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  1. Can I just clarify if my facts are correct. Grealish has made 2 starts both games we win 3-0 and the minute he gets taken off in both games we don't score any further goals?
  2. Could put this next to most of the mechanics I've worked with ?
  3. If I remember correct we lost 4-3 to Wimbledon which got Ron Sacked then beat Spurs 4-3 with a caretaker manager in charge of us. The question is would we take a 4-3 win tomorrow against Swansea
  4. I think it was just before the MON days at Leicester and Mark Mcghee was in charge, but anyway yes Dean Smith rocks ?
  5. I remember being 15 and doing my paper round while the match was going on with my customers filling me in on the score as I was riding round. The Leicester 4-4 was fustrating as we were 4-1 up in that match , as I recall the draw knocked us for 6 as we were on quite a good run at the time and we just faded away but avoided relegation.
  6. I recall a 7-1 win and a 4-4 draw with Little in charge that season, we started the next season with a 3-1 against Man utd. Happy times
  7. Anyone else reckon we're going to sell the naming rights to one of the stands to get round FFP?
  8. The main thing I think he'll be looking to do first is making us bloody fitter and using the ball a hell of a lot better than we currently are. Really looking to seeing little changes over the coming months.
  9. I remember back around 1991 pro set cards were all the rage, Villa were doing a card giveaway at the end of one of the home games , me , my mum and one of my mates stayed behind to try and get some only to find in typical Villa style it was extremely badly organised and it got a bit messy a lot of kids getting crushed and we came away rather disappointed. My Mum wrote an angry letter to Doug complaining about it all , Doug wrote an apology letter including 3 tickets to the last game of the season against Chelsea in the upper north stand in which we drew 2-2 having been 2 nil down at half time
  10. Looks like it's a 3-3-3 on the way out and a 3-4-3 on the way back as BA are changing their layouts . Thanks for the info though.
  11. Was wondering if anyone has flown British Airways economy as we've booked a flight with them to Orlando next year and got an absolute bargain off them . Basically managed to get 4 of us to Orlando in August with car hire for just over £3100 .
  12. Parker had a habit of scoring absolute belters as well.
  13. I know that was only highlights but did Rimmer actually have to do anything in that match? Dreadful conditions but we looked to thrive in it , although I was alive then I was to young to really appreciate it all. My Uncle speaks fondly of the early 80's and the Villa. My little lad used to have football training with Tony Morley and always asked me how good Tony was , think i'll have to show him this video later. Thanks for sharing
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