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  1. Looking at the clips of him which isn't the best barometer of a players all round ability, what stands out for me is his movement, especially between the lines. His off ball movement looks really good to in close quarters. Always looking for the return pass. Exactly what we we've missed up front imo.
  2. Or you could play Engels in the central role with Mings on his left? Personally i'm indifferent with the 3 situation but I do think Engels and Mings have been our best partnership at the back. Engels is more composed than Hause and Konsa under pressure imo.
  3. We've gone 7 points out of 9 in the last 3 must wins. That ain't bad considering the lack of CF and my stroppiness because of it. Anyway.....At least there is a week of optimistic peace ahead
  4. Whether he is worth his fee or is at the required standard is debatable. What is not though is the kids heart, his workrate and his overall attitude. I really like his endeavour and his willingness to keep going even if it is hard collar for him. I think a season under his belt will do him the world of good and playing with a more settled team and system(eventually), will see a different player emerge. I would definitely work on him as he does have some really good qualities imo.
  5. I don't know tbh. I would like to think that he still sees the bigger picture for his club, and that he could be not only the catalyst for a new era, but be the leader to take us there. Maybe it's fanciful but if he breaks into the Euro set up he may feel CL can wait for a season or two longer. I think the whole leaving for Spurs and being disappointed would've had as much to do with spending another season out of the PL as anything else. Would in hindsight he think that he would've had a better season at Spurs instead of guiding us to promotion?? I'm not so sure now we are here. If we can stay here he is still young enough to think..."I'm only going to get better". IMO he will...massively. The possible transfers available in the summer would multiply in a season or two of international football. With a choice of European giants to possibly contemplate. He would still have his best years ahead of him. Who knows...he probably doesn't himself. I definitely wouldn't begrudge him a move to a top club. Just not in England lol..
  6. They've never sacked anyone mid season to my knowledge? This turkey is in until the seasons end imo. Then they will replace with Poch in the summer when he's de-aged, as they all do when put out their misery and then realise they are rich.
  7. I really hope when Utd and Arsenal come to VP we just go for their throats. Both are very beatable this year and 6 points against them isn't impossible if we show no respect.
  8. I never want to see anyone on this forum mention Targett as if he is back up or not as good as Taylor ever again. If so you will be reported to the MODS and removed(could be) for your own safety!! Just sayin that sectioning maybe required.
  9. That's because you have no faith my friend. He is by far the best home grown we have ever produced. Family are Villa mad, he's captain, will possibly make the England squad for the Euros...And will more than likely get a much improved contract if we stay up. He's the most important asset we have. IMO he wont want to wear another teams colours against us anytime soon. I'm sure...I have faith that he loves the club enough to not give a shit about an extra 20-30k a week and CL football until we are stable at least. If we go down though he will go without a doubt.
  10. If we stay he stays. Anyone thinking Jack is signing for another PL team yet whilst we are in it is Moffit. He is not going to play against his own club if we stay up. How ridiculous that would be imo. He's not Delph, Milner or Barry and I just cannot see him lining up against us. This is his home and if we renovate and modernise the gaff to his liking and maintain the mortgage in this area rather than move back to dumpsville(Championship), he stays. At least for the next year or 2.
  11. I'm just going to put this out there now. What did people expect anyway?? We've become a team scared of our own shadow. Even the manager is going the same way.. Playing 3 CB's and 2 DM's at home against Watford is nothing short of treason in my book. What happened to the attacking philosophy bs banded about.
  12. This season is far to early for Konsa and Hause. They need to make up or whatever with Engels and get our back line more stable. Either that or just bring Chester in.
  13. TBH weve played pretty well. What I don't understand though is why we are playing 3 at the back at frigging home. We picked up results earlier in the season pushing on and imo the extra man in the middle would push Watford right back. We just invite trouble its so depressing.
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