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  1. Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Having put a load of hours in today I can comfortably say it's nowhere near being a bad game. I can also comfortably say it's not nearly as good as the trilogy. On the facial animation and running animations, when it's bad/noticeable it's terrible, but the rest of the time it's fine. In fact Asari's in particular, I would go so far as to say they actuallylook good. A lot of the fears and/or assumptions (delete as appropriate based on preference/experience) that this would be very similar to DA:I are realised. I liked that game for what it was. There's an awful lot of comparisons to be drawn between the DA:I and ME:A and their preceeding games, but that's for another time perhaps. One I will make is that DA:I was always a Ps3 game on Ps4, that shouldn't have been the case with ME:A, as at times it seems that way. With all that taken in to account perhaps my suggestion that the game not being ready after 5 years and needing more time being OK was ill thought out - while this isn't a re-skinned DA:I it honestly isn't far off. As such, why it couldn't have been out the door in 3 years max is beyond me. Yet I am having fun with it, the story and characters aren't a complete write off after all, and the combat is very refined for a game of this nature. A plus and a minus I haven't really seen elsewhere; I read before release the Nomad is a big improvement on the Mako and good to use. This is false. It can be a right shit. The integration of the multiplayer in the single player campaign is really good, and an incredible improvement on that of ME3. Quite simply, if you didn't play the original trilogy, and aren't a Bioware mark, I think this is pushing an 8. It's failings can't be overlooked if did or are though, so it's probably a 6. So tl;dr, 7/10, maybe.
  2. Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Oh of course the studio should have done a better job given the length of time it was in development for - but it wasn't ready for release despite that length of time, EA needed them to get it out, so they did. You absolutely can not exonerate EA of blame of their role in it. Should've been pushed back another, what, 3-6 months? It would've been an incredibly brave decision, and basically an admission of 'yeah the game isn't that great', but it worked pretty well for FFXV.
  3. Rocket League

    Just played a couple of games of dropshot, having gone in without a clue what was happening, to MVP in 2 games. Remarkably quick to pick up and learn the rules of, and pretty good fun.
  4. Persona 5

    Naw. There's some fan service in so much that costumes/uniforms may mimic previous games, or share music, but the only thing that really crosses over are the Persona themselves (much like FF and Dragon Quest, certain Persona are kinda like mascots of the series now) and the mysterious Igor and his Velvet Room. I understand the link between Ni no Kuni and Persona (anime style, turn based RPG, 'collectable' summons/familiars) but in truth they're actually quite different. The tone is usually much much darker in Persona, and the Arcana relationships/friendships are unlike pretty much anything in gaming outside of dating sims. Excellent series, 3 & 4 are incredibly good games.
  5. Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Kinda, it's generally assumed EA forced them to rush it out the door so it could be in the books for the 16/17 financial year.
  6. Mass Effect: Andromeda

    One of the devs the other day said on twitter they are considering a patch for aspects of the animation and the character creation tool, as well as 'supporting the game going forward' or, you know, making parts of it less rubbish.
  7. The Anime & Manga Thread

    Did you watch the golden age trilogy movies were they fancified all the animation and battles with cgi bits?
  8. The Anime & Manga Thread

    Have you seen the Netflix Death Note teaser trailer? I posted it in the TV thread yesterday. It is a sequel, yeah. The first series adapted the manga up until the end of the Golden Age arc (which was also developed in to 3 movies a few years ago), and the new series has adapted the 'Conviction' arc, which followed that on. That's followed by, in the manga, the 'Hawk of the Millenium Empire' arc (the anime series for this starts in April), and the 'Fantasia' arc, which is still being produced to this day. The manga started in the late 80s. So there's plenty of story for them to animate, if they so wish. I really, really love the original series, the new one is OK, and as much as the manga had it's high points (up to where I read, anyway), I don't think it quite lives up to that first arc, which is just spectacular (unless you're @Ginko)
  9. Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Put in a few hours today. In brief, all of the criticism is accurate (ye God's those constantly smirking faces), with the exception of a couple of small points I'd like to make - the major one being, as a result of how poor some parts are graphically, and all the attention that's been given, I was very surprised with just how good it looks at times. Really terrific stuff then WHAM, smirky face coming at ya. The second less significant positive, and I say that that as this isn't as bad as I was expecting, is the story. Admittedly I am very early in the game, and there's certainly not enough detail to really be 'good' as such, but, I have to say the mystery of it, and the pure 'alien-ness' of it all I'm actually alright with. A good 80% of the cast of characters though are just...yuck. Remember how in Mass Effect you'd meet interesting NPCs to really breath life in to the game? Absolutely nothing, at all, even in the same galaxy (ha) as that. Which is for me the biggest flaw. They clearly sat down in the first week of development, and had this idea about moving the new game out of the milky way, so there would be no conflict with already established characters, storylines, planets, etc...and it's impacted massively negatively on basically all aspects of the game, trapping them in a narrative that is simply crap compared to the original set up. The lore is so good they could have done a game on the first contact war, a standalone, which would have been really good. It's a shame, in short.
  10. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Feature length American adaptation for Netflix of Death Note. The anime adaptation is great, and the two live action Japanese adaptations were decent (there was another one, maybe two? That were weird), this looks...kinda odd, some curious set pieces fans won't be familiar with, I'll certainly give it a watch.
  11. General Chat

    There was a gif like that doing the rounds not long ago, source of which is on youtube I imagine. Very similar to as described, woman plants her face in to cake as a joke, reels back in horror, there's a spike in the cake! Ahahaha. Not really, Animal Collective and the Integrity remaster were the only things that really piqued my interest.
  12. *spoilers* The Walking Dead *spoilers*

    Yeah, I've read the suggestion before that what happened to comics Holly would happen to Sasha instead. It'd work. Then again, people were convinced Sasha was gonna be comics Andrea in Alexandrea and shack up with Rick which would have worked too, so...who knows.
  13. WWE: General Chat

    I've actually been grossly unkind there in suggesting Paige was the instigator in that fact. On reflection I would perhaps suggest Maddox asked if he could do it. "I'm never going to have a WWE title run...never! They had me working as a referee and GM, I'm a wrestler for pete's sake! They'll never take me seriously. But if I could...well, if you let me jizz on your title, then in a way, that would always be mine, wouldn't it Paige?" "Tyler, I have to admit that's a little odd, but I see your point, so OK" "Great!...can I take a picture too. You know, for prosperity."
  14. WWE: General Chat

    She literally had her boyfriend jizz on the NXT Women's title. I don't think where that occurred matters