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  1. I have some savings in stock but I'm not active in selling and buying. I don't plan to touch it until I'm retired. As part of it is in Swedbank I'm definitely not touching that right now. The dividends are nice every year. Especially H&M and Sandvik have payed good the last years.
  2. Probably scared of being attacked. Game should have been abandoned and 3-0 score to us.
  3. Terrible ref. Give him a second yellow like the rules say.
  4. I would take a win beforehand but now I want us to embarrass them. Another 5-1 please.
  5. The Lulu's are out today. Embarrassing.
  6. Posting for no one but Tampa is no lock in the East. I watched Bruins beat them tonight and it will be hard to get out of the East for Tampa. Then they will probably face Nashville who added Wayne Simmonds. Think Nashville will win it.
  7. So he have won a few games. Give him a transfer window and a preseason and that will stop. Still very happy that he isn't our manager anymore.
  8. Completely forgot Villa played last night. Now we have been shit for a long time but I think my fading interest is mostly down to what this thread is about. Shit players signed for a ton of money and so on. Going to try to watch Malmö tonight and hope we can get a result.
  9. Daniel Crowley. Watched a few minutes of Venlo-Willem II yesterday and he played for Willem II.
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