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  1. Not really sure how they nail the humour on screen.
  2. Fringe rewatch underway The opener has not aged well
  3. The Welsh Dragon 'Big Time', my #2 boy, the man NT coming to break some black country hearts.
  4. I really enjoyed 'Night City Wire', lot of info that is greatly appreciated, and seeing different gameplay elements and areas is good too of course. It almost made thd game feel more like a big, blockbuster movie rather than a treble A game. At this point I can't really see how this won't go down as a must have.
  5. Oh I don't know, mine ain't bad...
  6. More than one. Basically the Caribbean of the Midlands - there is a part of it called Bermuda after all. They're practically the same tbf, I suppose the real Bermuda is a bit warmer.
  7. Huh. In short, they're story driven, action adventures, which tend to be a bit light and linear in the gameplay stakes.
  8. hogso


    When I had a similar problem with 10k (trying to get a sub 50), I was fortunate enough to be booked in a relatively busy, flat, road race, in perfect May conditions. I felt really good in the morning, and decided to just go for it. I set out a fair chunk faster than normal, and tried my best to keep up the pace. I got to the last 500m and found I had enough in the tank physically / mentally to build to a sprint by the time I hit the last 100m. I got a sub 49 and was over the moon. I think what I'm getting at is, and I suppose this depends on the sort of runner you are, but for me it was the perfect storm. I think it'd help you to set a date for the PB attempt, flat course, and build up to it. Do a few trial runs starting way quicker than normal, see how you go. And then, hope for favourable conditions on the day!
  9. NJPW is back, has kicked off with the New Japan Cup GCW is also back, they're running two outdoor social distance complying shows so they can have fans. Not many, but good to see Probably the biggest news in wrestling at the minute is the speaking out movement. Many, many wrestlers have been accused of sexual assault and harassment. I guess the biggest name (so far, there are more all the time it seems) is Matt Riddle. I have to say though, of all the things coming out, that's the one I'm not sure I believe. The other names...there are masses of accusations against British wrestlers, or those based over here. Jimmy Havoc, Travis Banks, El Ligero, David Starr, Joey Ryan...not a good look for the business as a whole over here.
  10. It really depends entirely on how much you like Naughty Dog games and how much the story does for you. I really like ND games, and thought the story is easily one of the best told in any video game. As such, if was certainly one of my favourite games of that console generation. All the changes to the gameplay and the world in the second only seem to have made it better, as one complaint generally of ND is that the games are too linear. The new game isn't quite open world, not a hub either, it's somewhere in between.
  11. It's called getting FM'd and has been a 'feature' of the games forever. I stopped playing years ago, but when I played a lot, I was convinced there's some sort of RNG for each match which affects the outcome. Over time though, even if that is built in (which SI would never admit) I don't think it's a bad thing. Sometimes team's in real life have an off day, even if they're the best side in the world. Sometimes they might have an off month, or an off match 3 times in 6 months which means the difference between winning the league and finishing second. Don't think there's any other way to account for those unpredictable, human, elements in a game like this. Damn annoying in game, I don't think there's anything you can do, other than play season after season until you do win the league.
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