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  1. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Just to point out the average lifespan of a manager is around 2.5 seasons. I don't think we have jumped the gun on many managers. Barring a major slump down the table Smith will start next season.
  2. hippo

    Jacob Ramsey

    Get him some 1st teams games .....before the u23 injury curse strikes...!
  3. hippo

    Micah Richards

    Thing is this was all so predictable when we signed him. You have to look at the fate of the 2 clubs who were stupid enough to meet his wage demands (Villa & Sunderland). He had a poor injury record before villa - (played about 20 games in 4 years) - Man City didn't offer a new contract - neither did his loan club (Florentina) There were enough red flags to give this player a wide berth - let alone stick him on 70k pw contact for 5 years. - We really only have ourselves to blame.
  4. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Its today's word for those that don't rate Smith.
  5. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Theres only so much that can be said in press conferences. I think people read way to much into them.
  6. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Exactly This.
  7. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Not sure - but I would imagine Leeds still view themselves as a big club. Personally I think Villa being a big club is a good thing 30k+ regularly turning up in all weathers to often watch mediocre football - IMO thats an asset in our favour - not something detrimental to our progress. Big clubs do get promoted out of this division - quite regularly
  8. Micah to Celtic ???? maybe our lucks changing !!!!
  9. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Personally I think we should step back a bit. Smith took many plaudits on here (quite rightly) for putting AT at CB, playing Hutton in his correct position - no more square pegs in round holes. But now we want full backs to get forward and Wingers to track back -lets reel it in a bit - get defenders defending, and forward players attacking. Thats not to say a FB can't get forward if the opportunity arrives - but first and foremost he is a defender.
  10. hippo

    Dean Smith

    .....and I am all on my own on this aren't I ?
  11. hippo

    Villa and FFP

    Agreed. I think it will be loans
  12. hippo

    Villa and FFP

    DS has said he doesn't like loans (if anyone is still listening to him!)
  13. hippo

    Dean Smith

    We were I think only 2 or 3 points of the play offs when DS arrived (TBF we are only 5 now). To me though there seems more problems now then when he arrived. Next season without Grealish and Abraham , well I am fearing the worst to be honest.
  14. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Well when successive managers overlook the u23's you have to wonder if they are good enough. Who exactly would you put in the team for the game v Hull ? You can also play the pressing game without every players running at 90mph - thats where accurate passing comes in.
  15. hippo

    Dean Smith

    19 games left - He has won 1 of the last 7 - should he only get 3 more wins out of the remaining games would you expect him to stay ? That said we have Grealish to return - and there will be some meaningless end of season games - I think he will win some of those -so like yourself I think he will start next season.