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  1. What a missed opportunity; essentially a home tournament, some of the best attacking talent we've produced in years combined with an ultra-defensive manager who point blank refuses to take the handbrake off. This tournament was there for the taking; Sancho, Foden and Grealish all criminally underused.
  2. Some terrible decisions there. Two taking penalties that haven't even had a touch in the game, a 19 yr old taking the 5th pen. Henderson should have still been on to take one and Sterling should have stepped up as well, he bottled it.
  3. Philips is such a bang average footballer, how you can take Rice off instead of him.
  4. That is bizarre, there's players with 100+ mins in their legs out there
  5. and that's why we don't want penalties
  6. Sterling just always holds on to it too long
  7. Foden, Sancho and Grealish on from 60mins and we walk that.
  8. You're allowed 5 subs Gareth, not just the 1.
  9. Now get Foden on for Rice or Philips, ffs lets go for it!
  10. Time to bring the 1st team on Gareth.
  11. Mount's been anonymous but anyone would be in that advanced midfield role in this England team, all the passing is across the back or up the sides.
  12. Chillwell is so much better than Shaw.
  13. I think at this point Southgate is just trying to give everyone some game time, in theory we should have too much for Ukraine whoever plays.
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