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  1. I'm off next week too, chill out............... Colleague, "can you make sure you check your emails while your off just in case there's any drama while your away, you know what it's like". F**** OFF!!!!!
  2. Jack Wiltshire was on the 1600 show today on Talksport. He must be the most boring person I have ever heard on the radio. No enthusiasm whatsoever. They must just feel sorry for the waster and give him some air time. I could even sense it was difficult for the presenter to keep the program interesting, he was proper hard work to have conversation with.
  3. This has allegedly been hidden underground for a while. I mean most top flight footballers like a sniff and blatantly take enhancing drugs. Premier league probably dish out slaps on the wrist now and again, but will never let it out in the public. Imagine the media, best league in the world, yeah no wonder. Remember the Barcelona golden era, the pace they used to play at, work it out guys.
  4. What the? No excuse for that surely.
  5. Getting slated a bit by the media today, I think it's starting. Questioning why he would bring Grealish off when he was our only creative spark, Southgate answered "We went back to original formation as I felt we had to match Hungary and bringing Grealish off I thought could stop there counter attack". The question then was then answered, why would he feel the need to match up to a team like Hungary, who never looked like scoring, why did he revert to a defensive stance against a team we should have beat quite easily. He lost his bottle that's why, an that's why we will not win anything with Southgate, he don't even fully trust the players he has, any other manager certainly would. The fact of the matter is, he thinks he is much smarter than he actually is. He is far from a great manager/coach, an the players are carrying him. He couldn't manage a Premiership team to any success, not a chance!!
  6. Southgate can claim we wasn't at our best, but everyone needs to ask why would he bring Grealish off! Even the media are asking why?
  7. Hungary missing there best player too. Not sure what Henderson came on for, unless it was to protect the 1-1. Southgate, you have done wonders with these super stars, amazing!!!!
  8. Lampard or Gerrard? Good advertisement for the kind of coach Southgate really is this game. A complete fraud. Puts out the best team we have and can hardly create a shot on goal.
  9. He would never bring Kane off would he, totally ineffective now! HENDERSON, what for, keep the 1-1 lead, knobber!!!
  10. Sancho on for Sterling, or can a 70 million pound player only play against the Andorra's and San marino's
  11. Sterling get off please!! No pace without Saka on and Foden further forward. Stones had most chances tells a tail. That's the wrong sub, Southgate proves again he ain't the right man! Grealish pissed too
  12. How much I love to confirm Southgate is pants, 75% of the players here tonight are terrible.
  13. That's the new Grealish right there. Look up! Before shooting, might be someone in a better position. Pep talk.
  14. I'm telling you, Southgate can set up to defend, but has no idea how to attack a team and cause the opposition problems. We should be battering these!
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