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  1. Absolutely no idea how anything who works or has worked in the football industry could vote to leave. Its dependent on the freedom of movement of people. Lower league clubs wont be able to get permits for any foreign players if EU players are treated the same as non EU are now.
  2. Yeah it's expensive to run your own instance, but for example, we run a shared one and we have 400+ customers domain separated which is much more affordable for companies.
  3. Came to post the same **** me, we're doomed. We deserve all the shit we get.
  4. StefanAVFC


    No I was used to the changed one
  5. Just to repeat. The backstop was requested by us, and created, by us.
  6. Turning your back on a shot isn't cowardly. 99.99% of defenders do it.
  7. That's it. As well as saying directly to me that it would be insulting if he didn't ask one of that group, whilst insulting me in the way he behaved... Self-awareness, zero.
  8. Absolute bingo for me. I'm more put out that he told me it would be me, and asked me for help in the same conversation he told it wouldn't be.
  9. We need a squad for the PL. What we have with Grealish/SJM/Douglas/Nakamba/Hourihane/Lansbury is options. He'll settle and make his way into the team.
  10. Up the Bracket by Libertines is one of my favourite albums ever
  11. I have been and he palms me off with BS every time. For years now. It pissed me off that in the same conversation telling me I'm not Best Man, he started asking me for help with the Stag. It was incredibly callous IMO.

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