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  1. withes_shin

    Tony Xia

    I thought I'd read somewhere that Doris had gone and Barbara was now the tea lady,just shows how quickly things happen at Aston Villa. Other than that, have I missed any news regarding the club since the play off?
  2. withes_shin

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Why not? people seem to think our owner gambled with our very existence.
  3. withes_shin

    Tony Xia

    All I've managed to pick up reading this thread since last night is how Deisler123's grasp of English has improved since his first posts.
  4. withes_shin

    Going Under ?

    All together now.......... "we'll never die, we'll never die we'll never die, we'll never die We'll keep the lions flag flying high 'cause Aston Villa will never die"
  5. withes_shin

    Jack Grealish

    Maybe Onomah put a word in for Jack at Spurs? Weren't they close friends from their time together with England before Onomah came in on loan?
  6. withes_shin

    Going Under ?

  7. withes_shin


    Fulham fans are still trying to sell tickets on their forum. As someone has already said there are an awful lot of grandads whose health has taken a turn for the worse since buying their play off tickets and can no longer attend - I just hope Hammersmith Hospital have enough staff on duty to take care of all these ill old folks
  8. withes_shin


    Missus has just phoned me at work - tickets have arrived.
  9. withes_shin


    Got mine last Thursday, haven't arrived yet
  10. withes_shin


    http://www.friendsoffulham.com/forum/index.php?topic=65424.240 Looking at Fulham's forum they may have "sold out" but their fans are still selling them on to other supporters. That's the problem when you allow season ticket holders to have 5 tickets each when they don't really need them. Not sure if those Villa fans without tickets can blag a few but it might be worth a try
  11. withes_shin

    Alan Hutton

    Hutton dressed as Lahm
  12. withes_shin

    The pitch

    Look at what that awful pitch invasion Tuesday night has done to the pitch
  13. withes_shin

    Sam Johnstone

    If he thought he was in his area why didn't he hold it rather than just tip it up into the air. It wasn't that far above his head that he could catch it and hold it. It's in the past now and I really don't care because............."going to Wembley!!"
  14. withes_shin

    Mile Jedinak

    What I noticed last night was that when sections of the crowd did begin to groan the majority would just turn up the volume of support to drown them out so that it could not be heard on the pitch or work its way around the stadium. Excellent effort from the fans last night also.
  15. withes_shin

    Lewis Grabban

    I'd be tempted to start with Grabban and Kodjia up front. Fulham struggled against Blues when they went 2 up top against then.