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  1. Yes, very enjoyable. How many attempts did it take you to pause the screen exactly when the picture was shown in the file at the end? Took me 5. If you didn't manage it
  2. Meanwhile in New Japan, Taichi and Tama Tonga are going to have a ladder match for the ownership of the iron fingered glove, the same glove which drove Iizuka to madness, and is supposedly possessed with an evil spirit. You'd be forgiven for thinking that NJPW is all serious, all the time, but that really isn't the case. We've also got the completely bananas storyline of KENTA stealing Yoshi Hashi's rod and pretending it can talk (turns out it didn't want to be with YH anymore because he is ugly), and Yanu Toru's streak as the KOPW champion...I sometimes wonder if I've accidently put DDT
  3. Fantasian on Apple Arcade. If you liked the early Final Fantasy games (IV and V probably being the best comparisons), you'd enjoy it. It's also kind of huge, although understandably linear, for what is essentially a mobile game...it just doesn't feel anything like one. More like an indie studio made a really good homage to early FF games using a unique art style. Also chugging away with Persona 5 Strikers. I've mentioned already it's a good sequel, rather than a mere spinoff, but I'm aiming for the plat which requires an unreal amount of grind for one trophy.
  4. Latest Bioware blog is worth a read if you're interesting in the upcoming changes for the remaster - particularly those for the first game. The Mako will be easier drive around and stuff, apparently, with some other changes to the gunplay to bring it more in line with the other 2 games.
  5. Fantasian has been released today. It's a 'diarama' RPG from Mistwalker, the studio who produced Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and The Last Story. Story by Sakaguchi, the original creator of Final Fantasy, and music by Uematsu, the composer of some of the finest video game music out there. Sounds like it's worth a look, right? Well, sure. Only catch is, it's currently exclusive to Apple Arcade. Now, I bought a new iPad during the first lockdown, and it includes a year of Apple Arcade. I imagine, therefore, that I'll be one of about 10 players worldwide.
  6. hogso

    Persona 5

    Strikers is really enjoyable. It feels like a proper Persona game, although, without the social link / life sim aspect. I think, if you loved the characters of P5, you'll love this, as it is a sequel of the originals game story (not P5R) and is essentially a road trip across Japan. It is very much Persona 5 x Dynasty Warriors, though. I find it kinda easy on the whole, there's the odd sub boss or boss who might take a bit of tweaking with your party members to clear, but because you're not time limited with the calendar like the main line games, you can leave a dungeon to replenish
  7. hogso

    Baseball Caps

    The only cap I own and wear
  8. Agreed, considering there was an element of emulating Western open world RPGs, but still giving it a JRPG identity, FFXV in particular failed massively with regards to side content. FF7R definitely wasn't great either. It's not to say, though, that it's an easy thing to do. Lots of open world games get side content wrong, or at least, the majority of it isn't great. It would take SE some years, and more experience with producing such games to nail it I would think. At least with FF7R they could conceivably do so with more varied environments - side quest scenarios worth doing write thems
  9. Born in 86, my gaming history pre PS2 went Game Boy - SNES - PS1 I think got these in '95, '96, and '97 respectively. My favourite games on those devices at the time were Link's Awakening, Super Mario All Stars, and uh, Demolition Derby. DD was one of those PS1 games referenced above that was barely held together. Even as a ten year old I thought the screen tearing looked a bit rubbish, even though I didn't know that's what it was. Regardless, the crumpling effects were decent, and I think it's a reason I've always had a real affinity for 'destruction effects' in games regardl
  10. I very vividly remember playing Gran Turismo (1) and thinking that graphics couldn't possibly get better than this. I hope that we're saying the similar things in 20 years about the issues with VR now.
  11. The continuation of the remake will definitely re-work the story massively as it progresses, it certainly won't be putting me off playing the rest of the game though, I'm really keen to see where it goes next. If you want to jump down the rabbit hole (a Nomura shaped rabbit hole as @Chindie refers to), the FFVIIR Ultimania is worth looking in to. The Ultimania's have been a fixture of main line FF games for quite a long time, which began with the original FFVII I believe. They're pretty popular over in Japan, are in short, a mixture of art book and guide, but the real draw for fans is th
  12. It certainly provided closure to the series, that much is true. The shift in character interaction and the focus for the majority of the third series was significant though, and not in a good way.
  13. I recently watched his episode in my on going X Giles rewatch. Obscenly good performance.
  14. As someone on here told me when I watched it last year, ignore season 3.
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