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  1. I'd play same side except McGinn for Hourihane
  2. Nothing reminds you how low Villa has fallen like the view from TV cameras that are way too low. And the team from that stadium is all over us.
  3. I haven't watched replays so I could be wrong with some of the goals, but it seemed to me that even though Nyland was bad, in all - or nearly all - goals a defender made a bad error too. Yet Nyland could have saved them. Meaning that in at least 3-4 goals it was a combination of a defender's mistake and bad goalkeeping. If there was just one mistake per their chance we would have easily won, maybe conceded 1-2 only. There were no wonder goals. The long distance shot was probably worse of them all. No one closed him down until it was too late. This makes it really really frustrating because even with "normal bad defending and mistakes" we would have won. But because of double mistakes every time, we allowed them to score.
  4. Moreira Hutton, Bree, Tuanzebe, Taylor Bolasie, Whelan, McGinn Grealish Kodjia, Abraham
  5. Next game I'd play: Moreira Hutton, Tuanzebe, Chester, Taylor Hourihane, McGinn El-Ghazi, Grealish, Bolasie Kodjia
  6. I'm from Finland. Because of Enckelman for me it's always what I owe to villa, not what excitement and success villa owes me. I guess it's same with you and Guzan. Seriously, I was watching - and wearing my last year's home shirt, only to change half time to Agbonlahor shirt from the first macron season because that one usually gives me luck -with my 4 month old son. Of course he didn't pay attention football. But anyway, I was going to order him his first Villa kit. But I won't. I'm not sure yet I want to put him through all this.
  7. I still trust in Bruce but ffs stop this nonsense. Change the keeper, play back four of Elmo or Hutton, Bree, Chester, Taylor. Jedinak as DM and we're fine.
  8. Whyyyyyyy he just won't play: Elmo/Hutton, Bree, Chester, Hutton/Taylor, and then Whelan/Jedi and McGinnis in midfield? And whoever of our wingers/forwards. Doing that we'd be in top 2-3 now.
  9. bojong

    AVTV 2018/9

    Yes there is audio. Works fine for me using the mobile app. But can't find it from website.
  10. bojong

    AVTV 2018/9

    Thanks! Now that you said it, I think that's how I found it last time. But now I just see blank video screen saying "currently not broadcasting". It works fine on my phone. I'd just prefer pc as I want to watch Wimbledon-West Ham on my phone because my tv service won't work that well on pc so want it from phone to tv via chromecast. Oh the first world problems.
  11. bojong

    AVTV 2018/9

    Why they make it so difficult to find the stream on desktop version of site? A couple of times a year for whatever reason I need to access avtv by pc - and now trying to find the link to listen to audio - but I've just cannot find it! Where is it?
  12. Like others said, they've improved. Worth to note too that Milwaukee is one of the most challenging NBA locations to build a winner.
  13. mine works on my android phone but not on pc or ipad. strange.

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