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  1. Not sure how true this is but I seem to recall that the person who painted this couldn't paint hands/fingers and that's the reason why all the players have clenched fists - nothing to do with them all wanting to hit each other!
  2. Got absolutely nothing to base this on other than gut feeling but I think we will win this one.
  3. I had to re-allocate from the North Stand last night and ended up in the lower Doug where the away fans usually sit. Atmosphere in the "away" section around me was brilliant, everyone standing up made it feel more like an away game than a home game. What was noticeable, and I'm not sure if any match photo's show this, but the STH in the lower Doug next to the away area were all sat down and there seemed a distinct divide. Anyhow brilliant night, brilliant result and onto Wembley! Another thing I noticed from last night is just how awesome a full Villa Park looks like for an away fan, you can see why so many away supporters rank Villa as their favourite away ground.
  4. With regards to Luiz starting ahead of Drinkwater I was discussing this last night with mates in the pub before the game where the general consensus was that Luiz should start. I, however, was of the opinion that the reason Drinkwater starts and plays the first 60-70 minutes is a plan by Smith to allow the opposing midfielders to tire before bringing on the fresh legs of Luiz when he has more space to play in and therefore create more chances (or in last nights case score). Thanks for taking time to read my ramblings (which is more than my mates did!)
  5. Reading the last few pages trying to guess who those two blokes are was like watching the masked singer. No-one knows who they are and ultimately no-one really cares who they are.
  6. I'd be very tempted to go 4-1-4-1 for this game. Heaton Guilbert Engels Hause Targett Nakamba Jota McGinn Grealish El Ghazi Wesley
  7. Accurate summing up, and I don't want to be picky, but didn't Guilbert come on for Targett after Vardy scored the fourth and went straight to left back?
  8. I was born early 70's so the first Villa manager I can remember. The first and still the best.
  9. I've been reliably informed that it's called football because the ball is a foot long. Not sure if that's true or not but either way it's a great snippit of information. Maybe our American readers can enlighten us!
  10. https://www.sky.com/tv-guide/20191110/4097-3/106 This is the sky listings for Sunday
  11. He joined us in the championship,On loan, on loan,He joined us in the premiership,Tyrone,Tyrone! He’s 6ft 5, He’s in the air, He’s here, he’s there , he’s everywhere, Tyrone Mings is villas centre half!
  12. Never mind the colour of the skip look at how dark blue the bins are - totally wrong shade. On the plus - the green bin is a nice shade for the keepers top.
  13. Aston Villa: Jack Grealish and Dean Smith on preparation for Premier League return https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49158163 In June 2018, Aston Villa had lost a play-off final and were threatened with a winding-up petition by HM Revenue & Customs over an unpaid £4m tax bill
  14. withes_shin

    Tom Heaton

    Don't forget we paid £7 million for Kalinic and I'm sure for an extra £1 million we're getting a better keeper who will hopefully play more games. Just a thought but is he left footed or right footed as this could make a great deal of difference when receiving back passes from defenders and playing out to them also. The current defenders are used to Steer (left footed) behind them.
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