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  1. From the timestamp! Can we start a chant to the same tune if we shorten his name to "rash"? (aah-aaah)
  2. I had to google who the bloke on the left was because he looked like a fat Tony Moon (who I'd also completely forgotten about)...it was Ángel Crespo, apparently. https://www.worldfootball.net/teams/aston-villa/2016/6/ If anyone else feels like ruining their weekend before its begun.
  3. On Topic: Daka has a foot like a traction engine!
  4. KitKat

    Dean Smith

    Whatever else is said, Dean has had this Villa team more motivated than any of the other relegation threatened sides. I think the squad has been up for it, there is a seemingly harmonious attitude around the entire team and a real willingness to fight and to survive. **** anyone who says we shouldn't celebrate that and credit to Dean for turning things around - let's see what he can do with another season.
  5. KitKat

    Dean Smith

    From the BBC. If you looked at those stats in isolation you'd expect us to have won the game 99 times out of 100. To say nothing else of Dean Smith so far, I am actually looking forward to our games now. I expect he will be backed in January without him needing to go crazy - a bit more quality defensively and we'll be alright.
  6. Liking this kid so far, seems all action and always trying to look forward when in possession or provide a good passing option. Like D*lph only a lot more solid and not as slithery.
  7. I am ready for this man to romantically nourish me. Once we've got a bit more cohesion and he is a bit fitter and/or maybe there's some better quality around him, it's gon be gud.
  8. It is hard enough to keep your good quality players when you're in the prem (or whatever we are calling it). I'd hate to lose him as I'd feel we've been robbed of his time here due to the injury, but maybe he'd already be off if that wasn't the case? Definitely one to fight to keep though!
  9. Don't really know anything about him but good stats! Read somewhere (maybe here?) he is a bit slow to get going and "notoriously" unfit at the start of the season so let's try and keep that in mind!
  10. I think first and foremost Moyes would get use organised and playing to our strengths, which is a massive improvement over the past few years. We've got some good potential in the squad and it would be hard for them to be worse than in previous years... Especially dropping down a division. Very much looking forward to the cleanse and a rebuild with an eye on getting promoted rather than just avoiding sinking.
  11. "Cautious optimism" is still the name of the game for most folks I would bet (although I completely understand the more critical amongst us), and we all want to know more! I haven't been refreshing NewsNow or various Villa forums as much for **** years! At the very least we'll have a more exciting summer than we would have if we were still stuck with Lerner so I'm more than happy to see where our latest adventure leads us.
  12. A bit too cruel. To our cars.
  13. I just want to see us be competitive at the right end of the league and not be a laughing stock. Surely we can get someone who can manage the club properly. That said I hope we get filthy, filthy rich.
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