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  1. hogso

    The Film Thread

    The dates for the Studio Ghibli films as they release on Netflix; 01/02/20 Castle in the Sky My Neighbor Totoro Kiki’s Delivery Service Only Yesterday Porco Rosso Ocean Waves Tales from Earthsea 01/03/20 Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Princess Mononoke My Neighbors the Yamadas Spirited Away The Cat Returns Arrietty The Tale of The Princess Kaguya 01/04/20 Pom Poko Whisper of the Heart Howl’s Moving Castle Ponyo, From Up on Poppy Hill The Wind Rises When Marnie Was There Grave of the Fireflies is not included as Studio Ghibli do not own the digital distribution rights for it. Nausicaa is included though, although technically it isn't Ghibli.
  2. hogso

    New Music 2020

    Album out in Feb from members of The Body, Lingua Ignota and Full of Hell, the project is called Sightless Pit Oddly, it sounds like a combination of The Body, Lingua Ignota and Full of Hell.
  3. hogso

    Gaming 2020

    Anyone do the PSN 2019 'your year in gaming' thing (or xbox / Nintendo / steam equivalent)? I managed to spend exactly 365 hours on the PS4 last year. Which is nice.
  4. It's more of a shame then, given that series like The Outsider, Mr Mercedes and 11/22/63 have received decent reviews, that it appears the Dark Tower amazon series has been canned. They seemed to be going about it the right way too, starting with a young Roland, his first encounters with the Man in Black, and then the series would move on to his journey to the Tower proper...
  5. hogso

    Ni no Kuni

    I've posted in the film thread here my non-spoiler thoughts on the movie which is now out on Netflix.
  6. hogso

    The Film Thread

    ~~Hogso's thoughts on Ni No Kuni (Netflix)~~ Released today on UK Netflix, this Ni No Kuni is an animated movie set in the same world as the computer game series. Importantly for fans of those games, it's important to note that this is in way an adaptation on any of the games, but instead is a story in isolation, featuring a few subtle references. Knowledge of those games is certainly not a requirement - however, enjoyment of Japanese animation may be. This production comes from OLM, who would be most widely known as the producers of the Pokémon animated series. Considering that the Ni No Kuni (PS3) had it's animated scenes produced by the world renown Studio Ghibli (being one of their very few associations with a video game), they had an awful lot to live up to here. The standard of the animation is fine - nothing ground breaking, but serviceable. There are a few computer animated effects which I wasn't so keen on, though, as they rarely work for me in anime as they look so out of place. It does feature both the original Japanese dub, and an English dub. Again, the dub is serviceable...although I think given some of my recent toils with the issues of localising the Japanese language in film or video games (see my Kiseki thread in the games and gaming thread for a bit more on that) I've noticed a few things that just didn't sit well with me. There's also a pretty horrific attempt to emulate the voice of Mr Drippy from the most popular game. Stefan Rhodri produces one of the finest voice performances I've heard in any in his role as Drippy. In this, though, we have two little side characters who provide zero bearing on the plot, and have a weird Scottish / Welsh accent. It's very very strange and a pretty terrible casting choice. As far as the plot goes, it does it's best to emulate a classic Studio Ghibli tale, but doesn't ever reach such heights. That doesn't mean there isn't anything to enjoy here, as much as it does plod along, and is a bit by the numbers, it does produce some enjoyable sequences and a suitably emotional finale. What I do find most interesting about it is that it's been given a 15 certificate on Netflix, due to the violence in the fight sequences, and a little bit of blood. Which is a shame, as the games are something I would definitely recommend to those with younger gamers in the family, and this could open a gateway to the video game series, pardon the pun. The violence isn't on a par with other contemporary anime series like Attack on Titan, for example, and although it should definitely not be a PG, a 15 seems a little much. Probably my favourite thing about it was the score, provided by the legendary Joe Hisaishi, which features some fantastic call backs woven into this original soundtrack to the games. (oddly I can't find an offical Netflix UK trailer on YouTube). A 7/10 for me, quite a long way off the quality of the PS3 game, but especially worth the time for fans of the series.
  7. It's very typical of recent SquareEnix releases. They seem to favour a delayed release over a very large day one patch. In a time when it has almost become normal for games to be released that don't really work the way they should, an extra 5ish weeks is a small price to pay to avoid that. Now, if the game is released full of glitches, there's really no excuse. But, FFXV and KH3 were both delayed multiple times, and when the release came round, they were fine (not that they weren't then patched too, of course)
  8. It appears as though its been delayed until 10th April Shame, but hardly a surprise. There's due to be a demo on PSN at some point too, but no date for that yet.
  9. I think I've already mentioned it in this thread, but the casting for Holly is different in both The Outsider and the Bill Hodges Trilogy (Mr Mercedes) - which is a shame really.
  10. hogso

    Gaming 2020

    Not sure. It's an easy to digest, easy to access 15 min (?) bunch of trailers. I can honestly say I would rather watch that than a 2+ hour 'presentation' with some over excitable exec/dev on stage. The content of them, yeah, it's been fair to say that generally they're not compulsive viewing, but they usually get one little exclusive sneak peak at the end. FFVIIR and the new Resi remake being the most notable ones I can recall seeing.
  11. hogso

    Gaming 2020

    Sony have confirmed they won't be attending E3 again this year, and will instead be attending other events and almost certainly hold their own.
  12. An opportunity for discussion of upcoming games, announcements, speculation, etc... I'll kick off with a few trailers for stuff that perhaps isn't quite as hyped as the obvious games out this year Genshin Impact on PS4, due for release Q2 2020. It's an open world action RPG, and reminds me most of games like Ni No Kuni and Ys. Tell Me Why is the next episodic game from Dontnod (Life is Strange), and honestly I'm just a sucker for this kinda thing The new Yakuza game, Like a Dragon, the first without Kiryu, is out in Japan very very soon - but we'll need to wait some time for the localisation. It features turn based battles now, which...is an odd choice tbf
  13. Certainly with regards to the Uncharted series, they're awfully shallow. Last of Us has a far stronger narrative which makes it a far superior game, but even then the gameplay isn't all that (perhaps unless your play it on grounded which removes the superhero esque abilities of Joel present on the other difficulties). I'd suggest that based purely on gameplay, Tomb Raider reboots did it better. Having said all that, I am a fan of Uncharted, the second and third in particular are great fun - akin to a blockbuster movie for me. You'll easily find more substance in other games, but for a daft few hours, they're well worth it.
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