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  1. The retro gaming thread!

    "The Nintendo business model", haha yeah In other words, no one will have a clue if there are more of these things knocking around or not for months. Or maybe tomorrow. Cos Ninty.
  2. The retro gaming thread!

    Ah, yes there was SNES Sensi, can't say I ever played this version though I guess Codemasters have the rights to it now? Maybe it was a bit too messy legally to get it on the mini.
  3. The retro gaming thread!

    Not really sure why you'd want the original Street Fighter II when the edition included is the definitive on the console. Super Bomberman is the sort of thing you would have expected to be on there yeah, as for a footie game...struggling to think of one that would be worth including and/or possible to include...
  4. The retro gaming thread!

    RE: Chrono Trigger, they've already got RPG / Action RPG covered with FF3/VI, Mario RPG, Earthbound and Secret of Mana, so I don't think it's really required (although given the choice I'd swap out SoM for CT). There's a fair balance of genres, I think. RPG / Action RPG / Action Adventure Zelda: A Link to the Past Final Fantasy III -Final Fantasy VI- Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Earthbound -Mother 2- Secret of Mana -Seiken Densetsu 2- Platform Donkey Kong Country -Super Donkey Kong- Mega Man X -Rockman X- Super Ghouls n Ghosts -Chomakaimura- Super Mario World Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island -Super Mario: Yoshi's Island- Shooter Contra III: The Alien Wars -Contra Spirits- *Probotector: Alien Rebels* Star Fox Star Fox 2 Racer Super Mario Kart F-Zero Fighter Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting Super Punch-Out!! Metroidvania Super Castlevania IV Super Metroid Er...Kirby Games Kirby's Dream Course -Kirby Bowl- (this is a golf game) Kirby Super Star -Hoshi no Kirby Super Deluxe- *Kirby's Fun Pak* (this is basically a mini-game comp) The only other thing I'd change is swapping out Super Star for Kirby's Dream Land 3, but again, for balancing of genres, maybe they wanted a bit more variety. Which is a good thing, as although it was the age of platformers being king, who doesn't want to try out a novelty golf game from 1994 for something a bit different? I would kind of like one. The NES I didn't ever own, but the SNES was my first home console, and I had 7 of these games on it. It'd be cool to play them again. I didn't manage to get online early enough to order last night, and I see the Argos site is down this morning...so probably no chance, unless more stock is released.
  5. WWE: General Chat

    Okada and Omega drawn in the same block in the G1, guaranteeing the third match in the series Hoping Ibushi wins it, personally.
  6. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    And if you really liked GLOW, watch some Joshi!
  7. Fantastic advert for not ever using VAR in the Germany / Cameroon game
  8. Elite: Dangerous

    Honestly, it's a game that does require investment of time, yeah. I'd say it's about as far from a 'pick up and play' type game as possible. I'm a bit torn about it on PS4. I played a lot of it on PC and can't really imagine playing it on a pad. But I don't have my gaming PC anymore, and would like to see this on my big screen...
  9. Persona 5

    Which 2 didn't you manage? As for Fortune's abilities, never used any of them, and I'm well on my way to maxing them all.
  10. Persona 5

    Agreed on the last point!
  11. Sega Forever

    This is Sega's free mobile 'platform' (there isn't actually a hub app or anything though) for releasing, alledgedly, every single one of their games up to and including the Dreamcast. The current games, released yesterday, are; Sonic the Hedgehog Phantasy Star II Comix Zone Kid Chameleon Altered Beast They are all free, but do contain ads, which can be removed for £1.99. There are also leaderboards and cloud save features. They aren't terribly good emulations though apparently, but if you're not paying for them, you might be able to cope with a few jittery frame rates. Sega suggest that a new game will be released every 2 weeks - with the next game being Girl's Garden. You'd be forgiven for not knowing what that is, as it was never released outside of Japan. In fact I don't believe the console was released in US/EU either - the SG-1000/3000. What is exciting about that though is the potential for future games to be localised for English speaking regions which have never been released before, things like the complete version of Shining Force III from the Saturn. They have said though that the more recent games could be as far as a couple of years away, but man I'd wait that long and pay whatever they wanted for Skies of Arcadia on Android.
  12. *spoilers* The Walking Dead *spoilers*

    As Dem has already referred to in the TV thread, Fear is back, and - shockingly - it's been damn decent so far. The stories are still disjointed, but at least they're actually good, and interesting. The latest episode was rather excellent, even if the near biblical return from the dead of a character was a bit silly, at least it was a good character with come reap clout...promising stuff.
  13. Finsbury Park Incident

    I see a man was tasered last night near the London Central Mosque in Regent's Park, after he was seen waving around an item, which turned out to be a shoehorn. Not being treated as terrorism related, but he is being held on suspicion of affray. I'd be curious to learn exactly what happened, it sounds a bit odd really.
  14. WWE: General Chat

    The Styles / Nakamura match from NJPW, which was the last there for both, is an absolutely incredible match, if you can find it. If they can put on a match even half as good in WWE, it's potential MOTY stuff for the promotion.