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  1. I've heard that ISIS Under 19s are fantastic.
  2. Imagine some Muslims bombed St Peter's Basilica on Easter.
  3. You stop it now! You vicious anti-semite!
  4. And even that was the wrong decision, with the yellow! Jesus.
  5. If it's not a foul (unconvinced either way) it certainly isn't a dive. If that's rashford and Martinez, booked for diving wouldnt even come into the equation.
  6. Just incredible. They either have zero clue what they're doing or they're bent beyond belief.
  7. No punishment (and there won't be) and they still have the bent PGMOL on their side in games. Just **** off.
  8. Gets clattered, wrestled, fouled all season. Gets sent off for diving. Just insanity.
  9. The amount Watkins is fouled all season, and gets very little. He actually gets fouled; or if it's not a foul, it isn't a dive and he gets a sent off. It's a complete joke.
  10. An absolute farce of an officating performance against United again.
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