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  1. I've just landed from Dublin for todays game, here's hoping it's not called off.
  2. Two stupid free kicks to give away which led to the two goals, what in hell was mings at?? Ridiculous
  3. Two gone off injured for Leicester now, Vardy and Mendy.
  4. Get the f**k in, I just broke my S9 throwing it up in the air as we scored. Mahoooosive win.
  5. He has an insta story up too with a swollen jaw so could be correct.
  6. Sign him up, we would of won today with him in the team.....
  7. Sign him up, what else have we got. Ooooooh Christian Benteke
  8. If he was on that pitch yesterday he would of smashed that peno that might of gave us some hope of a draw.
  9. Would Mcginn or grealish or **** someone not injure that useless prick Wesley.
  10. My late father was a Leicester fan, the only one we know of from where I am from in Ireland so this is a special game for me now we are back in the prem. If we got a draw it would be a good result and would see us go into a favourable run of fixtures with confidence. Hopefully the sad news of Rons passing can spur us on that bit more along with the fans. Let's go 2 1 to the villa. Up the Villa.
  11. Can we please sell Wesley. Have to replace him in Jan.
  12. Put two on the f****n posts in the last kick of the f*****n game and it's a draw f**k sake. Was John Terry on Tinder for the corner or what, sorry for the language but my god.
  13. OMG Only seeing this now! Disgraceful, ban the lot of the brain dead fools. Name and shame also if they can. Disgraceful!!
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