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  1. Pete needs to go after this year I'm bored of 'start slow, make adjustments and win a close game' Russell Wilson is a generational talent at QB and Pete is wasting him in this bullshit system
  2. We're gonna lose this and it's 100% on Pete (again)
  3. We are killing them in every phase of the game and it's tied
  4. We're desperately short a TE since Dissly went down. Wouldn't be surprised to see us go in for OJ Howard.
  5. Awful time to throw a first pick of the year
  6. Taking back control and ending foreign interference in our politics.
  7. I'm being very cautious. I'd love nothing more than to see a 55% remain vote.
  8. I see it. Remain 45 No Deal 45 Deal 10 No Deal is now the only Brexit option in a lot of people's eyes, because of the incredibly effective way the goalposts have been moved.
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