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  1. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Nobody has said we need a progressive manager for ages !
  2. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Is Smith Learning though ? He seems to have gone a similar route to Lambert - very defensive at the expense of the attacking football he was in part, hired for. So for every ounce of experience gained - is he loosing a couple in confidence ?
  3. I can't be sure - but did I hear that perhaps apart from Grealish and Mings - not many of the current squad are on massive salaries ?
  4. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Sadly that's pretty much bang on. We concede to easily under pressure and it's not improved all season. It might improve in the championship - although I have my doubts.
  5. hippo

    Dean Smith

    It doesn't matter what we think on here - he's most likely going to get the push at the end of the season barring some miracle escape.
  6. I just don't think it's a cut and dried clear division of duties. I've heard Smith what he enjoys is coaching on the training ground. He is happy to concede a degree of control to the sporting director/Dof/susso The next sporting director/manger relationship (job titles may change !) May be different the manager may oversee the training delegating to his coaches the routine stuff (like Mon used to) - he might want a much bigger say / control over transfers. That doesn't mean he has a blank cheque and endless salary bill.
  7. Wtf - chill out mate ! I don't think any manager has players imposed on them. It is the degree of control. Klopp to DOF - get me a proven goalscorer. DOF - got you this Brazilian - scored 11 goals in the Belgium league last season. Told him to be at training at 9 tommorow..... ....
  8. As I said it's the calibre of the people in the positions not what the job titles are We've had Steve Round as DoF - and RDM as manager
  9. You wouldn't get the likes of klopp , poch, mourinho having players brought for them. Granted they probably have scouts and guys to handle the legals etc - make the transfer happen - like I say it depends how good these guys are - not so much what there job title is.
  10. A top manager (to an extent) will insist on a degree of control over transfers. Depends who are next manager is - IMO Id be more concerned with the calibre of the staff than what there job titles are.
  11. Who do you mean by entire structure ?......Susso ?
  12. Yep the actions of our board in the summer will tell us much. Smith was an easy pick -Brentford were never going to put up much of a fight to keep him. Can't possibly see how susso can stay - his position is untenable. A high profile manager might want to choose his own players - so it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Susso wasn't replaced.
  13. hippo

    Dean Smith

    If they go down I would have thought he is 100% to get the boot - the owners at Watford don't mess about.
  14. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Yes if you distance yourself from the fact it's the club you support - the default stance is that relegation usually gets the manager the sack - there's the odd exception - but that's the probable outcome - if we get radio silence after relegation is confirmed you know what's coming.
  15. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Not many managers with 1 win since January - and a probable relegation do survive to start the next season. I understand that Farke at Norwich has such assurances. The position on Smith is less clear . Even John Percy has said that he has only got assurances until the end of the season. I think he's toast myself.
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