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    Ahmed Elmohamady

    What annoys me the most with this bloke is his natural position is a RB ok no problem , so why then does he seems to go missing for most of the second half in games offering very little help to the poor bloke playing RB behind him, you'd think as a natural defender he'd no how important it is to offer support when the opposition are attacking. It's like Tom Cleverley all over again under Lambert.


    Lets be honest we haven't found life in the championship very easy either

    Axel Tuanzebe

    Anyone else think he got zero support/help off Elmo in the second half ? If you look at Brentford's second goal see if you can spot Elmo anywhere near Axel , he's no where to be seen and was like it for most of the second half .

    Ratings & Reactions: Ipswich v Villa

    Anyone else fearing what Brentford are going to do to us? We've all spoken about what will happen against a team that are organised but play good football. It happens Wednesday the last 2 seasons we've managed nothing better than a draw against these, hell last season at our place they'd just lost a large number of there better players but they still came to Villa park and outplayed us and the game ended a draw. I'd actually love a manager like Dean Smith as he actually seems like a bloke that likes his teams to play to a certain phylosophy and style. Bruce just doesn't seem to get it there's no brand of football , hell even under Houllier we tried to play a certain way , I'm sort of expecting us to play with a bit of swagger like teams SHOULD be fearing us but lets be honest NO one should fear us the way we're currently playing. Everyone points to Grealish its like the lad has all these expectations shoved on his shoulders from all of us but it shouldn't always be about Grealish we've got 10 other players on the pitch it's about time some other bugger helped out. We're crying out for fresh blood please make it so. Don't get me wrong playing players in there preferred positions would be a step in the right direction.

    Steve Bruce

    Comedy Gold right there


    The fact that at one point in the recent Norwich game they were 15 points clear says it all to me . There probably gonna win the league just by looking at there remaining fixtures but damn I would love it if they screwed it up .

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Anyone see Benidorm last night? Best Man speech was absolutely hilarious.

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    The Legend that is David Unsworth , yeah unfortunately his other half thought we we're near Liverpool. He was with us for 2 weeks and Everton brought him off us for the same 2 million we'd payed for him.

    The Film Thread

    Hell yes easily my favourite part of the film , the lenard skinner freebird electric guitar solo is class in its own right add people killing each other and its fantastic .

    Steve Bruce

    I'd have had Mark Warburton the minute he left Rangers to be honest , I know that's all well and good saying it now but from a personal point of view I really really didn't want Bruce in the first place , would anyone consider Dean Smith by interest ?

    Birmingham Swimming

    Yayy finally a Swimming topic , I'm stuck at a swimming pool almost every bloody night thanks to my daughter , at the moment she trains at Stetchford , Newtown ( yes there is ACTUALLY a pool there) and Bilston . From next season she's signed up to swim at the Royal Wolverhampton 5 times a week . Stetchford is getting a new baths , the new 50 metre pool in Brum isn't officially 50 metres it's litterally 2cm short so someone screwed that one up. Is the new Erdington pool open yet ? West Brom has a decent pool , Recently did a Gala at the new Worcester pool , very nice . Went to Oak parks new one recently they have no seating for spectators so why the hell hold a bloody swimming meet there I have noooo idea (I'm looking at you Mercian Swimming League ). Sorry I could litterally talk about swimming all day , Rarely does a sport take over your life like swimming, infact my lad has just started playing under 7's football and that's so nice and easy compared to 10 hours sat in roasting hot swimming baths lol.

    All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

    If I'm not mistaken that's in Wednesbury

    Virgin Media

    Really hoping you lovely lot can help me out with a bit of advice, I'm currently with Sky as our broadband provider but its just the basic unlimited package non fibre. Virgin has recently been turned on in our area and there doing an offer for 100 mbs broadband and basic tv package for £23 a month on a 12 month contract, it sounds a great price to me but I've heard bad things about Virgin are any of you lot with them and if so how are they to deal with and is there internet any good ?

    Ratings and Reactions: Leicester v Villa

    It seemed pretty damn obvious that with Mahrez ( sorry if thats spelt wrong ) being moved to a more central role he would be the one expected to create things and have more influence in the game so why didn't we stick someone on him and show some composure for once , i'm so sick of us being so damn sloppy with the ball at our feet , first half we controlled it we dictated play . Second half other than scoring an excellent finished goal we did quite simply bugger all

    Ratings and Reactions: Leicester v Villa

    The wrong Jordan came on that's all i'm gonna say .