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  • Posts

    • The Randy Lerner thread
      Spending recklessly is exactly the reason we haven't been spending, for numerous reasons. First of all, it meant the club had been bleeding money like crazy, secondly, compounding it with even more spending is madness. "nothing to do with O'Neill", Jesus Christ. Do you also believe that Leeds and Portsmouth went down because of a lack of spending, not the reckless spending that preceded?
    • Carles Gil
      I don't think he's great on the wing, and I really don't think we can play 2 out and out wingers and a man off the striker basically in the free role. I think he's good just off the striker with a licence to roam and do his thing, but we need to sacrifice the wingers to play that way. Basically IMO it's either him with our width coming from Hutton and Richardson, or leave him out and stick on 2 proper wingers to supply our striker. Without actually having 2 out and out wingers (no one on the left) we should play a narrow 4-5-1 with Gil behind Ayew, Westwood/Veretout and Gana in the middle with Sanchez holding, for all their flaws Hutton and Richardson both get up the pitch well and will give opponents something to think about when we need them. It limits our creativity somewhat, but should solidify us and still give us options when we attack
    • The Randy Lerner thread
      I think the best thing Lerner can do is to find a new brains trust who have real football knowledge.  It would also be interesting to hear his opinions of our current plight. Maybe the players would care more about their club if the owner did. 
    • The Randy Lerner thread
      Well yeah you are right the wage bill was a bigger factor than the spending tbf. Randy obviously has no intention of putting his own money in anymore, which is fair enough (though it's shit for us) As far as i'm aware he isn't taking any money out, so I guess it could be worse. He got us into a right mess, and I can't wait for him to finally sell the club whenever that would be. I'm surprised there aren't more ant-Lerner chants at VP. Not for him to sell the club, but just songs of hate.
    • Things you often Wonder
      Paz de la huerta.....sometimes yes .....then no 
    • The Randy Lerner thread
      Based on the above claim that we're not a club that makes a profit, would relegation put us at risk of ever going bankrupt? I mean, income will be down considerably surely. 
    • Jose Angel Crespo
      The best thing about this guy is that every time I see his name I think of Juan Pablo Angel. Perhaps if he got some more playing time I could offer a bit more of an opinion lol.
    • Adama Traore    
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