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  1. Scottish Fitba

    Would Celtic not benefit from joining the Football League and maybe in a few years joining the Premier League? Would they be allowed to?
  2. World Cup 2022: Qatar

    Im going to do my best to boycott. No promises. No other football in the summer.
  3. Steve Bruce

    So after Keith Wyness comments we know that we will start the season with Bruce. Ive said it before and it still the same. Don't really believe in Bruce. Going to leave that and hope Im wrong. Go on and impress me Steve.
  4. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Im trying hard here to make you win so stop liking BOF's posts
  5. U.S. Politics

    Donald Trump says: "No politician in history… has been treated worse or more unfairly" http://www.bbc.com/news/live/world-us-canada-39950424 Please make it stop. Just like Mandela, Kennedy and Lincoln and more never happened. Clown is to nice of a description.
  6. NHL

    I might have given a kiss of death to the Penguins with my prediction. Both Rust and Schultz to miss game 3. Maybe they get Daley back. Still think they will beat the Sens but not so sure they'll beat Ducks or Preds anymore.
  7. Watford

    Why do they want someone who got relegated with Hull? He must be shit
  8. Terrific scenes from De Kuip in Rotterdam. Tears from a lot of fans. Love it.
  9. The Ex-Villa Player thread - Keeping tabs on old Villans

    Karim El-Ahmadi Dutch champion with Feyenoord today. Good for him.
  10. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I agree with that. The 3 coming down are pretty weak. They are not the concern for me. We ourselves are a concern for me.
  11. EuroTottyVision 2017

    Haven't heard it before. Thankfully its crap so we don't win
  12. EuroTottyVision 2017

    Finally something very nice. Hello Romania
  13. Amazing that we were so many points behind this 2 teams
  14. Chelsea

    Gary Cahill also played alongside Sideshow Bob and they still won the league. Great job by both Cahill and Conte.
  15. Desert Island VillaTalk

    3x albums Definitely Maybe, The Masterplan and Chasing Yesterday 3x books 3 swedish ones. Think only 'A man called Ove' might be known internationally. 3x films Shawshank Redemption, Usual Suspects and Escape from New York 1x tv boxset West Wing 1x extra entertainment object (could be a guitar, or a mountain bike, or a football, or a surfboard). Basically, something to pass the time. Im stealing Midfielders idea. Ximena Cordoba