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  1. I'd guess we will be quiet now till deadline day. I'd guess that will be a busy day for most teams. Sky will be kicking their lips!
  2. Nigel

    Louie Barry

    Wheres his new outfit?
  3. But that's not true is it! Taylor gets the blame for the shape not working properly when we lose, no matter how he plays....how is that not scapegoating? I'm not even going to mention the irony of you saying hes not a scapegoat, then calling him 'just shit'; I can see you give him a fair crack of the whip when ever he plays!
  4. I'm not arguing that he is a good player. Just he is here supplying much needed depth. His job has been done in getting us out of the championship. He will be replaced over the next few windows. My point is the need to have a scapegoat!
  5. Hes also seems to be a pure finisher. I'm not sure we are the team that can carry such a player atm.
  6. We have a number of players that are the same. Just where we are in our building process.
  7. That's kinda the.... never mind!
  8. Loan will be great for him! Feels like we have been missing out on this valuable tool for too long. Glad more youngsters seem to be allowed out now.
  9. Taylor holds a very important position in the squad...current scapegoat! When he leaves we will only end up reducing the confidence of someone else. Long live the king!
  10. 2 games in a row we have come back from a goal down to get a result. This is the opposite we were doing earlier in the season. Good time to be turning into this kind of team!
  11. Thought Marvelous had a good game but stand up Mr Targett you were excellent tonight. Defensively sound and pretty much our only outball for the entire game. He was the only player to stretch Watfords back line, getting an assit too, well done sir! Cant believe only 2 people voted him motm!
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