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  1. It's such a shame seeing boxers waste their prime years sitting around for six months before fighting a nobody, I can't understand why they're happy to do this, I'd want to be fighting at least 3 times a year in my prime as it's over so quickly.
  2. Oh dear this thread is now 'HOT!'
  3. They really need to lighten up over there. Hopefully she can be got out safely.
  4. All stats aside for me Messi was just better at playing the game of football, better dribbling, passing, vision, and obviously he could finish, he was 3 world class players rolled into one. Ronaldo's caught him up in recent years but when Messi was in his prime he was out on his own IMO, I've never seen a player go past people the way he did.
  5. How long are we going to persist with Dele Alli? How long can you keep picking a player on the strength of his club performances when he is consistently having no impact for his country.
  6. Thnink Lineker's autocue was going too fast for him so he just skipped to the end of the sentence.
  7. England do lack creative options. Think not taking one of Lallana or Wilshere was a mistake.
  8. He's a shadow of the player he was though, yes his stats are still insane for Barcelona but look at some games from 2010-2013, he had a whole other gear, the best player I've seen in my lifetime.
  9. Very sad news, had plenty of hits. I liked his recent one with Rita Ora.
  10. Can't believe people think calling for him to be sacked is an overreaction. He spat over a 14-year-old girl, he has to go.
  11. Lets not forget our badge is a bag of shit as well.
  12. will87

    U.S. Politics

    This pic is from a rally in Charlottesville last month (apparently they're a regular thing). The one with the toddler is from the early 90s, you can see from how the police are dressed that it was a while ago.
  13. will87

    Doctor Who

    The BBC will do anything to cut costs!
  14. If people had been asking the 'brown community' to do more about the London Bridge or Manchester attacks he might actually have a point.

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