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  1. Haha diversion.....Nobody is sucking arse. If you didn't act like a prat nobody would be saying any anything, but alas you did!!!
  2. Personally I think that was an dick move. Giving it the, "I can throw money away nonsense, lets see what you can afford." Poor form. If you've got that sort of disposable cash why not just donate it to the site? I'm sure Limpid would be very appreciative.
  3. I disagree, however do concede that there are moments of stupidity in all players. More so though when a team isn't functioning correctly imo. I don't lie the blame entirely at Smiths door but he is instrumental for our failings as a unit without doubt.
  4. BUT....If players, especially good players are continually making mistakes then you have to look at the manager. Is he simplifying his instructions to the players, Is he expecting too much from individuals, Is he creating more problems asking players to play in a way they are not used to? It's easy to always blame players but when the same shit happens week after week you have to start asking questions of the coaching and management and what they doing to remedy this.
  5. Should probably not tbh. Which players have massively improved. Mings was a great signing but has he got better as the seasons wore on? He was also in the Prem when we got him so was on the right track anyway. Where else we going? Steve Bruce, De Matteo, Lambert.....All made decent signings but that means jack diddly if the overall product is crap because the manager doesn't play the right way or to their strengths. I see marginal improvements at best. Those stepping up this season are either already pretty accomplished or talented enough to perform at this level. I don't see any overall improvement in the team as a unit. It's gradually got worse as the season has wore on.
  6. Smith is just out of his depth imo. His teams never defend well. He's had luck with the players he inherited in order to get us up, with Jack, Tammy, McGinn, Mings etc. I think him and the coaching staff have been bloody awful this season. Fair enough putting a new squad together is never going to be easy. However I really don't think there has been any significant improvement in any area since the start of the season in the 11 and set up. We've been driven by our captain all season and are still flailing around switching this, that and anything with zero continuity. I really don't see us surviving with him in charge and see no point in giving him next season minus the 3 players above and a couple more.
  7. Houllier didn't fail. His heart did.
  8. Of course he did...He's got Anti Grealish specs that he appears to wear 24/7 these days.
  9. filling a team with seven defenders won't resolve the issues in defence. We've already tried that with 3 CB's and defenders out wide in midfield. We need to defend in Midfield by retaining the ball, something we will not do playing over defensively. I cannot believe people want to stuff the team with average defenders in midfield thinking we will hold the ball better. Especially when we still need wins or we are down. We need to just attack teams now and be nasty with it. Taylor at FB, cant believe we are back at this after the drivel he's produced this season. What needs to happen is Smith actually addressing his woeful defensive record instead of being a tool and filling the team with crap defenders with no pace or lacking passing ability, hoping to get lucky.
  10. Watch the youtube version TRO to get the subs and see why it's so popular You would have to change the words a little for it to be high on the fans chant chart
  11. Here's another vid of an overrated Jack Grealish. this one shows actually how long hes been taking the proverbial.
  12. Stevie G.....? Last week he was bang average and overrated lol.
  13. TBH if I was the owner there is absolutely no chance I would entertain letting him go in the next 2 years whilst we rebuild. Regardless of division.. His commercial value alone will rocket once he gets that first cap. It's most likely risen ridiculously this season already and will for the next few years. If the owners really want the venture they claim then assets like Jack don't get let go for a few quid. They become the template for the image the business wants to portray.
  14. I like this post. I also cannot fathom why we have all of a sudden dispensed with the 4-3-3? We still leak goals in ridiculous moments. The defence still continually look exposed and not only that but we are a midfielder down to compensate for this. Surely now players are more settled we should be able to revert to this at times. Not every game but at least at home. I hate the idea of constantly relying on the back 3 not to cock up when fannying around with the ball at the back. Something which never happens anyway. You can almost guarantee they will at some point. I'm just not convinced the 3 at the back has really been that effective and think that we would have been better with the additional body in the middle.
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