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  1. I've never been afraid of holding a man's gaze, it's natural.
  2. GarethRDR

    General Chat

    Jameela Jamil came out yesterday and can't help but keep thinking "imagine having your coming out upstaged by Phillip Schofield".
  3. Could always go down the chargeback route with your bank maybe? How easy that'll be will depend on whether it was a debit or credit card that was used to pay, normally credit cards are easier to do chargebacks on but you can request them on either (though I've seen some high street banks try and fob people off by saying you can't do chargebacks on a debit card, which is a lie, in those instances the cashier either doesn't want the hassle or is just uninformed).
  4. Scumbags. Erm, not your boy that is, Sony/EA etc. Had an incident last year where even though I'd removed my bank details from PSN (having been nearly caught by their nasty little "auto opt-in" for PSN anytime you buy something from the store trick and long since switched to pre-paid gift cards only to avoid such hassle), they fished my details up out of nowhere and managed to opt me in to PSN via PayPal without my consent. Thankfully as it's PayPal and they always side with the buyer, I just raised a case and got my cash back eventually (though not before being made to wait the longest possible time with no response from Sony as the seller, fairly certain they probably didn't even bother to look at the case at all). This kinda BS makes me want to switch back to Xbox when the next gen rolls around, but then again I've at least managed to keep the same PS4 running and not have to replace it three times like I did with the 360 and I'm under no illusion that they're all as grubby as each other.
  5. Not too dissimilar from when I went to see The Road at the Basingstoke multiplex.
  6. Sensi all the way. Especially by the time SWOS came around.
  7. I came within a gnat's pube of buying this last week, found it in a record store in Amsterdam last week that I thought I was going to be murdered in (it was just boxes piled high everywhere, you could hardly breath let alone move, looked more like a garage than a shop), it came down to this or Slint's Spiderland and I ultimately went with the latter (couldn't justify both, I've promised myself not to get into vinyl beyond a few select records as I don't need any more money-sinks).
  8. GarethRDR

    The '20s

    The Gnawing Twenties.
  9. Big question time; is the ratio of good Star Trek film - bad Star Trek film now better than the ratio of good Star Wars film - bad Star Wars film?
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