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  1. Must be the fastest u-turn yet surely?
  2. I mean, it's a still a total false equivalence, regardless of what 'Trump sympathisers' would say.
  3. Ah right, different papers Even still, Breitbart v the NYT is a bit of a silly comparison...
  4. Well, sure but Fox themselves said they are entertainment, and Breitbart ARE propaganda. Also you used the Times, as as example of the left but they literally are a right wing newspaper so. Even CNN isn't particularly left leaning. A better comparison would be Breitbart v Mother Jones
  5. With each day that passes, I sympathise more deeply with the commoners who lopped off the French politicians' heads
  6. Thought this was dirty at the time. **** this dude, if Carson is out for a long time, this guy should be too.
  7. This is a false equivalence. The Times are a right leaning news source, and CNN, for their faults, are still new. Fox are entertainment and Breitbart is just propaganda.
  8. Wow this D is bottom 5 tier. Legion of Boom rolling in their (retirement) graves
  9. For such a talented team, this team sucks
  10. Errr I was late back to the half and missed a score
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