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  1. Hornso

    Week 7: Suck for the Duck?

    Arizona, at home, down by 32 at the half. Seriously impressive effort from a professional football team.
  2. Hornso

    Week 7: Suck for the Duck?

    Is that you andykeenan?
  3. Hornso

    Loan watch 2018/19

    Clark (Port Vale) - Played 90 minutes in a 2-0 win at home to Middlesbrough U/21s in the EFL Trophy.
  4. Hornso

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I opened this thread to say that Season 2 has been excellent and you've beaten me to the punch. Quality viewing.
  5. Hornso

    Australian Football

    Arnold's 2nd reign of terror has gotten off to a good start with a 4-0 defeat of Kuwait. Think he's much more prepared for the job this time around.
  6. Hornso

    Loan watch 2018/19

    I don't know. They'd just pulled a goal back to be 4-1 down so they may have been chasing the game? Also he played 90 minutes midweek in the EFL Trophy so maybe he needed a rest? Having read some fan comments apparently they played him at right midfield and fans weren't happy with playing players out of position versus the league leaders.
  7. Hornso

    Loan watch 2018/19

    Summary from the weekend (easy one this weekend) Clark (Port Vale) - Subbed after 52 minutes in a 6-2 defeat at home to Lincoln City. Green (Portsmouth) - Not in squad (Knee injury).
  8. Hornso

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Netted for the Ivory Coast against the Central African Republic.
  9. Hornso

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    Opened the scoring for Egypt against the mighty Swaziland.
  10. Hence the Leeds owner wanting a Premier League 2?
  11. Hornso

    Pre-Match Thread

    He's another I can see us not being able to get rid of. Long contract on good money, we'll probably have to beg a club to take him on loan.
  12. Hornso

    Loan watch 2018/19

    Not certain but I think he's just being managed.
  13. Hornso

    Loan watch 2018/19

    Summary from the EFL Trophy Clark (Port Vale) - 90 minutes in a 1-0 win at home to Burton. Green (Portsmouth) - Not in squad (Knee injury). Lyden (Oldham) - Subbed off at half time in a 4-1 win away to Bradford City. Steer (Charlton) - Unused sub.
  14. Hornso

    Dean Smith

    Encouraged by this appointment. Hope he brings his style of entertaining football with him and gets a decent amount of time to implement it because it might take some time to remove the habits of Bruce ball after 2 years.
  15. Hornso

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Not the best season of Better Call Saul but I thought it finished strongly. Although waiting for another 42 weeks for the next season... I thought Ballers had become rubbish at the start of Season 4 but they've turned it around with the past few episodes. Will stick with it now.