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  1. Whatever you say. Nobody is using today's result against him though are they. It's like saying because we've won one we should keep him on. jeez.
  2. Don't be a fool. Nothing's been used against him. He's had a good result today as we all have. It's the previous 30 odd games that have formed an opinion not just todays result.
  3. No we need to sack him because we are capable of playing well enough to have been out of the mess we are currently in. Good result today but too little too late.
  4. What did he say I still havent listened to it?
  5. He was out at the start of the season with an ankle injury. I doubt Brentford would have let him go under any circumstances in January.
  6. What a load of shit. Smith didn't want Maupay and Benrahma was injured earlier in the season.
  7. We aren't talking about the recipe for success though, more the slump over the course of the season, adding to it and not reversing it. I don't see how this can be down to anyone but the manager and coaches. You admitted his mistakes have probably increased the problems along with a fall in confidence. So the idea that Smith will learn when he hasn't all season is based on what?
  8. I actually don't think your far off here. On the basis of your comments though you could argue that the slump is as much down to Smith then. I mean if he's changing things for the worse, not picking the players up and instilling the right information into them who else is to blame?
  9. I agree that this season is not entirely like the season we went down. There are however similarities. Without getting into the headless chicken discussion I totally agree you need talent but in response to your Norwich comment the point being what fans want ultimately is effort and fight for the shirt. A willingness to run through walls if you like. We haven't been seeing that this season. At least in large parts. Take Luiz last night, the youngest player in the team, a kid trying to gee up the rest of those around him who were all sulking. That should not be happening. With regards to the spine.....Grealish, McGinn, Mings, Hourihane, Ghazi etc.... The players that were instrumental in the promotion and the so called base of the rebuild. Now, what I was driving at is as much as we all talk about poor transfers, several of the senior players have also been very poor. IMO there is no real project or spine in this current format that cannot be ripped up and started again. So the whole "It's madness to rip up the entire project at this point." is a little redundant imo. Which is what I was initially commenting on. It is also quite possible that several of these amongst others will be off anyway. This in itself will leave us needing to make big changes to the squad again and another major overhaul. Nobody is saying there are not mitigating circumstances or that Smith is entirely to blame for this season but from what I see is that we lack as a team not only talent, but direction and leadership. That's the way I see it. I wish it wasn't and I had faith in Smith and his team to sort this mess out but I just don't anymore. I don't see the older players pulling together or indeed any sort of team spirit that gives me faith this will happen anytime soon either. It's just how I see it tbh.
  10. I think you can forgive any team and manager if you see effort and fight regardless of talent. I think last years team muller this years on character alone. Also, situations occur during projects whereby you have to admit plans aren't working and rip it up and go back to the drawing board. Also when you really look at things....The project at this point is a youngish group of players that in the main have regressed as the season has wore on as a team. The so called spine of the team and players already on the books have also been downright shocking for the most part. There is nothing to really rip up at this point
  11. I also thought this, however, I'm not sure anymore. I think there will be too much depression floating through the players and staff. Something has happened behind the scenes. I think it's more than likely the manager has lost confidence in the players and visa versa. I don't think this is easily recovered tbh. I think the necessary changes required and the short turn around into next season isn't going to be sufficient a time to remedy the current issues. This is more than a player quality issue imo, something has clearly broken. Let's be honest, we're less cohesive now than early in the season, what leads people to believe Smith can remedy something in 3 months that he hasn't been able to achieve since the start of the season.
  12. I didn't, I left him in etc where he currently belongs. I feel harsh though because he has carried this shit show for much of the season but he has definitely become part of the problem since the return. McGinn was gash before the injury...In fairness we could literally call out everyone bar Luiz.
  13. What, Mings, McGinn, El Ghazi, Hourihane etc..... These are among some of the worst offenders these season for stupidity and laziness. These have all got progressively worse. Surely this isn't Suso's fault also? Suso needs to go but with several others.
  14. I've heard this same story spoken about by one of our senior players to a mutual friend. If it is true, which I have no reason to believe otherwise then I'd definitely be looking at changes. It was along the lines of, most the players don't give a shit.
  15. We signed 12 players in a short space of time over 1 summer after what, just a few weeks earlier, would be considered a highly unlikely promotion, and you think the manager was personally scouting all the players we signed over long periods? The manager that only joined the club 6 months prior and was in a league where you play twice a week? Managers and clubs have list of potential transfers, Targets, etc. When do you expect Dean Smith watched Trezeguet? Or Luiz? Nakamba? Wesley? And not just watched them, watched them extensively enough to form a balanced opinion on their personality and ability to step up to PL football? No one said he'd been to watch them extensively but guaranteed he'd been to see them and was involved in the decision making process. He'd admitted this himself before the season started. He even said that brought in players based on character.. So there would have been extensive background checks. You make out I'm crazy, but you're suggestion that he personally scouted all the players we signed is physically impossible and completely insane. There would be some players he obviously knew more of if 1) they had previously been discussed probably when he was at Brentford, 2) he had worked with them before and 3) the ones on loan to us last year - So the players we're already known? Therefore he wouldn't have needed to go watch 13 players at the back end of last season?! Maybe 3-4 seen as he was aware of most the incoming players anyway You're next line is basically exactly what I'm saying, they have a database of people that the scouting team have identified and will be discussed with the manager and director of football and whoever else is in that team until they decide on a player to to for, that's not Dean Smith personally scouting players, he's as much at the mercy of the scouting team as anyone. We agree on something, yes! I'm not absolving Dean Smith from blame for our position by the way, I thought this season would be tough but I feel he should be doing a bit better than he is but this thread has descended into the Steve Bruce thread, either you think every single thing is the managers fault and every single thing he has ever achieved is nothing but luck OR you're a blind fan who loves the manager above all else with literally no middle ground, it's crazy. I didn't mention Bruce or give 2 shits about him. And no I don't blame Smith for all the crap this year but definitely a large portion of it. Rather than say it's the scouts fault.
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