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  1. Rookie move, that. The "wiping yourself off" hierarchy goes moist wipes > balm-tissues > regular tissues > yer mum's face > toilet roll > kitchen roll > dirty sock > nearest curtain.
  2. If it's any consolation, there are some schools of thought espousing the health benefits of mucophagy, though funnily enough there has been no significant official research undertaken into verifying those claims.
  3. Switched to a Zen FTTP deal last month (prompted by 8 years of Sky's constant price-hikes making our ADSL/phone line/TV package utterly untenable), they've been great so far. Coverage is great, speed is great, stability is great and the one issue we had during the setup (transpired that the OpenReach engineer plugged the wrong lead into the router) was troubleshooted with relative ease with their helpdesk. Early days but I can't recommend them enough at this point.
  4. Adi Hütter announced this morning. Wouldn't have minded Alonso, though. Club's essentially done exactly what Dortmund did and announce it as Frankfurt are about to go into a crucial run of games, though I'm hoping they cope better to keep Dortmund out of that last CL spot.
  5. I've not seen a push killed this quick since Zack Ryder.
  6. Had about a week with it now, despite a few grumbles (learning curve is a bit steep, they very much leave you to work things out on your own - perhaps a bit too much - which can make the early game a bit of a grind and the combat overly brutal) I'm really enjoying it. Definitely good bang for your buck, if I'd have forked out full-title RRP I'd have probably still been happy. Couple of quick-start tips if you decide to pull the trigger, spoiler-tagged if you'd prefer to go in blind...
  7. Superb riff-face for the finish, there.
  8. That a Sonex in the middle? What's it play like?
  9. GY!BE-adjacent, I've just rolled the dice on this happening: If I can tick Maserati and Godspeed off the list, I might just get over that Mogwai cancellation.
  11. War has never been so much fun!
  12. My greatest lockdown discovery/achievement has been the art of cooking pizzas in the frying pan/under the grill. Theory behind it is you're essentially recreating the environment of a pizza oven, so you stretch out the dough, slap it on a frying pan on medium heat, top it whilst it's in the pan then after you've started to get that brown hue/dark flecks on the underside, stick the frying pan under your pre-heated grill on it's fiercest setting for about 2 minutes, then take it out and gently rotate the pizza 180 degrees and stick it back under for another 30 seconds. The cheese winds up poac
  13. God I'd kill for a modern Timesplitters 2 port/remake.
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