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  1. I think it shouldn't be lost on people just what the club would do to get Tammy if he becomes available for reasonable money. I think we're still in for another statement signing.
  2. I think he came across as an arse. I can understand why but it's a big no no if your looking for someone to outlay huge wages on you. Bet his agent was going crazy after seeing that.
  3. For any of you struggling with the new laws in place on Rashica Virus please contact Germany on 0180-5-93 73 37 Or alternatively you can fill out the form in the link. https://www.werder.de/en/service/contact/
  4. I mean, you've kept your post to a minimum Dave! Caught your breath yet?
  5. I wasn't given figures or any specifics. Just a catch up chat, but as always I do, bend the chat to current club affairs lol. I was told the club wouldn't let Jack leave and they would spend more than last year if needed. Not that it means that's going to happen but it did put my mind at ease considering a week or so previous I heard Jack was in Cheshire from another normally genuine source. God.....I've turned into a F&**$£* gossip whore.
  6. Well I was told over a month ago now by someone linked to the club that we could potentially spend more than last year. There was also the indication that we would break our transfer record more than once. Hence I posted in another thread that that I thought we would break it twice. It could also be though that we got our most expensive in early so that could go against that prediction. Or plans could just change. I think the owners will spend whatever is necessary not to repeat last year. If that means dipping into next years potential budget I don't see them worrying about it too much.
  7. To be fair O'Hara got roasted for Gabby's response. Literally roasted, about his missus, shit career...Man got killed by twatter replies. I think he could be suicidal atm.
  8. Throw in a Baggio and as Gabby rightfully say's....Iniesta! We could then be talking about the same Jack.
  9. Well done....You know what its like round here?!
  10. You was doing so well until you mentioned best player. Barkley isn't fit to lace Grealish's boots. Great Player on his day but not World Class
  11. Anything more than 6 cans of Red Stripe for him is a bargain.
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