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  1. Yep, he took a while to settle which is to be expected but after 20 mins or so he looked ok, he wont be playing there in the next qualifier Id imagine. He got much needed minutes in which was good for him. Had a very good game in the middle in the previous game and should be given a chance tonight.
  2. A new podcat just after starting over here in Ireland guys, give it a listen and promote it. For the Love of Paul McGrath https://www.facebook.com/pg/For-The-Love-of-Paul-McGrath-102722474425588/about/?ref=page_internal https://twitter.com/McFortheloveof
  3. Needs to improve an awful lot, last two performances were shocking. I do wonder will Smith ever bring him off when having a bad game as he was the worst in our mid today I thought. Should of scored that header too. Hopefully next week will see him regain some form.
  4. We need quality off the bench in games like this and that we don't have. I don't think Kodija would of made a difference today either. I've a feeling it could be a long few months till the January window but I hope I'm wrong.
  5. Surprisingly most of the pundits have a Villa win, nice to see in our 2nd game back in the prem. I am also going for a win but I don't see it being a stroll in the park by any means, 2 1 Villa with big Wes getting off the mark.
  6. Jack will have a good season but I think it will take him a few games to get into his rythym, hopefully he wont dwell on not getting rid of the ball on sat in the lead up to the second goal. Saturday will be a better game for him and the team to show what they can do in the Prem.
  7. Let him on, just like Henry cellers made the BBC we made benteke. Fook him no player is bigger than this club!!!!
  8. What is being said mate??? One guy "AVFCMysteryMan" tweeting that he will not be at villa next season, that villa fans are mad to think he's staying, that Arsenal and Spurs have spoken to Villa and Benteke's agent, that a 25m bid will land Benteke and that Villa are now looking for replacements. Thanks mate, don't really believe it tbh, arsenal now have higuain, bale not looking like leaving the spuds, hopefully he will stay. Direct replacement...........banan????
  9. barryvilla


    Oooooooooooooh lock it up
  10. barryvilla


    Oooooooooh Santi cazorla
  11. barryvilla


    What a miss and why didn't he just stay onside!!!! Goal before half time for the gooners and were laughing
  12. barryvilla


    Ooooooooooh Santi carzola
  13. barryvilla


    Get in Southampton

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