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  1. I come to VT for the Villa gossip, I stay for the hypothetical moose vs. lion debates.
  2. Would like to think there'd be more than two options on the ballot paper of Referendum 2: Judgement Day, but that'd be asking for waaaaaay too much.
  3. I'm sceptical of this.
  4. Their misery sustains me.
  5. I could get my arse down to London for a bit of a knees-up. Not with you gits, just you know, in general.
  6. Put the Kool-Aid down and back away from the punch bowl, Dave. It's for the best.
  7. My favourite glitch thus far, won the PL in first season with Villa (it's an absolute cakewalk until they fix the teams fielding their worst players bug), presentation ceremony at West Ham on the last day of the season, cuts to the crowd after the final whistle and the Villa fans look despondent, Mings heads to a corner to wave the trophy about and he runs over to the absolutely jubilant West Ham fans. I'm calling it the David Cameron bug.
  8. So we only have to wait until next season for this season's game to be playable? Are we meant to applaud the game getting better over the course of a quarter of a century? Well, I can categorically state that Volta is not fine. I gave it a go, and after the initial tutorial game had finished, whilst the "loading performance results" pop-up was displayed (or words to that effect) my game hung completely and I had to force a reboot back to the PS4 home screen. When I loaded back into Volta, I'd lost all progress and would have had to go through the tutorial again. No thank you. As to your first point, I can think of plenty of heftier games coming out of smaller entities than EA that weren't essentially missing entire gameplay modes on release, and even accounting for those that do, that does not mean it is something that should just be passively accepted. Apparently a PC modder has already created a fix that resolves most of the PC's versions bugs (and in some areas even improves Career Mode), and that's someone doing it as a bloody hobby.
  9. I mean this in the nicest possible way Dave, but you're part of the problem.
  10. Career Mode broken beyond playability on launch. EA "aware" of issues but haven't "caught them in time" for first patch release, and no ETA of when the fixes will come. .
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