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  1. 17/18 Relegation Thread

    We are never ever getting relegated from this division with this squad. Just change the manager in time and we be at least top-half.
  2. Weekends Football 18/20 August

    This football stuff is easy. Even Burton and Nigel Clough knows it. Why can't we do it?
  3. The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread

    2 games Friday night. They are doing their best to get something of the worlds TV-money
  4. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    They are really shit but so are we so far
  5. Tony Xia

    I read it as he looking for a new leader to raise the performance of the players(masses). So is he keeping Bruce until he have the replacement ready?
  6. Next Aston Villa Manager

    I'm definitely out if it's Moyes. I think we have a squad for Pardew but he don't really inspire me.
  7. Ratings & Reactions: Reading v Villa

    I hope Tony act fast now.
  8. Steve Bruce

    Couldn't get a reaction from the team after Cardiff. This must be the end.
  9. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    So the team-talk. Any guesses? Have to go with: -Why haven't you conceded yet?
  10. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    You can learn more from watching The Green Mile. Great movie
  11. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Remember that we usually play worse after a Bruce team-talk at half time. Maybe we can go below 20 passes in 2nd.
  12. Other Transfers and Rumours Summer 2017

    He will break the appearance record. Good for him. To bad it's with them though.
  13. Pre-Match Thread

    He has to change it up after Saturdays performance but it do come across a little bit as a manager who don't believe in what he is doing.
  14. Tony Xia

    A lot of tweets like this. It's Twitter though, there where even people suggesting Tim Sherwood.