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  1. Konsa and Hourhane are good options against weaker opponents when we have more possession and set pieces. Konsa probably our best centre half passing the ball. But in games like this...no.
  2. Worst half of the season? And we're just one goal down.
  3. Yep. But with Guilbert and Engels we'd be at least slightly less shit
  4. I could be wrong but how I remember it was he was given exactly that role for 10 games or so but didn't deliver. Then was benched and brought back later in the season in more defensive role and was our best player in that role, mostly because he was so calm, moved the ball and never gave it away.
  5. Nauti joka hetkestä. Ja voitto kotiin!
  6. Difference between this and relegation season is that we're playing ok and not getting results. Back then we were mostly lucky when we got points. I'm worried of course but optimistic.
  7. I know most wont be happy, but I think both the result and performance were ok.
  8. Did I remember wrong or didn't we have to wear our third kit at home against West ham once on mid 2000's because none of their kits were different enough from our claret and blue?
  9. Just noticed they have Nicky Hunt on bench. And Jääskeläinen, but that's not Jussi, it's his son.
  10. This. But I'd probably keep Taylor in. He's been okay. Safer than have two fullbacks making debuts same game. If all goes well then introduce Targett in next game. And my bench would be: Steer, Elmohamady, Konsa, Targett, Lansbury, Jota, Davis. Rest El Ghazi and hopefully he'll come back stronger next time.
  11. Clean sheet would be awesome. 1-0 after we creating more chances than them would be really good.
  12. Heaton 8 Elmo 7 Engels 8 Mings 8 - MOTM Taylor 7 Hourihane 6 McGinn 8 Grealish 7 Trezeguet 7 El Ghazi 6 Wesley 6
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