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  1. I want Papua New Guinea blasting when it comes time to thrust my carcass into the furnace.
  2. New Bossk album drops today.
  3. Ooft, I'd completely forgotten about Guilbert! Poor Freddie.
  4. Do you know what really winds me up? Not winning the league at a canter.
  5. Thought exercise for the jilted lovers people airing their legitimate gripes; Your team currently has only 2 senior full-backs, having released 2 of the squad's "older heads" in said position (the left-sided of which was - regardless of age - arguably not good enough for the club's current level). Your squad is the youngest on average in the league. One of your left-sided senior wingers is currently injured for an undetermined (but estimated to be lengthy) spell which required surgery. You have the opportunity to sign a player whom; knows the club, having enjoyed
  6. Increasingly looking like the safest bet one could ever possibly hope to make.
  7. Said I'd be happy with this. Looking at it actually having happened, seems I wasn't prepared for how happy I'd be. Oh nostalgia, you sweet bastard.
  8. I'm also game for any excuse to dig this treasure out of mothballs. Truly, halcyon days of the interwebs:
  9. Quite happy with this if it goes through. That being said:
  10. Me, trying desperately to explain away another disappointing sexual escapade.
  11. Oh nothing tops that Dr. Oekter Ristorante frozen pizza ad from a few years back for this sort of thing. Zoom into establishing shot of young couple eating pizza on a fancy looking bridge. Voiceover comes in, "In a real Italian pizzeria, the pizza..." CUE BIG BOLD WORDS AT THE BOTTOM: "MADE IN GERMANY".
  12. I don't know, I've only ever had it done as part of an entire room-redo. I am, however, amazing at building flat-pack furniture.
  13. I pay a proper grown-up to do it for me. The motto on our family crest is EGO POSTULO ADULTUS, i.e. "I need an adult".
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