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  1. NHL

    Very good for Ducks. Division got tougher with Flames trade for Hamonic but Ducks can go all the way(if Gibson is the guy, Im not convinced). McPhee did a bigger tank job then I thought he would do. He is very good building through the draft so he had his sights on picking first in next years draft.
  2. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Best player in the squad on a free transfer and 60K/week. Im very happy with that.
  3. NHL

    Bieksa's injury allegedly stopped Ducks from buying him out. I haven't seen that confirmed anywhere. Phaneuf has no reason to waive for Vegas. I don't understand why Enström did it. Help Jets of course but if you don't want to play for Vegas why risk it? Everybody assumes Ducks have a deal in place. Going to be expensive if they have. At least a good player and a 1st. Red Wings not protecting Mrazek was the biggest surprise for me. Even if he had a crap season.
  4. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    A guy at work I don't like very much have made a huge mistake. The fact that it was me that noticed it make it even better.
  5. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    One Twitter account @IncogAVFC says Terry is signed. I don't remember if there was any credible Twitter account with Villa related stuff. Im waiting for the OS or Trent
  6. The Bundesliga Thread

    Controversial. There will be huge protests in Munich.
  7. Sunderland

    Must mean no money for transfers. Good, never liked them anyway.
  8. Tony Xia

    It's really easy when you think about it
  9. Let's check in with Olof (Swedish Football)

    Hope he beats those rocket polishers
  10. NHL

    Made my picks in the expansion draft using this site; www.capfriendly.com/expansion-draft Goalies: Murray, Lack and Ullmark Defense: Methot,Vatanen, Savard, Schlemko, Schenn, Merrill, Pysyk and Zadorov Forwards: Neal, Helm, Read, Bailey, Kruger, Hayes, Fehr, T.Wilson, Namestnikov, Nolan, Armia, McKenzie, Megna, Chiasson, Kassian, De La Rose, Yakupov, Schaller Teams who desperately need to soemthing before the draft are Pens, Ducks and Preds as they don't want to lose Murray, Vatanen and Neal for nothing. Vegas will pick more younger players who can play in their farm system a while then I have done.
  11. The Championship thread

    What a nervous wreck one would be if Villa were involved in this.
  12. FA Cup Final/Champions League Final

    Good call
  13. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    https://eng.si.se/staff/ Check out some of the job descriptions on this site. Government agency that recently blocked about 12 000 Twitter accounts, Bill Gates and the Israeli ambassador were 2 of them. A house of cards comes to mind. The hospital that my better half works at are out of money which creates a terrible work environment. The local government I work for are out of money for budget 2018. So excuse me for having concerns for our future. Can we borrow some oil?
  14. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    All the crap my country spends money on. We will crash worse than Greece.
  15. The VT "It's the weekend!" thread

    Heat wave. A lot of things to look at