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  1. Niku Jiken was a bloody travesty and Uchi had every right to be pissed.
  2. "Cherenkov Blue Overdriver" for the absolute win.
  3. Now if we're talking about Original Source mint shower gel, especially for cleaning around the scrotal / gooch areas, then I am all in.
  4. And I'm with Stevo on the mint sauce and vinegar as well.
  5. Nice. I need to install the tone studio software for my Boss Katana amp, meant to have load of tweakable modelling options. My last gear treat to myself was these: For a sub-£100 multi FX unit, that Zoom is bloody good. Loads of passable emulations of boutique reverbs and delays like Strymons, Eventides etc. plus you can chain up to 5 effects (depending on the processing draw) so I've been using it to create some gorgeous pad sounds.
  6. My wife is taking full advantage of the present corporate goodwill towards my NHS employment. This week it was 50% off at Kurt Geiger (no relation to HR, I'm told) apparently. And you know, not once has she bloody clapped me.
  7. I try and head down to London whenever they do their pop-ups, always come away with armfuls of good stuff. The last one I got to was a few years back at Ghost Whale in Brixton, absolutely ideal as my wife was distracted (and ultimately made pliant) by the abundance of beer on offer. Sans alcohol she normally lasts a good 20 minutes in a record store before wanting to kill me (and I don't blame her, I've experienced the other side of it when accompanying her to Hobbycraft).
  8. I try not to go to Holy Roar's website too much, it's terminal to my wallet.
  9. Møl are on my 'to get round to at some point' list. Caught part of their ATG set a few years back, at the time thought it was like a slightly growlier, more frenetic Bossk (which isn't a criticism, I bloody love Bossk). My dabbling in blackgaze tends to veer on the slightly more melodic stuff, absolutely loving Holy Fawn at the mo.
  10. You filthy casual. Post-acoustic death disco biscuits is where the real action is.
  11. I'd give Elysium a pass, actually come to think of it. Avoided it for yonks because I thought it looked pants, it got put on in the background when visiting my folks a few years back, I found myself getting sucked in and by the end, for a throwaway popcorn flick it was entertaining enough. I'll always forgive nonsense if it's fun, especially if there's some truly scenery-chewing villainy afoot and Copley's performance definitely fits the bill there.
  12. I used to be pissed that Ridley Scott effectively shot down Blomkamp's Alien concept so he could curl out his twin turds of Prometheus and Covenant. Then I saw Chappie and... well, I think the franchise is just better off dead at this point. District 9 was great though.
  13. Well someone better call the groundsman, 'cuz you be moving them goalposts!
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