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  1. Ah okay, I shouldn't jump to conclusions! Usually when I hear that a young black footballer or ex footballer has died, I think heart
  2. Quite a few young black players dying of heart issues (not saying it is this but speculating) why are athletes and particularly black athletes more likely to die like this?
  3. Really dont like the way they play tbh. Very dirty, very cynical, mostly score from set pieces. Seems like they go out to sneakily hurt the opposition
  4. We did the same with millions of our spending too. Making loans that were a part of the championship team, full time signings. Yet we got pelters for spending recklessly and doing a Fulham. Its the media wankfest that pisses most people off. As if you're plucky little Leeds who are taking the PL by storm. Its bollocks. You're a decent side having a decent season. No more, no less.
  5. Despise these bastards Commentator team today on about how amazing they were against liverpool. They conceded 4 and lost ffs
  6. Something bent at Brighton. They've gained 3 points from VAR in a week on non-clear and obvious errors.
  7. Tonight: Hazy IPA called Loony, from a Polish brewery called funky fluid. Was decent, fairly bog standard IPA tbh The real star was a double fruited Gose called Funky Deer from Deer Beer. With passion fruit and blackcurrant, with Himalayan salt. Really nice.
  8. Brighton again, for a non-existent foul on Ryan
  9. Only once, 'sramy razem'
  10. I think that Cash and Targett have been about equal, but Targett gets pelters whereas Cash does not. if, for example, Targett had committed that handball that Cash did against Southampton, we would still be talking about it in this thread.
  11. Off the top of my head I have two weird ones. You have the verb - Brać / To take. it conjugates as Ja biorę Ty bierzesz On/ona/to biorze This is weird, as other similar verbs have a totally different conjugation. The verb prać, however, follows the same as brać. Grać / To play // Srać / to shit // Dać / to give // Dodać / To add // Podać / To pass (something) Ja gram / sram / dam / dodam / podam Ty grasz / srasz / dasz / dodasz / podasz On/ona/to gra / sra / da/ doda / poda Second weird exception is the phrase 'I'm going for a shower'. A
  12. I still need to switch my driving licence, bloody bureaucracy.
  13. Can't get them here The meat-free range definitely expanding but I'm yet to find anything decent. I am pretty adventurous anyway, and if something on the menu interests me I'll order it whether it's veggie or meat tbh
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