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  1. hogso

    The retro gaming thread!

    I had to look up the Tenchu release date in particular, as I really didn't think it was then. I remember vividly walking back through town after school with a mate to our favourite gaming shop (entertainment exchange (obviously) for any Nuneatonions), and seeing this new ninja game that I thought looked amazing. I had to wait for my mum to finish work to a) gimme the damn money and b) buy the damn thing cos ofc it was an 18, and for the first time ever, they had refused to sell the game to me based on the age rating. I couldn't find anything to definitively confirm the specific release date though, oddly. Perhaps I bought it some time after 98, though, and not actually on the release. FF8 wasn't released until October 99 in Europe. I had a chipped PS1, and my dad knew a guy who would copy basically any guy you wanted. He had a catalogue he updated every month or so, with included US and JP games. As such I ordered FF8 from him, which had been released around 6/7 weeks before it was due to be over here. He wasn't happy with the copies, though, so after umpteen delays I ended up getting my copied version after the real release. OPM Magazine and their demo discs were a must have for me at the time too. Looking at just images of some of them, I can recall some incredible demos. I also had the FF8 special OPM release which included a demo for that, which I absolutely played to death. It also included a little section about JRPGs not available in Europe, which led me to get hold of things like Xenogears and FF Tactics. So in short, yes - 97-02 (the years I was at secondary school) was an incredible time!
  2. hogso

    Ni No Kuni 2

    Yeah, great piece of work. May have to fire it up on an emulator.
  3. hogso

    Albums of the Year 2018

    Both Sleep and YOB released real good records this year. I've got to mention The Body too. Not a recommendation that really ticks your boxes as there's lots of screaming vocals, and they're far too 'experimental' to be called doom, really, but they can be a crushingly dark listen.
  4. hogso

    Albums of the Year 2018

    KEN Mode - Loved The Body - I have fought against it, but can't any longer. Tropical **** storm - A laughing death in meatspace Puce Mary - The draught Anna von hausswolff - Dead magic Birds of passage - The death of our invention Haru Nemuri - 春と修羅 EP Jenny Hval - The long sleep
  5. hogso

    Games of the Year 2018

    RDR 2 Valkyria Chronicles 4 Yakuza 6 Overcooked 2 Forgotton Anne There's an awful lot of critically acclaimed games I would love to have played, but haven't yet - the likes of God of War, Spiderman and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Perhaps they'd get a mention if I had played them, but the above is what I remember mostly about this year. I played an unreal amount of Yakuza - 0, Kiwami, Kiwami 2 and 6, goodness knows how many hours went into them this year.
  6. hogso

    Final Fantasy

    That was m experience of it on PS4 too, in fact it almost seemed too easy.
  7. hogso

    Final Fantasy

    Depends entirely on if you want KOTR before. Personally, I'd get it before.
  8. hogso

    The Film Thread

    The novel does that, but probably focuses more on how far people will go. The film is also wildly different to the novel, notoriously so (although not as much as The Lawnmower Man, which King sued the production of, as the only similarity really was the name of the story). It's more like Hunted than something which takes place in a studio. The background of Richards, the 'assassins' being charactuer killers, and the ending are all way off the source material too. Here's a run down of the Running Man game concept in the novel; You might think that makes a good basis for a film, although it would be completely different to the Arnie version. I'd agree. However, it ends with Richards flying a plane in to the tower where the tv execs are based, so a verbatim remake of the novel will almost certainly never happen. A big or small screen version of The Long Walk will be far better. In that (also a Bachman book) a group of 100 teenagers must walk, constantly, until only one is left standing, for the nations entertainment on TV. Darabont had the rights but they expired - a shame, as he is behind the best King adaptations for me. Newline are working on a film now.
  9. hogso

    The retro gaming thread!

    I was also shocked to see that there aren't any special features, or call backs to the original PS1 when it was first released - for example, the demo disc everyone had (the T Rex and Manta Ray!). A horrible rush job.
  10. hogso

    The Apprentice 2018

    Does anyone else read Keenan's posts (whether in this thread or not) in the voice of the Apprentice voiceover who speaks the above on TV?
  11. hogso

    General Chat

    I Nuneaton we say 'nun' as in 'ent got nun' (I have not got any). Geographically we are horizonatal with Birmingham (or slightly North of it, if you define Birmingham as the ring road, for example). I wonder if the town was called Noneaton we'd say 'non'?
  12. hogso

    The retro gaming thread!

    It wasn't exactly the graphics that were affected. At the time, standard PAL (European) TV sets operated at 50hz - the refresh rate of the screen. In the US and Japan, NTSC operated at 60hz. The main issue here was the speed at which the game on screen operated. As Chindie mentions, for something like Tekken, there is a noticeable difference. PAL games also often had a big black border top and bottom. You're right in one respect - yes, a lot of people wouldn't know any better, but the truth is we were literally playing an inferior version of those games at the time. I seem to recall some PS2 games actually had an option where you could choose either the 50hz or 60hz version, if you had a compatible TV.
  13. hogso

    The retro gaming thread!

    Using the PAL source for some games is criminal. Thank goodness I didn't order one.
  14. hogso

    The Film Thread

    Well, it's further south for a start. But it does feel like a Northern town. Hm.
  15. hogso

    *spoilers* The Walking Dead *spoilers*

    The Whisperer stuff so far has been don very well. Beta looks pretty awesome in the post-mid season teaser too.