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  1. Get to **** you poncey word removed bastards
  2. I thought so too but look at the 2nd angle, seems ball is first.
  3. Sorry Lewis, you lost 1-0 and you missed two pens, one of which wasnt a pen in the slightest. Look at yourself, lanky word removed
  4. He does get the leg but after he gets the ball. We apparently have experts looking at the replays to see that. I saw it once and knew.
  5. https://streamye.com/v4dmp Blatantly gets the ball (final angle)
  6. Yep no idea. Probably protecting Mason after another wrong decision.
  7. 2nd pen wasnt a pen too. Blatantly so.
  8. After all that, how is the decision another free kick?
  9. Nah. IF, we'd had left right after the vote then I'd be with you but they were 4 years of **** up after **** up following the vote. If people still believed it would great for them, it's on them.
  10. Incredible lack of awareness, total arrogance and entitlement. **** them. Do your job better.
  11. I think the frustration comes from restricting people based on something totally out of their control. If the requirement also allows for proof of a negative test, I'll be less pissed off by it. The tweet I posted on the previous page sums up my thoughts on it.
  12. It's not really though is it? The PM mentioned it in his roadmap press conference yesterday. It would be like Dean Smith stating publicly we're looking into the idea of signing Andy Carroll.
  13. 22nd June, when we're allowed to
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