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  1. So players don't talk to other players about ambition? Doesn't mean they know what going to happen. To be honest I'm not on crack you smoke, just the crack belonging to your missus.
  2. Your missing the point. Nobody has said he's going or Jack said this or that....The point being these lot will have spoken to him or others close to him previously so will know his ambitions. They wouldn't come out and say shit that isn't true just to feed a media narrative. Hendrie is Villa and I know chats to Jack, same with Gabby and Hutton. They don't need to know the answer to the million dollar question in order to let people know Jacks thoughts. Anyone thinking Jack wouldn't confide in fellow professionals about his feeling's need a reality check. That doesn't mean he's telling everyone what he is going to do. So what if their being paid a couple of grand for a little segment. They wouldn't lie for the benefit of Man City and disrespect Villa like that. Not every ex player is a t**t, just some.
  3. Hendrie, Hutton definitely have contact with Jack and possibly Elphick. They are coming out with the same stuff, "he wants to go", " He wants the challenge", "He deserves it". Why do people think that is, seriously? Do you honestly think they would speak shit just to drive a narrative that in essence is against a club they respect(in Hendries case support) These players are closer to Jack professionally and more likely to be his mouthpiece than a bunch of randoms. They imo are airing his feeling's without the need for him to commit publicly until the situation is resolved between the clubs. As I said, I think they are prepping the fan base. It's what I think is happening, not what necessarily is.
  4. I'm starting to think it's haggling between clubs now. I think it's done tbh. All the ex players like Hutton, Hendrie, Elphick have just been prepping the fan base for what is to come. I don't want to believe it but it all seems very odd including Jacks body language. Like sort of uncomfortable in an inevitable kind of way.
  5. I think the club are playing a blinder. Away with the squad so no going off, public sessions showing everyone he hasn't gone yet, thrown in with a little we love and need you(at the moment) emotional blackmail. It's next level trolling. The fans think it's them being trolled but I think it's city that are. Obviously he may still go but I guarantee it will be on our terms and for more than the 100m discussed. They will rinse city for every penny and they are letting everybody know he isn't going anywhere just yet. I don't see any clause in this scenario. Think about it, if a clause had been triggered Jack wouldn't be putting himself through this by choice which leads me to believe that ultimately the decision currently isn't in his hands but Aston Villa's.
  6. Sounds believable to be fair. sorry if just broke a rule posting that mods…please let me know if I have. Some fans are just so cringeworthy. Fancy going on a city forum to chit chat like some Villa ITK and lick arseholes. Proper gary glitter.
  7. Absolutely not! Wish people would top spewing this shit. It's like the honour is being downgraded. You don't achieve legendary status by winning **** all and then doing one.
  8. I'm pissed off but also more intrigued to see how Wes and Nas deal with this bearing in mind their ambitions for the club and Wes's previous dealing with the Gianni's situation. The Bucks had the same issues holding on to their star and look at them now. I don't think this is a forgone conclusion they let him go anyway. Their going to see opportunity themselves here not concern. Jack wasn't the star he now is gentlemen's agreement or not
  9. I agree I think he will fit in any team. I just don't see a scenario whereby we welcome him back. If he goes he's gone. He leaves at a point when we could as a club could be elevated having our own global superstar. I think it's poor timing but more so after last year's comments when signing the new deal. As others have already mentioned. There seems to be this idea that he leaves, we clap, pat him on the back and wish him all the best. And if he goes away wins trophies, we welcome the prodigal son home when his career is on the downer and all's fair. Sorry but I don't share that feeling. I know many who dont. We'll see anyway. It's one subject I want to see how it plays out before judging anyone. My personal feeling is all his football friends have been setting us up for this all summer during the euros. Saying he deserves xyz. I think he'll go.
  10. If he goes city I wouldn't want him back under any circumstances. Make your bed lie in it. You cannot leave in this manner and expected to be welcomed back when you've won a couple trophies elsewhere. This isn't an Ashley young scenario. Fans won't forgive him. Especially if we struggle in his absence.
  11. Not sure anyone has mentioned this but even if the owners were contemplating letting Jack go whether or not they would pull the plug based on the division in the fan base and potential backslash. The last thing they will want is a disgruntled fan base straight after lockdown and following such a positive season previously. I'm not sure they will want to take that hit to moral just yet?
  12. LOL.... 2nd post and you drop that bollox Welcome Man City fan!!!
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