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  1. Getting put on Hogso's team...
  2. It's probably best to keep it that way.
  3. Gotta admit, of all the drive-bys I thought I might see on VT today, Lithuanian Folk Music was not one of them.
  4. Source: Philipp Marquardt, transfermarkt.de Gladbach will Kersken mit Profivertrag ausstatten – Arsenal & Aston Villa mit Interesse Arsenal and Aston Villa want Kersken - Gladbach goalkeeper to play for England? Borussia Mönchengladbach will seinen Nachwuchstorhüter Jonas Thomas Kersken nach Transfermarkt-Informationen mit einem Profivertrag bis 2023 ausstatten. Ein entsprechendes Arbeitspapier liegt dem Keeper vor, eine Unterschrift steht allerdings noch aus. Der 19-jährige Kersken kam für die Zweitvertretung der „Fohlen“ fünfmal in der Regionalliga West zum Einsatz, zweimal blieb er ohne Gegentreffer. According to information acquired by Transfermarkt, Borussia Mönchengladbach want to provide talented goalkeeper Jonas Thomas Kersken with a professional contract until 2023. The shot-stopper has received the corresponding documents, but a signature is still pending. 19-year-old Kersken featured five times in the Regionalliga West for the second team of the Foals and kept two clean sheets. Neben der Aussicht auf einen Platz im Profikader in Mönchengladbach tun sich für den Youngster womöglich auch Optionen beim FC Arsenal und Aston Villa auf – die beiden Premier-League-Klubs beschäftigen sich mit Kersken. Der Rechtsfuß besitzt durch seine englische Mutter auch einen britischen Pass und ist jüngst in den Fokus der englischen Junioren-Nationalmannschaft gerückt. In addition to the prospect of a place in the first team squad at Mönchengladbach, the youngster may also have options to join Arsenal and Aston Villa – the two Premier League clubs are following Kersken’s development. The right-footed player also has a British passport through his English mother and has recently come into the focus of England’s youth national teams. „Man müsste natürlich schon im Familien-Stammbuch nachschauen, ob die Vorfahren aus Wales oder Schottland kommen. Meine Mutter ist Engländerin. Aber mit diesem Thema beschäftigt sich mein Berater. Ich konzentriere mich nur darauf hart zu trainieren und voranzukommen“, sagte Kersken im November 2019 bei „RevierSport“. “One would have to look into the family register, of course, to see whether the ancestors came from Wales or Scotland. My mother is English. But my advisor is dealing with this topic. I just concentrate on training hard and getting forward,” Kersken told RevierSport in November 2019. Ah, just like old times. Don't know him, don't particularly follow the BMG youth team closely but he did get to train with the senior setup last November, which means he's had the benefit of some Uwe Kamps tutelage; the man largely response for Marc-André ter Stegen and, more impressively, once managed to get a decent tune out of Logan "more flaps than Pornhub" Bailly.
  5. Baby steps. Went for 16-17th, maybe with an optimistic eye on 15th. Success as far as I'm concerned would be going into the last 3-5 games mathematically safe from relegation (whilst as far as possible avoiding serious/long-term injuries). Would be over the moon if we're punching up to 10th. Obvious caveat that this is without knowing what the squad is going to actually look like come opening day.
  6. Everybody gangsta until The Vengabus rolls into town.
  7. Get Vengaboys booked up and if they opt to go deep into their expansive back-catalogue you might get some of their blackgaze-era stuff.
  8. Appalling lack of Ace Of Base on that list. Nevertheless... Radiohead Vengaboys The Prodigy The Chemical Brothers Tori Amos From bottom to top, in that running order too.
  9. As I believe @Zatman and I have mentioned before, he's got something like 2 years left to run on his contract; Roma are yet to agree a fee with the club, not the player. Even if the Roma move falls through, he won't be free and will likely have more attractive options than Villa.
  10. It's not been the same since Slinky shut down.
  11. Yeah but the downside is that it's American beer.
  12. Ultimately disappointed that this is about a Portuguese club and not some new partnership deal with Victoria's Secret Catalogues.
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