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  1. I think the problem today as in previous games is the system. An over reliance on the wingback system and success is very much based on both Cash and Targett delivering the creativity from wide. If either or both have off days or are over exerted and caught out it pressures the CB's to split and cover wide creating gaps through the middle. I'm not adverse to the system but an over reliance on it stifles our creativity as the middle and forward lines are continually congested. I felt Spuds had it easy today sitting back and countering us until we somewhat ran out of ideas and then gas.
  2. Don't think I have seen a keeper get into the head of PK takers like Martinez since Grobbelaar for liverplop in the 80's.
  3. I think your right. I think that win today and the manner of it let everyone know, including our own that we are now a team and no longer a one man band. Easily the best performance this season.
  4. If it's the Iron Brew, give him more, if it's not, keep him away from it. Looks like playing in the Euro's took him to another level mentally.. Hitting the PL like he did the Championship when he first arrived. Has it finally clicked for him?! Brilliant today in every way MOTM.
  5. Brilliant all round performance. Anyone could be given MOTM but I give it to Super John McGinn for the best Scottish performance since Mel Gibson in Braveheart.
  6. Best away win and team performance since he arrived. Everyone was brilliant. So proud of this group tbh
  7. I really don't see him as a wide right option for us. Not that I think he is anywhere near his best but just not quick enough for the pace Smith wants out wide.
  8. I thought all the youngsters were fantastic tonight. Really excelling as a group, especially considering the line up they faced. Never fazed at all.
  9. The only criticism I have is that if your number 2 goalie isn't good enough then don't play him. Great 90 undone by poor keeping.
  10. He was diving before the ref blew he was that early. Proper plum. If hes that quick in the sack his missus will deffo be playing up at some point. .
  11. Put this in here too as wasn't active when I first posted.
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