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  1. Nigel

    Science Thread

    Great stuff, looks like they finally got round to a new series. sounds perfect!
  2. Nigel

    Science Thread

    I'm looking for a good up to date documentary on the subject....most seem to be made pre 2010.
  3. Nigel

    Science Thread

    Where is this documentary Tony?
  4. Smith's decision to put nakamba on killed this game for me, he simply can't play with a back 3. He plays too deep and just wants rid of the ball when we needed the exact opposite.
  5. I think the 3 at the back today is to allow buendia to play in the centre, so its actually an attacking move for me. For me its a straight shoot out between nakamba and tuanzebe and they will give you similar qualities.
  6. Love to know the odds of an ambulance having to be called if kienan tried to tackle sanson! Bet the medical team would be half out of the seat as soon as their eyes met!
  7. Nigel

    Declan Frith

    'Left back'you say....interesting!
  8. It amazing what unlimited weath does to morals, conviction ....and rules!
  9. I've heard Dennis wise has cleared out his locker at Yates!
  10. Nigel

    Norwich City

    No way they stay with the manager this time, tbh they would be nuts to do so unless their aim is to yo yo constantly!
  11. I wonder if deep down pep thinks he made a mistake signing grealish? Its easy to say no as he will improve them long term, but will he be granted the time he needs there? Does he actually add a new level of pressure? He is an inigma of a player, it took us years to figure out how to integrate him into the side properly, and to do so we had to build it around him. I know he has become a great player but he doesn't actually fit a traditional system as well as others will, and that is peps forte.
  12. Rumours are tuanzebe and steer will start
  13. Its a lot harder to hit Watkins ass....Gollini is up to it!
  14. This substitution may be the way forward in game!
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