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  1. Football Manager 2018

    Odd there aren't any hints at all about new features, just the 'contract extension' offer of 25% if you own '17 on Steam. Perhaps that means there are even less changes than usual?
  2. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    The article I read about the HBO Spain leak was that they 'accidently aired the first hour', or words to that affect. The episode is 70+ minutes long, so does that mean the last 10 mins will be missing?
  3. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    She did not - Joffrey did. Or at least, he made the order. The reasons are potentially numerous, maybe it was jealousy, maybe fear, maybe revulsion. Perhaps a combination of all three.
  4. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    I would suggest they aren't merely walking very slowly and/or dilly dallying, but rather waiting for something, or someone, to launch a true assault on The Wall.
  5. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    Gendry is a bastard, he has no claim to the throne.
  6. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    If that episode didn't establish for you that time is moving at different paces for different characters in different locations, then nothing will. Those expecting deaths may be happy next week, I suspect!
  7. What do you drive?

    I guess this is the Driving thread, so I'll put this here. Did my Threory test last week. Favourite question - what does the following sign mean; A ) TOILET B ) T-Junction C ) No Through Road D ) No Right Turn I had to try very hard to stiffle laughter in the exam room.
  8. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    As mentioned earlier in the thread, it is very, very different to the film. It's not terrible, but if you're expecting a stretched out version of the film, you may be disappointed.
  9. WWE: General Chat

    Fantastic wasn't it. The whole final day, top to bottom. KES return, Suzuki-gun making roads to be top dogs, the tag title matches, the final, **** SHIBATA. So glad I put the time in to watch every day of it, really paid off in the end. I'd never done that before. The best promotion? Without question. For me they're hitting heights not seen in Japanese wrestling since AJPW, the King's Road, and the 'Four Pillars of Heaven' in the 90s. Further to that, the way they operate with other promotions is raising the game everywhere. It's also very clear that the style of wrestling resonates massively with the fanbase, so promotions all over the world are trying to put their own spin on it. I'd recommend a sub to NJPW World for any wrestling fan asap, some of the content demands to be seen. A lot if it, in fact. The future is very, very bright too. Some of the young lions are already awesome (Kitamura!).
  10. WWE: General Chat

    So we're either gonna see the rubber match or Naito's redemption at WK12, with an EVIL title shot in the meantime? Not sure which I would prefer...nah, gotta be Okada v Omega IV, hasn't it?
  11. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Despite having started this thread, and having a lot of interest in it at the time, I didn't buy it then. I had a PSN store card to use last week, and it was either this or Witcher 3 GOTY. This was on sale, so I picked it up for £10 after the discount. What a fantastic piece of work. I'm finding it difficult to find any criticism. It looks and sounds great, without doubt. The narrative is pretty original, and I've found myself invested in the various mysteries and characters/factions in very little time. The combat system is superb, the upgrades and crafting work great in conjunction with that, and I love the threat from the bigger mobs. Even taking down a group of smaller ones using stealth, or trying to go in all 'spears' blazing, great fun. I suppose the open world could be a little more diverse - but then, I haven't seen all of it yet. Plus, the juxtaposition when you decend in to a ruin or a cauldron and that environment compared to the one you're used to creates a terrific atmosphere. So saying that would be harsh. So glad I finally got round to it. If you haven't yet, you should.
  12. No Man's Sky

    I'l have to fire it up and report back on the story patch, it does make me curious.
  13. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Nevermind, Dem.
  14. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Not heard of that, is it on Netflix?
  15. The Film Thread

    In regards to Carnage casting, surely it should be Fergal Devitt