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  1. What can i say, i love him, our best player bar Grealish.
  2. Looks a bit over weight to me still, an not looking to have the impact we have needed. Bit of a strange signing, being it'll take a least month to get him up to speed. His salary (glad we are not playing it all) is utter scandalous
  3. Did well today, but proves the team has what it takes, early sub for once changed the game, Luiz is quality, just needs more game time. Hopefully Smith can drill some consistency into the team now, as a roll over against Bournemouth, and he will be running out of places to hide.
  4. Interesting Konsa just saying in front of Mings they had a argument at halftime in the dressing room. Must have done some good, came out fighting.
  5. Beating Watford without a striker, priceless!!
  6. Still need the win here. Bournemouth smashing a quality Brighton team 3-0
  7. Falling apart now need subs Smith, make it happen please. An get Grealish in the middle, getting crowded on the wing.
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