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  1. hippo

    Are Dreams Significant ?

    Very similar got my degree in 1998 as a mature student. In the dream I have sort of skipped a few lectures - then return just before the exams to realise I have missed loads and I am totally screwed - Weird as I scarcely missed a lecture or an assignment due date ! in 5 years !
  2. So if 20 MP'S are publicly against May and presumably the deal on the table - then even if she survives - she can't hope to get the deal past the house of commons ....unless:- Once the EU bless the deal - there becomes an end game in sight - maybe not the end many wanted - but can they all sigh and move the political agenda on If they oust May - will the Tory party stomach a right wing brexiteer , Mogg, Johnson , etc - and a no deal Brexit ? Could labour ride to the rescue and consider the May deal better than a no deal - or would they be unable to resist toppling the tories - ? even if Labour went on to win a GE (and thats an almighty if) would they be able to put anything other than the May deal re worded on the table an unholy mess - perhaps it will only end when there is a will to end it - a bit like a military conflict there comes a point when everyone just says "end it" - and we dig ourselves out of where ever we are
  3. hippo

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    No it was a guy of Asian appearance
  4. Id knock the back out of that Penny Mourdant though
  5. hippo


    With all the current uncertainty and seemingly endless stream of changes keeping two pensions going might spread the risk ? I didn't transfer all my my 20 odd years into the NHS pension - And I am glad I didn't - as the older pension have relaxed the rules so I can take it now (with a penalty) - where as the NHS scheme has racked up the pension age to 67
  6. Gotcha - makes sense. BJ would obviously stand in such an election - but who would oppose him ? - somebody more from the centre of the Tory Party ? - Hammond ?
  7. Why would everyone be called back to parliament for a no confidence vote in the tory leader ? - as I understand it there is no vote as such - if they receive more than 40 odd no confidence letters - a Tory leadership ballot is triggered - they wouldn't be that far down the line this afternoon - we don't even know who stand in such a ballot
  8. hippo

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    I have rediscovered my enthusiasm for boxing of late - so much so me and my lads went to the Amir Khan fight in Birmingham in September. (Great Night) - I wonder if anyone could answer the following about that night. The big screens flashed up a close up on someone in the crowd - and everyone started booing - who was he and why were people booing ?
  9. hippo

    Are Dreams Significant ?

    I mean I know some are - like if you have been digging a hole or day - then you dream of digging a hole, I can see the link. But what about when you have a typically ordinary day - but then dream you're a fighter pilot flying over Iraq ? - is there always a link, but you just can't see it ? or are they just wacco jibberish ? Do dreams serve a purpose ? - do we ever not dream ?
  10. hippo

    The Concert/Gig Thread

    Any more on thew Kinks reunion / tour ?
  11. The only party openly remain is lib dem - who are doing poorly in the polls I voted remain - and would still like that to happen. But I don't see how it possibly can - you can't keep offering referendums until you get the answer you like - there would have to be massive surge in support for remain, like 70-80% - much as I wish there was - I don't believe there is ....
  12. If Teresa May didn't need to get it through the commons - you would probably be looking at quite a different set of proposals Without wishing to defend TM - I don't believe there is a good deal to be had.
  13. I think at the minute its a job no one wants - no one wants to be the PM when we crash out of Europe - other than the hard Brexit tories , who may not win a leadership election.