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  1. Like watching peak **** Villa before Dean Smith.
  2. FFS, spoke too soon. Come on Gladbach, don't throw this away. Should have had all points from the Inter game as well.
  3. VVV's goal is, has and always will be to simply survive in the Eredivisie as long as possible. I mean, conceding 13 smarts but you could park a planet in the gap between Ajax and VVV. Missing Thorsten Kirschbaum in the sticks is possibly even more of a recipe for disaster then going down to 10 men as a) Kirschbaum's a very handy goalie for that level, could easily be at a better club and b) I'm fairly confident I'm a better goalie than Delano van Crooij, and I'm saying that with only a dash of hyperbole. We're a long way away from the halcyon days of Keisuke Honda. In a perverse way, this
  4. Hah, noice. Oh that must've felt bloody good.
  5. Yeah, but was it your own players 'cos you were meant to be back in the sticks though?
  6. Hehe, I was having this exact same conversation some pages back.
  7. We started watching this for a laugh during a binge-lull and it caught me like a crane-kick to the face. The most brilliant, fun kind of nonsense going. Amanda Larusso's straight-man character is an absolute gift, I have no idea how Henggeler manages to deliver some of those lines without cracking. "Oh, they own warring karate dojos" during the impromptu-double-dinner-date had me bent double.
  8. Was going to post the "Oh, wont somebody please think of the children" .gif, but then remembered they are already very much doing that.
  9. I'll try and grab a screenshot at some point. In a nutshell I set the game speed to fastest, the base difficulty quite high but take injuries and first touch errors down, then passing, shooting speed and GK ability up with a little bit more into either speed or acceleration. Those changes I make straight outta the gate, then depending on how the game feels I might add some minor handicaps to the AI's sliders (first touch error up, maybe shave a bit of pace off). Started doing it 4 or so iterations back as a way to combat cheap/scripted AI goals or my AI controlled players doing stupid thing
  10. I remember the first Merlin sticker album I managed to complete, and I remember the sticker I needed to do it. It was the 95/96 season album, I'd had the previous year's one but not managed to complete it so I was all-in to finish this one. Unfortunately, living in Germany at the time they were quite difficult to come by, the nearby smaller NAAFIs either didn't stock them or what very little they had sold quite quickly, so we were often waiting for whoever was heading on a short trip back to the U.K. to return with an influx of fresh swapping opportunities; my Dad was thusly tasked when maki
  11. To be fair, I am never going to forget that; its Lovecraftian form is now forever etched into my mind's eye.
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