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  1. Harry Potter Legacy, aka. Harry Potter RPG delayed until 2022
  2. I really enjoyed the story in this one, it's not a short game, but it is concise enough to draw you in and maintain your attention from start to finish, I found. Very doable plat if trophies are your thing too. As for tips, it's been that long since I played it I don't really remember anything specific, other than do the trials to get to grips with the various weapon types, and don't be afraid to experiment a little during encounters with some of the bigger mobs. I barely used the trip wire thing for large parts of the game, before realising just how useful it was.
  3. I did this, great investment, absolutely ideal for when I've had a free half hour here there and every where over the last few weeks whilst being off work with the kid. Jumped straight in to a lowest rep lowest division English management game. Picked Dorking Wanderers for a couple of reasons, a great badge, and a pretty meteoric rise to Vanarama South, with something like 3 promotions in 5 years in real life. 6 seasons in I'm in League One, and it's now pretty tough. Survived by 6 points in my first season there, and off to a pretty ropey start this time out (1/2/4). I'm trying to
  4. You mean kayfabe? Pro Wrestling wouldn't be pro wrestling without it. Unless you mean exclusively in these tribute shows, then yes there's no need for it then.
  5. I guessed, probably like most people, he'd been off TV for some undisclosed injury, or a break or something. But this, jeez.
  6. I've seen it said elsewhere, but it really is the case the needs a No Man's Sky level of 'after release care' from the devs to get it back on track.
  7. If, after your first run, you have a desire to plat it, then as @Delphouneso says there isn't enough resources to unlock everything so you'll need a second run - and assuming you get all the stuff throughout both runs, you'll get the last resources you need just after Abby leaves the stadium and is on her own for the first time.
  8. That's right, 2 up with 10 to go, finished 2-2. Albrighton, Hogg, Bannan, Lichaj, Herd and Fonz all played in the match. As I recall, Gary McAllister was actually in charge for that last day of the season win against Liverpool? I have really fond memories of that period around the time Houllier was in charge, I'd moved my season ticket which initially felt a bit like moving to a new school, but ultimately was a great decision. Some cracking away days too, wins at Wigan and Arsenal in particular I remember well. Others not so much, THAT blues league cup quarter final and a disgusting 2-3
  9. hogso

    Persona 5

    If you're going to play a version, get Royale.
  10. hogso

    Persona 5

    Persona 5 Strikers aka Scramble finally gets a proper western trailer and release date Hack and slash follow up which, from a story perspective at least, is similar to the P4 beat em ups in that it writes a new story and threat for the gang to tackle after the events of the original game.
  11. I watched the Talking Pictures Christmas Classics special on BBC today, and thought it was far better. Many more movies covered in only 45 minutes allowed it to feel much more comprehensive, and less self indulgent.
  12. Depends on your definition of labour, I suppose. Between her being 1cm to 4cm dilated (4cm being the classification of 'established' labour), birth partners aren't allowed to be present in hospital due to covid. She was in hospital for a time, though, before I could be with her, as the pain relief available at home wasn't sufficient for her, so I effectively had to drop her off for a night. So, basically, yes I did
  13. How's Spiral? And is there any legit way to watch it yet? I can't help but be reminded of Junji Ito's Uzumaki when seeing that poster and the name.
  14. Just before my girlfriends long labour (see baby thread) I downloaded the new FMM. Won VNN with Leamington with a zero 'experience' manger, in an undefeated season. I've never done that before, it seems far too easy. 4-1-2-2-1, kept 2 players of the original squad of 20ish (excluding youth), sold them for enough to give my wages a decent boost, then went and signed the best, cheapest (wage wise) and youngest players for each position. It's so easy. Almost too easy, I still love the concept of searching for a gem of a player and winning games, but when you don't lose a league game a
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