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  1. hogso

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea

    First time seeing McGinn play live yesterday. What a monster. Nyland did do well, but that blunder in the first half and his distribution leave something to be desired. Potential there without doubt.
  2. hogso

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I've surprised myself and have gone down the digital preorder route. It seems it's the best chance I'm going to have to get out of bed at 7am and be able to play it straight away. Is that worth the extra £10? Not sure. But I'm happy to pay it in this instance.
  3. hogso

    Virtual Reality

    Astron Bot has reviewed as basically the best ever VR game. Which is odd considering it's based on a mini game from The Playroom, but there it is. For anyone curious it's essentially Mario 64 VR.
  4. hogso

    The Apprentice 2018

    It is true that you can see who is getting tired. Probably those early mornings when they get a call from Lord Shug at about **** 3.05am.
  5. hogso

    Football Manager 2019

    It does make you question what issues are under the hood at this late stage, when the full game release isn't far away. I watch a few FM Youtubers who have been at SI playing the alpha this week. One guy conceded four pens in the first game he played of the season (the U23s friendly!)
  6. hogso

    Telltale have told their final tale

    Hmm. Not sure. To me a key element of 'adventure' games is puzzle solving. Be it with words, numbers or inventory items. LiS is pure narrative and decision based gameplay. Great games, though. Oddly the one not produced by the main studio, Before the Storm, is probably the best one.
  7. hogso

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    What version are people ordering? I can't see how any of the DLC stuff in the special and ultimate represents £15 or £30 worth of content, so I've gone for the standard. I dare say it's quite good, but I'm sure the mission and hideout (basically the only things I would be interested in) will be available individually at some point down the line.
  8. hogso

    Telltale have told their final tale

    You could do worse than given Dreamfall Chapters a go for that 'adventure' game fix. Final part of the Longest Journey trilogy, so ideally you will have played the other two first.
  9. hogso

    The Film Thread

    It seems to be pitched pretty well. It's a wonderfully disturbing book. King almost didn't publish it as he thought initially that he had gone too far. The concept of 'sometimes dead is better' is probably one of the best things he's ever written, right up there with 'The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed'. With regards to Pet Semetary specifically, it's very filmable, and plays on that insatiable human need to found out 'what if?', even with horrifying consequences. As far as the on going King adaptations (or not: see Castle Rock), there's so much more there to do. The Stand being the obvious one, for me though it simply must be a TV show, say 10 parts. And feel free to change the ending CBS!
  10. hogso

    Sir Doug Ellis

    I was fond of the occasions I would spot his car, with the iconic AV1 reg plate, at games be they home or away. Perhaps the last time I saw it was a the playoff final? His blood truly ran claret and blue. RIP Dead Doug.
  11. hogso

    Smartphone Games

    Has anyone tried their new management game? It's possibly an even more egregious example of pay to win than NSS.
  12. hogso

    *spoilers* The Walking Dead *spoilers*

    Not sure how much of that I agree with. I have heard the complaint that it's veered too far off the source material and is now rubbish as a result - however, I do struggle with the assessment of the comics being amazing. I don't think it is, not anymore - there's the odd issue which is good, but it's filled with boring shite frequently, and has been like that since...jeez, before the introduction of Negan? Which is the exact same criticism you could aim at the show. As such I'd argue it's tried to follow the source material too closely to a degree. At least now. Should it have been a verbatim reproduction of the comics, warts and all? I don't think that's really feasible, there is some really sick shit in there (death of the girls at the prison springs to mind!), so it's probably been as good as it could have been. The casting has been almost too good to be true in some cases - they've nailed all of the major characters. I would agree though that the show has run it's course. Whether that should be with an ending where everyone dies cos there are too many zombies, or where civilisation starts to thrive because the zombie threat has been negated to a manageable level, I'm not sure.
  13. hogso


  14. hogso

    The Film Thread

    Der Sibente Kontinent!