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  1. Iv'e never been one to agree going down will be ok chance to rebuild blah blah. I am clinging on for dear life we stay up, we all know for sure it will be the best thing for us, then hopefully we can crack on, rather than start all over.
  2. As someone has already said the team is definitely capable of more. We are no worst than hardly any of the bottom half of the table. It seems when the team play well and we can see it, we win, today was a example. We ain't got the worse players in the Premier League. I won't say nothing about Smith today as we got the win, but pressures on.
  3. I think were gone, left it too late. Please prove me wrong.
  4. Great to watch so frustrating though, where have we been all season. Smith, they can't hear you up in the stands no way!
  5. Luiz not happy with something there with Smith. Shaking his head?
  6. Let's hope he gets the subs right. See what Smith is made of now.
  7. Do you want me to answer that? To be fair, proof again we are no worse than half the teams above us.
  8. We need to speed up. Rarely do you see a forward pass and then a sprint by the player to get into position.
  9. There are many employees if they are not managed or kept an eye on, they don't do there job to the best of there ability. Everyone needs a kick up the arse now and again, maybe your the exception. You can see Sheffield united, Burnley are well drilled. Watch us tonight, then comment on the difference.
  10. It was a achievement maybe, don't think he is proven yet. Winning the play offs with no doubt the best team in the Championship should really be expected. Didn't really see any Premier League teams come calling for his signature when we got promoted.
  11. It seems a few think we are going to have to have a clear out of the "crap players" if we keep Smith. Well i'm here to disappoint, Smith was brought in for his coaching abilities to make players we could afford better, an into a team. We are never going to go out and buy a team of £50 million pound players so Smith can look good from day one, it don't work that way. Smith has failed and we are going to need someone who can coach/manage the players correctly and get this team (who is left) motivated for the new season, because time and time again Smith is proving he ain't up to it. How the hell can you go into the Championship with a manager who has performed so badly. Us fans really don't want to start hating on the man, but if we consonantly keep losing without a battle as we have, it'll get very close. Crystal Palace will be interesting.
  12. Us Bournemouth and Norwich! See ya later Premier League, were already there.
  13. No he has not! You just looking for evidence now Smith is doing a good job. Grealish has been up and down all season, an the lockdown antics should not be used as an excuse for his poor form on the pitch.
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