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  1. hogso

    Ni no Kuni

    It definitely is a turn based game, but it does it's best to disguise it. You can run around during battle, and there's an element of tactics in that, as you focus on or avoid particular mobs. I'd recommend popping 'ni no kuni battle' in to YouTube and watching a few gameplay videos. If you look at it and think "I might be able to handle that", I'd wholeheartedly encourage you to purchase it on Switch upon release. If you don't like the look of the battle system though, I wouldn't bother. There are a lot of battles which you can't get out of (although no random encounters) and certainly an old school element of grinding for levels and items.
  2. I'm plating BL2 via Ps+, really enjoying it. Loved BL1 on Ps3, this is a nicely fleshed out version of that. Greatly addictive. Didn't get on with Pre-Sequel, though.
  3. G1 blocks announced! The only surprise really is no Suzuki. Well, that and the biggest cheer in the arena when this was announced earlier today wasn't the confirmation of Ospreay, or KENTA, or Moxley, or Takagi, or even Ibushi with Tana and Okada already confirmed in that block...it was for Taichi. I'll pick Ibushi as the overall winner. I'll also go with Ospreay (or maybe even KENTA) to pin Okada and get a heavyweight title shot at Power Struggle, Juice to pick Ishii to get a NEVER title shot, and Taichi to pin Moxley to set up an NA title match. Also to consider, though, is that the G1 ends on 12th August, and Royal Quest takes place on 31st August at the Cooper Box. It's not inconceivable that ZSJ and/or Ospreay defeat Okada and/or Ibushi, and they will be the semi and final matches. I'd say the most likely is an Ospreay / Ibushi main event, with Ospreay picking up the IC title to fully cement himself as a heavyweight. Now, of that were to take place, you'd assume Ospreay will have dropped the Junior title...perhaps on the last day of the G1? I'm attending Royal Quest, so there is a huge element of wishful thinking here, but one of the two will surely main event it for one of the two main straps.
  4. Confirmed to be the original audio These guys are dealing with the remaster work. Whew. Still unclear exactly what has changed to enable a 'HD' version now, the best guess seems to be SE have used assets from the (horrible ported) PC version to fill some gaps.
  5. I think FFVIII is comfortably my least favourite PS1 era FF game. It was way too easy for a start, which was a consequence of the Draw system. And the less said about Squall the better, although at this point (and in subsequent spin offs like World of Final Fantasy) he's a caricature of himself and is actually quite entertaining.
  6. Have you played / progressed far enough in to FFXIV to go to the Golden Saucer in that? It's absolutely fantastic, you could spend hours per day in there alone. It takes lots of inspiration from the FFVII GS, but with triple triad card tables and other stuff you'd expect.
  7. So, if we break it down, and assume that the whole thing features all of the places from the original, can we expect something like this; Episode I Midgar - Reactor Missons / Slums / Wall Market / Pillar Attack / Shinra HQ / Midgar escape / Kalm / Sephiroth back story Episode II Pursuit of Sephiroth - Mythril Mine / Junon / Costa del Sol / Coral / Gold Saucer / Cosmo Canyon / Nibelheim / Rocket Town / Temple of the Ancients Episode III Death of Aerith - Key search / Forgotten City / Great Glacier / Mideel / Junon / Cloud's despair / Weapon attack / Return to Midgar / Northern Crater / End I like the idea of saving Aerith's for the third part, more time spent with her around in the prior parts would make her death all the worse. Alternatively, ending a part with Cloud losing his mind and the Weapons awakening would be great too. Looking at the above lay out, I think there's a very good case for it being spread over 4 parts - I hope not, but it's very possible.
  8. Yeah, a bit like Xenogears in that regard, which is arguably better than all of the ps1 era FF games. It's very different though, other than being a JRPG, so perhaps understandable. Would love to see a revival of them, as well as Parasite Eve, Suikoden, Dino Crisis...
  9. As a final fantasy fan boy, they can make it five games for all I care, **** it, I'll pay whatever they want for the slightly better than normal edition (I have no interest in models). Very curious about how long this will take to finish, and what sort of replay ability it'll have all the same.
  10. I guess they either found the source code, or have rebuilt the missing parts. Either way, pretty cool. I imagine this will open the door for a full on digital 7-13 pack, which is nice.
  11. Only watched the first episode last night, but Killing Eve certainly appears to be in keeping with the first series - the humour is definitely the same, thankfully.
  12. Bandai Namco news - Tales of Arise (man those names are getting worse) Ni No Kuni remaster plus Elden Ring (GRR Martin x From Software game) leaked via...their own website.
  13. Dominion card for Sunday has been announced - it opens with Jon Moxley v Shota Umino. Umino is a young lion, and this will be the New Japan equivalent of a squash. Young Lions never beat anyone other than Young Lions, but this won't be one way traffic. It's a way to demonstrate how far Shota has come in his training, and to show off the famous NJPW fighting spirit. Very minor subplot to this one, Moxley was pretty disrespectful to Red Shoes Uno during his match with Juice - Red Shoes is the most famous, and best, NJPW referee. Shota is his son. The rest of the card is great too, lots of plot lines running through all of them, with the intriguing inclusion of Taguchi, Juice and Tana versus a Bullet Club trio featuring Jay White. Is it too obvious that Juice will turn and join BC? Or will they run some sort of angle with Moxley and maybe even Robbie Eagles and have all three of them beat down BC? Potential event of the year material.
  14. Post match promos from Juice and Moxley, spoilered in case you're avoiding the result
  15. Juice V Moxley took place earlier today at the Best of Super Juniors final - and it delivered. It's unclear exactly how much this will represent Moxley in AEW, after all, if you view Jericho's match at DoN versus his recent NJPW matches, they're very different (as will his match against Okada this weekend I'm sure) Curiosly, though, this was more about making Juice look like a star than it was the debut of Moxley. New Japan have been hot on Juice for a very long time now, and this could prove something of a turning point for him. It'd be good to see him step up and challenge for the Openweight title at some point soon. The match itself was a hard hitting, less than technical brawl, and it had been billed as such prior to the event, so for that it certainly did exactly what was expected of it. Clearly Juice had given instructions to Moxley that he had to get busted open hard way, to make it convincing. And goodness me was it ever. The dude is going to be barely able to move tomorrow morning. Could we see a repeat of the match at the G1? Having Moxley take part would be a huge deal for New Japan, and with it kicking off on the states it makes even more sense. Throwing him in to a block with the likes of Naito, Okada, Ishii, Suzuki, Goto...it'd be unmissable. The whole show is definitely worth checking out, especially the BoSJ final itself between Takagi and Ospreay. Also worth getting a sub if you haven't already with Dominion at the weekend.
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