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  1. GarethRDR

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Okay maybe not sober hindsight.
  2. GarethRDR

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Just got my first look at this kit in the flesh. Had a bit of a session round a mates and got a taxi back, took until we got home and the cabs lights went on to realise our driver was wearing the new kit. I think in sober hindsight I may have sounded a bit too enthusiastic in demanding to see it from the front, but I was just so damn happy to find what I assume is the other Villa fan in town. Kit looks bloody nice in the flesh.
  3. GarethRDR

    Nassef Sawiris

    That's what I keep telling the authorities, but they still won't let me near public schools.
  4. GarethRDR

    Nassef Sawiris

    Gonna make the most out of this brief honeymoon period before 2 seasons from now when we're still stuck in the Championship, these guys lose interest and pull the rug out from under so all the money we spunked on more over-the-hill "marquee" signings with no sell-on value puts the club deeper in debt and whatever tangible assets are left get flogged off to go straight back into the investor's pockets.
  5. GarethRDR

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Only if the stains don't come out first time.
  6. GarethRDR

    Mile Jedinak

    For the love of Zeus keep him away from Vassell's book. "No Mile, you'll have a great time there." Come to think of it, Jedi does have the demeanour of someone who would happily hunt live sheep for sustenance, maybe the obligatory welcome-sacrifices won't phase him.
  7. GarethRDR

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Unimposing manufacturer's logo? Check. Sponsor printing made to match the shirt's colourway? Check. Shame it took getting relegated and butt-humped to oblivion to get these kits, they're whopper. Missed a trick getting a similarly retro-themed goalie shirt though, I wholeheartedly believe the board could get 90% of the fan-base back on-side if they just get the kit manufacturers to re-do the 90's rainbow-shattered glass goalie kit.
  8. GarethRDR

    Tony Xia

    We're going to get done up the Rongtian, for sure.
  9. GarethRDR

    Dominic Revan

    Bloody hell, I wondered what those business cards in my wife's handbag were for.
  10. GarethRDR

    Tony Xia

    I at least enjoy that someone called Dr X. is now public enemy #1 around these parts.
  11. GarethRDR

    New Manager Speculation

    Yes, he's a walking disaster. Have people not been paying attention for the last 3 seasons? The upshot for us is if we do manage to sell off enough players to clear debts and give us something resembling a pot to piss in, as soon as Bielsa's walked in and alienated half the Leeds squad, we can maybe try and pick up some of the more useful players on the cheapy-cheap.
  12. GarethRDR

    Tony Xia

    "Wǒmen shì xìngjiāo." Bloody women!
  13. GarethRDR

    Going Under ?

  14. GarethRDR

    Villa and FFP

    If we were savvy enough to put a sell-on clause in the Veretout deal, that might net us a small bit of cash this summer. Marseille have reportedly had an initial €20m enquiry turned down by Fiorentina.
  15. GarethRDR

    New Manager Speculation

    Speaking as someone who's still in recovery from the horror of Bielsa's recent tenure at the Lille helm, ^thisity ^this ^this ^this. Leeds are most welcome, he'd be utterly disastrous.