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  1. Out of interest, what's the general view of bringing the likes of Benrahma or Sarr now we've just executed a tactical masterclass against Liverpool? It almost seems a shame to bring in a new winger and shift Grealish in to centre mid doesn't it? The thought of dropping McGinn makes me a very sad panda.
  2. Is anyone else really excited for the deal to just bugger off and allow us to focus on grabbing Benrahma or a defender?
  3. This guy hasn't got a bloody clue has he?
  4. I love that tweet. CONFIRMED* *Awaiting confirmation.
  5. All signs are pointing to a late Leverkusen announcement. I'm a little disappointed but in all honesty, if he really wanted to play for us, it would've happened. Sod him.
  6. Surely this isn't going to happen now? Didn't Preece say that Smith denied the link? That being said, I've yet to see that actual quote anywhere... It's the hope that kills you isn't it?
  7. Our Twitter admin waiting to announce this signing tomorrow.
  8. So one day his father is quoted saying that no one has made any approaches for him and that he’s staying at Villa. He also said that he would only want his son to move to one of the big leagues. Two days later he signs for Fenerbahce in Turkey. Only in football!
  9. Thanks for the feedback to those who are watching. Absolutely loving reading these comments. Music to my ears!
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