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  1. Agree, especially if they have a fullback behind them that can be involved with the attacking side of the game too, gives them another option to work with, or, use their skill as they'll have more space with the fullback occupying the other fullback/winger.
  2. Yes, we will be, and it will be within a certain timeframe as buyback options normally have an expiry date. So, with this remit I'm guessing with this new planning and structure we have in place at the club I wouldn't be surprised if they'll be prepared for that eventuality. Either with a backup stepping up because they have developed to the satisfaction of Smith to be a first team starter (Like Poch does at Spurs very well) or they'll get someone else in. Anyway the short term goal is to stay in this league, we are a year ahead of schedule and we're having the most intriguing window in years. I'm going to enjoy the reality first and foremost, the hypertheticals can be addressed and scrutinised later. UTV.
  3. Sounds like an agent trying to gain leverage in contract negotiations to me.
  4. Just out of interest, do we have one at the moment?
  5. The buy back is not really an issue for me, we wouldn’t get a player of this (apparent) calibre into the club otherwise, and if he is a success and we stay up because his performances helped that, we’ll profit on another year of premier league money and have a great indication of what kind of player we need going forward to fill that position. And getting paid a nominal at the same time for it.
  6. Stuck £5 on a double on SHA and Newcastle to be relegated at 26/1 just after Monk got sacked. Should be a nice little payday come May.
  7. I’d take Tuanzebe back for a year, gives us the option to spend in other areas this window and then some of these prices for inflated cbs will drop next year, or Utd might want to cash in on the man himself. Keeping that spine and continuity from last year will be very beneficial I think.
  8. It’s for a percentage of Leeds, not a full takeover isn’t it?
  9. Work permit is done on a points system I think, with transfer fee and wages being in the top 25 or 30 percentile of the league the previous season. Also, you gain points if your current club (Brugge) played in the Europa or Champions league last season, which they did. Doesnt play for Brazil so no points added on that front, but should get the allotted 5 points needed to pass
  10. That mystical twitter handle that’s apparently involved with medicals is saying there’s a medical booked for Wednesday. Name to follow.
  11. Been released according to the official site. Good luck Glenn!
  12. Makes great sense, get a player In that smith knows is technically good enough for his system and squad, whilst also getting rid of a player that won’t be needed. All for free/nominal fee on top.
  13. Loans with options to buy is fine, but I don’t think we’ll be loaning players to make them better for other clubs and raising their asking prices at the end of it.

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