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  1. I've seen an decent amount of Brighton games and tend to agree, were he at a sightly more "fashionable" club I'm sure he would be in team by now. He is certainly good enough for us.
  2. VBM

    Pre-match thread

    I don't know why but I have a bad feeling about this game. I can see us getting turned over, although this is based on nothing but the fact every time I become optimistic about our chances we get smashed. So if it is a heavy defeat then I will shoulder the blame.
  3. Well this is more welcome news. We needed a clear out and it looks like we are getting one
  4. VBM

    FIFA 15

    Right sorry for being a dumbass, but where is 'friendlies' ?
  5. VBM

    FIFA 15

    So can anyone tell me how to play friendlies vs the computer on Fifa 15 ? I haven't played Fifa in 10 years or so, I just want to play as Barca vs some shitty teams while I get used to the controls, learn the skill etc. It seems I have to play a tournament or online, there must be a way.
  6. So second assault then, opinions ? Firstly I am underwhelmed with the maps. Firestorm wasnt that great first time around, Oman is a map I liked but that sandstorm can piss off. Caspian is great. Metro well, I used to hate that map but now have grown to love it. But I can now see what all the PC players hated about it. 64 players is a murderous cluster **** of grenades and bullets. I like a meat grinder every now and again but damn son.
  7. Defour would have been unthinkable a few years ago (before his serious injury), but now he is seemingly out of form and out of favour it could be possible.
  8. Right then which one of you **** VillaViilain123 or something like that kept C4ing my tank on Gulmud Railway?
  9. I didn't hate domination from CQ in BF3, as it was just conquest on a small scale but I don't like it at all in BF4. It really does just feel like a COD map, and infantry isnt my game at all. It just plays like TDM. The only non standard game more I have enjoyed is CTF and we have to wait until second assault to play that mode now.
  10. Also BF2 is available for £3.49 on steam now
  11. Not really feeling the CR maps at all. Shocked to see I have already played 110 hours....
  12. VBM

    Playstation 4

    Really impressive piece of kit. The first console I can remember where the graphics haven't been a huge leap forward. Clearly better, higher res, more frames. But nothing compared to the jump in previous gens.
  13. VBM

    Playstation 4

    What I need is DNLA support. I also have a launch p34 and wanted to remove it from the lounge as it is so loud. Other than that I am loving the PS4.

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