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  1. Sucks for him, then! (You really should try joining in the schadenfreude. It’s a LOT more fun.)
  2. Nope. I’d much rather beat Man Utd at Old Trafford in the PL than lose to PSG at Parc des Princes in the CL
  3. Have him start with the Italian word for encyclopedia.
  4. I mentioned earlier that they have the same thing in baseball, where it’s seen as disrespectful to steal a base or swing in a 3-0 count if you’re up by five runs late-ish in the game. It is generally seen as disrespectful to flip your bat on a home run swing, or to celebrate too much as you round the bases. I think all of that is a load of crap, basically. Outdated and pointless.
  5. I only watched the highlights, on mute, so I presumed the controversy in the Meatball/Maguire incident was about red card or not. That he didn’t even give a foul is absolutely shocking.
  6. I never new he came back to write interviews for the OS.
  7. Sure, agree on all bar maybe Højbjerg, but to be clear, I was talking about Arsenal.
  8. That should be crazy talk, but honestly after watching their first half today, it’s very hard to disagree.
  9. I’d say our first XI is better too. Wouldn’t swap too many of ours for one of theirs.
  10. They’re not, and you have to give them credit for a very good first half. They are, however, far too inconsistent and soft to be anywhere close to where their comically entitled fanbase seems to think they belong. Which is why it’s fun to make fun of them. And why one shouldn’t be too generous with the superlatives on the back of a game against a very poor Spurs team. We can only hope Spurs are as generous a week from now as they have been today.
  11. Making Arsenal look brilliant so far.
  12. I could have swore it was listed as late kick off until fairly recently, though.
  13. He’s a spineless coward who will always deflect blame. He probably also thinks he’s playing the Sir Alex media game, but he really doesn’t have the manegerial pedigree to pull that off (KW.gif)
  14. Probably. Let’s not tell anyone about this ever again.
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