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  1. will87

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2018

    Very sad news, had plenty of hits. I liked his recent one with Rita Ora.
  2. will87

    Media and punditry

    Can't believe people think calling for him to be sacked is an overreaction. He spat over a 14-year-old girl, he has to go.
  3. will87

    Leeds Utd new badge

    Lets not forget our badge is a bag of shit as well.
  4. will87

    U.S. Politics

    This pic is from a rally in Charlottesville last month (apparently they're a regular thing). The one with the toddler is from the early 90s, you can see from how the police are dressed that it was a while ago.
  5. will87

    Doctor Who

    The BBC will do anything to cut costs!
  6. will87

    General Chat

  7. will87

    Finsbury Park Incident

    If people had been asking the 'brown community' to do more about the London Bridge or Manchester attacks he might actually have a point.
  8. will87

    General Election 2017

    With the half dozen seats picked up in Scotland and the DUP seats I think the Tories will just scrape over the line.
  9. will87

    London Bridge Incident

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40189916 I'm not sure why this isn't being considered terrorism?
  10. will87

    Truck terror attack in Sweden

    Well homosexuality doesn't carry the death penalty there so I'm not sure how it can have.
  11. will87

    London attack March 2017

    What are they classing as a terrorist attack though, throwing a brick through a window? Letting the air out of someones tires? According to those reports there were 103 'terrorist attacks' in the UK in 2015, I doubt many of them even made the local news. Of the 151 deaths in Europe as a result of terrorism that year, Jihadism accounted for 150 of them, it will be a similar story for 2016. It's the nature of the attacks that makes Jihadism the biggest threat to Europe as far as terrorism goes.
  12. will87

    London attack March 2017

    Worrying if it is this guy as he would have had quite a few impressionable young followers/admirers.
  13. will87

    Midweek Football 6 /9 March

    How good was Neymar though, Barcelona had conceded defeat but he had other ideas.
  14. will87

    General Chat

    Just watching the Argentina Colombia highlights, and the worlds best player now has the worlds worst tattoo. Before:
  15. Taliban Terry's blown himself up apparently.