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  1. Is it too early to start getting pissed off with the Chinese. Shame governments cant sue!!
  2. Rumour has it Grealish wasnt even in the car when it crashed! Maybe he and capaldi ran down to see the commotion? Would explain why Grealish has incorrect footwear.
  3. Leaving the window open in the car speaks volumes here chaps. He's proper fooked up, an I doubt in reality there is much defence. No statement from the club yet? They'll be wondering how the hell they are going to get him out of this one.
  4. Not sure why you felt the need to post that? In reality most on here know the score, know one think's people are overreacting, it's just people handle things in different ways, as in some try and stay positive.
  5. They won't be no big parties authorised for at least 12 months I think. But I can see where your coming from. We will have to close off whole streets, everyone all together in a sign of unity and thanks it's all back to normality. Whatever that might be? Shit me, just reminded me to stay off here, it's doing my anxiety no good at all, woke up positive this morning.
  6. Get them to read this thread. They'll shit themselves and prbably never go out again!!
  7. Its mental in the hospitals (mrs is a nurse). Most staff now being transferred to the cronovirurus areas to help out. They have kit but not enough and Mrs was saying its hard to stay in full kit apron, mask visor for a full 12 hour shift, also its tables, handles, beds etc, you have to be so careful althpugh its everywhere. Mrs said she will get it guaranteed, but then it's me and my lad too. God knows what people are supposed to do when they have family being front line NHS.
  8. Same here, but with me it's because he is s huge IRA sympathiser. Am for that I wont even watch. Sorry to stray off topic.
  9. It's crazy but the only way we can be safe from it, is to have it. But then we are back to herd immunity.
  10. How are we ever going to be back at work. I mean theres going to be many a knobber who hasn't listened to goverment guide lines and could start it all over again. We all need to get immunity really. We will still be at risk going back to work within 3 months wouldn't we??
  11. I'm sure this was our Valencia vs Atalanta. Should never have really gone ahead.
  12. Waitrose in Meregreen was good this morning according to the Mrs. everyone behaving themselves too.
  13. Obviously depends on wealth, but were talking some extremely rich people.
  14. This is one of the most disgusting stories I've heard. Owned by the richest man in the world and he wants 'our' money, makes me sick. Hope these stories are all being noted. If I had a multi million pound company like the wetherspoons guy, I would certainly be looking after my staff even if it ment going into my own personal wealth.
  15. I think its the same here, we are just reporting the deaths hardly any testing going on, so actually we may not be doing to bad percentage wise, if that can be said.
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