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  1. I think our priority should be strengthening our depth in the defensive area of the park. LB, RB, one CB. Replacing Taylor elmo and Engels. I think we are fine in the middle of the park with Luiz, McGinn, Samson, Nakamba, Ramsey all offering something different, and Jack can cover there as well... plus with carney on the way. I think we splurge again up top, and based on how Dean has us set up I see it being a hybrid forward type, similar to Ollie and Bert... one that can interchange between the front three positions.
  2. 1 progressive pass out of 48 passes from your #10 absolutely kills you.
  3. This comes off as Dean being sensitive to his players psyche more than anything else.
  4. I think whether it’s a lack of effort or lack of fitness is irrelevant... you cannot carry be a successful side in the premier league today without pressing up the pitch and Barkley is severely limiting our ability to do that. He’s giving us nothing without the ball and that’s causing a chain reaction through the middle of the park. His lack of pace and energy means Ollie runs himself into the ground, McGinn and Luiz are constantly outnumbered. On top of that he’s in a creative rut right now. Part of me really feels bad for the guy, but he can act frustrated all he wants... it’s was li
  5. Lacking pace and stamina at the moment, and is a liability when we press. if he’s not going to offer a creative outlet/alternative to grealish then I’m not sure why he’s out there
  6. Paulie

    Dean Smith

    And the fact that the same situation happened in the Juventus Napoli match the same night and it was called a no brainer offsides. I am honestly still in disbelief it happened. Even when the goal went in I was saying to myself “at least VAR will take a look and see he’s offside and chalk it off” and we didn’t even get a video replay/review. Bonkers.
  7. Am I wrong in thinking that we should set Ollie up at the edge of the opponents box, lob balls into the channel, and once the defender makes a touch have Ollie jump him and challenge? that is the same situation no?
  8. Why are pundits saying that this is “how the law is set up”? it most definitely is not how the law is set up, a section of the law is being misapplied.
  9. On his day he’s quite a player and has the physical attributes that you need against the top sides. With that being said, Hause and Konsa have both been more reliable and I feel that Mings has lost his place as an automatic write in to the starting XI, at least in the near term.
  10. Paulie

    Dean Smith

    100th match as manager today. Taken us from 14th in the Championship to currently tied for 5th in the Premier League. Legend. Dean, NSWE, and Jack have revived this club. What a story. You know how they say you never know the good old days are the good old days while you’re in them? Enjoy every second, every twist and turn of this. The most fun I’ve ever had as a fan of sport in my 27 years on Earth.
  11. Paulie

    Dean Smith

    One thing that is flying under the radar, and is something that Dean should be appreciated for maybe over all his other attributes... the culture in the dressing room. he has empowered Jack, Tyrone, and John to lead their own way and it is infectious. You can tell even the new guys like Bert love it here. Traore had a hell of a rocky time at Lyon by most accounts we heard before the transfer, and I believe the culture of infectious positivity and accountability will have compounding returns throughout the club. Long may it continue
  12. yeah I did some more digging does not seem to be the case - disregard.
  13. Paulie

    Dean Smith

    It felt to me like there was a goal to come in the match either way, and I was assuming he was waiting for that goal (either from us or them, both sides were creating chances) to make a midfield sub. either Nakamba or Hourihane. Seemed the trezeguet sub with traore coming on was part of the plan once trezeguet started looking leggy.
  14. We won't have to pay Chelsea anything. I believe his contract ends 5/31/2021. Can sign a pre-contract agreement on a free transfer in January.
  15. commentator was moaning on about how he needs to be more direct, take more shots, thats all bollocks. I do not want him to ever second guess what he is thinking. Appreciate the moments of brilliance.
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