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  1. Priorities should be to get Barkley to sign a permanent deal and to get rid of the buy back clause for Luiz. Then we need a third central defender and a left back option. If we manage that I think we have an upper mid table squad this season and next.
  2. As long as we can use our first choice 11 we’re an upper mid table team. The real test will be when 2-3 are missing. Probably need to spend £100m next summer to keep Barkley, keep Luiz and bring in some options in defence and midfield. It’s the 11 that started last night, Traorè, perhaps Nakamba and Wesley and hopefully also Engels and Heaton.
  3. Their money’s too tight to mention.
  4. Only this season left on his contract I believe. Could be a deadline day bargain if they haven’t sold him by then. He want to go and Bournemouth want to get some money for him.
  5. Not so sure about what we need most. We’re one injury or suspension away from having to put Taylor, Hause or Engels in the starting lineup.
  6. I think Watkins, Traore, Grealish, Barkley, McGinn and Luiz has real quality. Wesley too, when he's back. There are 36 more league games and some in the cups as well. At some point in time some of these guys will be injured, tired, suspended or loosing form. If these three players are looking for better clubs with zero competition, then good luck with that. Last seasons stats shows that Jack got 94% playing time. But beyond that Mings got 89%, Luiz 76%. Players that we consider the backbone of the team. A player that plays well and play around 65% or of the total 3420 minutes of fo
  7. I totally agree. Look back to the start of the 2018/19 season and compare with where we are now. Two games into our second season in the PL we have a £200m+ squad, six points and two clean sheets. But I predict the next step will be a bit more difficult for us. This summer we're buying/loaning players around £20-25m each. Next step is to upgrade already good players with even better players. The good thing is that we're mostly buying players on their way up. Which means they might be £40-50m players in two years time, at least some of them.
  8. Joe Short doesn’t tweet about tall players
  9. JT is probably an advantage for us. And where we currently are as a club. I think we can be a likely destination for Barkley on a permanent deal next summer. Right now we're may be percieved as a team that just avoided relegation. Next summer we are hopefully a mid table team with an upward trajectory. And a club that might be able to attract players that aren't quite good enough for the very best, but want to be part of an interesting project. So we offer first team football which means Barkley has an opportunity to get into the Euro squad, which again means he will keep his market
  10. Let’s hope we have a few more players on our Dradis system
  11. I agree. But the season start in two weeks, altough we're starting a week later than that. We might not need to have done all our business in three weeks time. But we need some new faces in before the season start.
  12. It's more risk for the player. He would have to stay unless someone offered silly money. We should just offer £1 for the player and £29 999 999 for a Celtic raincoat or something. But it's not high risk move for Celtic. They get their money back and 60% of any profit. If they didn't accept that clause to begin with they would probably have had to pay more than £10m for him. For Celtic it's actually a good deal. Low initial cost, but profit sharing. For the player it's not a good deal. Why would Celtic accept an offer that reflects his actual value?
  13. Maybe he can tweet more spesific about which part of the press that actually received the leak?
  14. True. We played OK at the start of last season. The team itself is not that bad, but lack of depth was what almost sent us down.
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