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  1. Universal Credit update - we usually get around 4k calls for new claims per day. Yesterday we had 96k. The workforce simply can not cope with the numbers - and I'm not talking about UC Service Centre and JCP staff, I'm talking about DWP staff as a whole, which is around 111k. Not all of those can be spared for UC work, there are other 'tier 1' jobs that need maintaining, so...I do wonder who is going to do all the work required.
  2. Yeah, the delays in UC rollout have left a lot of people on legacy benefits, so there are still people knocking about on JSA/ESA. Uprating works in a very similar way on legacy benefits to UC - the difference with UC is, with it being a much more modern system (and not being basically MS-DOS!) they can flick a switch here, change the build there, and hey presto you've stopped all deductions and increased the payments. Legacy though, you've always needed a work force to essentially tell the system that each individual is to be paid more. Which is normal circumstances is fine. At the minute though we must be tens of thousands of staff short. We haven't got enough staff to deal with new UC claims at the moment, I haven't got a clue who is going to be touching legacy. As you suggest, yes, I would agree that in itself is discriminatory. It's not their fault the roll out in any particular area has left them being paid from an archaic system.
  3. Reviews look decent. Most interactive and immersive VR game ever at best, tired gameplay design at worst (suggesting Valve have become a bit out of step with modern gaming). Very curious about the ending, I'll probably watch a Let's Play or something, every review I've seen bangs on about it being excellent.
  4. There were around 137,000 claims for UC over the weekend, absolutely unprecedented. Our office is still doing the 'day job' which seems mad, and a waste of time at the moment. We're pretty desperate to move over to something which will actually make a difference.
  5. Can some of you others join in please so you can see what utter lies they're peddling.
  6. Silence on all enemies iirc? Pretty useless. At least the game made up for it in the 'summon which inflicts status debuffs' stakes with Doomtrain
  7. Including Rocket League? Cos ofc we would have to be on the same team. Team Ho--So
  8. Kota Ibushi explains how his sleeping pattern works, which enables him to have 25 hour days.
  9. You sound more organised than those of use in the public sector in non-frontline roles classed as key workers! It's quite choatic at our place at the moment, with absolutely no indication of time scales.
  10. Every employee in our whole department has been confirmed as a key worker, for the purposes of school closures and kids going in. They've also had every employee on the current 'underlying health conditions' list go home. Our office alone has dropped from 300+ to around 60-80 a day. We think we'll be moving over to making benefit payments soon. Whether that's legacy benefits or UC isn't clear yet. We could even be involved in some of the emergency loans / grants that have been confirmed. Everything else we do is completely on hold. We were on course to recoup just over £2b for the treasury this year - seems a drop in the ocean compared to the figures required for some of the measures announced today, and I don't think we'll get another penny after next week.
  11. I'm massively rusty on RL, but yeah, I'm interested
  12. The two debuts on this week's AEW are both really well done. Shame it was an almost empty arena.
  13. WrestleTalk have put on a free, empty venue show this evening streaming live on YouTube. The main event is Will Ospreay v Bea Priestley - they're a couple. Will is the current RevPro champ, Bea is the currently one half of the Goddesses of Stardom. Ist also effectively NJPW v AEW. Worth a look.
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