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  1. My favourite Sunday League memory: opposing player hits an absolute howitzer from about 30 yards out, screaming towards the top left corner, a gorgeous shot that 5ft-nothing-somewhat-rotund me has no rights getting to but one full-stretch, full-length Guzan-esque finger-tip-onto-the-crossbar dive later and I can hear in the distance as my body slams to the floor "YEEEAA-oh you fat bastard".
  2. It's the most childish of schadenfreude, but I have immensely enjoyed Crowley's career trajectory.
  3. My old manager at NatWest, Alison. Absolute classic shithousery on a weekly basis.
  4. Reminds me of watching Ohhms a couple of years ago, walked on stage, straight into ~17 minutes of continuous sludge/doom, followed by "and now our second and last song". Makes me chuckle.
  5. Pfft, if you played him some Boards of Canada he'd try to privatise it.
  6. Control, nothing else comes remotely close for me. Prone as I am to hyperbole, it has genuinely gone into my all-time top 3.
  7. I've gone all Ferngully, apparently. Not that it'll matter in Torystoke, if diddling the taxpayer and thumbing your nose at the resultant board of enquiry didn't sway people away then I'm not sure what will.
  8. If anybody wants either a free download or £2.99 physical CD redemption code for this then let me know, I've got a spare code from buying a pair of tickets for their Olympia show next May with Everything Everything and Battles. I've not actually listened to any Foals beyond album #3 but I've got big, big love (awful pun intended) for Antidotes, seminal stuff for me. Plus that line-up is super tasty.
  9. If we were doing song of the year then hands down 7empest would be it for me. In what must techinically count as self-harm, I've become determined to teach myself the entirety of it, and even my own butchering of it hasn't tainted my enjoyment. An absolute behemothian-thunderbastard of a track.
  10. With the caveat that I haven't had a chance to listen to Colossal Squid's "Swungert" yet and when I get round to it, I'm 99.9% certain my answer is going to be Colossal Squid's "Swungert", in no particular order here's some stuff: Teeth Of The Sea - Wraith Tool - Fear Inoculum worriedaboutsatan - Revenant 65daysofstatic - replicr Jambinai - ONDA Right Hand Left Hand - Zone Rouge Employed To Serve - Eternal Forward Motion NYOS - Now. Refused - War Music Brutus - Nest Ithaca - The Language Of Injury Idiot Pilot - Blue Blood American Football - American Football Black Futures - Never Not Nothing
  11. Substituting Spotify for my mp3 player... Baltic Fleet Bark Psychosis Baron La Croix Bat For Lashes BATS Battles Bear Makes Ninja Bear The Mammoth Bearcubbin' Bearded Youth Quest Bearstronaut Because Of Ghosts Behind The Shadow Drops Bend The Sky Big Jesus Big Lad Big Walnuts Yonder Black Futures Black Peaks Black Swan Blanck Mass blanket Boards Of Canada Body Hound Bolt Action Five Boris Bossk Boucle Infinie Boyfrndz Brian Eno British Theatre BRITNEY Brontide
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