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  1. Josh Onomah

    Spurs could well recall him now to get him more game time elsewhere. Pecident has been set so I wouldn't be surprised.
  2. Scott Hogan

    The problem with Hogan is that he is so injury prone. I'm just waiting for the inevitable. Its like watching 'final destination'
  3. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    At least we have played Brentford twice now!
  4. Wolves

    Really don't like the cold do they!
  5. Pre-match thread

    Play that on tues then!
  6. Pre-match thread

    Why cant this game be played saturday?
  7. January transfer window 2018

    Bet he doesnt look back on us in that light now!
  8. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    It is also nice to know that 2nd place is back in our own hands now!
  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Pressure telling already?
  10. Pre match thread

    Wolves doidnt manage a shot on target against these, and that was at home. Its no great detective work to see how these will approach the game so i dont know if Jedi or whelan will be needed. Would keep Thor on here as he offers more going forward.
  11. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Wolves didnt manage a shot on target against them, this is not going to be easy!
  12. Harry McKirdy

    Be good for all parties, hopefully the first of quite a few.
  13. Liverpool

    Sorry, you are correct, looks as if he hasnt been sacked. My mistake was listening to Talksport, they were dining off this for most of the day. They are shocking!
  14. January Transfers

    I honestly it was a joke from Stoke when i first read about this!
  15. Pre match thread

    No complacency please Villa!