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  1. Sheff have a much better team and squad than the other teams in the relegation picture. New manager bounce should see them jump up a good few places!
  2. You got odds of almost 10,000/1 from 10 games....what the hell did you actually get right?
  3. He was the one who caused the whole fracas at Eland Rd ....real shame such a fair minded soul cant hack it in this league!
  4. We will have a lot more of the ball in this game, so id put in Doug for the holding role to rest Marv for Wolves on Saturday. Id also put Barkley back in for either Ramsey, or even Mcginn. Hopefully the resting will do him some good as we will need quality to break Sheff down. The important lesson has to be the use of rotation in the midfield; We looked so much better for the fresh legs yesterday.
  5. Yep, Id be shocked to see the same team as its a completely different game. We will have a lot more of the ball so Doug should come back in, controversially along with Barkley!
  6. Their pitch really suits them, slippy rut holed mess masquerading as premier class!
  7. Nakamba and Ramsey were massive tonight, kudos must go to Smith for the changes! Leeds really are a bunch of whiney divers, just love that we beat them! Got right in their faces and outworked them, well done all. Really big win for the shape of the season that!
  8. Previous tells us he will be back 3 weeks after we are told he will be back!
  9. Yep...I'm thinking the ruse is the kind of ruse we wont like!
  10. We really need to find a way of playing these high intensity system based teams. Brighton Southampton and leeds league positions tell us that they can be negated. We just need to wise up a bit and not play into their hands all the time.
  11. After seeing the pre game press conference it will be good to see jack back!
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