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  1. hippo


    There would be less people to give evidence against fergie - due to what he achieved there. Obviously we are judging without full facts from way back to the mid eighties. Personally he always struck me as being a laid back kind of guy - so a bit surprising for me. Wonder if he did anything seriously wrong - or did the club pay off his contract to make the issue go away
  2. hippo

    Wesley Moraes

    Serious question - with no big goal scoring stats in the Belgium league , does he come with a decent reputation ? It would have been better if we had signed another striker with him - so he can be eased in gradually.
  3. hippo

    Wesley Moraes

    2 matches is all we have. My concern was in part based on what I seen pre season - He didn't look anything special to me. Many mitigating circumstances of course - Theres plenty of reason to believe he can improve on his performances so far - but if I am giving an opinion on what I have seen so far - very much a work in progress, with improvement required.
  4. hippo

    Wesley Moraes

    I don't think that it obvious - and depends who you class as midfield. Sure Mcginn looks likley to weigh in with 6 or 7 , Grealish doesn't score as many as his talents warrant , Connor might not even be in the starting 11. Its not only goals its goal threat, and though its early days and haven't seen much goal threat from Big Wes.
  5. Yep - whatever happens this season - we owe him ....and thats from someone who was sceptical about his appointment.
  6. Yep - there probably a good reason they haven't been selected. They were both poor in the final friendly.
  7. I think the only time we carved Bournemouth open was the Mcginn shot - we have some long range efforts - and our hustle and bustle created a few half chances.
  8. hippo

    Keinan Davis

    Id be tempted to start Davis v Everton - his hold up play is comparable to Wesley - and he is better in the air - true he isn't great at sticking the ball in the net - but I think he is worth more than 5 minutes game time -
  9. What concerns me is that we seem to have assembled a team that lacks pace - you could see it yesterday when ever we went forward Bournemouth were ready and waiting for us.
  10. Weve lost our first two - one of which could reasonably expect to win - teams promoted via the play offs have a habit of not surviving - People were chatting relegation/survival prospects before a ball was kicked - so its a reasonable topic imo
  11. hippo

    Dean Smith

    you don't have to be that be that shit in this league though. We went head to head with spurs for 70 mins - on 85 mins we still had point - 2 mistakes in the first 15 today and the other 75 didn't matter. Its very fine margins in this league. we need to cut the errors and put our chances away (easy this management lark ain't it) I think we will improve - Smith will hit on the right formula.
  12. hippo

    Wesley Moraes

    I dunno he seemed to get plenty of the ball - but didn't take up many goal scoring positions to receive the ball. We are perhaps overdoing it because he cost £22m - Trez and AEG were also ineffective. You bet if the transfer window was open until Sep 1 another striker would come in !
  13. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Serious question is Douglass a DM ? ( Ie is that where he has played most of his games) I thought he was - but he looked uncomfortable at the back - but better going forward.
  14. hippo

    Wesley Moraes

    Sadly the above is bang on
  15. hippo

    Wesley Moraes

    I meant proven at this level. Maupay would have made more sense and Wes doesn't seem a massive upgrade on Davis.

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