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  1. I did this five years ago after using 'snus'' for 25 years. 3,5 days, that is the hell part but you get over it.
  2. NoelVilla

    General Chat

    I wish I hadn't watch those clips of the aftermath. Avoid them I would say.
  3. There is a play-in to the real playoffs where the teams seeded 5 - 12 play each other in a 5-game series. NHL has done this great so far and probably have an advantage to other major leagues cause they are in Canada. Ok to watch too; especially with english-speaking commentators and not Shouty McShoutface Niklas Holmgren.
  4. Brentford red card. Reckless challenge.
  5. A lot of pressure released. I would celebrate.
  6. Need a striker. Badly. Priority one.
  7. NoelVilla

    Dean Smith

    For me he deserves another season.
  8. Really would have needed Dean Smith as manager
  9. NoelVilla

    Dean Smith

    In our own hands. Fair enough.
  10. NoelVilla

    Keinan Davis

    Yeah he is not good enough for Premier League.
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