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  1. Same here with kebab. It's easily the 2nd most popular takeaway after pizza, mostly run by people from Asia.
  2. The situation in Poland is messy. Mostly because the government want to push ahead with elections in May, so their measures aren't so strong. We're 'locked down' but it isn't strong. This was Lodz (where I used to live) today. Madness. Mostly the older/poorer populations use these markets.
  3. Which is reasonable, but it changes 40 people at each game to over 100 with production values/crew etc from both sides. They are living in a different world.
  4. Jesus Christ. A kebab is 10zł here! (2.5 Euro)
  5. They are unbelievable. No **** given for fans or even people tbh.
  6. A bit of uplifting news: I actually did one of the workouts as I was feeling a little sluggish, and didn't want to do my normal cardio and they're really good. I'll watch them even I don't do the workout now, with the good they're doing. Good chap.
  7. Finding it funny that he has it, and finding the situation funny based on the context are very different things, and I would imagine those criticizing, know that.
  8. If you're talking about my post, I'm not happy he has it. I was laughing at his recklessness 'shaking hands with everyone', continuing HoC/Cabinet etc etc.
  9. Yep, I am too. I have done way more work in the last 2 weeks than I did in the office over the same period.
  10. Sorry but hahahahaha He brought it upon himself with his recklessness at the start of the crisis.
  11. this way of thinking, and this argument would make sense if the Tories hadn't have been in power for 10 years.
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