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  1. Don't think any progress will be made now until May resigns. Its bit like Thatcher wouldn't budge on the Poll tax - her replacement John Major repackaged the poll tax and the problem went away- nobody has tinkered with it since. Its needs fresh impetus and that won't come from May - New Tory leader, pause, deep breath, put a tweaked deal to the country - or some combination of things that TM refused to consider (Red lines) I know its not TMs fault - but a very poor labour run rings around her in the last GE - wasn't it obvious she was out of her depth them.
  2. hippo

    Scott Hogan

    It would stagger and horrify me. Thankfully I think kirsten stewart sitting on my face is more likley than Hogan being our main striker next season.
  3. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Humble pie time for me. Ive put the boot in as much as anyone. But that performance today was totally and utterley top draw ...from defence, to midfield, to attack - at times it was breathtaking Well done DS. Have a good weekend youve earnt it.
  4. All this stems from the right wing press telling us that Cameron and May were great prime ministers, when the reality is they were bang average
  5. hippo

    Dean Smith

    He is winning games ....I will be honest this surge has surprised and delighted me.
  6. hippo

    Scott Hogan

    played 45 minutes last night and was then subbed - for David McGoldrick - who did score. https://astonvilla.vitalfootball.co.uk/official-scott-hogan-loan-update/ scott Hogan played 45 minutes against Brentford on Tuesday night and is still awaiting his first goal for Sheffield United. Hogan was replaced by David McGoldrick who scored the Blades’ second of the game and must be frustrated that his stint at Sheffield bears a resemblance to how things went at Villa Park. The 26-year-old has started all three games since agreeing the loan move in January but has failed to score and has made just one assist. Hogan failed to register a shot on target against Brentford, didn’t create a chance for a teammate and completed only four passes before his substitution. He hasn’t seen much of the ball in Sheffield United colours either, making only 17 completed passes in 226 minutes of Championship football – one-per-13 minutes/6.7-per-game.
  7. Worse thing is he was wearing the zulu logo....I wonder how many morons have ordered theres today. SHA v Villa next season should be behind closed doors.
  8. If they wanted Jovanik they couldnt wait. There would have been much competition from other championship clubs wanting him come the end of the season.
  9. I think they seen a quality manager on the dole (jovanik) and took the opportunity to upgrade their manager.
  10. I don't see it like that - to me they recognise the importance of the manager position and have taken steps to get a better one in - sure they will take the flak in the short term - long term I think its a good move for them.
  11. Personally I think it will jokanvic - if so its more about get a decent manager in, than anything Darren Moore had done. They have seen a better become available, knew they couldn't afford to wait - if they miss out this time they have one of the top managers in the division available for next season - a ruthless but good move if it comes off.
  12. hippo

    Jed Steer

    Agree - but don't see it happening. - further worries for me of the players brought in the jan window only mings looks decent - and he is probably beyond our reach for next season
  13. hippo

    Dean Smith

    A win under trying circumstances - so good enough for me. I thought Green for Albert was a risky move and the end errors from green lead to several attacking moves from the noses.
  14. hippo

    Jed Steer

    isnt his contract up at the end of the season. Can't really see why we busted a gut to get kalinic in at quite a high fee - I can only think the club thought he was really too good to miss - early but Kalinic looks only adequate so far - with Steer looking the better keeper.

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