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  1. Was going to give you a like as well but your a wrong un lol!! How come you let them go?
  2. Ah...the 83/84 home. My actual favourite shirt as a kid was the away from that season. Been after an original for quite some time as lost mine over the years.
  3. I really cannot agree with this. To a point maybe, however being in the PL brings rewards a kit deal doesn't compare to in TV revenue. I'm most definitely of the opinion your fans are more important than an extra few notes. Especially when you are already quids in. In my opinion producing a quality kit for the fans is paramount. I look back at the kits I had or brought for my own kids and would say that not just the period but the detail and quality of certain kits is massively important. I have dozens of kits from mine to the kids some loved more than others. Not one of them is shit though because I refused to buy the shit ones. It makes a massive difference in the grand scheme of things, not just to the fan but also the clubs revenue.
  4. What you on about? The wonky badge on the shorts by any chance?
  5. That's actually a very good point about the pass out to Douglas for their second. It was pretty poor. That being said I like the look of him and see him adapting relatively easy. He's got all the physical attributes. Pace, strength on the ball, turns well, brings others into the game. There are a lot of things to like about him.
  6. We'd all take Tammy back. That's not the point though. He played in a much more cohesive team last season and is now struggling to find his own feet at Chelsea this season. Wes needs help. Our management have to find a way of giving him help. I will not lay judgement on him until he gets that help as I think it's unfair. If he starts missing sitters, throwing tantrums, no effort then he will be deserving of some criticism but I think we are a way off that happening. I think that he needs a goal in the next 2 or 3 games though to help him get his shit together and settle. I think he's got it in his locker we just have to let him show it by getting the ball to him earlier and then get bods around him quickly
  7. Insightful in what way? You haven't claimed anything, just that once Guilbert comes into the team people will laugh and then think your a insightful individual who is the all seeing eye lol. If your after credit for something, what is it? Are you a Politician?
  8. Agreed. Don't see him losing his place on Friday. We need to make good on his second half Saturday and make him feel like the position is his to lose now.
  9. I think the difference was Tammy played against average defences, We pressed higher, got wider players further forward and had McGinn and Grealish closer to him. Wes hasn't had any of the same service or help in the final third so not sure what people are expecting. Kodjia would have exactly the same problems currently. Us playing deep allows CB's to double up on Wes. He's on a hiding to nothing at the mo imo.
  10. Just to add to this I'm not in anyway saying we should put him in a front 3 s that ridiculous but what has concerned me in the 2 games we have played is the lack of delivery from the bylines on both sides. We don't have a huge squad or many wide options and maybe a times during the season will need to look at options not necessarily first choice. We have to look at ways of getting the most out of our width for the middle to work imo. If we don't ask questions out wide the midfield lose outlets, momentum, delivery and becomes easier to contain for opponents. We have to start learning to stretch teams again to create space in the middle like last year.
  11. Most of our players have never played in the Prem before. Most are new to the team. Most have probably played in several positions throughout their careers and are well versed in different positions. Certain players also transition to reaching their potential in positions unlikely earlier in their careers due to good coaching and hard work with obviously, quality. Also with good management foresight in seeing something in a players abilities that others haven't. How do you know that Guilbert isn't capable of making this transition? FWIW I'm not saying he can however don't be shortsighted in saying at this point he could never. How many players have found themselves in this same situation in the Prem?!
  12. I wouldn't mind having a look at him in a wide right role. He's got a great engine, good pace, can cross a ball and is a terrier in the tackle. He might add a bit more bite and a more natural right sided outlet.
  13. I think he will become one of our stand out performers this season. Lets not forget the lad is 21 and only been in the Country a week and a half. Quite ridiculous really considering we haven't as a team really found our feet yet and he's had no preseason with the team. Then factor in the expectations of him from the fan base and club to completely change the dynamic of our midfield. Making his home debut in what was a crazy atmosphere yesterday, having a ground swallow moment after only 10min. Exceptional of him imo to turn things around and become one of our stand out performers yesterday. I think he's an old head on young shoulders which is the reason he is so highly rated. I think once he truly settles, and if we can start to find our tempo he will become a vital player for us. Loved his passion yesterday also as it will bring him closer to the fans and allow him to feel loved which will get the best attitude out of him. I can only see him becoming more comfortable and dominant in the role he played yesterday and once he's fully up to speed everyone will agree with how good of a signing he really is.
  14. Really sensible post. There are things to add but I concur.
  15. I'm no hater of Elmo so calm down.

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