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  1. I would say 80% of form has gone because Jack isn't playing, there ya go I said it. He makes the team tick, he calls for the ball, he creates, he picks up the pace of the game. An before you say form dipped before we lost him, yes it did, but he was obviously carrying the injury for sometime, to me probably making it worse. I'm not sure why many don't want to admit this, as we all can't wait for him to return to start winning a few again can we, an admitted, we can hardly win a game without him and it shows.
  2. 2 and 3 believable, defo not 1.
  3. I think the question is most people are asking is "where has that amazing football we were playing gone"! I remember it being quick attractive football, that you couldn't wait to watch. Liverpool (7-2) game was unreal, for me not Liverpool playing bad, it was us literally playing them off the field. Now it looks like certain players who made it happen are underperforming, but why?
  4. This defensive improvement could be under question also. I mean, have we improved that much, the shots are still getting past the defence, it's just Martinez saving them all, his stats for saved goals are up there with the bottom 3-4
  5. Who says he should be sacked please quote?
  6. It's nothing to do with Covid. Yes it may affect 1 or 2 badly, (not that I think it has), but not the whole F***** team. We simply have no idea how to play effective football without Jack, generally everything goes through him, we are so slow and laboured without him its..................well awful.
  7. I'm not sure anyone has said they want him gone. Few want to see him do better at this stage, but defo not gone.
  8. Exactly!! Yes he tells it how it is ,but saying we were poor after nearly every game and not correcting it, is getting a bit boring.
  9. I really don't know what your going on about now, it's just opinions mate, you have yours, I have mine, I am allowed yeah?
  10. I would say it's the manner of the loses without Grealish. A few games have looked like we ain't even trying and we're close to Bruce ball as some were saying. The entertainment has gone.
  11. You can say we have over achieved up till a few weeks ago, an Smith has met his goals. But every place we drop from now on, is money lost for the owners, an I doubt they will see that as a successful season like we do. We need to start winning a few or else we will finish in amongst the crap bottom half.
  12. Yeah, don't stop him from singling me out for having an opinion different to his.
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