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  1. Trust the Argentina set up to go right ahead and pick Willy Caballero or something. Actual ability never seems to be first on Argentina’s list of priorities when picking the team.
  2. Say what you will about Jon Moss, but watching him ‘run’ is really entertaining if you imagine he’s not refereeing professional football but acting in a remake of the Benny Hill Show theme.
  3. Yep. Some things are actually more important than winning.
  4. As objectively as I can, I currently have the Red Sox 4th in the AL East.
  5. Saint-Maximin is a player. If you want to talk about one man teams, Newcastle without him are nothing. Like, absolutely nothing.
  6. No. Not that I’m too worried, personally, but this isn’t correct. Not in a Norwegian classroom, anyway, but I would hope it isn’t the case in an English one either.
  7. Really good defensive performance. Very tight. I don’t think they created a whole lot for all their having the ball more and huffing and puffing. Many played well, but a special mention to Elmo who many feared would struggle with Raphina, but hardly put a foot wrong all game. Great win, keeping us looking up the table instead of down.
  8. El Zen


    I’ve been doing a couple of sprints in the gym at the end of my sessions, and you’re right. After working your upper body and arms, running becomes really awkward. Just goes to show how running also uses the whole body, and your arms are an important part of generating forward motion.
  9. Should be a fun race out there in the NL West, and you’d be surprised if neither if them two end up representing the senior circuit in the WS. Harder to pick the AL, I feel. The Yankees will be potential juggernaut if healthy, but that’s not an insignificant if.
  10. This was a really, really bad decision. Terrible game. 0-0.
  11. Blame anyone who should be blamed. As a football fan, holding FIFA morally responsible is particularly important to me personally. t is also particularly important to relate these deaths to football and to FIFA, as the World Cup is essentially a brand building stunt for Qatar, which they have bought from FIFA, and I really, really don’t want that stunt to succeed. Highlighting the horrible human costs of it all is important for that reason.
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