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  1. Funny enough that beating has given me confidence we can get out of this, suddenly we look a lot more solid, whilst also fashioning the better chances for most the game. A defeat here was expected. Thought El Ghazi had his best game in a while, and Luis continued his good form. If we play like this in the final 4 games ....who knows?
  2. Nigel

    Pre match

    I'd like a win if we are gettin wishes!
  3. That's how they play though....keep it really tight 1st half then start playing 2nd half. You can see how they keep such a small playing squad competing, only playing half games virtually.
  4. Why do I get the feeling that we are going to get the payback from liverpool getting smashed!
  5. That's like when other teams were moaning why cant they get a Benteke like we found! Casually forget the other zillion players that haven't been good!
  6. Juan pablo angel and I share birthdays, same age too!
  7. Nigel

    Pre match

    The good news is that the scousers can rest loads of players in the mindset they can bring them all on if we dare to play well! Well done premier league....'integrity'!
  8. If we get over these next two games in a similar position then suddenly things look a lot better! The final 4 fixtures dont look too bad on their own. Just need to keep the goal difference realistic and hope the pressure keeps telling with the others.
  9. We keep fluffing our lines but keep getting let off! This game is a lot more fun when we arent playing!
  10. Wolves for all their plaudits are an upgraded middlesborough! Keep it tight and let Traore out!
  11. Wonder which one of the Wolves players lost the game of cards and has to wake Traore?
  12. Its a good move from them keeping him on the bench!
  13. Its a good job norwich, west ham and Bournemouth dont want to stop in this division either!
  14. El Ghazi is the second coming of Garrincha compared to Tres!
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