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  1. Again wrong. Villa have no big reputation as troublesome fans. The increase in crime on matchdays was driven by car crime - that was the findings of the report. Read the report.
  2. People have been saying that for years. But if anything in terms of development Aston is getting worse. Stumps and the sports and leisure centre have long gone. As far I know replaced with nothing. It's difficult to see anything getting of the ground there.
  3. Not true - VP matchday crime is higher than most. There's an official west midlands police report concluding exactly that. Google it if you don't believe me.
  4. Yeah - there needs to be one massive incentive to park your car in Aston. !!!!! I used to work for a local authority concerned with economic regeneration. There was a considerable school of thought that once an area had got so deprived it was nigh on impossible to bring it back. Pretty much as you say impossible to get people to visit Aston on non match days
  5. My point still holds. Aston is a high crime area. I also think there is limited potential for commercial development due to this. Many ideas have been put forward over the years - but even a shopping mall couldn't get off the ground (not villa related I know).
  6. Exactly. Chile with a high vacination rate are experiencing a 3rd wave. We just don't know. My unscientific guess is that summer will be ok. But autumn could see an uptick in cases.
  7. Maybe. Not sure if we are ready to pack 40,000 people within touching distance of each other just yet. .... No doubt someone will produce a link to article stating that covid doesn't spread in sporting arenas - but the point still holds. I think the season ticket might well be a different format for next season at least.
  8. Check the crime facts for that area if you want a scientific answer. Anything else is anecdotal. Local schools were opened as secure parking at one point. That area is crime central.
  9. I would - I could forgoe the sentiment factor knowing that I'm not running the crime gauntlet everyone I walk back to my car.
  10. hippo

    Dean Smith

    We can barely win a game without Grealish. Where else is that replicated.?
  11. I think I'd rather have a new stadium. Let's face the current location is the armpit of the earth. With car vandalism rife on matchdays/nights.
  12. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Well there were strong rumours he was on the brink - In the end the Chelsea game was postponed and the country descended into chaos with lockdowns etc.
  13. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Your probably correct. But owners and CEOs see things differently to supporters. If this form continues until the end of the season the question will be asked though.
  14. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Agree. But one win 8. Is disastrous form. Barring a Grealish return how many wins do you see from the last 8.? Not saying he will go - but the question might be asked more loudly should he only win 1 or worse 0 of the remaining games.
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