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  1. will87


    Should never have got his job back at Sky after that, the dirty clearing in the woods.
  2. And yet less than a week ago we were beating Ronaldo, Pogba, Cavani etc. on their own patch, I'd call that a pretty similar opportunity. You'd think Villa were floundering around in League 1 the way some people talk.
  3. Lost a lot of interest in boxing as the top fighters are just so inactive, the fights you want to see rarely get made or happen years too late.
  4. The Euros would move to every 2 years as well so you'd have a major international tournament every summer, madness.
  5. What's happened to the Afghan Army that we've been training for the last two decades?
  6. Already had a cracking Summer
  7. Bye Jack, you're not who I thought you were, enjoy your medals.
  8. You'd have thought he'd have absolutely relished the chance at captaining this side this season with the team we're assembling. Disappointed isn't the word.
  9. If Grealish looks at these moves we're making and still **** off to Man City I have no words.
  10. Will be DISGUSTED with the club if they accept any kind of offer for him and DISGUSTED with him if he leaves for that soulless club. That is all.
  11. Whatever they offer just reject it, that's all we have to do.
  12. What a missed opportunity; essentially a home tournament, some of the best attacking talent we've produced in years combined with an ultra-defensive manager who point blank refuses to take the handbrake off. This tournament was there for the taking; Sancho, Foden and Grealish all criminally underused.
  13. Some terrible decisions there. Two taking penalties that haven't even had a touch in the game, a 19 yr old taking the 5th pen. Henderson should have still been on to take one and Sterling should have stepped up as well, he bottled it.
  14. Philips is such a bang average footballer, how you can take Rice off instead of him.
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