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  1. Seriously, that sounds impossibly uncomfortable.
  2. Or 3) Buy your own air pressure driver thing. I did. Wasn’t that much. Best money I ever spent.
  3. Having been fairly vocal in my frustrations over not being able to watch live football, imagine my joy when learning last night that they’ve increased the maximum fans allowed in Oslo to 600 and learning today that I’ve been given a ticket for a game tonight.
  4. Yeah, I missed that, somehow. Surely must be punished?
  5. Right call again. Done quickly without having to look at those ****ing lines for half a lifetime.
  6. Did Hummels get the ball or not? Looked a lot like a pen in slow mo.
  7. Nah, this was the right way to call it. Let VAR have a quick look at it. Worked perfectly.
  8. Yeah. He’d never have been a World Cup winner had he signed for us under Lerner. He wouldn’t be playing for France today. Sad.
  9. Got to feel for the Hungarians. They put up a fight and put Portugal under real pressure, and actually played a bit of football.
  10. Portugal will be ruing their lack of a clinical finisher up front. If only they had one.
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