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  1. NoelVilla

    Keinan Davis

    He is still here? Thought he got loaned out. Hard to see him get any game time with Archer and Ings here.
  2. The words Hogan former Aston Villa player just make me grateful for our new owners.
  3. I wrote something after the game against us if he was close to finished. He wasn't good in that game and I hadn't seen him play in a long time. But you can't really argue that he isn't a valuable player to a team with a goalscoring record like that.
  4. Motorhead haven't been mentioned. Very overrated.
  5. He would be better than the club falling into administration I would assume.
  6. Can't blame him for saying that. I would have loved that chance. Florian Wirtz would be my first target. Maybe a thread for this?
  7. Im all for challenging the top 6 and breaking them down. Problem with this takeover is that they will probably be replaced by someone even stronger that then will be even harder to challenge.
  8. Agree about Burnley but Liverpool's owner I don't think will see it that way. Their market share if we see it like that will decrease over time when they can't compete like they use to. What the Saudis defintely will increase are transfer fees and salaries. Bastards like Mino Raiola will be happy and the fans will be more alienated.
  9. Game has been gone a long time. This Newcastle buy will just make it worse. It will probably speed up the process of the Super League. Which could be a positive in the long run. I also wonder if any owner today is thinking about selling the club to protect their investment.
  10. It's the nonsense about how passionate they are about football that make me dislike them. But I rather have them in the league than to many London teams.
  11. Watched the 3 episode documentary about the terror attacks in Paris 13 november 2015. Very difficult and emotional watch
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