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  1. GarethRDR

    The '20s

    The Gnawing Twenties.
  2. Big question time; is the ratio of good Star Trek film - bad Star Trek film now better than the ratio of good Star Wars film - bad Star Wars film?
  3. Bought the PS4 version last year and squeezed every last drop out of it. Had a great time. Originally had it on the last gen of consoles but never got round to finishing it. Absolutely worth your time.
  4. Have I ever said what a swell fella I thought you were Dr P? Top, top fella, yessiree.
  5. Friction-induced combustion.
  6. So he has! Will substitute for another wrestler, they tragically don't have much of a shelf-life. I know, I know, I was thinking along the same depressing lines of Atkinson / Ehiogu.
  7. Neil Shipperley James Earl Jones Dick van Dyke Nigel Spink Kurt Angle
  8. Mandalorian > every other Star Wars thing ever, bar maybe KOTOR.
  9. Streamed through The Witcher in about 3 days. Loved it. Only criticism, where's the bloody Gwent?!
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