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  1. I'm confident he'll stay, just whacked another £20 on him not to move.
  2. He's been on there as long as I know, not sure if it's real, always thought it strange De Bruyne only has 104 followers, to jack's 3.1 million.
  3. Don't let them hear that over at Blue moon. They say Foden's dribbling skills surpass Grealish. Some of the comments over there, they don't deserve him, they really don't. Full of class too, I tell ya!!!
  4. Man City's ITK claims he ain't going and decided to stay with us.
  5. Not saying City won't bid for Grealish, they are certainly interested that's the truth. But still not sure how they are going to buy him? Man City will not pay £100 million, they said they won't for Kane and I'm sure they won't for Grealish!
  6. Don't think you should be wasting your money on a shirt chap, with a laptop that old.
  7. Twitter...... Leon Bailey on his way to Villa "yes can't believe it, knew it would happen"! Jack Grealish on his way to Man City "Bullshite, no way, twitter full of crap full clickbait knobbers"!
  8. They are just desperate to take a Championship off Mercedes-Benz. Promises have been made, an the money sponsors and Redbull have invested in the last few years, they need to win the title.
  9. They walked the league last season after a poor start, so no they don't need him mate, they just buying up the best players typical of man City. They don't need Kane, they don't strictly play with a striker, it's not the Pep way.
  10. Deal was done a month ago anyway, Jim White said on Talkshite.
  11. One thing we should know for certain, Man City aren't paying £100 million plus for Grealish, so not sure how they think they are signing him. I doubt we will take a player?
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