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  1. I thought it was Melissa, then I looked a bit closer.
  2. Fair play Liverpool showed respect to our lads hardly any fouls. Who had the 4-1 bet on ££££££
  3. Embarrassing really Liverplop had to make a change, mane on the right and Thiago. Ha"!!!
  4. Coach needs a bit of enthusiasm, bet he's a great one to play for.
  5. I would never wish a injury on any player, but Liverpool tonight........hmmmm?
  6. Both a complete waste of money
  7. A couple in and we will be seeing European football next season, I've no doubt.
  8. Marked out the game to be fai, but still managed to show his quality.
  9. He keeps us in alot of games to be fair, brilliant keeper, proper looks the part too.
  10. Shady, although ref should have looked himself on the screen, he called it and it wasn't clear.
  11. Glad everyone rated us, cause according to Smith in his interview he said as good as we had a poor game. I like this, Smith sees it even against quality where he could have just said they were the better side.
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