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  1. That won't bother Man City who probably don't plan on him starting every week . Might even appeal to Jack given that he has injury time out each season.
  2. I can see it now:- Nick1974 "I want the truth god dammit" Limpid "you can't handle the truth"
  3. Never totally convinced about him at prem level. But his stats alone should command £20m. We could regret letting AEG leave for £10m imo.
  4. Villa talk running out of letters. It's a letdemic !
  5. Feck me - never mind the missing 'E' those feckers have no heads - were doomed !!!
  6. Id like a photo of that !!!!!
  7. Ah that explains everything. Grealish would be on the left.
  8. Seriously ?? - its all kicked off in the last couple of hours - re read the thread.
  9. nope - I'm hanging onto Craig from big brother words !
  10. In all seriousness if true - that's seriously bad news. Clubs don't bid unless they think they have good chance of closing the deal
  11. I seen a ska band called 'Rattle Snake Jake' at a festival in Romsley - think they are the same band ? (Craig from big brother wasn't there - just sayin)
  12. 20 years later - out of the blue he pops up on a VT thread - he must have some agent !!!!
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