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  1. Would be a welcome veteran addition to a stable and tight knit dressing room. Gives coverage all over the pitch, and is an infinitely better option than Neil Taylor and Elmo at this stage in their careers. just won Serie A with inter for Christ’s sake, and it’s not like he’s coming here to start. Good depth.
  2. I’m pretty **** sick and tired of every article Gregg Evan’s writes having a closing tidbit of “of course all this ambition may be for nothing if City firm up their interest in Grealish and take him”. Shove it up your arse Gregg you either have sources or you don’t, drop the incessant speculation
  3. Unbelievable signing. Not much more to say.
  4. I think we will be seeing us switch between 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 quite often. We’ll need the midfield bodies.
  5. Paulie

    The NSWE Board

    Just for reference, here’s the last starting XI we played before NSWE bought the club. Incredible how far we have come.
  6. Still has not fully sunk in that we got this over the line. What a statement.
  7. If we are able to beat out Arsenal + Leeds and swing Buendia the rest of what happens this window is gravy. We looked like a finely tuned machine when Barkley was firing at the #10 spot. Our ball retention, carrying, chance creation, and pressing will all be improved with Buendia there.
  8. You are what your culture is. Expecting overnight success leads to overnight failure... or did we not learn that lesson last time we were in the premier league?
  9. this means nothing to me FWIW. Might be the truth but they aren’t going to come out and say they have a 100-125m budget, would just hurt them in negotiations.
  10. Going to be a real showdown for him. Don’t know why anyone would be surprised at that, arsenal have been rumored to be in for him from the jump off as well.
  11. villareport so take it with a grain of salt
  12. Was 4th in the premier league in chances created two seasons ago while playing for the side finishing in 20th. was far and away the best player in the championship this year. registered 15 goals 16 assists and a 7.78 whoscored rating - joint highest championship player rating since they began tracking ratings in 2013ish along with Adamas season at Middlesbrough.
  13. There’s quite a bit of smoke here. Really smart to try to pounce while arsenal still have Aouar on the table. what a statement of intent this would be.
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