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  1. John Terry

    As much as I really don't want to like the bloke, the way he's playing makes me like him!!
  2. John Terry

    Have to agree with the above, his touch last night taking down high balls was exceptional, albeit he wasn't put under much pressure from the Middlesborough forwards, and his long passing was spot on, apart from the one late on on the half way line. I do think however he doesn't seem to have the same 'fist-pumping' lets get at them attitude he had at Chelsea.
  3. Glenn Whelan

    Stretch fabrics - all the cool kids are wearing it so I'm told
  4. Mile Jedinak

    https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2017/07/14/press-talk-14-07-17 This is news out of the blue, didn't know Mile was one of the ones we were looking to sell
  5. Joe Hart

    What about your shoulders?
  6. John Terry

    Try this song if you are offended by the 'N' word!!
  7. Gabby Agbonlahor

    C'mon Gabby get 20 goals!! Just an idea StagMan but if you had "GABRIEL AGB" on your left check and "NLAHOR" tattooed on your right then when you bent over it would read his full name!
  8. Villa Kit 2017/8

    http://shop.avfc.co.uk/stores/astonvilla/en/product/aston-villa-change-socks---2017-18/208923 What are those change socks all about? Hopefully they messed up on the online shop and those are the goalkeeper change socks, if not they will look awful with the home kit
  9. John Terry

    Getting close to the end of page 63 and we haven't mentioned his age as much as we should have on pages 60-63. Any idea how old he actually is?
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I'm not going to believe Joe Hart is coming to Villa until that bloke says there is no chance and he will have Hart's name tattooed on his arse if it happens
  11. John Terry

    Can't help but think that Bruce sees a lot of himself in Terry. Both played for big clubs. Both were centre halves. Both were captain of their sides. Both won numerous trophies. Both left their respective club at roughly the same age. Both dropped down a division to continue playing. I'll leave the rest of you to point out the differences - e.g. Bruce never played for England, Bruce, as far as we know, never shagged his team mates missus, etc. etc.
  12. Villa Kit 2017/8

    I'm not so sure that this is actually a back of shirt sponsor. The lettering looks exactly the same as the Terry lettering, I imagine this is just advertising - Terry is a big coup for a championship club so will get loads of publicity, in China also, so to have the name there gives a lot of free publicity. I would of thought if it was a sponsorship then the actual RECON logo would have been used.
  13. John Terry

    Think that's that internationally accepted sign telling everyone that he'd had 2 in the pink and 1 in the stink. Hope this also doesn't mean that RDM is coming back!
  14. John Terry

    How do we know Bridge and Terry were mates? Just because you play for the same football team doesn't make you mates - look at Teddy Sheringham and Andy Cole, apparently they couldn't stand each other and never spoke, but on the football pitch made a very impressive partnership. Is everyone mates with people who they work with?
  15. John Terry

    He'd better hope Wayne isn't in then or there could be more trouble