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  1. Corbyn is funny though. He's seemed to have wanted something we were never going to get. He argues for nothing, even his back benches now realise it. Give it up Corbyn no ones listening.
  2. I don't get involved on here as I can get very political. An the fact some of you claim Coybyn would be better than what we have, reiterates the fact why I should stay out.
  3. Offsides should be judged by foot offside not body. as your body being offside has no real impact on play. Also for me the big problem is the ref cannot be over ruled and it was the refs who were the problem with iffy decisions in the first place, i.e our disallowed goal at Arsenal.
  4. Lucky the ref didnt pull it back for a dive. I think he would have if he hadn't screwed us over in the first half.
  5. The games tell the story though, look way off the pace in some games, then sometimes like against Norwich we dont hold back. Need to find consistency.
  6. Not Smith's fault for not making a sub early, if they look lazy??
  7. Totally agree, his late subs cost us games. They have 10 men bring in fresh legs early!!
  8. If we lose to these we will struggle to stay up!
  9. Even biased commentators said it wasnt a foul never mind a yellow.
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