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  1. Loans of course aren't ideal but if it means we get players so good they wouldn't otherwise be available then it's an easy way to improve the team and improve the chances to stay up. Without loans we wouldn't have made playoffs in 2018. Without loans we wouldn't be back in premier league.
  2. I'd keep Kodjia. I can see him as a sub coming in when we are losing (and we will be more often than we're now used to) and scoring a few goals. He has skills to challenge premier league defenders and create chances for himself.
  3. This is cruel for fans in other European countries! Why do they do that? If it has to be Monday at least later kick off please! Here in Finland it's 5pm which is a an hour better than Norway but I think I have to just close my phone, try avoid hearing the score and watch it in the evening.
  4. Yes he missed a great chance and a penalty but he should start in final. So much better than Green, his movement created chances and he was in right places at right time.
  5. Is he saving the subs for extra time? If he won't change something soon there won't be extra time.
  6. Whelan in to help us control midfield and Kodjia to create something in other end.
  7. Yes it was a foul on Mings but he shouldn't have gambled like that trying to unnecessarily win a free kick. They were going nowhere.
  8. I'd play Adomah. Wasn't great last time but I trust him defensively more than Green. And even when it seems he's not delivering he usually at least tries to do right things and is where he's supposed to be. Whelan or Hourihane is a tough one. Whelan makes more sense in this game but I think Hourihane should always play because of set pieces and goal scoring. While he may not offer anything else he's by far our best option in corners and free kicks and always capable of scoring. I'd probably start him this time. Changing anything else would be just insane. So has to be: Steer, Elmohamady, Tuanzebe, Mings, Taylor, Hourihane, McGinn, Grealish, Adomah, El-Ghazi, Abraham
  9. I'd play same side except McGinn for Hourihane
  10. Nothing reminds you how low Villa has fallen like the view from TV cameras that are way too low. And the team from that stadium is all over us.
  11. I haven't watched replays so I could be wrong with some of the goals, but it seemed to me that even though Nyland was bad, in all - or nearly all - goals a defender made a bad error too. Yet Nyland could have saved them. Meaning that in at least 3-4 goals it was a combination of a defender's mistake and bad goalkeeping. If there was just one mistake per their chance we would have easily won, maybe conceded 1-2 only. There were no wonder goals. The long distance shot was probably worse of them all. No one closed him down until it was too late. This makes it really really frustrating because even with "normal bad defending and mistakes" we would have won. But because of double mistakes every time, we allowed them to score.
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