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  1. The theory is you need 60% immunity. Then the the virus wouldn't survive. But there are a lot of assumptions with herd immunity.
  2. Ok - sorry - close thread then mods
  3. Is this right - that Peter Whittingham has passed away after a fall - at the very young age of 35 ? RIP if True.
  4. I don't even know what the strategy is ... Wash your hands and sing happy birthday ...and don't go on a cruise if you're over 70 .......if that works we will be the luckiest nation on earth !
  5. Must admit Boris Johnsons "Many more families will lose loved ones before there time" Wasn't the most inspiring crisis speech - he should be reading up on Churchill s "We will fight them on the beaches " words
  6. I disagree the govts approach so far is self regulation - you want/need rationing do it yourself tescos ....you need security - hire it.... Don't expect the state to bail you out !
  7. It buys them time though - not in terms of lives saved - but enough people will thinks it's a plan
  8. I think Liverpool would prefer to robbed of the title - give them something to bleat about for the next 10 years..
  9. More worrying for me ..is the confidence in the government going:- The govt stated there was no point cancelling sporting events. Yet on Friday event after event was cancelled by the organisers - before the govt sort of admitted defeat.... There hasn't even been a calm down message ..... The idea of bringing retired doctors back / fasting tracking part qualified doctors - remains just a vague idea - zero implementation ! There is next to nothing coming from central govt ....they seem to have left to people lower down to make decisions / take action .. I wonder if they don't do anything they feel they will get less blame.... Wash your hands more often ..and if you're over 70 don't go on a cruise... ....that's our emergency peacetime planning.
  10. Don't underestimate the Tory's - they funded Tax cuts for the wealthy , in an economic crisis and funded by cutting disability benefit. Then blamed it all on immigration !
  11. Im 56 with Asthma - but more worried about my son (22) who also has asthma - but was so ill with flu last year - he was coughing up blood and could even swallow water at one stage.
  12. hippo

    The Film Thread

    How to be a latin lover - Netflix - Hilarious (But I do have a warped SOH)
  13. Chelsea match got to be in doubt now arteta has covid 19. ... ....even behind closed doors doesn't look do able ......all imo of course.
  14. PL matches behind closed doors ? (When not if IMO)
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