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  1. It didn't/doesn't have to be. Classic urban v rural old v young west v east Even with PiS owning state TV and pumping out anti Trzaskowski propaganda, it was still 51-49. I have hope, but the next few years will be shit.
  2. Another sad, populist, dirty campaign pays dividends in Poland. It's such a great country, ruined by this shite.
  3. Clap for them on Thursday Take their parking from them on Friday Kick them out of the country on Saturday
  4. Leciester need to be investigated for match fixing. Unreal.
  5. Yep. We totally locked down the same time as UK but mask wearing was made legally binding
  6. Been playing 6 a side normally for 6 weeks
  7. It's not only not a penalty, but also potentially a red card for Fernandes. Hilariously awful.
  8. Says the MP who lives in Chelmsford but bills the taxpayer 21k per year for accommodation costs in London. Low-income families are the problem though you callous witch.
  9. czy 'dobrze wygląda'
  10. Racism? Not really, but tied to this feeling of British (English) exceptionalism The state of people thinking like this. A Group of Poles will speak Polish regardless of whether they're in Poland, England or Azerbaijan.
  11. Thinking how well Taylor has done and then, brainfart
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