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  1. The media really don't know much what's going with us under NSWE
  2. What a twist. Smith preferred Danny Ings
  3. Need to sell before they buy and no one is buying Bernardo Silva
  4. Percy and a few others have said it's close. Some that it is happening today.
  5. Interesting point and I do think you are on to something with that.
  6. Spending all that money on a type of player you don't really need. It's like that old AC Milan team. Buy all the opponents best players so you don't need to play them. Not very good for the league; Bundesliga mk2
  7. Yep, if he is training it's probably not as close as reported.
  8. Interesting that Smith called him a striker.
  9. JWP, Damsgard, Alvarez and a CB to challenge Konsa and Mings. Get to work Lange.
  10. A real source gives the reporter a quote.
  11. No quotes or anything. Usual clickbait.
  12. Ruined by the extra sponsors otherwise that would be an awesome Torino shirt
  13. None. If a release clause was activated he wouldn't train. If NSWE accepted an offer for him they wouldn't let him train with us.
  14. Grealish leaves training.................for lunch
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