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  1. So one day his father is quoted saying that no one has made any approaches for him and that he’s staying at Villa. He also said that he would only want his son to move to one of the big leagues. Two days later he signs for Fenerbahce in Turkey. Only in football!
  2. Thanks for the feedback to those who are watching. Absolutely loving reading these comments. Music to my ears!
  3. I think this would be a great signing. Hopefully there would be an option to buy because I think he’d tear it up!
  4. Unless his old man is full of bluster, it doesn't look like he's off anywhere soon. Link here.
  5. The Tanzanians are absolutely hammering our social media channels threatening to unfollow us
  6. Chuffed. After watching El Ghazi try to play football against Burton, this is music to my ears.
  7. Because it's a player we've been linked with? Also because Wilder has actively spoken out about our ability to spend and other clubs stealing their targets.
  8. I notice Sheff Utd are linked to Rhian Brewster and Chris Wilder has commented on it, stating that they're "not in the same position as other clubs" and that they could only get one player in up top. Does anyone else think he's getting his excuses in early for this season? Hopefully we stuff 'em on Monday to compound that fact.
  9. I think we had the same situation with Wesley, too.
  10. Oh Rigo, you've just made a lot of people very very happy. Namely the journalists who live on here *waves*
  11. Absolutely no chance this is the case.
  12. Alright, chill out . His first post was five days ago.
  13. I was fully expecting this deal to get announced today. Do we think/hope we're looking to stretch out the good vibes over a period of days with Grealish yesterday, Martinez today, Traore tomorrow and so on?
  14. That account was created like... a week ago.
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