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  1. Had a sizable (100+) Villa shirt collection, starting selling them on eBay a few months ago when we found out we couldn't board our loft up for storage (joists weren't big enough) and needed to clear some space. Made about £3k in the space of a month or so and have used it to build the (very basic) recording studio I've always wanted. Them Asics goalie shirts fetch a fair bit! Kept hold of one or two faves, like the match-worn/squad-signed Bosnich 94/95 shattered glass goalie top and the similarly MW/SS Alan Wright 95/96 home kit (I could wear it as a hat, it's freakishly small).
  2. To this day, I'm still not sure I know exactly what happened at the end of FF8.
  3. GarethRDR

    New Music 2019

    This has also lead to possibly my most favourite band tee.
  4. Honda's been training with Venlo for the last few weeks. Not that I think he'd be anywhere near our level these days anyway, I'd just like to see him have a twilight season back there, predominantly so I can finally get bloody Venlo shirt with his name on.
  5. Ben Yedder to Monaco confirmed for ~£36m + Lopes. If we were ever in for him, I don't think we'd have had enough cash left to gazump that.
  6. And if you're getting patches, always wash it inside-out on no higher than 30° and don't add fabric softener.
  7. Always go a size up in Kappa. Always.
  8. John McGinn lost his virginity, then won it back.
  9. Started watching Barry this weekend, have blasted through it quite quickly and just finished the Ronny/Lily episode. It's just completely floored me. Amazing stuff.
  10. Postma on his way back if Cutler leaves.
  11. All of them i.e. Devastator. Right leg would have been Scrapper.

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