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  1. I reckon we will win tommorow ? "Do you want to bet against us ?"
  2. Wonder what he would make of 5 subs and Var ?
  3. Our greatest manager - the type of which we will never see again. Thank you for those years Ron. RIP
  4. We look more solid with him in the team. For me he lacks pace to be a real top notch FB. But for where we are I'm happy with him.
  5. hippo

    Ezri Konsa

    Of course not - he has held his own the games he has played and hasn't let us down - but thats it - He doesn't at this point, look anything that special to me - Engels starts next game IMO.
  6. Said a while back Brighton could struggle - There tippy tappy plays, wins many plaudits - but not many points - they seem to lack thrust up front (Insert Kenneth williams gif)
  7. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Dunno - with the ball bobbling around the utd box as it was for the first 40 mins today - would you not think JK might have got on the end of something ? - But when we are hanging on you want Wesley not Kjodia - the liverpool game showed that.
  8. hippo

    Dean Smith

    The new contract. Well if I have read that he had declined a new contract I would have been more worried - But I must admit I was surprised , for the following reasons:- 1. His existing contract had a good whack to run 2.There seemed no obvious opening for him elsewhere - He wasn't about to be poached (so far as I know) 3.This season could still go horribly wrong. That said with all the shite headlines that have come out of VP in recent years - this isn't the worst move the club have made. DS still learning at this level, but I think he recognises that - He hasn't got stuck into a dogmatic approach - and has subtly changed things as the season has gone on
  9. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Watch the liverpool game - his subs cost us. Since then he has held back with the subs - and we have hung on both times
  10. not really - we changed against Liverpool and arguably those changes cost us - since then we haven't gone gung ho with the changes and have 4pts
  11. First point when we expected none - baby steps I suppose
  12. done - this keeps happening - not sure what the answer is.
  13. Bottom line though - would a fully fit Keinan Davis offer more ?
  14. Blame mings for the goal fair enough - but what about the corners into thin air - the passbacks from the opposition penalty area , the 3 touches when one should suffice - and of course a CF who is nowhere to be seen.
  15. I don't think we have played fantastic - We got our goal - then squandered many situations to hurt Utd. - This is a very poor utd side, we look to have blown our best chance of 3pts.
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