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  1. Unfortunately/fortunately not in his jurisdiction!
  2. If anyone has a Switch and wants to add me, I think my username is Hornso
  3. I thought this was a low risk move and if he replaced Lansbury as an option off the bench it was an upgrade. I was undoubtedly wrong.
  4. I remember hearing Ryen Russillo talking about how the Rams had so much of the salary cap committed to so few players, I'm guessing these moves are to try and rectify that?
  5. Horrible news. Was happy for him that he was able to carve out such a long and distinguished career with Cardiff. Our ex-players are really going through a horrendous period aren't they?!
  6. Summary from the weekend and slightly beyond (when football was still being played) Bree (Luton) Away at Wigan (0-0) - Unused sub. Brunt (Gloucester City) Away at Kettering Town (1-1) - Substituted after 84 minutes. Home to Farsley Celtic (2-1) - Substituted after 58 minutes. Chester (Stoke) Home to Hull (5-1) - Played 90 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 6.94. Doyle-Hayes (Cheltenham) Home to Port Vale (0-0) - Came on after 58 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 6.49. Green (Charlton) Home to Middlesbrough (0-1) - Played 90 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 6.78. Guy (Belper Town) Home to Cleethorpes Town (1-2) - Not in the squad. Away at Stocksbridge Park (0-0) - Unused substitute. Away at Newcastle Town (0-2) - Unused substitute. Hepburn-Murphy (Derby U/23s) Home to Middlesbrough U/23s (6-0) - Played 90 minutes. Scored twice & an assist. Hogan (SHA) Home to Reading (1-3) - Played 90 minutes. Scored. WhoScored.com rating of 6.65. Touch Count: 32. Kalinic (Toulouse) Away at Dijon (2-1) - Not in the squad (hamstring injury). O'Hare (Coventry) Away at Ipswich (0-1) - Substituted after 84 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 6.55. Ramsey (Doncaster) Away at MK Dons (0-1) - Substituted after 86 minutes. Scored. WhoScored.com rating of 7.28. Walker (Banbury United) Home to Rushden & Diamonds (2-1) - Played 90 minutes. Home to Oxford City (2-4) - Played 90 minutes.
  7. Currently playing Dr. Mario (NES) which is probably the lamest response ever given in this thread.
  8. Hornso

    The Film Thread

    Re-watched Hot Fuzz recently. Such an enjoyable watch. My favourite of the Cornetto Trilogy.
  9. Corona virus patch coming?
  10. Finished Super Mario Kart (SNES). Forgot how much fun it was. Such a simple game but pretty much perfect for its time.
  11. Hornso

    The Film Thread

    Back in my uni days, some weekends my friends and I would stay up all Saturday night drinking and watching the Premier League (midnight kick off for the early game...and yes, we had no lives...). After the games had finished we’d also try and struggle through an episode of 60s Batman which came on at 6am. I’ll never forget one episode, Robin was walking across a piece of grass which was a part of a villains property. Without knowing he stepped into a trip wire unleashing the ultimate evil that was this thing....
  12. Summary from midweek Hogan (SHA) Away at Leicester City [FA Cup] (1-0) - Played 90 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 6.38. Touch count: 25. Walker (Banbury United) Home to Needham Market (4-2) - Played 90 minutes.
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