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  1. I really appreciate a good ladder climbing animation. Any ladder, in any game, I am there to determine if A ) one can climb it, B ) if it is an auto climb or manual climb, C ) the quality of the animation), D ) if there is any danger of falling and perhaps most importantly E ) how long it is. There are some really good examples, and really terrible examples. Whether the ladder is great or not though, I appreciate it, and really lament those ladders in games which you can not climb. I think this particular perversion for started for me with Metal Gear Solid. Some of my favourites are from MGS3, GTAV and Last of Us. Great, great ladders.
  2. You can go and see the original two Evangelion movies (Death (True)2 (to me it's still called Death & Rebirth) followed by End of Evangelion) at Odeon and Showcase cinemas on 11th and 14th November as a double bill, both of which have the original English dub. Which is a good thing, cos it's a great dub, and you'll get to hear Spike Spencer's piercing death scream in that scene. More info here; NEON GENESIS EVANGELION which also gives info on the Ultimate Collector's Blu Ray set which features both dubs and as well as both sets of subs for the original Japanese! Pretty cool, although rather controversial as they could not license 'fly me to the moon' for the end credits, same as the Netflix release.
  3. Ah, Dragon Age. I was so gay in those games. Responsible for simultaneously my favourite and least favourite VT memories. When DA2 was announced, I created a thread called 'ELF BUMMING SIMULATOR 2'. It's name got changed of course, but I was given the honourary custom user title of 'Elf Bummer'. I was happy. Some time later I did something slightly naughty, and my custom user name was removed. I was very, very sad.
  4. I’d sit down for a week or two, and watch every episode of Grand Designs ever, and decide which single home is my favourite. I’d go to the architect and say ‘I want that, but more.’ I also quite like the idea of having some sort of business on the high, or a collection of them…video games, board games, coffee, records, books, sushi…imagine the best Waterstones ever. It would haemorrhage tens of thousands of pounds a week, but it wouldn’t matter of course. In fact, for locals or those who know it, perhaps I’d buy the Ropewalk in town and kit it out with various units like those listed above, seeing as council is doing SUCH A GREAT JOB OF THAT, YEAH I’D KICK THE JOB CENTRE OUT TOO
  5. Despite the general malaise towards DLC, and rightly so, if it's purely cosmetic items (not including loot crates of course), I don't think the option for those players who can afford it and want to buy the stuff, for whatever reason, is too bad. What I do want to mention though is the particularly egregious example of DLC in a game I'm playing at the moment - Tales of Arise. For anyone familiar with the Tales series post PS2 / Gamecube era, you'll know it has a bit of a history with DLC. Unfortunately Arise takes it to entirely new levels. Not only are there the 'standard' overpriced costumes, but you can also pay to cheat, effectively. You may, should you be so inclined, to pay over and over again for as much in game gold and levels as you want. If that wasn't bad enough, there are abilities locked behind DLC too. Pretty shitty, right? Well, every time you camp in game (imagine your basic save spot before a dungeon where the party can chat and you can cook meals for certain buffs) there are massive, blinking, red banners about DLC which is available, and there are icons in the menu everytime you open it. As well as on the title screen. A really bad look for Bandai Namco. It's safe to say that their repeated use of such, ahem, techniques in the Tales series is indicative that they must make a shit load of money out of the sales of it. Which is really sad.
  6. For many reasons, despite my initial excitement at the announcement of this, I never did purchase it - until last week. £29.99 from Smyth's Toys. Obscenely good value, let's go renegade FemShep.
  7. May I introduce you to Sunn0)))
  8. They actually get on as well as fans of opposing clubs in the same league can really, something to do with the anti villa love in, and Cov's run playing at the Sty. My family are split pretty much 50/50 Villa and Cov, the Cov half are giddy at the moment, and can't really believe the table when they look at it. For what it's worth, in my experience of Cov fans in the last few years, their hatred of us has lessened and been superseded by that of Leicester. Being local and divisional rivals, and then one club going on to win the Prem will do that, I guess.
  9. I've been quite tempted to pick up the PS2 classics version of the trilogy from PSN from time to time, just for some nostalgia. I'll be buying this, I guess it'll be a full price release, with trophy support, updated graphics, maybe some updated UI features and the driving model and pedestrian AI from GTAV for all the games? Kind of a shame the 'Stories' games aren't included, to make it a proper retrospective for that era of GTA games - perhaps they'll be a bit further down the line.
  10. Ah yes, Resident Evil, that bastion of seriousness
  11. Team Asobi? They're a standalone studio now, rather than simply part of Sony's Japan Studio, broke away a few months ago - still very much a first party studio for Sony though of course. I just had a look on their website, and they're advertising for various job roles, programmers, artists, designers, the lot really...also include language courses and relocation support for overseas applicants, so there must be something in the pipeline. Something big hopefully! I know the VR Astrobot game had a rep for being the best VR game on PS4, but I never played it. I'd be kinda disappointed if it was for PSVR2 on PS5, but wouldn't be too surprised either.
  12. Oh, and one thing that has really pissed me off. I mentioned that I'd started playing Tales of Arise on PS4, and it was making my Pro sound about as loud as my hoover, so I'm thankful that the PS5 has arrived so I don't have to play it with a headset on. So I quite happily install the free PS5 upgrade, as I have for a few other games too, but find when I open it up that it wants me to start a new game. OK, I think, maybe it's like FF7R, and despite doing the data transfer, I need to boot up the PS4 game on the PS5, and transfer the save within the game. No dice. So I've had to start the game again to be able to make the most of the PS5 upgrade...which I do want to make use of, as the performance mode with faultless 60FPS is awesome. And speaking of the FF7R save file transfer, I did do that as I don't really want to spend the time with a brand new save, and it gave me an instant Platinum for the PS5 version. As someone who does try to go out of their way to accrue trophies, especially on games I like, it really felt like cheating.
  13. You'd think there was a lot more scope to do more things like (mild Astrobot spoilers follow, if you don't have a PS5 yet and intend to, you may wish to avoid the following as it's a nice surprise) I also didn't see any Net Yaroze references, although I could have missed one, as there are a lot! You could probably integrate the whole library in to the game. I still have my old OPM demo discs with the games on, there are some proper gems - or at least I thought so at the time, i may think differently if I were to remove my rose tinted glasses. I did think it was pretty cool to have whole little games for free though, and there was also an air of mystery around the black playstation, and the people who made the games.
  14. Yeah, you should. The dub is like a throw back to the majority of 90s anime. Truly awful.
  15. It arrived this morning, CF1116A model for those interested what's being shipped in the UK now. I've been mostly installing / updating and such, although I have spent some time with astrobot, which is just a delight, isn't it? Tech demo, but with a full game feel, along with all the nostalgia that comes with the level design and collectables. Good fun. Thanks to the PS+ collection I finally get to play God War 2018 too.
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