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  1. GarethRDR

    Steve Bruce

    How the hell is this my fault?!
  2. GarethRDR

    Steve Bruce

  3. GarethRDR

    Steve Bruce

    Yeah, I thought things would be dandy when he took over Lille too.
  4. GarethRDR

    Steve Bruce

    Throw his toys out of the pram at the first sign of dissension and leave an absolute mess in his wake?
  5. GarethRDR

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    What about smoke machines?
  6. GarethRDR

    Ørjan Nyland

    Speaking goalkeeperifically, I feel this is actually better. I don't want my defence to be chummy with me, I don't even want them to like me, I just want them to be absolutely terrified of the shrieking maniac hurling a loud mixture of abuse and instructions at them from behind, lest they fail to heed said instructions and incur my fiery, headbutt-based wrath. All the better that it's coming from a 6'4 Norseman, I say.
  7. GarethRDR

    Ørjan Nyland

    Indeed. After all, no man is a Nyland.
  8. GarethRDR

    Steve Bruce

    Never going up under him. Should have been sacked either after the play-off final or as soon as the new owners came in. Absolute madness to go into the campaign with, what, one recognised senior CB? Get him gone.
  9. GarethRDR

    Harold Moukoudi

    Yikes. How I'd feel about not adding at least one potentially competent CB for the season:
  10. GarethRDR

    Rogues Gallery

    "Your money's on the dresser, chocolate."
  11. GarethRDR

    Rogues Gallery

    I can't take @lapal_fan's title off him!
  12. GarethRDR

    Rogues Gallery

    The video footage, ably captured by long-suffering wife provides a bit more context.
  13. GarethRDR

    Rogues Gallery

  14. GarethRDR

    Steve Bruce

    I'm only just now getting over the havoc Bielsa wrecked at Lille. I wouldn't touch him with a barge-pole after that.