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  1. Not sure what we can expect this summer in terms of spending. I think we should focus on the squad, rather than go for the big £40-50m signings. For me it's more the lack of squad depth rather than the lack of exeptional players that almost sent us straight back to the Championship. And that's not very surprising, because if we look at what we brought in. We must have spent half of the money on a CB that was already at the club, a GK that was very necessary and a striker that we hoped would be as good as the one that we had on loan. Then we kept a couple of other loan players and brought in 4-5 budget players from Europe. But it wasn't down to not having a team that weren't good enough. It was down to not having a squad that was good enough. That, and missing players that would allow us to dominate games against lower half teams. I hope we go for a mix of up and coming players at sensible prices, such as Eze. And some solid, but not spectacluar sensible priced PL players that we think will might contribute, such as Josh King and others. And then go for some players abroad. All the players we brought in last year will now have some PL experience. Which means a couple of players from abroad won't have to hit the ground running I think what's between us and a solid, mid table finish is lack of depth. If we can achieve that with players with their best years still ahead of them, I think 21/22 is when we should go for just a couple of big signings.
  2. Haven't seen him play. Does he do a lot of running?
  3. Why do so many seem to think we’ve signed bad players? When we went down we also har a lot of foreign players that didn’t perform. But most of them have done quite well since then. We did what we had to last summer. A lot of money went to buy players that were already here. The rest was spent on players with potential. If we stay up I think most of them will improve. New teammates, new league, new country. It takes some time to adjust.
  4. Michael Boulding was crap. But he was a great talent. In tennis though. And what about the 'Next Pelè' - Nii Lamptey. Crap here, but great in Championship Manager.
  5. Very true. Covid-19 is a virus that doesn't do serious harm to most people, yet lethal enough to be ignored. Players getting infected will by 99.9% likelyhood survive it if they were normal people. But what it can do to elite athlets is unknown. It's easy to see that it might do some permanent damange on the lungs. It probably won't kill them, but it can do serious damage to their careers. Having just 80% lung capacity, either permanent or semipermanent is probably enough to end a career at the highest level. Young people also tend to get very light symptoms, which means if tests aren't accurate enough they might play football at the highest level while infected. Could mean nothing, could put them in greater danger for more serious illness and/or death. Nobody knows.
  6. Probably true, but there won't be a vaccine ready for quite some time. Which means we need to learn to live with this virus wether we like it or not.
  7. Highly unlikely. A virus wants to reproduce and to survive. A virus killing it's host won't survive. Which means more contagious and less lethal are the most likely mutations..
  8. It's essential for Sky/BT as otherwise the remaining 92 games are without meaning. Which means people won't pay to watch. Same reason why promotions are essential for the Championship. Getting the TV money is essential for clubs who don't buy their players with cash only. When installments for players already bought are due, they will need that cash. This is a great opportunity for us as long as we stay in the PL.
  9. The relegation on a PPG average is a threath by the PL to get clubs currently in the bottom 3 to accept to fall in line and accept finishing the season. Relegations is a demand from Sky/BT, as otherwise the 92 games left would have no real importance and not a good TV product. Relegation on a PPG average hasn't been discussed if the season is voided , at least not officially, as an alternative. Because everything the PL has been discussing is how the season can be finished. They haven't been discussing what will happen if they have to void the season. Which means it's not the PL that's pushing relegations. Should the government decide that PL football can't resume early enough for them to finishing the season, that's a whole new situation. It would allow PL to claim force majeure vs Sky/BT and EFL and relegating clubs on a PPG is not within the PL rules. In their rules (rule C.1) the season is two games, home and away, vs all other teams. It doesn't say anything on what will happen if a season is voided. Which means they will only relegate if that's the least expensive outcome, meaning EFL will sue PL for more money that the three clubs relegated on a PPG average is suing them for. The situation in the Championship is that no clubs currently have won promotion and no clubs are anywhere near. Which means a club like Leeds can't sue the PL, because they would need to prove that without reasonable doubt that they would have won enough games to ensure they got promoted. If the PL can't resume, then neither can the Championship. The EFL can, on the other side, sue the PL if they unilaterally decide not to accept promotions. But it's very hard to see how there is any major economical consequence for the EFL which clubs are in their league. Which again makes a good situation for a settlement between the EFL and the PL. The EFL get the parachute money and that's it. If the PL is taken to court by clubs unfairly relegated, then those clubs will win. It won't happen overnight, so we will play in the Championship next season. But PL would then be responsible for lost revenue and would need to compensate that, and probably promote us as well should we win. I doubt they would be interested in that just so they can please EFL. When they have a very solid case if they don't.
  10. Well, it depends on perspective I think. No, we shouldn't sell our place in the PL: That's not what I meant. Two months ago we were heading for relegation with just a normal parachute payment. I think whatever comes out of this we should get more than that. Best thing for us is to stay in this division after 38 games. It means a new season in the PL and all the cash. Second best thing for us is to stay in the division after 28 games. It means a new season in the PL, but less cash. As our best option isn't risk free, it's easy to go for the second best. But I think we should use the situation to make sure we get the best out of it, regardless of what's decided. I believe the PL will just choose the least expensive option. I do not for a minute believe they actually care if clubs are relegated or not. The only reason why they want relegations is because of money. If TV money isn't coming without relegations, then there will be relegations. If TV money isn't coming because government doesn't allow football to start soon enough, then I think PL would rather be sued by EFL than three clubs relegated on PPG. By using common sense this season should be voided, no relegations, no champion, no nothing.. But if money is more important than common sense, then let's grab as much money as possible.
  11. This is a rather complex situation with lot's of conflicting interests. All PL clubs want the TV money. Some PL clubs, bottum 6-7-8, are probably ok with not getting the money if it means no relegations. Those outside the relegation zone on a PPG average are probably ok with voiding the season, with relegations.They don't want a restart with relegations. Those inside the relegations zone on a PPG average only want the season voided if it means no relegations. They would rather play than accept relegation. Many clubs do not really want to play, but will play if they have to to get the money. Players are sceptical and probably don't want to play if they can choose. Some will probably refuse. Refs are sceptical and probably don't want to go to work if they can choose. Some will probably refuse. All the TV companies around the world would probably be happy if they didn't have to pay for what everyone understands will not be Premier League In the end it isn't the clubs, but the government that decides on if, when and how they can start. The EFL want their clubs promoted. At some point in time there will be 2020/21-season. This situation can't drag on forever. So I'm not sure finishing the season is our best chance of survival, it just depends on who's doing what and when. If they get OK to restart July 15th, it's probably too late. The league as a whole will think it's in their best interest to void the season and focus on 2020/21.We haven't been against playing (as long as it's safe), we're not relegated and this is force majeure for the Premier League. They don't have to accept promotions because the league hasn't been able to finish due to government regulations (3rd party, out of their hands). PL to be sued by EFL if clubs aren't promoted, PL to be sued by relegated clubs if relegated on a PPG average. Will probably go for being sued by EFL, as no clubs have been promoted to the PL and don't have a strong case. Just hand over the parachute money to EFL as a compensation and let them sort out how it's distributed. If PL get's the green light to play in time to finish this season and we're against it and refusing to play, then it's something else. PL can threaten to relegate on a PPG average, but it's a non credible threath. Relegating on PPG means season voided, and no TV money. PL to be sued by relegated clubs on top of this. Nobody wants this scenario. So the best thing for us is the season can only start when it's too late. Then it has to be voided, but not by the PL: Clubs relegated should, at the very least, not be relegated with just normal parachute payments. I'm quite sure the PL would make a deal with substantial extra payments as a settlement for not being sued by clubs relegated unfairly. Relegated clubs suing PL will win. Rule C1 says that all clubs should play each other twice (home and away= and based on their final league position clubs are relegated (rule C15). To be able to meet rule C1 all clubs must agree that they accept a neutral ground as their home ground for their home games. Which is what we currently won't do. But we could agree to if the PL puts enough extra cash in it to sweeten the deal for clubs relegated.. So this, lilke most other things, can be solved by money.
  12. Our objectives should be to finish the season as a normal season, but only if it can be done through fair a competition. It's difficult to see how. If the season can't be finished that way, but they still would like to complete it just to get the money, then we should accept only as long as we're not in danger of going down. If that's not possible, we should at the very least make sure that those clubs that do go down have more than just the normal parachute payments. Which means those that actually go down should have full PL money for 2020/21 and parachute payments to kick in from 2021/22 should they still be in the Championship. This is a farce. I'm quite sure that the TV companies will be quite happy for the league not to resume, because it saves them a lot of money. Which means they will put unrealistic demands on the PL, which in turn is desperate to get that cash and will try everything they can to actually meet those demands, regardless of what. We should be able to get something out of the situation regardless I think. I think a financial package that will give the relegated teams a huge advantage in the Championship 2020/21 is the least that needs to be on the table for the bottom clubs to even consider to play. The PPG and relegation is of course something they can scare the bottom clubs with, but it's not a credible threath as it also means that the season is voided and £1b is lost.
  13. I hope they start 2020/21 as they start every other season. With everyone on 0 points. The fair thing to do is not to relegate, but they should perhaps give the parachute money to the clubs not promoted. Which means current top 2 gets 100% and 20% to each playoff team and distribute the last 20% between clubs competing for playoffs. That would put the clubs competing for promotion in a much better position to achieve it next year. But keep the competition fair. If another club is better than Leeds next season, even with their financial advantage, then that club should be promoted.
  14. Well, relegation means loss of a lot of money which is somehow compensated through parachute payments. But it also means playing maybe a year without matchday income. But I don't think anyone is debating being relegated based on a normal season. It has more to do with being relegated without a fair chance of ensuring survival. There are six clubs trying to avoid relegation, three of them will succeed, three of them won't. Those that won't will potentially lose £200m. What we see now is a snapshot where our season is 73.6% done while the teams around us have completed 76.3% of their season. We would be outside the relegation zone if we won our game in hand. Yes, we are Aston Villa and if we do go down based on finishing the season in a fair way, well that's how it is. But it doesn't mean that we shouldn't insist on a fair chance of avoiding relegation. We shouldn't accept to be forced to play what's left just because some top teams want their money. Giving away the huge advantage of having 6 home games and only 4 away. And we shouldn't accept to play if player and staff safety isn't met. But it's not only that. It's more...how much effort will clubs with nothing to play for put in? How will their players cope with unimportant games played BCD during the summer? What will happen if someone get Covid19? This will also affect those a bit higher up on the table as well. I mean the entire Southampton or Newcastle squad can get this and then they will have to finish the league with kids. Yes, they do have a gap between the relegation zone right now, but they could be back in a relegation fight after just two more rounds. If they're not mentally prepared for that or have to play with kids, then who knows what might happen. Then you have the obvious questions concerning safety and there is also a next season which is much more important. For me this season is already ruined. There won't be a festival of football in June/July even if we avoid relegation. It will be a farce and one that will also do long term damage to the reputation of football. What will it look like if Kane, Kyle Walker, Van Dijk or Salah actually get Covid19 and die?
  15. Good. He takes the moral high ground.
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