned
  15. Hornso

    Your World Cup Favourites

    Favourite World Cups: 1st 1998, 2nd 2006, 3rd 2014. Match: Australia 3 Japan 1 (2006), Brazil 3 Denmark 2 (1998), Brazil 1 Germany 7 (2014) - This game was absolutely crazy. The period where Germany scored 4 goals in 6 minutes I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was like FIFA where your opponent leaves the game online but the game keeps going. Goal: My other favourite James Rodriguez from the 2014 World Cup Worst/Infamous moments: Zidane's headbutt, Ronaldo's seizure, Suarez's bite, Rivaldo's dive against Turkey in 2002 & Fabio Grosso's penalty against Australia in 2006 (despite the fact it was correct, infamous in Australia).