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  1. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    Yeah, his achievements in Japan shouldn't be forgotten. First gaijin heavyweight champ, broke Inoki's win streak, won the Triple Crown in AJPW too, and had loads of tag team success. Pretty much the archetype for what Japanese fans expected from an American wrestler for many years to come (maybe a bit harsh on Stan Hansen), even during NJPW's dark days when they put the strap on Big Bob Sapp. Watch anything you can from him during '89 to '93, the way the guy moved for a dude his size should be seen to be believed.
  2. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    G1 Climax blocks have been confirmed - Omega, Ibushi and Naito in block B! With Okada, Tanahashi and Suzuki in block A. I'll always root for Sanada to be the break out star in the G1, but if you look at his block (B, which also includes Ishii, Goto, ZSJ as well as the previously mentioned) I can't see him doing great. Which is a shame. I've thought the same for the past three years now, but, maybe next year.
  3. hogso

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    This is the main reason I like it so much.
  4. hogso

    Cyberpunk 2077

    This looks pretty cool and tbf
  5. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    Meltzer on the latest WOL was talking about going back to watching WWE after the latest NJPW events, and how large the gap is becoming. With the G1 on the horizon too, where there's going to be multiple 5 star matches every week that gap is going to get better, and soon. Plus, the new CEO of New Japan is going to hit western expansion hard, and soon. Of course, WWE won't really care, as they're in the money now thanks to their latest deals.
  6. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    This past weekends Dominion 6.9 - the greatest wrestling show ever, main evented by the greatest wrestling match of all time in Okada v Omega IV? Possibly. If you're not into NJPW at all, make sure you at least watch Naito v Jericho for the IWGP Intercontinental title.
  7. hogso

    *spoilers* The Walking Dead *spoilers*

    Excuse the pun, but those fears I had about Gimple taking over as show runner for FTWD were well and truly realised with this week's mid season finale. Utter shit shower, where on earth does it go from here?
  8. hogso

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    How far into season 2 are you? I'm on episode 7, and it doesn't let up. Probably my favourite show since Line of Duty.
  9. hogso

    New Music 2018

    Any fans of The Caretaker (British ambient artist who uses a lot of field recordings and such (aka. V/VM although that's more noise))? I've listened to the latest stage of 'Everywhere at the End of Time' this week, and it is beyond bleak ie. very good indeed. He released an album a few years ago called 'An empty bliss beyond this world', with the concept being Alzheimer's patients being able to remember specific songs, and then the places they heard them and how they felt, from their youth around and after the WWII period. He's one of the few ambient/dark ambient artists who reminds me of Propergol, a French noise project which (amongst other things) produced an album around the concept of a commercial airliner in flight, from preparation, to take off, to experienced turbulence, to landing (Ground Proximity Warning). It's fascinating.
  10. hogso

    E3 2018

    The juxtaposition of the brutal nature of a lot of the game, along with some really 'nice' moments are what made TLOU so memorable, I think. Particularly THAT moment for those who have played it. I honestly didn't like the gameplay very much, but I did like the way the world was built, and the writing was terrific. You're right though, it's a fine line and if it's poorly judged it may not come off very well when playing it. You should definitely play TLOU on PS4, it's in sales quite often and I can imagine it being PS+'d at some point.
  11. hogso

    Death Stranding

    The gameplay, for what little is shown here, gives off a survival horror vibe more than anything else.
  12. hogso

    E3 2018

    An unwanted prequel which was arguably better than the original game. It remains to be seen if dontnod have learnt from that, as they didn't actually develop it, but I'm quite happy to play a second 'season' or whatever the **** it'll end up getting called.
  13. hogso


    Anyone given it a go? Dontnod put out come very decent stuff, this looks more Remember Me than LiS, and although flawed I did enjoy it. Not taken the plunge with this yet though. Recommended?
  14. hogso

    E3 2018

    I only care about FFVIIR news. Confirm it's in three parts, show a new trailer, admit it won't be ready for three years, whatever. I just want something.
  15. hogso


    I did Two Castles today too. That's a great time, I imagine you'd knock that minute off on a flatter course, somewhere like Draycote Water perhaps.