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  1. **** hell. Somebody get the Jorvik Viking Centre on the blower, maybe they can claim copyright and force a name reversion.
  2. Holdo gets a pass from me as that whole part of the flick felt like it was essentially a remake of Silent Running with Laura in her Dad's role.
  3. GarethRDR

    New Music 2019

    Brutus' new album is a whopper.
  4. Actually thought HHH/Dave was one of the better matches, bit of a throwback with all the fun OTT bits (loved the nose ring getting pulled out). Only part that dragged was HHH's entrance, which then got it's own entrance. Lack of storyline/emotional heft served to the detriment of a lot of the card save the obvious ones like Kofi/Becky going over but bahgawd was the ending to the main event a bit sloppy, between the table spot (I AM THE TABLE) and the sketchy pin, and it's only a pet peeve of mine but champions should enter last, not challengers! I'm still a bit salty over Asuka having to drop the title too. No Senpai No Party! IIconics going over could work if they're positioned well as the comedy heel/failing upwards duo. Good to have a few shock results in there, I think. Cena/Elias segment was probably the best bit which I'm not sure is more a testament to them or an indictment of the rest of the show. WM did absolutely suffer coming off the back of that NXT Takeover as well, the Gargano/Cole match is one of the best I've ever watched and there wasn't a duff one on the card. Hoping that the main roster plans for Ricochet and Black isn't to keep them tagging long-term, they're good enough on their own to have credible singles runs.
  5. Dash Wilder cracked the guy with an uppercut whilst security were bundling him out. No flips just fists.
  6. The Ramiel episodes remain some of the best TV I think I've ever watched. Looking forward to giving it the 90th-or-so rewatch and still not knowing exactly what the hell is going on.
  7. If it ain't broke... incumbent back-line should remain until performance warrants a change or suspension/injury forces one. I personally don't see the benefit of shoehorning Tuanzebe into a RB role when Guilbert is presumably the long-term plan anyway.
  8. "Because of the deviants!"
  9. Presumably it means we've got first dibs if no one else bids, if someone else bids more than us we have to match their offer to still have first dibs.
  10. Used to (go Can-Cans!). Love that part of the world. Back on-topic, that McGinn eh? Have my babies you absolutely beautiful bastard.
  11. Not in Forres, are you?
  12. Chope's amendment should only be tabled if everyone gets to shout over it whilst someone pants him.

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