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  1. So it works fine, except some people in their outbond logistics department that need to be replaced?
  2. 30 million doses of AZ meant for the UK have been found in Italy...
  3. There won't be 100% vaccinated. At least 10% refuse to take the vaccine and a big part of the population is under 18. Then the question is, does it matter? And if it does, what will be done about it. Herd immunity will protect, but obviously there is a risk that a virus spreading between those under 18 might mutate again. Pencillin was a great invention, but since then bugs have developed and is much more resistent to antibiotics. The way out of Covid isn't the vaccine alone, but it's vaccine in combination with efficient treatment of infected people.
  4. True, but it also allows for the virus to spread and create new mutations.
  5. You would if you could read Norwegian. That it doesn't work well against South African mutation should be well known. It's proven here and South Africa has stopped using it. Probably for a reason.
  6. I think so. Depends on your definition of young. All under 50 as far as I know. One dead is around 30. But it hasn't been given to 65 or older. This was the vaccine that initally was meant for health workers. But they have so far been very reluctant to take it, as it is perceived to be a second rate vaccine. Good news is that now that they know about it, they can perhaps treat you if you have symptoms of blood clot. And if you survive for more than two weeks, you're probably safe. But it doesn't protect as well as the others, it doesn't protect you against the South African mutation,
  7. Reports from Norway says researchers have found that the death of younger people who had the AZ vaccine is caused by the AZ vaccine... It creates a rare immune reponse that subsequently causes blood clot . Two or three deaths so far. Not that many cases that it will be visible in statistics, but no doubt of what have caused these few spesific deaths.
  8. The **** Covid part I agree on. But it did probably save us from relegation as well. At least we are playing Spurs and Everton this season and not Brentford and Nottingham Forest
  9. True. You can even get one at £10m if you're lucky. Or a £50m player that is shit if you're unlucky. That's why a loan is good. Trying before buying. And that's why Barkley is a good deal at £30m. There will be no setteling in period. We know how he has performed here, not just how he has performed in another club. We know that he fit in as a person and not just as a player. And those things have a value on their own. If we can get Barkley for £30m I'm all for it. It's not much more than buying someone from Brentford. And much less risk.
  10. Every player is a gamble. Don't think Wes or Heaton had any injury record before they joined us. But then suddenly both of them were out for a year. If Barkley give us 25 games with good quality it's still better than signing someone cheaper that play like shit in all 38 games.
  11. We are not getting players of his calibre at £30m without some luggage. £30m is a lot of money. But it isn't a lot of money for a player these days. We paid £20m for a keeper that was warming the bench for Arsenal and £28m for a Championship striker. Barkley for £30m or thereabout doesn't seem like miles away his true market value in my opinion. If his injury record were better I would think even higher. McGinn broke his leg last season. Doesn't mean we would accept £20m for him.
  12. Six months from now we would know a lot more about Davis and Wes. Davis to go out on a loan and Wesley to fully recover. At the moment we don’t know if we need one, two or none strikers in before next season. But we need a short term solution while we find out. As we probably have limited funds, I would like us to spend it on players in positions where we’re already know we need to strengthen. As we’re not desperate we can bring in players that’s 50/50 short term and long term. They don’t have to walk straight into our starting lineup and perform from day 1. We’re in an excellen
  13. He has 6 months left on his contract. Price, age and experience would make him a good squad player I guess.
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