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  1. hogso

    Persona 5

    Persona 5 Royal has a UK release date of 31/03/20. It'll have 2 extra 'main' characters, an extra school term, and a bunch of other features - in a similar vein to P3 FES and P4 Golden. I've also seen reference to a digital 'ultimate edition' which includes P4 Golden, which is a massive if that really does mean it's playable on PS4, as it's currently only on VITA/PSTV.
  2. Oops. Better post OT. Full of Hell and Jenny Hval released great records, as they always do.
  3. It was December 2012, with Michio Kurihara, around the time of the Joe Volk split who was on the tour too. Set list was; Huge, Rainbow, Pink, Vanilla, Statement, Angel, Cosmos, Flood At the time Angel was unreleased and had this almost mythical status in their live sets (kinda like Lightning Bolt's Horsepower, which they played for years but never released), but the highlight was undoubtedly Flood. It was like a religious experience or something. Sick, see you there. I'll be in front of Wata.
  4. I'm going to Leicester, I don't think anything can top the last time I saw them (Flood!), but they are playing Boris on this tour, which will be a nice novelty.
  5. hogso


    In short, no. It is incredibly slow paced and clunky. There aren't fights all the time. There isn't an interesting central narrative offset with mad side quests. Shenmue's gameplay is far closer to a walking simulator. That said, Yakuza definitely is a spiritual successor to Shenmue, its what drew me to the original game on PS2
  6. Always lowest playable league in England for. Leamington Spa this year. At this point, having played various iterations of FM that way for so long, anything else feels like cheating.
  7. Intriguing teaser. It looks very, very good, with the use of VR and the gameplay being a match made in heaven. Plus it's undeniably Half Life. I wonder if it's very short in length, though?
  8. hogso


    I don't think anyone who was looking forward to this seriously expected this third game to finish the story. Yu Suzuki has made lots of noises about wanting to carry on the story way before the release date arrived. I think for Shenmue fans it's probably a 7 or 8 out of ten. For anyone else it's incredibly hard to recommend, the pace of the game alone is obscenely slow, even for modern walking sims, you'd give it probably a 3/10 for anyone who hasn't played Shenmue before. What I find, mad, and utterly brilliant, is that graphics aside, this exact same game could have come out a couple of years after the second one, of history had taken a significantly different path. Perhaps plus some proper Sega arcade cabinets!
  9. hogso


    I'm actually playing Shenmue 3. Staggering. Not the game, just that statement. There has been absolutely no effort to improve the voice acting work. I'm very pleased by this carefully considering design choice (???)
  10. I have to admit that it scratched the itch sufficiently for me, I'd really love to get back in to it properly, but there's no way I have enough time. The mobile version is fine, for the money.
  11. Rumours suggest it's set between the first and second games - it's definitely not HL3 in any way. If it can make a statement as to the use of VR, though, in a similar way that HL2 did with it's physics and the way it told it's story, it's potentially very exciting. I'd be awfully surprised if it is anything that interesting, however.
  12. I've got some store credit, so this year FM Mobile has been a day one purchase. Fortunately there's a few little features which I really appreciate, and make the game much better than the last two years - namely the introduction of reserves / U23 teams and their associated competitions.
  13. Was one version the beta (or even alpha), and the other the full release perhaps?
  14. hogso


    Currently patiently waiting for my download code from the kickstarter...
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