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  1. Yeah it wasn't great, but: we were better team against a good opponent, created a couple of good chances, and are not losing. I'm happy with that.
  2. Feels like every week I want to see the players who didn't play last time. And if they play then I want them dropped next time.
  3. Me too. I'm always missing the injured players and ones on the bench. Then when they play I miss the ones they came in for.
  4. Yes it's management's fault we aren't organised in set pieces, but still how can professional footballers be so all over the place?
  5. Would have brought in Hourihane for last minute set piece.
  6. Was Samatta injured or subbed for some other reason?
  7. Our defenders are too careless. I know we want to keep the possession and pass the ball but we take way too many risks.
  8. Really surprised VAR didn't overrule it. Didn't look like a penalty to me.
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