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  1. Great signing, really pleased we have finally sorted that lack of pace! Really gone under the radar this with the bigger drama at the club still ongoing but this could turn out to be special!
  2. Yes but this also ignores the positive side of keeping grealish in that he will help grow our profile and probably increase merchandise. He is the a walking marketing dream now!
  3. Come on wes, show the footballing world just how big your spuds are!
  4. Very much this. If they can ignore ffp then why are we selling grealish for those very same rules?
  5. Thats not entirely correct due to ffp. We will need to free up funds sooner rather than later to enable us to keep growing. Hopefully this can be done with other players but 100m would do wonders for our ability to grow. Im hoping he stays but if not it wouldn't be all bad.
  6. ....except Sam Lee obviously!
  7. That was the fake account wasn't it? Real one vanished
  8. Who makes these e's for the club shop? We should give the contract to the company who makes the b's....they never run out!
  9. If we get loan fees for our kids does this count towards ffp (considering all youth is exempt from the calculations)?
  10. You and I are the same age, give or take, so other things blunt the affects of football. Unfortunately its not for us to say how this will be taken. I would say there is a lot more emotional interest invested in Jack which will come out in different ways.
  11. This will get nasty if he goes! Far more emotion tied up in him than anyone else i can remember.
  12. I'm only missing the words 'my sources' away from a job at the athletic!
  13. If we are getting into the guesswork game here's my wild shot in the dark. I'm guessing there is a clause (for multiple reasons i wont go into) and man City have triggered it (hence the confidence from their side). However our owners have told grealish they won't accept the clause. This would better explain jacks seeming u turn as it would be up to him to take the club to court to fight this.....thats a fair way to ruin a relationship with the club! I watch far too much tv
  14. What do the Leverkusen fans think of him?
  15. Nigel

    John Terry

    Thanks for all your service John, good luck in your future job! I just hope his leaving doesn't affect our defensive solidity too much.
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