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  1. My brother and I were discussing this. My opinion is that Bran will indeed be sufficient bait for NK, and he will appear. His is that NK is on his way to King's Landing on his dragon to **** it up. As Stevo says, those possibilities (throw in NK obliterated the Iron Islands before he gets to Winterfell / King's Landing) all have some element of believability, but I'm not entirely convinced about any of them really happening. Which is a very good thing.
  2. Is it port-ear, por-te-a or por-sha?
  3. I've given FFXIV another go. First time round I played it on PS3, and then took the free upgrade option on PS4 for a short while. By far the most fun I've ever had with an MMO.
  4. Davey Smith Jr popped him a few times too as he was bundled out of the ring. Not sure why was dressed as Teddy Hart, though.
  5. I hear Takeover, Bloodsport and Spring Break part one delivered massively. Haven't watched any of them yet, tho. Also want to see the BLP show as that featured Nick Gage v Hornswoggle. Yes, really! And in news that will surprise very few people Very, very different wrestler compared to the KENTA/Hideo Itami and Shinsuke, but he was the legitimate ace of the Junior division in NJPW for years. Great technician, great agility, good in the air and a striker to boot. Awesome gimmick too, pretty certain he'd be allowed nowhere near it in the states, but he'd be over for sure.
  6. He scored 3 in 37 appearances in the 05/06 season btw. Ouch.
  7. What did you think of Evangelion 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0? Upon further research there's some speculation that the original cast may be involved in a brand new 'Netflix' dub. Which is curious, as even the Platinum dub had recasts due to some English VA's disappearing off the face of the Earth. Some of those lines are so iconic to me though, that anything other than the original dub just sounds wrong somehow. I did get hold of some rips of the Japanese blu ray release which looks beautiful. Hopefully the Netflix release matches it.
  8. The series plus Death / Rebirth and End of Evangelion. Without delving too much in to the torrid history of Eva, this is great news, although I'm going to assume straight off that this is the cleaned up Platinum version animation with the same dub - although I prefer the original dub. Guess we'll find out in June!
  9. Struggling to understand the criticism of the last two posts. It's far from great, but things are definitely happening, and why does there have to be a 'main star'?
  10. Not related to the politics, but we've had an EOI out today for 160 staff to provide support for 'EU exit preparation and implementation work' (I work for the DWP). It appears as though it's support for HMRC customer services. I wonder if 160 extra staff will be enough...
  11. Flyball on Crufts is mad. It's like the equivalent of a 100m relay for dogs, but a lot shorter. I'd never seen it before, and having watched a couple of 'rounds' (?) I started to rather enjoy it, although the mix of dogs struck me as a bit odd - surely if you had a group of 4 whippets or greyhounds you'd absolutely smash the other teams? And then it happened. Well, there were 3 whippets. They were pretty much a blur and destroyed the other team. Bet it stinks in there though.
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