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  1. This is going to run and run!
  2. Do we play a full strength team and allow them to learn from it?
  3. Everyone likes a happy ending!
  4. Well back to hoping our physio has a real thing for protecting dead arms.
  5. tbh it didn't look good straight away! If you are in that much pain with the adrenaline of scoring a goal helping out things ain't looking good! I've never seen a sling used for a dead arm either!
  6. I kind of remember a quote from Jokanovic before last years final against us. He spoke about them having to have the 'bravery to actually play' (in that kind of occasion). At the time, with Bruce in charge, i was thinking how much easier it would be for us; Put your boots on the right way round and eat some porridge, and you were half way there. Its no wonder we were schooled! Now I understand what he was on about. Its easy to play expansive football when the pressure is off, the play offs will be a different situation!
  7. If you put an under 10s team out against us at Wembley I'd fear the worst! Im like a beaten dog!
  8. Well let's hope what ever he has can be sorted in 3 weeks!
  9. ...and there in lies the problem. Doesnt matter how rich you are down here.
  10. Wasnt just you post mate. Theres an air of it round here.
  11. Yep, jump right back in the water why don't you!
  12. Cheaper certainly, cost effective I'm not so sure about!
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