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  1. The Film Thread

    Any film that is labelled as a 'comedy' for me is a massive turn off. I think my favourite 'funny' film is Happiness.
  2. Best/Funniest Villa Football Chant/ Song Ever?

    At Man City quite a few years ago, around the time Michael Le Vell was embroiled in an underage sex scandal - "Kevin Webster is your dad, is your dad is your dad, Keeeevin Webster is your dad, he f***s children"
  3. WWE: General Chat

    It's certainly true that there aren't too many characters similar to those in WWE now (presuming that's what your lad watches) compared to those from that era. I wouldn't say that's a bad thing, they're just different and more contemporary. Look at CM Punk, would not have even been signed in the 80s/90s era, but had one of the longest ever title reigns in the 2010s. A few of the wrestlers you list there I feel were/are iconic in spite of their gimmick, not because of it (I had this discussion on another forum recently, Undertaker is the best possible example of this. His gimmick was rubbish). There are a few similarities now though, Strowman is a larger than life beast of a man, Bobby Roode is GLORIOUS in a million dollar man way, the incoming War Machine are a big, beefy, powerful tag team with a weird, almost viking-esque get up.
  4. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I think most people should watch that first episode of Britannia. Not cos it's good, but cos it's so weird. You really should see it for yourself. The best thing for me was the character of Kerra reminded me of Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. Although a bit older, I suppose.
  5. Life is Strange

    The bonus 'Farewell' episode is out on 6th March. Further away than I was hoping, but looking forward to it all the same. The physical editions are available to pre-order now too, with one of them including the soundtrack for BtS on vinyl and cd.
  6. The Film Thread

    Henry Bowers (the bully), and by extention the rest of his gang, are considerably tamer in the film than they are in the book. They're very much supposed to be completely unhinged psychopaths. The book puts this (and the generally attitude of the rest of the town to kids going missing as 'meh, it's Durry') down to the presence of It over hundreds of years turning more or less the whole place evil. There's a very storied history of obscenely violent acts being carried out by people in Derry (Durry), even apparently normal people. As I recall the new film doesn't touch on this at all (got my blu ray yes so haven't watched it again yet), but it'd be nice to see this expanded on in part 2.
  7. WWE: General Chat

    I'd prefer that over seeing them become The Ascension mk II on the main roster
  8. WWE: General Chat

    Also (finally) official is I hope they're allowed to continue their extremely 'athletic' moveset given their look and physicality.
  9. Other forums

    I lurk this from time to time, some serious hilarity to be had. At my peak of forum usage I used this, susi, tsr, fools gold, neo, FF shrine and albumwash, for gaming, anime, music, and various other shite.
  10. Final Fantasy

    Might be worth mentioning too that the Dissidia NT (Smash Bros for FF, kinda) open beta is available on PS4 until 21st January. It's a very different take on a traditional fighter, and honestly quite overwhelming at first, but if you put a bit of time in it's pretty rewarding. They've been rotating the playable characters too, with the final bunch before the beta closes including Cloud, Squall, Zidane, Lightning, Cecil, Bartz (Butz lol) and Ramza.
  11. WWE: General Chat

    WWE have confirmed that Ricochet has 'arrived at the Performance Centre', or words to that effect. Which probably confirms he won't be in the Rumble, boooo.
  12. Gaming collections / merchandise

    Pah, that's nothing. Here's what will really get your juices flowing (out of your cock) All the main numbered games, bar one - FF 3, which I do own, but it was never released on a home console in Europe, so it isn't here. I should probably get the PSP version just to finish the set!
  13. What you eatin' there then?

    Did a really nice pan fried salmon fillet last night. Perfect crispy skin, can't remember the last time I enjoyed salmon as much. Even better, we got them from the Asda fish counter reduced by half towards the end of the day.
  14. Final Fantasy

    FFXV 'Royal Edition' is coming out on 6th March, which is also the version which will appear on PC. It's basically a GOTY, but with extra stuff - first person mode, new dungeon, new bosses, usable Royal Yacht, improved Armiger, and some other bits and bobs. It's not included in the season pass. No official word yet if it's coming to Switch, but if it does, it will presumably be this 'final' version.
  15. WWE: General Chat

    Ah, I dunno, Candice LeRae has just signed and given the huuuge push Bayley got based on her character and in ring skills Candice could go far too. Although as you say, 'realistically'...maybe Baszler? Although granted, her MMA record isn't exactly in the same league as Ronda. Even if Ronda is a one trick pony (it just happens she's the best female in the octagon at that one trick!). This mixed tag things seems interesting too, is there any suggestion they'd actually make a title out of it? Reason I mention it is Candice and Joey Ryan as The World's Cutest Tag Team has been a super hot commodity in the indies for a few years. Maybe this tournament is simply testing the waters, but if it's a success, it would make sense. It would certainly slot nicely in to the whole male/female equality thing.