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  1. Nigel


    Glad that happened, it never sat right with me how stipe was completely ignored after the last fight, despite his record. The best fighter should be top, no matter the potential monetary value.
  2. I'm with you on this, definitely not a time to introduce new players either, with maybe one exception. I would be tempted with Guilbert as he seems a bit better all round than Elmo which may help defensively.
  3. Wonder how many times mings has headbutted his bathroom wall? He is gonna be one fired up chicken!
  4. Too early in the season to be talking about this as a needed 3 points; For all anyone knows they could be the surprise of the season. Just hope we give a good showing, hopefully the result will come with that!
  5. Flying through 'the boys' on prime. Best superhero series since season 1 of heroes for me.
  6. We would have played 14 games by now in the championship!
  7. I like the idea of starting with jota and enabling ourselves to bring on a bit of pace on the hour mark. Hourihane doesn't deserve to be dropped and his set pieces could be vital.
  8. The biggest thing we have going for us is them taking us too lightly and catching them cold. Lets make nothing light of the fact they are years ahead of us.
  9. Thank you for taking over the defensive midfield for a few games, not moaning with lack of games and that goal against wolves! Job done! Good luck Birkir.
  10. Yep, 3 strikers for 1 role isn't the end of the world! This should be a strong enough squad to survive comfortably.
  11. Nigel

    Said Benrahma

    This is going to be like watching the fit bird that's been flirting with you all night being whisked off by her uncle!
  12. At the end do we find out who the striker was....like bullseye?
  13. We are gonna struggle to being in benrahma the French super striker and a mystery 3rd. Looks like we will have to settle for just the 2....
  14. Tammy.....but apart from benteke, Milner and tammy......

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