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  1. Has fantastic hold up play, which will be good news for Grealish, El Gahzi. Hard as nails too, would have come in handy for that Leeds game
  2. Already been mentioned, but Southgate another manager who picks players who play for the top clubs, not who are in form. I mean it's blatantly obvious now Kane is far from fit, why play him??? Struggle's to score this team, every game. Goals look very lucky all the time.
  3. Just won Champions League an they play that most depressing song ever again?? I hate emmm with a passion. I'll clock out, before they dedicate it to the unmentionable
  4. Now Gerrard's fooked off they finally win something
  5. Commentators talking shite on that penalty. Not even mentioned looks intentional by Mane to strike his arm.
  6. She was fit, employed to do that though i'm guessing.
  7. Is it a bit steppy on You tube, or maybe its my TV. Doing my eyes in.
  8. Love them videos. It's definitely been emotional, can't wait for someone to knock up a season promo.
  9. Tick tock tick tock............. Could be 5-0 up and I'd still be shiting it!!!

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