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  1. I would guess it has a deadline, but I doubt it's influenced by his contract here. It's an agreement between us and City where we will have to accept their offer. I would think he can sign a new contracts here on a daily basis without that changing the agreement we have with City. If he has the right to refuse to go back there is more unclear.
  2. City probably won’t sell to us if he can’t get a WP.
  3. He could in fact be mulling over a move here right now.
  4. Of course it does. It’s a short term relationship. He can stay in the Premier League even if we don’t, so a combination of wages and who provides the opportunity to shine is much more important.
  5. A real working class hero.
  6. I'm thinking the same as well. We should go for our number one targets, even if the price is a bit higher than we would like. I would rather that we got four out of five top targets, than five other players who are second or third choice.
  7. Francis will be our number 1, with some new swiss defenders guarding him.
  8. We won't do that if we do good signings. When we went down we had a lot of shit players on PL wages. If we go down this season, it will be with a squad capable of going straight up again. I know times have changed, but we came second in 89/90 after just survinging our first season after promotion. We've got new owners and what appear to be good owners. We've got rid of a lot of real shit players that were just waste of space and money. With PL money we can build a new team, and should the worst thing happen, we go down again, we won't have to spend a couple of years getting rid of people and trying to adopt to the Championship again.
  9. Linked with Spurs and a few other teams in the past. 21 years, 193 cm and 12 caps for Norway. Seems to be very highly rated in Belgium.
  10. I don’t think signing a couple of experienced players for our first season back will make much difference. We can’t just send out a team of teenagers who all have great potential either. We need some leaders out there as well. So one thing doesn’t rule out the other. Playing alongside such players can also contribute to the young players development.

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