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  1. Proper dream match, this is the first time it'll ever happen. Dirty Daddy would be a great fit for AEW.
  2. Is this the game people wanted / expected yet? It's got to be close, right? I mean...sand worms, man.
  3. I did post about this in the currently playing thread the other day, but it's hit the headlines in the last couple of days due to the proposed sequel being cancelled...because the original game is now being played by so many people, so the devs are going to update that instead. Aesthetically, it's strongly influenced by Alien, The Thing, and other similarly claustrophobic space / sci fi fiction set on a spaceship or base, and is rather cartoony in nature. The game is wholly 2D, and top down. You are one of 10 crew members, tasked with completing mundane maintenance on the ship. On
  4. I used to like the Renegade. I did used to play SARPBC way more than Rocket League, to the point that I had a number of alt accounts - SARPBC-GK I played solely as a goalkeeper and was always Renegade. I also had an account called SARPBC-Backwards, where I played matches entirely in reverse, which was great fun I'd love to see them bring back OG Utopia, that was a great field which invited some wildly different tactics. With the way the competitive league system is now though, I l don't think it'd appear anywhere other than a special match type (a bit like OG Stadium being Throwbac
  5. I've said it a number of times on here, but the first is my favourite of the series. I found it so incredibly immersive, that as much as the gameplay was improved particularly in the second one, I still preferred the first.
  6. Aha, no sorry, I meant Plat III div IV. I was a steady Diamond II div III player at my peak.
  7. It's been rumoured for a very long time now. I'd buy it, anything to resurrect my Renegade FemShep.
  8. I don't think that will be a problem.
  9. I think that'd put you about on par with most of the better of our players, I used to be a pretty comfortable Diamond II player, but when I've played recently I haven't been able to get back to Diamond, and have instead hovered around Plat IV.
  10. According to this, yes. I've just had a look on the freeview listings for Pick TV for Monday night though, and it's not on there...
  11. Like most people I imagine, I first became aware of Among Us via various memes. It is a really fun little game though. Short version - you are one of a crew of 10 on a spaceship, where you have a set number of menial tasks to perform. However, one of the 10 is the Imposter, who will sabotage the ship, and murder crewmates when they have the chance. They have to try and blend in, as when a body is found, it can be reported, and a crew meeting held. All of crew still alive then discuss what they've seen, and if one person receives a sufficient number of votes, they're ejected from the ship.
  12. I might come round to it, but at the moment, a return to 'high fantasy' with an apparently grim dark setting isn't something I was hoping for. I've seen comments that it looks great, as it's a return to an Ivalice style world ala Final Fantasy Tactics / XII / Vagrant Story, and in each of those games it was a fantastic world that was built...but it doesn't exactly scream next gen to me. Maybe it's just because I'm picturing lots of grey and brown, and a really flat palette for the whole game, which might not be the case at all, this is only the first trailer for a game which is some way off ye
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