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  1. I bet he has let them know about it too!
  2. Good to see the mutual respect last night. Got a great reception and it was good to see him not celebrating after his goal. Chelsea may be the rich wife but we are the fit holiday romance!
  3. Heatons save from Willians free kick was so good I felt sure we were going to steal a draw! No complaints here, Chelsea deserved the win, as they should have! Ref was crap though, Chelsea got away with loads that should have been punished.
  4. You have to take this in context. We have had a tough period of games which will get easier.
  5. Ours was too good to go down....oh wait........
  6. Fulham will probably rest players
  7. Nigel

    John McGinn

    Id love to believe this is true, I really would, but unfortunately this is only half the story.
  8. Nigel

    Tyrone Mings

    Its funny how people like this Dean Smith passing game, yet want our defenders to lump the ball forwards!
  9. It's funny with all the old reports of us 'doing a Fulham' that they actually remind me of villas second year in the league. Massive wages, gambled on promotion, players too good for the division, yet still are just outside of the leading 2 teams who dont seem to drop points.
  10. Nigel

    John McGinn

    If he keeps playing well the asking price will be met! I'd prefer it if we kept him for a season or 2 longer before that happens.
  11. Nigel

    John McGinn

    Tbh I'm glad hes dropped from those early season heights, if he kept that up we would be losing him in the summer.
  12. I cant help notice the similarities here with gazza in his prime.
  13. I'm sure you are right, just others thought he was worth more, just not to us where we were.
  14. I think theres a difference between what a lot thought we would realistically get and what he was worth tbf.
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