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  1. hippo

    Scott Hogan

    Yes - we would be one of the richest clubs in europe if that were a thing !
  2. Thats how I see him - whilst I can't dispute kiwi's stats - he seemed to give the ball away numerous times v Brighton.
  3. The 3 home wins I could just about see. But 3 more home draws I'm not seeing. 6 on the road looks a big ask - we just can't see out games under pressure.
  4. hippo

    Dean Smith

    What are you seeing in Nakamba over say Lansbury, O Hare, Doyle Hayes - who may all get better with a bit of coaching. Touch and go Nakamba would cut it in the championship TBH.
  5. hippo

    Dean Smith

    I wonder if the "we got promoted a year early" will save Smith - with the owners expecting a swift return should we go down.....and better next time we are promoted ?
  6. It would seem to me that newly promoted teams lack the toughness in a relegation fight - that seasoned strugglers have. Look how often we survived in the last few years in the prem despite churning out some shite performance s
  7. You always think you need more. 36/7/8 would give us a good chance of staying up IMO
  8. Really ??? - we are touch and go when playing teams around us - everyone else beats us ! - whilst panic is the wrong word - there is a distinct and real possibility we are going down.
  9. Were running out of relegation rivals.
  10. Every time I watch Brighton (which isn't often granted) they always to lack up front.
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