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  1. WWE: General Chat

    It gets better. I just read that there will be a Raw PPV, featuring Lesnar's first defence, called 'Great Balls of Fire'. I might be missing something, but...what on earth?
  2. WWE: General Chat

    Any death match fans could do a lot worse than check out GCW'S last show (Road to Survival) and the one before Spring Break (New Face of War) - both had multiple examples of really good death matches. In CZW there's generally only one per event, and they're not always decent. Markus Crane v SHLAK on the War card was a particular highlight. Both men totally committed, with some crazy bumps. Crane taking not one but two alabama slams to a razor blade board was particularly memorable. It's also significant as I believe these will be the next winners of the top two death match tournaments in the world at the moment, which are now only a few months away. Crane is being booked as an unbeatable man who will go to any lengths to win, and I would expect him to win the Tournament of Survival in GCW. SHLAK on the other hand is a legitimate monster, a raving lunatic who I don't think has to act or pretend he likes inflicting punishment on his opponents, in a way I haven't seen since Wifebeater. I will be shocked if he doesn't win Tournament of Death in CZW. I haven't watched any of it this week, but in regards to WWE, just judging by the posts here and other things I've heard lately - er, what? The only good thing seems to be Strowman. Which is saying something.
  3. Villa fans harassing two people on a train

    I love ya Dem
  4. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Can't look at her the same way after watching that. Total filth.
  5. Ugo Ehiogu

    This really shows what a great guy he was. Seen here with Ian Taylor, taking time out of a busy schedule to meet and greet a couple of young competition winners. Even got them new kits too by the looks of it.
  6. Ugo Ehiogu

    Southgate made any statement/given an interview yet? He is the player I would associate closest with Ugo, in playing terms. His memories of Ugo would be worth listening to. Would be much appreciated if someone could find a bigger/better quality version of this - one of my favourite Villa photos, taken, of course, when the penalty shoot out versus Bolton at Wembley was won in the FA Cup semi final, 2000.
  7. Ugo Ehiogu

    Like many others he was a part of my favourite Villa team ever, that being, the one I supported as a kid. Oddly my first thought of him isn't one of him in a Villa shirt at all. It's of him scoring that overhead kick for Rangers against Celtic. I also saw him score for England at VP in Sven's first game in charge against Spain. Top dude, RIP
  8. WWE: General Chat

    The result of that No.1 contender's match was certainly unexpected and generated a ton of heat, so for that reason I can't really call it stupid, or a bad decision. It is a bit odd that the US Title match will seem a lot more glamorous in comparison, though. My brother and I are going to the WCPW show in Cov on 30th April. It's the Mexican leg of the World Cup Qualifiers, participants such as Rey Fenix, Pentagon Jr., El Ligero, Rey Mysterio (who must be about 50 now? (having looked it up, he's 'only' 42, ha)) and a bunch of others. What's got us interested enough to attend is Drew Galloway/McIntyre. Ofc he has re-joined WWE, but he is being allowed to complete his previously made bookings. He's WCPW's Heavyweight Champ, who has two shows left with them - 29th April in Newcastle, and 30th in Cov. WCPW announced the other day that to stack the odds as high as possible against him retaining and to stop him 'taking the title to America', he has to defend it in a 30 man rumble In Newcastle. If he manages to retain, then they'll take 'extreme measures' at the Cov show. They book their shows pretty well, and I would be quite surprised if he doesn't retain and they do something a bit special for his final WCPW match, having dropped that bit of foreshadowing. Very much looking forward to it, haven't been to a live Wrestling show for a good few years.
  9. Rocket League

    I am rusty as heck now, generally only play when I see a new update is out, or to play a single game of whatever match type online to keep my ranking. My enthusiasm for the game will never falter though. It seems crazy to think now, but I played SARPBC most days for years, which compared to RL was properly barebones. I'm confident I could go on playing RL for a decade, if not as consistently.
  10. The Film Thread

    Yeah, annoying and shit
  11. Persona 5

    I've pushed really hard to try and clear dungeons in a single run to maximise time with social links, sorry, confidents and to max out my personality stats ASAP. That's not only time consuming, but very expensive. I'm now attempting to clear the third dungeon with literally a handful of items, having had to sell a load so I could buy other stuff. If I fail to clear the dungeon its really gonna mess up my routine, and I couldn't be happier about it juggling the activities is my favourite aspect of the game I think, so having to find a way to squeeze some more time/points out of my schedule excites me. On the subject, I hope you're checking the TV in LeBlanc every night! Sunday has a shopping show on which is infrequently useful, but there's also occasionally a quiz which, if you get the question right, increases knowledge by one, without any progress in time. Same goes for your plant, if you buy it some food, but that increases kindness instead.
  12. General deals

    PS4 Pro bundled with Horizon Zero Dawn at Game, Argos and Amazon this weekend for £350, which may well be worth thinking about if, like me, you own neither. Seems it's not available on Amazon at time of writing, but defo is on Game at least.
  13. WWE: General Chat

    Best of the Best didn't really live up to expectations, I'm becoming increasingly less fond of each Crist brother as their respective singles careers progress. Best match was Tremont / Pentagon dark, which was followed by the high point of the whole event - the announcement of Tremont v Onita in August! It'll be a huge moment in deathmatch history. One of the best current workers in the world against one of the legitimate legends. Anyone who ever watched the old FMW stuff featuring Cactus Jack, Mr Pogo, Terry Funk, Hayabusa, Goto and the rest will be familiar with the name, and all his crazy gimmick matches featuring explosions, barbed wire, piranhas, etc...
  14. Star Wars: Disney Era

    I don't really think it matters if the trailer grabs everyone, does it? I'm sure you'll go and see it anyway. I mean, I don't care what @Chindie says about the trailer, frankly. At this point he has a moral obligation to see the film and provide a full Chindie Recommendation™ review for VT.
  15. WWE: General Chat

    Shakedown moves This was the first week I've watch the three main shows for a very very long time, and as such I can only assume the impact was lost on me, as it failed to excite at all. I found the spot with Strowman and Reigns pretty hilarious, not that it was terribly done or anything (by the numbers booking for a monster sure, but effective regardless), but the obviously empty stretcher being chucked over the edge in the parking lot was quite comical. NXT was interesting, Kimber Lee (Kimberley) was not quite squashed by Heidi Lovelace (Ruby Riot) which is a shame, but she looked in good shape. Biff (Oney Lorcan, a name that grows on me week by week) put on another really good losing effort, this time against the re-debuting Drew Mcintyre. I probably sound like a broken record, but I do hope they extend the show length and introduce a mid tier title, Biff would shine. Finally get to watch Best of the Best today, and those who watch NJPW will be able to confirm, but I hear Okada and Shibata put on an awesome match at Sakura Genesis, so I might try and watch that show too.