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  1. Harvey Weinstein

    Fredrik Virtanen still not named by any big papers as far as I can see. It will be hard to argue now that Swedish media isn't left. If anybody still thinks it isn't.
  2. Steve Bruce

    So he struggled against a better side than Burton and Bolton. Im not surprised.
  3. Baseball 2017

    Yes schedule released with subject to change but I think it's pretty much 100%. I may come back with more questions as the trip gets closer.
  4. Baseball 2017

    @maqroll how are my chances to get a ticket for a game a friday the 27th of april against the Devil Rays? Im in Boston and I really want to go to Fenway Park.
  5. Match Thread: Villa v Bolron

    Just saw that God is at the game. Good sign.
  6. Steve Bruce

    1.6 average. Maybe he will get there.
  7. Match Thread: Burton v Villa

    You answered your own question. Bruce Out!
  8. Match Thread: Burton v Villa

    Brilliant. This wiinng thing feel so unusual
  9. Robert Snodgrass

    Still not impressed. A pacey left-winger would be the obvious signing.
  10. Steve Bruce

    1.44 Still a lot of work to be done. Not impressed.
  11. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Forest

    3 points yes, Why do we make it so hard though? We should really win comfortably against this Forest side. Forest have a gameplan but not the players to execute it. We have no gameplan more than playing it direct down the channels or up to Davis or Kodjia. We rely way too much on individual performances and that is not how you succeed in the long run. Kodjia MOTM:
  12. Match Thread: Villa v Nottm Forest

    Forest move the ball around like I would hope we were able to do.
  13. Match Thread: Villa v Nottm Forest

    Yes Hourihane. Good freekick