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  1. I agree. I think if when he shifted it, he used a feint more often, similar to Jack he would open space to get shots off easier. He can be very predictable when cutting inside.
  2. In fairness he's needed a rest for a couple of months.
  3. Looking forward to him leaving. He's been a great servant but now offers zero going forward. Crossing was shocking, struggling to beat first man continually.
  4. I dont think he needs benching. I think he needs Jack. Just like we all do. He's been poor, but so have they all. I thought he worked hard tonight even if not very effectively.
  5. Should put this thread in other football as the race doesn't include us.
  6. If I had a Rolls Royce I'd name it Ezri.
  7. Yep, same. Been superb lately.....let's move on. Sleep that one off. Don't have to be in until 1030 anyway.
  8. He's not ready alright......to listen to the shit about him that gets spouted out. 19yrs handful of games with players bang out of form and in some instances, just shit. The team has many faults. Ramsey isn't one of them. Really isn't helping bringing him on whilst we are shit tbh.
  9. Even if he wanted to go...we cannot afford to let him without sliding downhill faster than Alberto Tomba
  10. I love him but I still go all out to bring Tammy back in the summer and drop Ollie out wide in a 3. Brilliant most the season. Absolute garbage tonight.
  11. Not great but better I think. Created more in 15min than the rest of the midfield all game. I think he gets off with the slagging off tonight. At least from me.
  12. Very poor. I'm starting to think we're going backwards again.
  13. Interesting fact. Or not...Captain Ron's yacht is still roaming the seas around Colombia.
  14. Dean Smith needs to start looking at himself tbh. Bar the defence we've been crap for 2 months. I'd be shocked if we win this game we're that clueless going forward.
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