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  1. hogso

    Things you often Wonder

    Ayuh, me and @StefanAVFCare amongst this lot somewhere
  2. hogso

    *spoilers* The Walking Dead *spoilers*

    Well, you did say 'full of people from TWD' which suggests more than one. The montage of visitors that Morgan had to establish his reason for leaving couldn't have lasted much more than 3 minutes, leaving Morgan himself, a single TWD character, for the remainder of the episode. I thought the introduction of the new FTWD characters was handled well, and although I would agree it was to the detriment of FTWD to not have the main characters in it until right at the end, I still enjoyed it. I can't see how they could have treated it as anything other than FTWD 0401...but in truth it was more of a Morgan centric one shot.
  3. hogso

    *spoilers* The Walking Dead *spoilers*

    What, for the first three minutes?
  4. hogso

    *spoilers* The Walking Dead *spoilers*

    FTWD was great. The characters are absurdly comic-like like (a gunslinger with a hankering for candy, a journalist with a crazy swat van) and all the better for it - much more comic like than the show that's actually based on a comic. Only real downside was the lack of Madison.
  5. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    Finally got round to watching Wrestlemania. Ronda's debut was far from perfect, but she was booked perfectly and has an obscene amount of potential. I have no issue at all with booked her in these, ahem, 'dream matches' while she's still learning, and before she joins the women's division proper. Biggest surprise for me was seeing Drake Younger/Wuertz as the referee. Has he been called up from NXT recently? They must trust him massively to give him that match at WM. Loved him squaring up to trips! Chuffed for the guy though, the punishment he went through during his career earning probably a pittance in comparison to his ref wage for WWE is scary to look back on now. The colour in the main event! Ruthless stuff from Lesnar. And hearing a very 'CHAOS' Nakamura talk trash in Japanese to AJ made up for the disappointment of their match too.
  6. hogso


    I can't imagine how impossibly shit you'll find playing them for the first time in 2018
  7. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    Quick NJPW update. The Road to Wrestling Dontaku tour started yesterday. And it is a long tour. Omega and Ibushi don't join it for a couple of weeks. Hidden amongst the announced matches is a 10 man inter Bullet Club tag team match, which could go a long way to setting up a finale to the storyline, possibly at Dominion. Kitamura seems to have been 'quietly' retired for reasons no one seems to know. He was out with a concussion, now he just seems to be...gone. Also, Bone Soldier is returning. Whether it'll be the same guy under the mask or not, who knows. It could be Kitamura, and that whole thing is a work. Smart money is on it being Flip Gordon. No definitive date for his re-debut, though. Possibly during that 10 man match?
  8. hogso


    Finally... That day........ The day the snow......... Turned to..... Rain....
  9. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    Quite; and that's entirely the point, isn't it. Vince is more interested in the money than the rights of employees. Just look at the state of the card, it's utterly bonkers and makes no sense - but the demand is, one assumes, put on a really good card with all the biggest stars and we'll make it worth your while.
  10. hogso

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Yeah but, how do you wash it?
  11. hogso

    God of War

    A large chunk of the praise I've read for this is based on the fact that the devs haven't made 'God of War 4', in so much that this is such a change for the series (and lead character) that it demands to be applauded. Especially when so many other sequels would merely tweak the gameplay. I haven't played a God of War either, and probably won't play this (until sales, perhaps), but I do see it as a massive positive that the game is so different to the rest in the series.
  12. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    The card for this 'Greatest Royal Rumble' is absolutely mental. HHH v Cena? Undertaker v Jericho casket match? Universal title cage match? IC title ladder match? No women? And god knows who will turn up in the rumble. I think Meltzer has already referred to is as 'non-canonical' in it's absurdity. I'd say that's pretty accurate. I know the reasons for the event, but it's still nuts.
  13. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    I think the NXT one was the better match on reflection. There's not much in it, though. On the subject of Supercard of Honor - Kenny v Cody was disappointing, Castle v Scurll was ok, but the best match was Page v Ibushi. Page has slowly but surely developed over the last year and he's now genuinely exciting. I'd hope that once this dick thing with Joey Ryan for All Out is finished he'll regain the darker image he's had. I wouldn't say sky's the limit for him (far from it in fact), but he's certainly one of the brightest up and comers from North America at the moment, along with the likes of Darby Allin, Eli Everley, MJF and Tony Deppen. In NJPW news (there's not much at the moment) two new Heavyweight young boys debuted in-ring at the latest Lion's Project event. Sekimoto is on the next Lion's Project show, and if that's a sign of things to come, I'd love to see him in this year's G1. The guy is an utter beast and is fast approaching 40, so it'd be great to see him get a proper shot in NJPW.
  14. hogso

    WWE: General Chat

    Can't decide which 6 man ladder match was better - the NXT one, or the ROH one. I really can't call it. I think the frantic pace of the ROH match was better for awhile, and the danger of the match was 'real'...but it was spoilt horribly by the interference. Seeing Ricochet doing Ricochet things in a WWE ring was great, it's a shame he can't talk for shit which will impact his progression severely I imagine.