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  1. The only difference is price
  2. I know he would be expensive but id love to see us go for Harvey Barnes. Looked really talented last year.
  3. Nigel

    Tyrone Mings

    I hope we dont! Far too many new heads are going to be starting next season as it it, it would be foolish to make a change here when its not needed yet!
  4. All clubs have players they dont want to sell....
  5. Refuse to believe this till i hear it from Clubcall!
  6. Tuanzebe or tammy would be the only players I'd want in on loan now, only for the reason of continuity; Pointless otherwise!
  7. We should have kept Whelan, then swapped him!
  8. I'm just picking this post at random but it could have been one of loads. Can someone explain to me how we are not 'doing a Fulham'?
  9. Who we really want is there youth scout
  10. The cynic could say that he was just waiting for a reason to get all mad and angry.
  11. Interesting. Isnt it the case that Bielsa moved him to dm only last season? Where did he play before?
  12. You could go further, we started it.
  13. You would get a decent enough international player from the continent for that kind of money. Id say that would be a lot less risky than a championship player with 1 season behind him.
  14. It was only a matter of time before the ridiculous prices from the premiership started trickling down!

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