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  1. hippo

    Dean Smith

    And if DS can't do that on a regular basis where does that leave us ? - Obviously our bright start has lifted expectations. Personally any lower than top half will be a disappointment.
  2. hippo

    Dean Smith

    I'm just pointing out Leeds didn't have a shot hacked off the line by a desparate clearance.
  3. hippo

    Dean Smith

    Come on - how many shots did Leeds have kicked off the line ???
  4. hippo

    Dean Smith

    I thought we were easily the better team against leeds
  5. hippo

    Matty Cash

    Looks to lightweight to me. Early days - but I'm not yet convinced.
  6. We've won 7 league championship s 7 fa cups , ,5 league cups - all in front of big crowds . I think the £200m investment on players has more to do with us winning games. If we still had Lerner - we'd have steer in goal and certainly not £28m Watkins up front....that's the difference.
  7. Seriously has his value doubled already ???
  8. 2nd in the League - 4 wins out of 4 , quality players all over the pitch..... .......Its just not the same anymore ............
  9. I voted him MOTM - seems to step in with vital interceptions - or a pass/run out of trouble when we most need it.
  10. How many good players do we have now ? - seriously all the years we have struggled with maybe 1 - now we seem to have 5 or 6. Unsung heroes tonight Mcginn (several vital tackles) and Martinez
  11. don't like that sub - leaves cash exposed imo
  12. Might be Tabbo - but Cash looks to be struggling a bit tonight.
  13. In terms of Aston Villa this season whether Freddie goes on loan to Bournemouth or not is of very little consequence either way.
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