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  1. 5 goals in 57 minutes for Dortmund.
  2. Summary from Thursday night Hepburn-Murphy (Tranmere) Home to Watford [FA Cup Replay] (2-1 AET) - Unused substitute.
  3. Summary from the Wednesday night Green (Charlton) Home to Fulham (0-0) - Came on after 81 minutes. Did not touch the ball! Whoscored.com rating of 6.00.
  4. Hornso

    Tyrone Mings

    Knew I'd seen it on Twitter somewhere...
  5. Maybe they are worried if they sell Adams, and Ings gets injured (Missed 85 games at Liverpool due to knee injuries) they are left with Shane Long & Michael Obafemi, who have 2 league goals between them this season, and 1 week of the window to get another striker in.
  6. And then they reverted to the mean the next season, which I'm fairly confident will happen to Newcastle too if they keep playing the same way.
  7. One for the "Player's You've Never Heard of" thread for me personally
  8. Hornso

    Dean Smith

    Love that footage. Awesome to see the reactions of Chezzy, Elmo, Conor & Drinkwater (who has been here 5 seconds) also. This game and against Brighton the director hasn't cut back to him until his composed himself and he's standing there stone faced. I was beginning to wonder if he had a pulse
  9. Got deep forward a couple of times and was probably our most threatening player. As mentioned above had a header on target that either side of the keeper would have likely scored and it was his shot that fell to Douglas for the equaliser. His crossing at times was poor, but he's wasn't alone in that regard tonight. Desperately need a threat in the box to aim for as the amount of times we went forward via the flanks and we crossed it into the box with El Ghazi outnumbered 1 v 4 or 2 v 5/6 was ridiculous. Apart from games where we are expected to be on the back foot all game, he has to be an automatic selection ahead of Taylor.
  10. Hornso

    Ezri Konsa

    If it's off an attacking team's player it is whoever gets the last touch, if it's off the defensive team's player it depends whether the shot was on target or not.
  11. Hornso

    Pepe Reina

    He's been great thus far. Looks like the steady head & pair of hands we need at the back for the run in. Also looks every bit the leader Heaton is.
  12. Superb write up. As for the referee, he was the same at Villa Park earlier in the season against Bournemouth so at least he is consistent...
  13. For anyone that's interested: Leicester (A), Liverpool (H), Brighton (H), Man City (A), Liverpool (A), Southampton (H), Arsenal (A), Wolves (H), Tottenham (A), Chelsea (H), Then they finish with: Newcastle (A), Burnley (H), Norwich (A), Watford (H), Man United (A), Villa (H). I'm terrified that the last relegation spot is going to go down to whoever can take 3 points in that final day fixture.
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