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  1. hippo

    Steve Bruce

    He's got 4 days to grow a beard or he is out - get those quaker oats down ya Brucie !
  2. hippo

    New Manager Speculation

    If Henry is considered feasible - what about JT as manager ?
  3. hippo

    Steve Bruce

    Wonder what Bruce would look like with a beard ?
  4. hippo

    Steve Bruce

    Have we ever had anyone french at the club who has done anything approaching adequate:- Garde Vertout Didier Six Ginola Henry has got disaster written all over it - sure he has worked with Wenger and has recent WC experience - but look at Ole gunner wotsit, he had all them years under fergie and totally bombed in management.
  5. hippo

    Tony Xia

    I wonder if the new guys are just there to provide finance ? 55% covers there investment - but Xia still runs the club and they have power of veto ? - without a CEO thats how it looks right now (early days I know)
  6. hippo

    Villa and FFP

    Don't think FFP is based on the annual accounts though - its a separate statement they have to submit.
  7. hippo

    Time for a takeover

    Seriously ? crap tits if you ask me !
  8. hippo

    Steve Bruce

    Appointing Henry would be a **** up of RDM proportions - and IMO would hint that XIA is still calling the shots.
  9. hippo

    CEO Vacancy - who's next ?

    Surprisingly we have new owners then - an early appointment of CEO would be good - any ideas who are new overlords will choose ?
  10. hippo

    Steve Bruce

    I don't think we can spend much money due to FFP - at best its a couple @ £3m , free's and loans
  11. hippo

    Time for a takeover

    Executive Chair" generally simply means that the chair of the board is an employee of the company, almost certainly the CEO. "Non-executive Chair" means that the chair is someone not an employee of the company. That person is usually a true independent but may also be a former CEO of the company.
  12. hippo

    Time for a takeover

    Doesn't executive chairman mean he has no voting power ?
  13. hippo

    Time for a takeover

    Ive been scouring the web looking for dirt on our new owners, check bankruptcy cases, deals they have made, business they have been involved with - I have uncovered one piece concerning both owners which may be cause for concern Neither of them are vegetarians !
  14. hippo

    Time for a takeover

    Grealish to Spurs but Levy to villa.
  15. hippo

    Time for a takeover

    This feels a lot better than when Xia took over - which never felt right to me. We know the value of these guys and where the money has come from. Lets hope its as good as it seems...