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  1. hogso

    The Film Thread

    Agreed, it left me feeling cold
  2. Happy to be proven wrong, but it appears as though the last time was 28th April 1990 at Villa Park versus Norwich City. As mentioned, actual reports and such are sketchy, this is the best I can do for a source. Funnily enough the next game that season, away at Everton, was also 3-3 - and there's nice write up here as it was GT v1's final game in charge.
  3. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    I wonder if they'll get the license to use his entrance music. He's not Jimmy Havoc without AFI!
  4. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    In GCW news, they're running a no rope one night only event like last year called Bloodsport - it's a Pancrase inspired MMA / ProWres hybrid, wins by sub or KO only, which takes place Wrestlemania weekend. Last year the main event was Minoru Suzuki v Matt Riddle (!) The line up this year; Josh Barnett Hideki Suzuki Minoru Suzuki Tom Lawlor Dan Severn Timothy Thatcher Jonathan Gresham Simon Grimm Andy Williams Masashi Takeda The possibilities! Plus, they've got Jun Kasai coming over later this month, when he headlines against Alex Colon. That card also includes Matt Tremont v G-Raver and Gage v SHLAK. After that you've got an event in LA which might feature Colon v Drew Parker and does include the legit dream match of Joey Ryan v Orange Cassidy. I know AEW will be good. But they'll have to be great for me to enjoy their shows more than GCW, cos they're the gift that keeps on giving.
  5. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    Yes, AEW would be the logical place for him to go, and a massive coup of course. If AEW carry on the way they're going, it'll be unmissable for the modern wrestling fan. I hope they use some ROH and NJPW guys - Juice's new faction Lifeblood has huge potential and each one of those guys would be great on a big platform like AEW will become.
  6. hogso

    What game you currently playing?

    Ys VIII -Lacrimosa of Dana- I don't know what a Lacrimosa is tbf, hopefully it doesn't prove to be important. The Ys (ee-s) series is amongst that collection of other other long running JRPG's - far behind the likes of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, and the increasingly popular MegaTen/Persona and Tales series. Believe it or not the first game was released in 1989, with games coming out on a variety of systems over the years, including the NES, SNES, DS, Saturn, Windows, PS2, PSP, amongst others. This game, the most recent release, is a PS4 port of the PSV original. Ys is somewhat unique in that you always play as the hero Adol, an adventurer, who has a number of allys that also make recurring appearances. However, apart from the very early games the stories are never connected. In this eighth instalment, Adol and his companion Dogi are working on a ship which is attacked by a giant tentacled creature, and find themselves shipwrecked on the mysterious island of Seiren. The bulk of the gameplay is made up of exploring the island, setting up a camp, finding other survivors on the island (of which there are many), and slowly unravelling the strange goings on - such as massive dinosaur like creatures attacking the group, and frequent dreams of a strange girl. Combat is what sets the series apart from it's peers. It's a pure action RPG. When you enter an area, mobs will load all over the place, which you battle in real time with no loading screens - but more than that there are no post battle screens either, it's all seemless. It's a satisfyingly complex battle system too. The soundtrack is absolutely superb, but being a vita port the visuals are frequently quite ugly. On the plus side, though, everything is nice and bright, with a varied colour pallet. The big draw for me is the 'collection' of survivors, and the expansion of the camp as you go, opening up more shops, customisation options, areas of the island to explore and so on. I've written of my love of the Suikoden series before, and this is the closest I've seen this gen to a game that nails that formula. It's a mile away in terms of a politically intriguing plot, and although the base building isn't Terranigma / Dark Cloud level, it's enjoyable and makes for an addictive gameplay mechanic all the same. I'd recommend it to JRPG fans, when in the sales. It lacks polish, and has a number of annoying anime tropes as well, but the gameplay is great. As well as PS4 and PSV, it's also available on Switch and Windows.
  7. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    KENTA back to Japan would be magic. It's easy to assume he'll be back with NOAH, but a run in AJPW or NJPW would be great. As for Ambrose, I think he's a far too big name now to go back to deathmatch wrestling, but I'd still love to see him in GCW.
  8. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    That was the first WWE show I've watched in full for a long time, and it was really good. Wasn't really invested enough to be rooting for any particular winners, but it was entertaining nonetheless.
  9. hogso

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Ipswich

    Don't think I've ever laughed the way I did today at a football match. Elmo's performance was all kinds of special.
  10. hogso

    The Anime & Manga Thread

    I bought Junji Ito's Fragments of Horror today. I'm not going to sleep comfortably tonight. The guy is a genius - an awful, disgusting, twisted genius. Highly recommended. Give 'Layers of Fear' or 'The Enigma of Amigara Fault' a Google of you're unfamiliar with his work. The above mentioned anthology doesn't include either of those stories, though.
  11. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    Not really for me. There wasn't anymore of a North American influence on it than the last few years, and WK results are rarely unpredictable - it's the quality of the action and payoff to long running storylines that make it such a spectacle. I mean, there wasn't an ROH title match for the first time in a long time - I'm glad the working relationship with RevPro is more prominent now, the styles really are similar for both companies. Looking forward to more AEW news. The stuff announced so far is promising, ideally I'd like to see the elite in both AEW and NJPW, but why shouldn't AEW build their 'own' stars like Hangman Page over the next year or so, and make it the only place to see those guys? I do feel the Heavyweight title picture is weaker for losing Kenny if he doesn't compete in NJPW anymore. But that could mean more of an opportunity for my man Sanada! And, naturally, Jay White is getting the mother of all pushes at the moment, and could legitimately beat Tana. Who thought that would be likely 12 months ago?
  12. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    In news that will surprise no one, it's official I don't think it's much of a stretch for it to become the second biggest wrestling promotion in America almost instantly. If this is a bigger, better produced, TV / Streaming version of PWG it will be unmissable viewing for the modern wrestling fan. And with it being new years day, it's nearly time for Wrestle Kingdom and one of the most unpredictable nights in professional wrestling anywhere in the world - New Years Dash. Can't wait!
  13. hogso

    Black Mirror Bandersnatch **SPOILERS**

    The best thing about it was the massive Akira 'nuke' screen print on the wall in Colin's flat.
  14. hogso

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Is this the 'choose your own adventure' one? I tried the minecraft one and it was clunky to say the least.
  15. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    This was GCW's 'Christmas Present' It was kind of inevitable, given how successful the other Japanese death match guys have been for them recently - but it's still a huge name, and a real sign of intent from the company. It's also a relief that they're still ploughing ahead with the DM stuff, despite the fact they're making (relatively) good money from the non-DM 'dream card' events. As for his opponent, take your pick...SHLAK, Gage, Crane, G-Raver, Eric Ryan, plus the Mexican guys from DTU and you've got some awesome match ups. And if that goes well for him (following a reluctance to take American bookings due to some mistreatment when it came to accommodation), he simply must do GCW's tournaments. Now just convince Nick Mondo to come out of retirement...