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  1. Here's the little superstar.
  2. OMG!!!! Mugging Liverplop off. Klopp was right...they needed the first team
  3. I thought I responded to your comments as a whole? By your definition we should be paying homage to the likes of Burnley, Brighton, West Ham and every other team in the PL that have managed to stay in it and pay players hefty wages whilst we were a small club in the championship. Hopefully one day we'll be as big as Leicester and be able to fill a 30k stadium, have players as polished or even be as big as Wigan and win the FA cup again. Hopefully even get a draw against Liverpool again in the next 30 years. Sarcasm aside, Aston Villa is a huge football club that had been poorly run f
  4. TBH I'd be shocked if we even contemplated selling him next summer. Our own needs are far greater than anyone elses. I'd also be gutted if he ever went to that club. No bigger set of nobs in all the land - bar sha of course.
  5. What a crock of shit! So by your reckoning Leicester are a bigger club than us based on recent history? Lol. You ever heard of the term 'sleeping giants'? Big clubs fall on hard times all the time. They don't stop being big though. Man City for example. Will never be bigger than the scum half of that city. Doesn't matter how successful they are they just won't. They've won titles galore in recent years yet couldn't fill the ground weekly even when successful. Why is that? Would we struggle to fill ours if we had that success? The likes of City, Chelsea etc are far more successful th
  6. I think he needs a rest in the same way Wes did last year.
  7. I don't think there is a scapegoat as such tonight. We were undone be a stupid refereeing decision
  8. I think personally he isn't good enough long term for where we want to be. I think hes clumsy on a regular basis. Is slow at times on the ball to the point that the only option is to lump it. And I also think that he's slow recovering when transitioning I to a defensive mode from attack. Does this mean I'm anti Mings or have an agenda, not at all. I just think better CBs are out there. I thought he was okay today but culpable for the first goal.
  9. Majestic is the only word that truly describes him. To the point that utds tactic to deal with him was simply hack him down.
  10. TBH we've been excellent this second half. If anything this shows how far we've come. 2-3 players from having a serious team capable of challenging for European football.
  11. Playing some really good football here. Just got to be careful of not getting countered again. Cracking game tbh.
  12. Predictive text lol. Stepped in to him and given a pen instead lol. He was between Konsa and Mings. Watch the replay. Mings is slow getting back when it's are countering. Too busy trying to look organised instead of blocking the cross.
  13. No chance. Mings is near post. If he'd got back quicker he would've had his feet set to attack the cross correctly instead of lunging awkwardly. Konsa was behind martial.
  14. Is it true the players were asked to take a wage reduction of 25% for 4 months and told purslow to do one?
  15. No they won't...they'll be Liverpool fans just wanting us to win. Big difference.
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