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  1. I really cannot be bothered in engaging here because the replies aren't in good faith but this cartoon sums it up nicely
  2. They would just trigger a by-election in a safe seat, Tory would stand down and Johnson would win It's not worth it
  3. I tentatively have this feeling too. The pendulum has to swing our way eventually doesn't it? **** me.
  4. It's almost as if Boris Johnson is monumental, dishonest whopper.
  5. Did they? That's silly. I used the term 'dogwhistle' when I thought he said 'people of colour'. I think that was a correct usage. I knew you'd post that, but it's true. One of my employees who's 8 or so years older than me called me Boomer. I'm 27.
  6. The whole 'ok boomer' thing has become a meme/joke at this point. It's supposed to be ridiculous. I just don't agree with your analysis of 'dogwhistling'.
  7. That is silly. He clearly stated 'talent' but that was only clear from a much high quality clip. This is just wrong IMO. A dogwhistle is a clever tactic and is used frequently. People with certain views will hear support for their position but the person dogwhistling can't really be accused as they didn't say anything explicitly offensive.
  8. Do you think the PM should face the same scrutiny as all other party leaders have put themselves up for? Do you think he's acting in good faith?
  9. Seriously Where is the 'T' sound for 'talent'? Unless he's mumbling and saying 'Calent' then I don't see how he is saying talent.
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