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  1. Nigel

    The Film Thread

    It's about time they bought out a batman film!
  2. Nigel

    James Chester

    Deserves the chance at a free transfer so he can choose his next club! Few extra quid in wages in his back pocket too!
  3. Nigel


    Man u are already in free fall, a 1 result wont change that. I'll be the typical man utd bandwagon fan on sunday!
  4. Wow, if anything highlights the difference in situations here that fact does! We are streets away from that team, thank god.
  5. Nigel

    The Film Thread

    Plenty of quick catch ups available. Went down a YouTube hole yesterday, forgot just how good that series was!
  6. We have to keep this man on the pitch. Everytime we get a free kick and hes on the bench it feels like a wasted opportunity, and that's without his goals and assists from open play.
  7. Nigel

    The Film Thread

    4 days to go till the release of El Camino, the Breaking bad movie! Wow this has not been advertised well! Seat on the sofa booked though!
  8. Oh this was just a gimmi!
  9. Nigel

    Wesley Moraes

    When he learns to head the ball and shoot properly he will be lethal!
  10. Yes of course, but you still have to note the intended change for those interested!
  11. Mate learn to enjoy the good days, this is one!
  12. Wow, just found out that stopped a record 10 game losing run away from home in this division! Fantastic to get that monkey off our back before it was a real problem in itself!
  13. Im not saying its perfect, but you surprise me if you say its not more solid. Hourihane simply gives more legs and power than jack, who is wasted having to chase back. Luiz makes a good case too.
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