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  1. Agreed. But he can't be called ever present if he missed 11 games. That's the point I was responding to.
  2. Wasn't quite an ever present - he had just returned from injury when we brought him.
  3. Well that escalated quickly !
  4. Does this automatically get posted before every game
  5. hippo

    The NSWE Board

    It doesn't really need to take that much time though. We've gone from mid table championship to mid table prem in 3 years mainly on the back of huge investment in the playing side. If that investment continues then we will continue to climb - perhaps not as fast . The hard work starts now. The problem is now you see less return on you're investment.another £200m might get us 6th - 8th ! The big danger now is the investment in the playing side dries up or slows down. And without that investment we will stagnate or even go backwards. No matter how many 16 year olds we buy.
  6. Thanks - so between 2 and 10 years. So probably nothing imminent
  7. hippo

    Louie Barry

    Genius posts guys ! Imo Barry is older today than he's ever been
  8. I don't profess to have the answers, but the question has to be asked is the "call out racism" actually making it worse ? Are you just giving airtime to attention seeking morons ?
  9. ....and it continued .... Henderson on !
  10. Have we heard anything beyond "there are no immediate plans for villa park redevelopment" ?
  11. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Enjoy it. I tend not to look at the bigger picture any more. I just go down the villa hoping to see a good game of football - and of course a villa win.
  12. Thought it was just me. I thought it was poor - was it ever explained why the arch baddy wanted to wipe out civilisation and Bond ? It was painfully long - and I just stopped caring towards the end.
  13. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Ok - I will explain. Sometimes we have played really well and good results. Other times we have played not so good and got poor results. I think we will be a little inconsistent as DS tries various formations and selections.
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