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  1. Pretty incredible DF video here, at least, if you weren't already aware of just how detailed, and impressive technically, this game is.
  2. hogso

    General Chat

    Ah, go on. It's only a fourer now.
  3. Capcom's recent financial report referred to DMC 5 as an indisputable success, so here's hoping that they reboot some other old IPs. Would love to see a next gen Dino Crisis (plausible) or Breath of Fire (less so).
  4. hogso

    General Chat

    When I see posts with three different reactions, I like to add a fourth different one. This is what I like to call a 'fourer'. Rarely, I'll find a fourer in the wild, which will enable me to add the one remaining post reaction, and make it a 'fiver'. I accomplished this task just now, on the post below, in the Tony Xia thread (other football). The aesthetic of a post displaying all five post reactions pleases me greatly. Even if the one I add to a threeer or a fourer doesn't make any sense. Case in point, the Tony Xia post above. I had to add the Cry reaction to make it a fiver. Why would that post make someone cry! "How odd", the poster will think. This also pleases me.
  5. Now be fair. His grasp on basic English grammar is far superior.
  6. hogso

    Ni no Kuni

    Possibly. I do tend to bang on about games I enjoy on here, and I've enjoyed the Persona series since P3 FES, which I remember digging out my ps2 for, cos I got it at the back end of 08, not long after it was released. Sometimes my excitement and persistence will work, with games like this, Persona and SARPBC/Rocket League - but sometimes it won't with games like Valkyria Chronicles and Forgotton Anne. My current crusade is Legend of Heroes - Trails of Cold Steel, which is very similar to Persona, but is a much harder sell as it's way slower paced. I'm not sure where NNK would stack up in my all time favourites list. I'm pretty sure I could name 5 JRPGs I liked more than it though, so on that basis...maybe it'd be top 10, or 20?
  7. It's the only version I've had for the last couple of years. It's a bit like going back 20 years in terms of gameplay, considering how stripped back it is. Not necessarily a bad thing, the game itself works fine, and isn't slow (on my last 2 phones at least). It does seem to be a lot easier, though. In FMM 2019 I took Nuneaton from National League North to Premier League in 8 years, and won the Champions League in another 3. There's also the issue that, at least in the recent iterations, a save is limited to 30 seasons, and you can only load something like 4 leagues. Plus, it has weird unlockables, which you can pay for - things like sugar daddy chairman, unsackable, abolish work permits, even international management from the start - but these can all be unlocked for free if you hit certain criteria in game.
  8. It's an age old debate. Well, for as long as things have been dubbed, anyway. Excellent dubs do exist, and there are more good ones now than there used to be - but I'd be far more comfortable watching a dubbed anime than a dubbed live action foreign language series.
  9. Then you've also got PSVR which is a great, affordable, and more accessible way to get in to VR gaming - which has it's own (slim) selection of exclusives, most notably Astro Bot. We had a games night the other weekend, and my girlfriend's sisters new chap, who has been an avid Xbox gamer for years raised an interesting point about party games - specifically Knowledge is Power and That's You!, in which you download an app to your phone and use that as your controller, for up to 6 people. The nature of the games means that you don't have to be a gamer at all of course, but he mentioned how fun it was simply to be able to have everyone join in and not have to share controllers (like we did with Overcooked) or take it in turns. Xbox doesn't have anything like that, it seems. For what it's worth, if I had to pick one of the exclusives I've played (and straight off the bat I haven't played God of War, Bloodbourne, or Spiderman), I'd say Horizon Zero Dawn is the best of the bunch. It looks incredible, has great, varied, and continually fun gameplay, the voice and motion performances are by and large fantastic, and it has a story which is equal parts entertaining and genuinely interesting. If you needed anymore reason to get a PS4, then it's not even the current batch of exclusives that are available - there's those that are yet to be released too, FFVIIR and Last of Us 2 amongst them. Plus Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 next week, but that's kinda niche. Incredible, but niche, with at least two full games, and ideally seven to get through for you to fully appreciate the intricacies of the plot in ToCS3. Probably a subject for another thread though...
  10. Chikara released their own game this week, as it happens. It's purposefully a very arcadey affair, hence the name. Chikara is a rather unique north American wrestling company, so it's only fitting that they have a game to suit. It actually does look pretty decent. For me the Fire Pro games have generally been the best, for similar reasons that as time goes by I enjoy more and more PuroResu. Scratches a similar itch I guess, a lot of it is down to the presentation rather than the gameplay, weirdly. And sure, the vanilla rosters (plus DLC) helps too. I didn't ever have an N64 so my familiarity with No Mercy is limited. From the same era, my favourite was, oddly, ECW Anarchy Rulz. It's very similar to WWF Attitude, but with some really interesting match types. I don't think I've ever seen a game with better no rope barbed wire matches. Anyone ever play MDickie's games (very basic graphically, but hugely customisable) or the Total Extreme Wrestling games (the football manager of wrestling)?
  11. hogso

    New Music 2019

    Lighting Bolt make a pop album - it smashes
  12. hogso


    How many Liverpool fans signed up and bought a memberships and then purchased home tickets to attend, do we think? Would explain the inflated uptake. And in case anyone wonders, you can still buy memberships for this season, you just need a ref - which anyone can sign up for with an email address. https://tickets.avfc.co.uk/memberships?utm_source=web&utm_medium=membershiphome&utm_campaign=Memberships
  13. The latest I saw on it (2 days ago from a translated Famitsu article which I'll link below) was that they're working hard on backwards compatibility, but the suggestion being it might not be possible for 100% of games. How much of the catalogue going all the way back to ps1 that my be backwards compatible via disc is a complete unknown, but hopefully at least ps4 digital purchases will be good to go. 7 This guy is a font of knowledge for info from the Japanese press by the way, and requires additional props for the dothack related username!
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