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  1. Like they were ever going to vote anything other than to dismiss. Theatre.
  2. That's a cop out tbqh. It's still a trial with a jury. You can't threaten a jury, with either a figure of speech or real violence. Regardless of the 'normality' of the trial. Imagine if Obama did the same. Or Clinton before his trial.
  3. Threatening a jury with physical violence?
  4. Well... Also a felony btw
  5. StefanAVFC

    Louie Barry

    16 with a tattoo? Kids these days!
  6. This argument that 'he will be cleared anyway' basically gives Trump free rein (aha) to do whatever he wants. He may be cleared by the Senate, but he'll always be an impeached president and everyone can see the crooked way in which the Republicans handled the case. They were saying they would clear him before the trial ffs. Imagine a jury in a criminal case were saying the same before they were sworn in?!
  7. 'Please revert' instead of 'please do it' Revert means to change it back. Learn2English pls
  8. That pen given for West Ham. And confirmed by VAR. The officiating in this league is bollocks.
  9. He's capable of it. He has moments where he pings 50 yards passes and takes it around 2/3 men. He's just dopey.
  10. He's good on the ball, and at passing. Just prone to switching off and sloppiness.
  11. His tackling is bloody brilliant
  12. StefanAVFC


    Quite. One of us knows what the concept of debate entails, and the other, not so much.
  13. I invited my mate over to watch, I just moved cities so he's a new mate really. He's really excited. He was like 'do I need a villa shirt?' and wrote out all of the words to Allez Allez Allez. How do I let him down gently?
  14. StefanAVFC


    So you could say, you had a debate?
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