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  1. GarethRDR

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2018

    He fell for one of the classic blunders!
  2. GarethRDR

    General Chat

    Is the CFS warehouse as magical as I imagine it in my fevered dreams?
  3. GarethRDR

    The Concert/Gig Thread

    Taking the missus to see Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra on Saturday. Should be... interesting. Gotta admit I've no particular interest in the type of the jazz they'll be belting out but hopefully it'll be a larf. If not, we're spending the morning at a Japanese food festival so at the very least I plan to be shit-faced on sake by lunchtime and will just ride that out for the rest of the day.
  4. GarethRDR

    The Film Thread

    Local Vue are showing Prince Of Darkness on Thursday, really looking forward to it. If I remember right I think got a bit of a bad rep as another Exorcist knock-off but I think it's great stuff, bat-shit crazy but so much fun. Giant vats of antichrist slime hidden under churches, possessing/knocking-up women and luring them through mirrors, hordes of undead at the behest of zombie Alice Cooper... who knows what Carpenter was smoking at the time.
  5. GarethRDR

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Absolutely ruined me, that did.
  6. GarethRDR

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Realistically you could add 30 minutes onto the scheduled times to account for the bazillion adverts, worked for me a couple of times (though was nearly caught out on the one occasion the film started immediately, no trailers, no nothing so your mileage might vary).
  7. GarethRDR

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    When we bought our last car and my wife went to pick it up, the seller apparently asked her if it was okay that I "let" her buy it without me being there to check it over. 1) I can't drive, the car was for her. 2) She's the breadwinner. 3) Had I been there, all I would - could - have done was ask if the left phalange was working.
  8. GarethRDR

    Dean Smith

  9. GarethRDR

    Rogues Gallery

    Bit thrown by the pic at first for some reason, then I realised it's just because I'm not used to seeing a group of people in Villa shirts with medals around the neck.
  10. GarethRDR

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Just got through episode 5 of that there Haunting Of Hill House. Shat me up so much I screamed for about 4 seconds straight at one point. My wife just sat there all calm and quiet, but then she didn't cry at the end of Grave Of The Fireflies either so she's just a feckin' robot. Good stuff.
  11. GarethRDR

    Neil Cutler

    "Put wor gloves on."
  12. GarethRDR

    Neil Cutler

    Interesting stuff, but not enough talk about emotional baselines if you ask me.
  13. GarethRDR

    Facebook Marketplace

    I sell stuff all the time on there, though mainly in specialist groups which have their own rules/admins/established communities which helps a little with the trust issue but to be honest, if some buyer is going to try and pull a fast one via PayPal, then they'll do it regardless of the platform you're selling on (which ultimately means there's really not much difference in risk selling on Facebook as there is on eBay and the like). There's some basic stuff you can do to protect yourself as both buyer and seller: As a buyer Only ever pay for stuff via PayPal "Goods & Services", not "Friends & Families". Paying by F&F is essentially a bank transfer, so you can't file a PayPal claim and get the money back if something goes wrong. There are lots of sellers who will ask you to pay by F&F because from the seller's side, they don't have to pay a PayPal fee on such transfers (plus as mentioned previously, they'll be pretty much immune from claims being raised). Don't do it, ever. If it's something you really want, you'll probably find that the seller will accept a G&S payment if you cover their PayPal fees (normally works out around 4% of the total cost) so you can offer that instead, the couple extra £££s is absolutely worth the cover of being able to lodge a claim, always. Frustratingly, sellers aren't actually meant to do this as it's classed as passing on a surcharge to the buyer which is explicitly against PayPal's terms of service; sadly unless you're selling in a specialist group that's bothered by this kind of thing and actively enforces it, there's not really much you can do (of the 7 selling groups I'm in, only one actually polices it. It's pretty much accepted practice everywhere else, sadly). As a seller Most of this advice is standard stuff for selling via PayPal whatever platform you use, though on Facebook you've also got the ability to scrutinise potential buyer's profiles for warning signs (this is why I find selling in groups a bit better than just the marketplace itself, as people tend to be established within those groups though again, it always pays to a bit wary). For sales themselves, always ensure that you post to the address provided on a buyer's PayPal profile only and always send whatever your selling via a service that gets a signature from the recipient. Oh, and don't be one of the aforementioned dickhead sellers who makes buyers pay the PayPal fee. Be the change you want to see! Heck, I make it a selling point on my listings that I always cover fees, sets my listings apart from the rest of the rabble (and besides, you can always just build that fee into your asking price, something I cannot understand for the life of me why sellers don't just do). Hope that helps.
  14. GarethRDR

    Villa and FFP

    I think it's pretty reasonable to assume there is at this point, it would just be common sense on his/his agent's part given there's no guarantee we're going up anytime soon and the reported interest. Villa fan or not, I don't see why he would sign an extension otherwise. Plus keeping the clause out of the news at the time of the contract signing means a narrative can be spun later that any future move away was an opportunity that came to the player and not a departure that he agitated for. The club can then also spin the line that they didn't want to sell but it was out of their hands and the offer was at least an acceptable one. Jack gets a move up the ladder, both him and the club come out of it without drawing too much ire. All speculation on my part of course, but I would be genuinely surprised if Jack is still here for another season in the Championship if we don't go up.