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  1. It's a bold tactic, mining Ghostbusters for his post-match material, you gotta give him that at least.
  2. Bob Marley is one of my favourite anti-jokes: "How does Bob Marley take his donuts?" *sigh* "With jam in?" "...he doesn't, he's dead."
  3. In my (admittedly limited) experience, edibles + the music you like = curling up in the fetal position, sobbing. In a good way, that is. Fantastic way, even.
  4. It's absolutely worth your time, must be bargain bin now as well.
  5. Of all the things to try and hold Nestlé to account over, that's certainly... an interesting choice.
  6. With someone else popping along shortly thereafter to denounce the paper as a product of the liberal propaganda machine.
  7. Have any of you ever had the mythical all-chocolate Kit-Kat? That was one of the prominent playground rumours of my time. I did have an all-chocolate, supermarket knock-off brand one once, many years ago. I can't recall which supermarket, and it would have been imported stock into a NAAFI branch. Alas I have nobody to verify my story, but the memory of it is seared into my brain.
  8. Throwing Anzacs into the conversation, as they are the only biscuit I know of that can hold their structural integrity indefinitely once the packet's been opened, presumably through either voodoo or some Faustralian (see wot I did there) bargain.
  9. Started strong then dove head-first into heresy.
  10. Firmware on mine started crapping out some years ago but I managed get a dev version of Rockbox on there (last I checked there isn't a stable version for the Classic yet), it's been working largely fine ever since and being able to use it like a USB stick rather than dicking about with iTunes was worth the fiddling alone. A 2nd gen Fiio x5 is my main .mp3 player but the Classic still gets plenty use, these days it's my dedicated sleep and/or exercise buddy, got all my ambient music and workout playlists on it.
  11. Well those teammates aren't gonna just injure themselves in training now, are they?
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