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  1. This has been really good so far, been very impressed. Nice to hear a load of the old VBB crew in the comments as well.
  2. Honestly, they are the absolute worst. I thought people who left YouTube comments were the bottom of the pile till I read those.
  3. Available for free on Epic games https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/football-manager-2020/home Boom
  4. I think we will stay up, while it seems the majority of pundits think we'll go down. However there is a certain amount of variance at play here. Last year, I though we might get between 25 and 40 points. This year, I think we will be stronger, so I'd probably say between 30 and 45 points. But one long term injury to Jack or Tyrone and we could be at the bottom end of that target. Lets not forget how unbelievably bad we were at times last year, no pace, couldn't defend, didn't look fit, hilariously bad in attack, naive, no game management etc.
  5. Punk Now that is an obscure reference
  6. Reading the Lyon forums, I have to say they are super pleased to get rid of him, they all to a man think he is total shit. This together with some seriously underwhelming YouTube videos mean this is not a signing I am excited about.
  7. Wait a minute - Sunderland have a player called Max Power?
  8. My god this would really be the most "villa" signing ever. I had hoped we were better than that these days but as always it is the hope that gets you. I really want this to be us lighting a fire under Brentford for Watkins.
  9. One thing that surprises me every transfer window thread is just how different opinions are on players, transfer values etc Posters who I think are really sensible throughout the year, make really good well thought out posts will come into the transfer thread and be saying things like - We should sign player x, and I think they must be joking player x is total shit, lazy, injury prone and all round very poor. Then a load more sensible posters will pipe up saying, no way we get player X he is out of our league etc. He's off to Bayern for eleventy million anyway. Then the bat-shit cra
  10. Yes please to Aarons. Can't see it though
  11. Which is the same with Brighton and Tony Blooms 'Star Lizard' football hedge fund. They have teams of PhD quants going working on football data.
  12. This is the best bit of the season for me. Full of hopes and dreams, crazy twitter bullshit and wishful thinking! Once the season starts reality sets in and the misery returns.
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