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  1. hippo

    Wesley Moraes

    Just one difference I would note - Benteke always looked strong. Wes doesn't.
  2. I wasn't - reminded me of us under Houllier. Easy on the eye - but limited clout. Lots of sideways passing - but for a supposedly eastablished prem team - they have won only 2 games ....easy to see why. They will be down there this season.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if Brighton are down the bottom this season. Sure they retain the ball well and it can be easy on the eye.however they lacked any sort of punch. The goal they scored was from a free kick - after that they caught us on the counter a few times. Great and deserved 3 points for us. What we are seeing with VAR - is that watching incidents on TV with replays / slow Mo produces a different set of decisions than a bloke on the pitch observing the game live. Which set of decisions are we going to use ? At the moment we are trying to use both.
  4. Really ? - I think he looks a bit of a fairy to be honest. All footballers are talented at this level. Brighton are one of the lesser lights in the prem. He will have tougher openonents in the coming weeks.
  5. Hmmmm - I think defensively he is pretty poor. There no 20 was strolling past him today.
  6. hippo

    Tyrone Mings

    I think Mings totally fell in love with the Villa. I remember seeing him signing autographs when he had a ban last season - you could just tell he wanted 'in' - hook line and sinker.
  7. Play it before the game Play if After the game Play it in the summer - I think the interest level and attendances will be much the same. No one is interested.
  8. hippo

    Tyrone Mings

    Really think he would have been better ignoring it. Giving them publicity promotes there platform and warped cause IMO.
  9. I don't mind women playing football- but I hate the branding and it being forced upon us and it sort of piggy backing onto 'Football' - You say Chelsea and City had 20k ? - why is that ? - IMO - its because the male football teams of those clubs have been pretty successful in recent times - ask yourself how many Sunderland or Even our Aston Villa females draw ???
  10. If they stop forcing it on people it will die. It just isn't and probably never will be a popular spectator sport. I wish people would accept that. Women's tour de France has gone down a similar route and is now just annoying.
  11. FFS no. I hate this piggy backing onto the main event. If the product is good enough people will turn up watch and pay. The fact that they don't in any great numbers speaks volumes. Not against women playing footy - good on em - but it should stand alone.
  12. hippo

    The Film Thread

    Yeah seen it too - fantastic movie
  13. thought he was great today.
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