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  1. StefanAVFC

    Snow Watch!

    It snowed today here for the first time. Generally some time in January, it snows heavily and that same snow stays until around March.
  2. None of them. Extension to A50 leading to remaining. Yes, I'm deluded.
  3. Anna Soubry has absolutely had enough on SkyNews. Says she hasn't changed and she's tired of the same tired rhetoric, that renegotiation is with the fairies, shouting at her Pro-May colleague. Wow.
  4. Essentially, less than a third of Parliament have confidence in her. That's awful for a leader of a major nation.
  5. 100+ against. She'll win but it'll be damaging (or should be)
  6. That's good news Dom, finally the Conservative government are fixing what the Labour Government did between 2010-2018. Oh.
  7. I was perhaps a little OTT with this. My reasoning for May; even though I think she's a spiteful anti-immigration witch; is that if she was a leaver, her deal wouldn't align us so closely to the EU. Perhaps I'm wrong but she seems to have made this deal fairly soft, softer than she needed to. I think she believes in the EU, other than anything to do with immigration. As for Corbyn, I just don't believe he's a remainer. He's too old school anti-Neo Liberalism, anti-Capitalism but maybe he's softened as Labour leader.
  8. We're not disagreeing. I'm being very literal here. Leaving with no agreement or deal means a hard border as nothing else has been agreed. I presume something else would be agreed with Ireland/EU to avoid it, but doesn't that go against the red lines set by TM?
  9. StefanAVFC

    The VT Musicians Thread

    My choir doing Bogoroditse Devo by Rachmaninoff in Baden Baden. We're amateur but auditioned so the standard is fairly high. The acoustic in that room was awful.
  10. International relations don't work by people stating things and then they just happen. 'Things' need agreements and deals in order to be put into place. You can't just leave the EU, become a third country and just say 'no hard border'. It doesn't work like that. I'm not disagreeing with you as such, but it needs some sort of agreement in place before 29th March, otherwise, hard border.
  11. Spoiled children. And some people think this bunch of jokers can lead us to a better outcome? Absolutely laughable.