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  1. The Film Thread

    I still await the day the whole manga is adapted in to full series. The film is basically half the story, with some kick ass characters taken out, and the ending whacked on. Still a classic though.
  2. UFC/Pride/MMA

    Ah, Paul 'Semtex' Daley. Named as such because of his explosive punching power. Good nickname. Unlike Paul 'Tellys' Kelly, named after a British word for television, because staring at him too long makes you go cross eyed. I used to enjoy watching both in UFC, and Semtex in other promotions after his little incident. Tellys used his cash earned in the UFC to fund a heroin import business. Truly a bad bad man.
  3. best avatar

    It always reminds me of Warwickshire's Bear and Ragged Staff
  4. Yakuza 0

    NA/EU Playstation 4 exclusive out on 24th Jan, getting pretty excellent reviews at the moment. It's a prequel to the series which debuted on PS2 way back when. The main line games have an on going storyline which is decent, this being a prequel set in the 80's means there is no presumption that you know the characters before hand. Succesful back in JP, not so much in the West. The best way to sum it up would be a mash up between a small scale GTA (without cars, usually) and Shenmue. The combat does include guns, but mostly you'll be fighting hand to hand, picking up what ever you can get your hands on to smash your foe over the head with. Think bins, cones, shop signs, etc... One of the reasons the series may have some measure of infamy is it's attention to detail in the recreation of it's fictional verions of Tokyo and Osaka. This is where the Shemue comparison comes in. There are corner shops, bars, arcades (it's a Sega game, this one is set in the 80s, you can play them), bowling alleys, RC car racing, and as serious as the main story can be, the massive amount of side quests are varied massively, from the sublime to the ridiculous - in the best possible way. It also depicts 'Hostess Bars' in detail, with (I think) Yakuza 3 being heavily cut in the west to remove certain elements. Yakuza 0 is left untouched, though - in fact there isn't even an English dub, just subs. On the down side this is a PS3 port (which was unavailable in the west) and they've never been the prettiest of games as it is - and it seems as though it shows here. Textures are shoddy, and some animations aren't very clever, but it appears to be far from unplayable. Here is a shitty trailer from E3, if you're curious I would suggest looking at some gameplay vids or something
  5. Nintendo Switch - March 2017

    New Zelda and Mario. That's it, as far as I can gather.
  6. Playstation 4

    Share Play - I use it with my brother. You can let them view the screen only, give them control of the game, or give them a controller to enable them to play a multiplayer game. It's great for games like Overcooked. There is a 1 hour limit on it though, after which you have to restart it, which I suppose is in place to stop people leaving their PS4 on all day with Share Play on so a friend could essentially play a game they don't own for an unlimited time. There's some other limitations too, ofc the share play-er can't access the home screen, or turn off your playstation, or share the gameplay, etc. It can be a little fiddly but once it's working it can be great fun. I've only ever hosted though so can't say how well it runs from the other end. My brother's internet is a piece of shit too, and he seems to get on alright.
  7. The Film Thread

    How do you feel about people in real life who break out in to song to express emotion?
  8. When will people learn? Leave the vandalism at home.
  9. Viewing / Buying a house

    Don't go through the bins. That's frowned upon (apparently!).
  10. The Film Thread

    I'm this too, and I enjoyed Rogue One much more than Force Awakens. And I don't know anyone who would disagree with that either.
  11. Snow Watch!

    Sure. The young mostly, for drivers it can be a bit of a nightmare as mass panic ensues as soon as the smallest amount of snow is predicted, but it's not often that much bother. It's been a few years since we had 'proper' snow, in my part of England anyway. Personally I have always enjoyed the crunch under foot.
  12. General Chat

    No teletext discussion is complete without a mention of;
  13. Nintendo Switch - March 2017

    No confirmation of Mario X Rabbids! Booo. That'd bring in the sales. Fear not, a brand new MegaTen game will surely have the punters reaching for their wallet!...right...?
  14. Snow Watch!

    Not even slush on the roads now, just 'wet'. There was about 30 minutes of excitemnt in the office ar around 8am as it started to come down a bit, but that was all.
  15. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    Can we not knock it?