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  1. Just watching man city in the cup final. Dont think we have anything to fear should we win next monday.
  2. Job done by the skin of our teeth. We will need to better in the final though - thats all that needs to be said.
  3. We dont the new owners that well and I could be totally wrong but the odds point against them getting up to anything sinister 1.They are massivley wealthy - they dont need to shaft aston villa. 2.One has a definite interest in uk football (arsenal fan) - the other is involved in us sports teams 3.there actions so far (keeping grealish, bankrolling the loans of tammy and mings - and fees for one or two others ..all look to be with the best of intentions Worse case scenario this looks like owners copying derbys practice to produce a healthy balance sheet. ...lets hope so.
  4. Depends who you sell to. in the initial deal you sell VP and lease it back - not a problem. But a few years down the line or when the initial lease expires - unscrupulous owners can rack up the rate of rental many times over - you are the royally screwed. This happened to quite a few clubs who took this route.
  5. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Wasnt the big wembley pitch rumbled as a myth ? VP and wembley are in fact similar size pitches..
  6. If we arent 3-0 up after 15 minutes ...I m burning my season ticket !
  7. Just thing about the irony on VT* about playing Derby in the POF After the first legs "Really hope Derby pull a surprise at Elland road - don't want leeds in the final they look a good team" After the 2nd legs "Don't underestimate Derby - they've just bean leeds at Elland road" It almost as though we wanted to play to losers of the other semi final - could they be a poor team as they lost ! * I know some VTER'S wanted leeds all along.
  8. Well smith said they had been working on penalties since qualifying for the play offs - Jedi was brought on just to take a penalty - I reckon smith smith knew his takers beforehand.
  9. not to tempt fate - but when did we last concede more than one goal ?
  10. Think the good run might be overstated.- I don't actually think we have played well since we beat Bristol City. We have 1 win in the last 4 games - and that via a penalty. Out tendency to overplay and squander openings in the final third has been there for a few games - it even happened against poor teams like Bolton and Millwall. I still think Derby in the final is a dream for us - but we need to rediscover that cutting edge - and that would be case whoever we played.
  11. Derby are decent. But youre not going to meet dross in the play off final. Quite simply this is a godsend of an opportunity to return to the prem. They arent on the level that Fulham were last year...the guy who got a red wont be available , ....if are we are to win a play off final - I doubt we will have a better chance than this...
  12. Yeah - do think we need to tweek the selection though. Smith needs to be a brave as he was against Rotherham - down to 10 men - he played 2 up front. Adomah had a stinker at wembley last year - Green couldn't handle the pressure of a semi final - the case for JK starting wide is building for me.
  13. hippo

    Dean Smith

    I could accept that more if was just last night. But this taking lots of extra touches around the penalty area - and slowing the game at the penalty area has been a feature in our game for the last few weeks
  14. He head had gone last night - can't recall him doing anything decent all night. - hopefully he can conquer his nerves - still there is a decent player in there for the future..
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