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  1. Making assumptions about me again I see. I don't claim to have knowledge above anyone.
  2. The point was it’s pointless calling out Villa fans who have genuine concerns about What they perceive are the same mistakes our team has made since the start of the season. It is irrelevant because the majority of the players from twelve months ago are gone. And Liverpool had 73% of the ball therefore its not a false narrative. Don't take take my word for it check the stats from yesterday’s game.
  3. Still baiting I see. And I criticised some aspects of Dean Smith’s management. Troy Deeney was a suggestion to help our young Brazilian striker push on and improve which he will.
  4. Sulberto21

    Tom Heaton

    Keepers today are effing amazing. I have so much respect for them it’s unreal. About 20years ago I asked some Walsall players who were training if I go in nets just to see what they are capable of. I was shell shocked with the speed and power of shots. The amount of times I wasn’t ready was stunning. I then went in net a few weeks back with some of their youth players ( they’re in league two now). Heaton is an amazing keeper. What he must have to face in the premier league I can only speculate what the absolute best strikers are capable of. Even the youths of Walsall today can kick and throw keepers off balance quicker than their professionals of 20 years ago.
  5. And yet could have gone away with two goals but for a brilliant save and a lick of paint.
  6. I have repeatedly said today and last week are free passes in terms of performance and result. So im totally vanilla about today and last week . The barometer for us should be from the spurs game. Yes in some areas we have improved ( fitness, strength) but in others we have stood still. Imo
  7. Not meant as a dig but I suppose it might be a positional thing which would mean he doesn’t have to run at full pace. If he in fact if all our players watch how the liverscum mob press they collectively will learn how to manage games with more fitness/stamina.
  8. Plus Lerner had to go through a divorce. Don’t get me started on MON’s failure to be break the top 4. Heskey... ‘shudders’
  9. I think his biggest issue is that he is either 100% pace or nothing. He needs to pace his games better. This is why he gets knackered in every game.
  10. You obviously have difficulty reading things. I didn’t mention this window I mentioned the window in which we did spend more. The point? It’s irrelevant mentioning that the same way it’s irrelevant mentioning where we were 12 months ago etc as it’s done . We are a premiership club now so fans are entitled to criticise the manager if the opposition score with a header From a corner which would have hit a defender sat on the post. Some fans prefer defending for 73% of the time others see value in trying to keep the ball better. Some of us have been season ticket holders since 87-88 and have seen many false dawns but a common theme is we did well but just lacked that extra quality.
  11. I agree with Spurs ( fantastic against us,) City and Liverpool yes. But not Arsenal they are crap! They fluked that win against us. This is the worst Arsenal team I have ever seen.
  12. I agree with what you say. But that’s to do with the constant sniping of Villa Fans who question one or two things only to be told ‘twelve months ago etc so be grateful.’ Who doesn’t want to see Smith lead us out at Wembley. Fighting For the league. Winning the champions league etc . But some of us want to see a change in his substitutions or the timing of them. In terms of this season. The fact some fans are disappointed with the defeat against Liverpool is a good thing. That shows that we are improving however those fans are saying we should have won/ drew had the manager made a tactical switch or two Isn’t reason to say they are ingrates it’s just disappointment at what was a possible chance to beat Liverpool when we apparently had them there for the win.
  13. Matt Targett is a brilliant left back. Very cultured on the ball. Defending isn’t bad either.
  14. You know it’s very irritating when someone has questioned two aspects of Smith’s management so far that they are mocked. And then you respond like you’re an eight year old boy. If you want to criticise me do it with a counter argument that I can analyse and either agree with or disagree with. Otherwise kindly move on. If he wins the league then maybe I may have retract the messiah statement but the same theme seems to be happening all season. Substitutions and throwing away leads. here’s a question for some of you holier than thou posters? Why didn’t Dean Smith instruct one of his players to stand on the post for the cross which led to Mane heading the winner.? That potential point today could have catapulted the confidence of the players. Even Klopp needs to improve some aspects and this guy is going to win the league! That doesn’t mean im saying he’s crap it means that I believe he can do some things better. Same with Smith I have not once said he is bad. I just believe he needs to eradicate the same mistakes that he seems to be making over and over again. I.E the substitutions etc.
  15. I think the players have been shocked with the physicality, speed and fitness of the premier league this season. The sooner our lot ( they are improving here) get to grips with that then 14th should be achievable.
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