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  1. Feminism vs social justice

    I went cold turkey, knowing the side effects. And it 100% affected my sex drive.
  2. Feminism vs social justice

    depends on the level innit second round of anxiety totally destroyed me for 2 weeks. Got on pills, got myself better, came off them.
  3. Feminism vs social justice

    I was hyper as a kid. Working with kids with ADHD, as an adult, I'm fairly sure I had it to an extent. However my parents wouldn't dream of putting me on pills. Depression is a different beast. I've been on anti-depressants for anxiety twice, and they were a lifesaver.
  4. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    I've found that since I've stopped snacking (aside from fruit) I've lost weight, whatever I eat for lunch/dinner. Snacking is absolutely killer.
  5. I'm not a fan of Labour per se, but this just shows how we're conditioned to attack the man, not the policies and how politics is all about image and what the media want you to think. https://web.facebook.com/185180654855189/videos/1541999345839973/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED
  6. If I was in charge, I'd campaign on tuition fees remaining the same, except for STEM subjects, and not just at postgrad and above, which would be heavily incentivised.
  7. Feminism vs social justice

    Sure, as you said, within reason. I'm not disagreeing with that. (except in the case of trolls like Milo) I'm saying that it isn't the common view that they should be stopped. It's very much the extreme progressives who scream and shout about that. Also, as Chindie says, organisations have every right to shut anyone down. If the demand was there for Greer's views, then people have every right to rearrange.
  8. Feminism vs social justice

    Not UK related, but Trump campaigned on a platform of anti-PC. He was openly mysogenistic, sexist and racist; as well as insulting people, their wives, he lied and people lapped it up. Yet, he's the biggest 'snowflake' of them all. Today his chief of staff says he's looking at hows to change the constitution so that he can sue the press. I think that's what makes me laugh most about this nonsense. Those who complain about PC culture and no free speech are often the ones most insulted when someone else offers up their own opinion.
  9. Feminism vs social justice

    That story is not "Progressives shutting down anyone who isn't a Gender Studies student'. It's a group of people with very strong views who disagree with another person with very strong views. It's the two extremes butting heads.
  10. Feminism vs social justice

    Does this actually happen? Do you have an example? As I've stated, there's idiots on both sides. I've met a few self-styled feminists who were so OTT in their views. But on the flip-side, I've met the same amount, if not more, people who whinge about political correctness ruining their lives, when really, they got angry when they were told they couldn't call their Indian neighbours 'pakis' anymore. I think it's a dangerous path to start generalising unis as these places where only snowflakes live and work and they shout and cry if people don't share their views. From my experience, people like that are very much in the minority.
  11. Feminism vs social justice

    I think you're quite a bit off the mark when it comes to this topic generally, but as you said, it's probably based on your own experiences. Universities aren't representative of society.
  12. Feminism vs social justice

    I think the biggest dispute we have in the word isn't left v right or old v young, but old world v new. Or even, progression v conservatism. And there's idiots on both sides of this. Old-school people who don't accept change, even when it's happening right here, right now. Then those who want radical progression tomorrow, without considering that for some, it will take a bit of time. If we use the Greer example for both sides. An 'old world' person would be supporting Greer's views, and getting angry that these SJWs are shutting her down. A person on the extreme other side would be so disgusted by Greer's inability to accept people's choices and inability to catch up with progression, that they want to shut her down. The middle ground, on either side, would be to accept that she can have her view, you can agree or disagree with it, but also accept that the people hosting the event have the right (or free speech) to cancel her platform. Ideally we need to get everyone into a room, slap the radicals on both sides and start accepting the fact that we are moving forward socially and attempting to stop it is fuelling the fires of division more than ever.
  13. Feminism vs social justice

    A troll is a troll. In most civilised societies, trolls are treated as they should be. Yet, all of a sudden, it's a problem and people are canning free speech? I'm sorry but that's nonsense. I agree about Greer, and the extent of which some people take their differences of opinion; however Milo is a different kettle of fish. He is a troll and should be treated as such. Also, I disagree about the whole premise of free speech dying. You can still say whatever the hell you want. That doesn't mean people have to stand around, respect said views and listen to it.
  14. Feminism vs social justice

    Also I'm not sure why the thread is called "feminism v social justice"; as if two are in competition with one another.
  15. Feminism vs social justice

    As stated previously, Milo is purely a troll who says things purely to get a reaction. He deliberately goes to places to stir up outrage. Barring trolls from speaking is not suppressing free speech. He's even been banned from Twitter which is frankly impossible to do. The right to free speech allows you to say whatever you want, but it does not magically exempt you from the consequences of your free speech. Whether this is societal consequences or legal consequences.