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  1. It looks that way. - personally I will be surprised if we sign anyone this window.
  2. indeed only 8 people a day die in road traffic incidents in the UK. Even if they all had covid (highly unlikely) its not going to impact on the figures. Much more likely IMO that someone survives longer than 28 days after a positive COVID test - then dies because of COVID. I would agree that the daily figures are much more likely to under report that over report.
  3. One is if you die for any reason within 28 days of a positive test. The other is the total where covid was a contributing factor in the death. For example If you test positive for COVID but then struggle on for 6 weeks before dying you wouldn't be included in the daily govt figures. As a slight aside what goes on a death certificate is often contentious - my dad was admitted to hospital with hear failure, because his heart was so weak he couldn't clear the fluid off his lungs and developed pneumonia. It was pneumonia that went on the death cert.
  4. hippo

    Louie Barry

    Pity theres no way we can get a fish pun out of his name.
  5. Where is @sir_gary_cahill anyway ?
  6. hippo

    Louie Barry

    Plenty of prem players wouldn't have slotted that away tonight. Despite his youthful appearance - he seemed like an old head on young shoulders in the post match interview.
  7. Despite the euphoria - and not taking anything away from any of those lads tonight. But if past indicators are anything to go by - perhaps 1 one of those lads will go on to be a regular for us.
  8. How good must that feel for those 17 - 18 year olds. Whatever - a great memory for them
  9. I'm sticking £100 on us to win. It's only what I would spent at the lap dancing club on a Friday.
  10. Don't forget Liverpool are media darlings. Beating a bunch of 16 year olds 17-0 might not enhance there reputation.
  11. Depends which test you have. The swobs taken by a HCP are pretty accurate. The Boris moonshot/Saliva test are only around 60% accurate (Complete waste of time and money) - Im guessing the players have the former.
  12. Be funny if we really took the mickey and und put our under 7's out.
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