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  1. An 80% failure rate is special in itself ....a coin toss would only get to 50%!
  2. Quick reminder that ozark starts it's new series on friday.
  3. First movie you remember seeing - Lassie Scariest film? - Friday the 13th part 2 (obviously this has to be taken from when first watched) Funniest film? - Theres something about mary Movie that made you cry the most? - The curious case of Benjamin button (dad died just before, so not sure it counts) Film you loved as a kid and think is shit now? - Cruel intententions (I was a teenager but it's the best I can think of) Film people don't rate but you love? - mystery men Film people love but you don't rate? - The godfather Worst film? - A serious man Film that means something special to you? - Gangs of New York ( a mate and I watched it whilst on a great 2 week holiday) Film you relate to the most? - boyhood Sexiest film? - Sin city Strange stiffies weird wide ons (like things your found sexy in a film like the midget from total recall or lady from lady and the tramp)? - Gamorah Best case of cinematography (not your favourite more like Lawrence of Arabia where it's a masterpiece but it's not a film you'd watch loads)? Lord of the rings Favourite film? - shawshank What one film would you take to heaven with you (doesn't have to be any from the list)? - Princess bride
  4. All I see is the word 'integrity' being passed around...that is not how you spell 'money'!
  5. Be very interesting to see how the transfer window will be affected by current issues. If the season is voided does this mean we are still under last years ffp or will this class as a new year?
  6. I think everyone here realises the seriousness of our situation, we have spoke about little else for the past week. No one is downplaying the threat just want to focus on something lighter for a few moments. This is an escape thread, if you dont want to do that then just keep away from this one.
  7. Doubt we will see home in a villa shirt again!
  8. Surely we couldn't be lucky enough to survive relegation whilst simultaneously breaking the hearts of the scousers baggies and dirty leeds!
  9. Nigel


    Did we ever really believe this fight would happen? You have to take your hats off to the fate gods here though!
  10. What was the reason for fear of AI again?
  11. I can not believe that they let Cheltenham go ahead!
  12. At least coronavirus wont be the number 1 threat to my life for the next 2 hours!
  13. We actually look like we can make a decent sub tonight!
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