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  1. Haaland with a hat-trick. Love Bundesliga. Use of VAR is so more professional.
  2. NoelVilla


    You are all going to die. We are looking forward to it.
  3. Gazzaniga Ref so shocked he didn't know what to do.
  4. Ok, as Davkaus said. Duncan Ferguson did nothing wrong. Moise Kean's attitude was awful.
  5. Jerome Boateng. Never rated him but now he is finished. Rashica is having fun with him.
  6. I have seen Tonev but you are close with your ranking
  7. Yeah let me clarify what I meant. There is place for fighting, if two players run at each other the whole game and they then fight I have no problem with that, Better than a cheap shot from one of them like Ulf Samuelsson on Cam Neely. But Stu Grimson fighting Marty McSorley have no matter in the result of the game. Entertaining sometimes maybe but not important for the game.
  8. No we are probably not but Rashica would be a great signing, Seen Bremen a few times this season.
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