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  1. Really? Would you want Clarke Harris, this years league1 top scorer? (Ironically he also plays for Peterborough)
  2. That would be one hell of a performance!
  3. Its far more likely that they will be given the points deduction for next season.
  4. Would it be against the rules to secretly pin a 'chase me' on the back of the left back?
  5. I'd like to see Swansea up...purely for mr hourihane! But tbf anyone but Bournemouth really. Just don't want to see the same teams constantly swapping leagues.
  6. That annoyingly good ginger lad at Brentford...thats his role! He plays in the DM position but he's really more of a withdrawn playmaker/Westwood metronome.
  7. I think we will find out on Thursday just how good a striker Watkins is!
  8. The one that first jumps to mind is Adama traore......damn you adama traore, you were going to become a phenomenon! Well I was right about him leaving after one season....just not about everything else! Remi garde was also going to be a legend. ....As was houllier
  9. On my 3rd visit to the wire. Ffs I only put it on for a quick look to see if its aged badly. ...no is the answer!
  10. Just how crap has newsnow become! A good few years back it was a genuine source of ...er......news.
  11. Back to the villa that is good to watch tonight, even without the win that was fantastic. Some really good performances, Watkins, Barkley, Luiz, Cash but there is something extra majestic watching an on form Traore. Hopefully that will see us into a strong end to the season, and helps get the massive grealish shaped monkey off our backs.
  12. Its not the position we should be looking at, far too many variables to consider that can alter this outside of our hands. A better target would be points! I'd say a jump of 5-10 would be a fair improvement on this season. We should be aiming for 55-60 points, which is usually enough for a European place.
  13. Nigel


    Var has made it ten times worse! Quick check to see if there was ANY contact...penalty!
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