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  1. My biggest fear is that Southgate is just a c***. I think even at the club, Smith, Purslow and others have recently been asked about Jack and England and have all said he needs to be patient. I think what they really want to say is the opposite to be honest. That Southgate needs to get his head out his arsehole and do the right thing?! Put the best English AM in the England Team!! I think their all being a little diplomatic so not to rock Jacks chances. Thankfully most of the UK are going to demand he is in there soon enough or Southgate will most definitely look publicly like a proper idiot. Jack was ready to go for the national team over 12 months ago. Hence why Poch wanted him at spuds. All this, look at him now bollox. He's been on another level for a long time.. And he wont be going anywhere unless we go down.
  2. Because personally I think Benrahma has more intelligence with the ball. He's trickier more 2 footed and more self assured. I'm not saying he is anywhere near the finished article either, at 23-24, but I do think he can play anywhere across the front and middle to good effect. I also think he is more settled in the UK being here longer and will allow us to develop other players rather than have too much of a a reliance on them. Especially in the business end of the season. It's all about options for me. Like you said we have a decent 11, not a decent 23 though. I think there are very few game changers on the bench that can come on and take it to the opposition when we need to. Benrahma has that in his locker imo.
  3. The Algerian Messi from Brentford for 20m and a striker and we are okay until the summer. Then we bring in another 2 FB's(both sides) release Elmo and Taylor and we will start to look a little more naughty imo. Pace is what we need now imo so we can utilise the counter attacking side of our game more to stretch teams.
  4. I thought he did okay. Worked hard again. Some have mentioned his first touch though which I didn't think was too bad at the start of the season,. However the one really blatant thing I have noticed from him is the lack of using his strength and size to roll with that first touch when his back is to goal. He tends to need 3 or 4 yards of space to get it under control by which time the pass is generally backwards and more a retaining pass rather than forward into more dangerous areas. I really think he needs to work on this part of his game. That spin off the CB's or backline is the difference between splitting defences and creating the chances to get the shot off. I'm not writing him off as I think he will improve. Whether enough only time will tell. I do however think we definitely need a more pacier forward to come in who can spin with the ball and drive into defences like Tammy did. That's why I really like the look of the Nigerian kid from Lille that Villan4life mentioned. Exactly what we need IMO.
  5. Really disappointed with Ming's. From arguing with Ghazi about doing his job properly to weekly errors himself. Needs to wake up. Guilbert hasn't done great either in the first 45. Keeps getting caught on the wrong side. Needs to stop jumping in all the time. Other than that I think we've been decent. I would like to see Nakambas energy in there early.
  6. I think this is a great post.
  7. The Jack Grealish of the future at 26 years old on a 10 year deal please. That should see us alright. If not I'll take Henry in his pomp. Game over!!!!
  8. Suarez and Sterling didn't give a shit about Liverplop tbf.
  9. He's got years ahead of him yet. And he is captaining and playing for his boyhood club in the PL and starting to tear it up on a regs. He isn't going anywhere soon unless we go down imo. It would take a ridiculous offer from either City or Liverpool as well as he's not going to win much more than he is currently at any other club in the UK. Everyone are passengers to those 2 clubs at the moment. I think it would also be close to a 100m fee(No more 50's round here) also, and why would you consider anywhere else if your Grealish.
  10. The Football Gods demand it..
  11. I think he will score against utd.
  12. I think he needs to switch on a little more and move the ball quicker. I wonder if the hype is going to his head a little as he was far too casual at times and his passing tonight was also poor in the main.
  13. I think you are spot on apart from the bold. They all get it...believe me. What to do about it though is what they can't figure out. He is literally the closest player to Gascoigne this Country has produced since and I know the top clubs would all love to have him. There are times in every game when he is surrounded by 3,4,5 players and still takes the proverbial. Only special players do that.
  14. I have give him a bit of stick but he worked his nuts off tonight carry out a thankless task at times. That's what I want to see from him though.
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