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  1. Adama Traore

    Appeal denied. 3 game ban
  2. Steve Bruce

    Nope, 11 league games plus a league cup defeat. Sorry @TRO, should have gone over the page before replying
  3. Steve Bruce

    If he stays on Di Matteo's pace, 10 points from 11 games he will get the same treatment.
  4. Park Life: AVTV Live

    My stream froze once for a couple of seconds in the 2nd half apart from that it worked perfectly.
  5. Johnstone - 7.5 (MOTM) - Two saves earned us a point. From the corner in the opening minutes and then to deny Assombalonga. Elmo - 5.5 - Went on one nice run down the right but Hogan failed to connect with the cross. Terry - 6 - Some great crossfield balls but got done by Assombalonga which should have cost us a goal. Chester - 6 - Thought he was fine. Taylor - 6 - Nice ball for Lansbury which created a good opportunity. Could have resulted in a penalty. Bjarnason - 4 - Isn't technically adept enough for a game where you have 70% possession. Missed his opportunity at scoring too. Jedinak - 5 - Passing in the first 5-10 was terrible but was fine after he settled. Rightly taken off as there was no need for his role playing against 10. Lansbury - 4 - Created a good chance and possibly should have won a penalty. Tackle was utterly stupid. Opposition went around him like he wasn't there and left his decision to tackle so late there was 0% chance of him getting the ball. Wasn't surprised with the result. Hourihane - 7 - Stiff not to have scored. Should be nearly the first name on the sheet at the moment. Snodgrass - 6.5 - Looked dangerous and should have scored the chance that hit the bar. Davis - 5 - Red card meant he had very little space to work in. Adomah - 7 - Caused trouble the minute he came on before being moved to RB. Hogan - 5 - Not at fault for blocking Hourihane's shot as had no time to move out of the way, but pretty much epitomises his time here. Kodjia - 6 - Another one who made an impact immediately. Forced a good save from a header at the back post and headed another chance over the bar.
  6. Premier League Predictions 2017/18 - GW5

    Name Home Team Away Team Guess Barnsley 1 0 Villa Barnsley Bournemouth 3 2 Brighton Bournemouth Palace 0 1 Southampton Southampton Huddersfield 0 0 Leicester Draw Liverpool 2 0 Burnley Liverpool Newcastle 1 1 Stoke Draw Watford 1 2 Man City Man City West Brom 0 0 West Ham Draw Spurs 2 0 Swansea Spurs Chelsea 2 0 Arsenal Chelsea Man Utd 1 0 Everton Man Utd Hornso
  7. Pre match thread

    Gestede is out with an injury yes? At least we won't be undone by a Gestede header off an Adama assist. Battling 1-1 draw for me.
  8. Albert Adomah

    Should feature against his old club, surely?
  9. Ciaran Clark

    I'm happy Ciaran is doing well, I just wish it wasn't playing for the Barcodes.
  10. Football Manager 2017

    Picked up my Villa save for the first time in quite a while. Managed a 1-1 at home with Man City and a 4-1 win away to Burnley. After 12 games sitting 11th but only a win away from top 6. Southampton are the early surprise packets sitting 2nd, whilst Everton are struggling and just hovering about the relegation zone. In my game against Man City they lined up as follows: Aguero Jesus Griezmann De Bruyne (Someone else)
  11. Week 1 - Pat some Kansass

    Browns strangely competitive.
  12. Week 1 - Pat some Kansass

    Alex Smith 28/35 368 YDs 4TDs 0INTs 148.6 Rating Tom Brady 16/36 267 YDs 0TDs 0INTs 70.0 Rating
  13. Johan Abdoul has signed for Xerez Deportivo FC
  14. Micah Richards

    Feel like he's destined to end up on a reality TV show.