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  1. StefanAVFC

    Racism Part two

    Give us some examples, from the Brexit and Tory threads. I'd be interested to see your point in practice.
  2. Senior Tories predictably slamming students for their march yesterday. And they wonder why they have such a small share of the young vote.
  3. I must have missed where the only thing that defines whether one is a moderate or not is their strength of feeling towards the EU. Political discourse is screwed. Probably forever.
  4. StefanAVFC

    Kortney Hause

    Being out of position doesn't explain his inability to trap a football, or pass it 5 yards.
  5. StefanAVFC

    Kortney Hause

    He literally didn't look like a footballer. I don't mean professional footballer. I mean someone who has never played football before. Like a Sunday league team who only turned up with 10 and put Jeff's cousin at LB. That little like a footballer.
  6. StefanAVFC

    Kortney Hause

    Taylor is a footballer. A terrible one but at least he can trap the ball and pass it 5 yards. Hause can do neither. I'd be terminating his loan tbh
  7. StefanAVFC

    Kortney Hause

    As much a professional footballer as me and my mates are. Can't even trap a gently passed ball from 5 yards away.
  8. StefanAVFC

    Dean Smith

    Absolutely dire tbh
  9. StefanAVFC

    Match Thread: Brentford v Villa

    Proper bunch of divers these
  10. StefanAVFC

    Match Thread: Brentford v Villa

    I already thought this Maupay chap was a prick but jesus he's a word removed isn't he?
  11. StefanAVFC

    Match Thread: Brentford v Villa

    Karma, I hope he's done for the game
  12. Makes me glad I have a firm career path in Poland tbh