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  1. There’s no need to worry. It’s just a game. We have shown enough in the first few games to show we are a threat. We played some beautiful stuff against Spurs. We dominated Bournemouth and we we’re comfortable against everton with the exception of two chances which were mistakes from us.
  2. Again if the ref is giving free kicks to one team and not to the other for exactly the same fouls naturally the team (Villa) are going to struggle. Reality is Referee made a shocking decision which even the neutrals are identifying. P.S Newcastle last season didn’t get a win until November. My brother is a Newcastle fan so I know this because he bitched every week until they did.
  3. We will get 4 points from that lot.
  4. With Mcginn not being given the foul against Spurs we would have been 2-0 up. Had Engels scored the header against Bournemouth......If buts and maybes.
  5. Still made the change. It’s a tactical decision.
  6. Bought on El-Ghazi who scored to make the points safe against everton. Good tactical change there. He is learning too as he has never coached managed in the big league.
  7. We have had 4 games in which we could easily have been unbeaten. The ref fooked us today. We should have battered Bournemouth, Spurs we were given two bad decisions which may have changed the game, Everton we beat.
  8. The ref played a huge part today. Constantly giving free-kicks to the opposition breaking up play with niggly free-kicks is going to affect our play. Regardless of overall performance we have been robbed of a battling draw. A draw which builds confidence and character. The premier league is about character. Performance doesn’t matter this early as our players are adapting.
  9. Zaha Clearly pushes him in the back and clips his left leg, Cahill pulled his leg back but Grealish was already off balance and played the ball to Lansbury who finished admirably. Shocking decision.
  10. He has played really well even though he is adjusting to the higher standard. He will get better. Crated most chances in a game this season vs Bournemouth. 6)
  11. The lottery numbers for this week are...
  12. Sulberto21

    Tom Heaton

    Englands number one England England's number one.
  13. I love the way he was positioning everyone, “ you go there watch him, drop off, push up ‘ etc etc etc. Another captain in our squad of captains.
  14. Made plenty of tackles and interceptions. A very good defensive display. Made some good incisive passes forward and his interplay with mcginn even had Neville and Carragher ogling over them. We beat one of the favourites to disrupt the top 6. Cant fault anyone on that pitch today.

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