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  1. Fortnite

    I'll be on Saturday onwards
  2. There are 10s of much worse QBs in the league with a job. He has a point.
  3. It's much easier to campaign on the premise of making a change than keeping things the same.
  4. Week 6 . AD AP IN AZ

    Really Denver?
  5. Week 6 . AD AP IN AZ

    Ouuuuch Fournette
  6. Week 6 . AD AP IN AZ

    Come on Jags
  7. Asking from a position of total ignorance - are there any recorded examples of austerity working?
  8. And that's meant to make people feel better?
  9. Conor Hourihane

    Not a lot he can do when his manager hangs him out to dry.
  10. I'm not as optimistic. For some reason, no deal is seemingly a realistic option which would totally **** us short/medium term with not much long term optimism either.
  11. Right so, lets analyse this. If we need to wait until 2040 to see any benefit, then a large percentage of those who voted for it will probably be gone, and the ones who didn't want it will be older. So great, if it's an absolute disaster (which I see zero chance of not happening so far) we got absolutely screwed by those who won't even be there to see it. Boomer generation - got everything handed on a plate to them, while acting like they know it all. And anyway, the % of leave voters who voted leave for a change in 23 years will be monumentally small. I'm wagering more than a minority thought we could leave immediately and start kicking people out on June 24th 2016.
  12. I do find it amusing how the generation in their 50s and 60s who avoided the war, got handed free education, cheap housing, continuously tell our generation how easy we have it and tell us how they know better. Also amusing, "wait til 2040" You know the argument is weak when you're asked to wait 23 years to see any benefit.
  13. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Howard gets 33 points (more than RBs get in total) just for his 33 attempts...