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  1. Kinda hard to sum up in short, but...goofball uber face ex WWE guy challenges one of the biggest names in North American death match wrestling, puts on a great show in a style that until now he hasn't been even close to competing in, and wins the match - hence the nuclear heat from the crowd. You probably have to be a little invested in it, and enjoy DM wrestling, to enjoy. As it happens, I tick both boxes.
  2. Add cross country mountain biking and taekwondo to this list!
  3. Men's Sync diving good viewing this morning
  4. And last night was night one of GCWs Homecoming event which culminated in the Gage v Cardona / Zack Ryder match for the strap. Cardona didn't just take a token light tube shot to the head ala Matt Riddle. He didn't just do a death match and act like an amateur ala David Arquette. He wrestled a death match like a death match wrestler, and it was great. I'll stick the end portion of the match in spoilers just in case anyone happens to want to see it spoilerfree I was hoping it would go down this way, and it didn't disappoint. They also teased Jericho coming out by playing his music, and a good portion of the crowd bought it. A Cordona run in to gift Jericho the match is possible on Dynamite...but that would be a direct cross over with GCW, and as much as its the norm now for that to happen with AAA, Impact and NJPW, I'm not sure it'll happen. Maybe that's just cos it hasn't happened yet, and there have been a bunch of GCW guys on Dark over the past few weeks. Probably more likely for Jericho to win clean.
  5. Yeah, his track record does back years, all the way back to KDB and Delph not going, and then going. It's also worth pointing out that he said it should be a done deal, not is a done deal. That to me suggests it's still in Villa's gift to convince him to say. I'd say that's the bit no ITK will be able to tell us, how easy or difficult that would be.
  6. My child self would completly agree with this. My adult self would give 3 a higher score, and put 1 above 2. I think it's a really good trilogy which ever way you slice it. I wonder which trilogies I prefer, thinking about it? LOTR, Trois Couleurs, Vengeance, Star Wars original, Alien, Evil Dead, Indiana Jones, Toy Story...I was going to say BttF is one of the best trilogies ever, but perhaps not.
  7. Enjoyed watching the diving and taekwondo this morning. Now that it's started, I am glad it's on, as I'm finding entertainment in seeing these 30 min / hour long snippets of sports I generally never see. I like that feeling when you become an expert in any given event after watching for about 5 mins. I find myself very quickly saying things aloud like 'ooohh bad dive that, sync was out, very big splash. 5.5'.
  8. I posted some time ago about the guys at Resonant Arc doing an FFVIII story analysis series (also available as a podcast if that's your thing), and it was excellent. They followed that up with Nier Replicant, and have now started Xenogears, which is probably the ripest story in all of video games for such an analysis. They're releasing them weekly now too, as they hit a patreon goal, which is handy. They're also treating the channel / podcast as a video games book club, where they tell you to play until a certain point before the next episode the following week. They're keeping things as spoiler free as possible, which with a game like this is...really difficult if you know what's going on and have played it before! Xenogears is infamous for a number of reasons, one of them is it's incredible opening gambit, which isn't given much context for many, many hours in to the game. Once you understand, though...oof, what a game. For anyone who has never seen it before, here's the opening FMV (remember when they were called that!), for some extra context, this game started as a pitch for the FFVII story, and was in development between, and overlapping a bit, with FFVII and FFVIII. It seems staggering to me with that in mind, that at the same time, this was happening in the same office. I'll spoil you all and link the upscaled version, it certainly didn't look like this on my little CRT in my bedroom circa the year 2000
  9. hogso

    Persona 5

    I wouldn't worry about playing them in chronological order too much. The P2 games have a good rep, although they're far more 'old school' than the later entries in the series. P3FES is possibly my favourite, but I played that first, and can't really imagine going back to it now from P5R, such are the QOL improvements. It's not just the entirely procedurally generated dungeon, but the fact you can't control all partner members was backwards when playing it for the first time in 2007, let alone 2021! So I suppose there is some logic in starting with P3 / P3P / P3FES, as the improvements from game to game with the mechanics are great, and each game does purposefully strike a different tone, so if you find you like the tone of P5 best, then I'd suggest it'll be one of the best JRPGs you'll ever play.
  10. As it happens, I saw an interview with him just yesterday. He said he would rather die than come second. He seemed sincere, which was odd, seeing as the backdrop to the interview was his young family moving in to a new home. Certainly wired different, that's for sure. If there's not a physical edge which he has hoaned better than anyone in history, whilst simultaneously having the perfect body shape and being fortunate enough to find his discipline, then it must be down to his mind. And there's only so much that can be taught and trained when it comes to that. What ever the reason, there is no doubt he is the greatest of all time in the discipline of men's breaststroke.
  11. I kinda have a soft spot for these. Generally they'll make me laugh, and I'll get to guessing what the next one I'll hear on a trailer will be. I'm certain Karma Chameleon is ripe for this treatment, and you can't convince me otherwise. Just imagine the words, and picture it over a generic drama / revenge / thing movie. For what it's worth, there are some examples which aren't too bad. Although the best one I can think of wasn't in a trailer or anything - a cover of Converge's Homewrecker by a rubbish Belarusian metal band. It works so well cos the original version is so fast, and the lyrics so unrecognisable as words, that it's almost as though this hidden beauty is unveiled in the slower down version. I think that says more about the original song, than the quality of the cover though.
  12. How do we as humanity as a whole, continually set new world records? I'm mostly referring to track, but I suppose you could include any discipline (although there's only been one field world record set in the last ten years!). Is it entirely down to better tracks, better equipment, better training, better understanding of the human body, better nutrition and so on? Can some people simply run faster now than they otherwise would have been able to if they were born 50 or a 100 years later? If this is true, why hasn't the mens 800m record been beaten for ~30 years? Is this simply an indication that the competitior had an unfair advantage that hasn't yet been proven? How about the suggestion that all pre 2005 records are wiped? There appear to be some genuine examples of actual super human feats which weren't performed by alleged, but never proven, drug cheats - Stefka Kostadinova who has held the women's high jump record for 34 years is a good example, perhaps. Is there a ceiling for disciplines? At some point no one will ever be able to run 100m FASTER than X, surely? What purpose would we have to evolve to run any faster than we can? You'd expect the opposite to be true if anything, we'd evolve to slow down. How close are we to getting to that point?
  13. hogso

    Persona 5

    This September marks the 25th anniversary of the Persona series. You'd be forgiven for not realising the series had been around that long - although Persona itself of course is part of the MegaTen series of games, which themselves, began back in 87. The first three Persona games (I'm including the sequel to thr second one in that number) were released to minimal fanfare between 96 and 2000, although only one of those was actually released on the PS1 in English in America, until re-releases some years later on the PSP. With each game since those initial three, though, Atlus have really made waves in the US and in Europe, with even the spinoffs to the main games not only doing decent sales wise, but being good games in as varied genres as beat em ups, rhythm games, recently a dynasty warrior esque hack n slasher in the form of Persona 5 Strikers. They have form too, as fans will know, for releasing upgraded versions of the main numbered games. And before that is judged with any cynicism, the upgraded versions do represent wholesale changes, and it's something they've been doing for years, even in the PS2 era - with Persona 3 having both an upgraded PS2 version, and a specific, very different, PSP version. All of which brings me to the 25th anniversary itself. Atlus have done a bit of promo, there's talk of announcements to come, and teasing of new merch. The put together a couple of nice little pieces of art work featuring all the protagonists from the series too The 'secret' is repeated a lot on their site, with fans already being able to feature merch with what ever the 'secret' is. Given that it's sitting there next to the other protags, the likelihood is that, of course, Persona 6 will be announced. Atlus have been a little more specific too - confirming there will be seven announcements between the 25th anniversary in September, and fall 2022. It's likely these will include P6, a P5R anime, perhaps a P6 anime too, the long touted P5 Arena game, a new Persona Q, and potential updates / re-releases of P1, P2IS and P2EP. That's my 7 picks, we'll see how that turns out...the most popular suggestion amongst fans is that, given the popularity of the series since P3, there will be some sort of proper cross over game. There's a loose, very loose actually, connection between the games which is never really explained (the Velvet Rooms for those itk), which is prime fodder for getting all of those characters together in a single game. They've dabbled in it before, but never in a meaningful way. Exciting none the less, with regards to P6 I'm mostly interested to see if it's being developed for PS5 solely, or if it'll be cross gen as P5 was.
  14. Jay White confronted Kenny Omega at the end of Impact's Slammiversary PPV last night. He's the current NEVER Openweight champ in NJPW, probably the best heel on the planet, but more significantly are what this means for Bullet Club versus...whatever Omega, Good Brothers and Don Callus are. He didn't challenge him / them or anything, as soon as Jay got in the ring, FinJuice came to attack the Good Bros, but the Jay got back in and hit the Blade Runner on Finlay. An awful lot of history between all three groups... Also of significance was what appeared to be the tease of a super show in Vegas featuring Impact, AAA, AEW and NJPW. That would be great! Zack Ryder / Matt Cordona is currently embroiled in a pretty wild fued with Nick Gage in GCW. They've got a match set for the strap on 24th July, with Gage making the normal threats...I'd be surprised if it wasn't a match featuring glass, which would obviously be a bit of a departure for Cardona, and I also wouldn't be surprised if Cardona beats him through some sort of run in...when RSP beat him for the strap thanks to 44OH!s involvement, the heat was nuclear, and replicating that with a 'big' name would be quite a moment.
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