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  1. I'm not sure if it's right to change 2 other players from their best positions.
  2. Normally agree with your ratings john but giving cash a 5 is way off. He was brilliant on Saturday for me! Defensively sound again but found a real attacking side to his game. His over laps with tres were a thing of beauty. Sometimes results shade performances but credit is still due.
  3. No more player swaps with man city pls!
  4. The irony being that if they turn out to be decent......
  5. It may be moot talking of value to us if there is a clause!
  6. I'd love to see all these fouls not given, and the players retroactively punished.....but this is not where football is currently. I'm even fine with the change of refereeing decision if this is a new way of policing all future decisions. However we all know that next week the rules will revert.
  7. It should be the referee's job to come out at the end and explain major decisions. They are responsible for outcomes of mega money games, and get remunerated for such. They have to be made accountable for decisions!
  8. Its because he made up the rules for the change of decision so it's only fair he gets to make up what happens next!
  9. Really dont know how tres is winning the motm. Yes he tried hard, but as one of our forward players to miss the target with 3 shots is unacceptable. He gets even one of those on target we get a point at least!
  10. Thought traore looked a bit out of synch tbh, he did his own thing but didnt play with the team so much. Hopefully he has the intelligence to be able to change that with games. Thought we threw that away after we equalised....we took our foot off the gas and became sloppy. Cash was brilliant today for me, perfect full back game. He did not deserve to lose that.
  11. Keep the ball on the deck as those 3 defenders are finding it easy to deal with balls in the air.
  12. Dont deserve to be losing here, but you have to wonder how much the loss of Barclay is being felt in the midfield. Traore looks ok on the ball but lacks the nous to play the position. He may be better served to push right up with Watkins.
  13. Just hope Dean has the boys charged up for this, we need to be at it!
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