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  1. I knew of it because this has been a very long time coming. Kaliningrad wastewater treatment plant is very good news for the Baltic Sea, because until very recently, this city of almost half a million people was pouring 150,000 cubic meters of raw sewage into the sea every day. What has been in the making for more than forty years is now up and running.
  2. They barely got punished for match-fixing for many years so I find that hard to believe
  3. This is why they should piss of to the Breakaway League. Media, referees all want them to win. Need to level the playing field and get football back.
  4. Hope we are in for Joachim Andersen. So we could switch to 3-4-3, 3-5-2 or have Mings on the bench sometimes.
  5. That is good. No excuses if we manage a result.
  6. I read somewhere that he is from Manchester
  7. I loved that 7-2 against Plop but I really want to beat this lot to in the same way. To shut up the hypocrite Neville too.
  8. Paul Dummet scores in the Premier League in 2021. Maybe I quit to soon.
  9. Im looking to forward to Watkins running circles around Harry Maguire
  10. Please sell them to a Xia character who bankrupts them.
  11. Judging by the prematch thread the match thread will be a joy tonight
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