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  1. Sulberto21

    Keinan Davis

    Would Keinan hit the target though.......
  2. I'll predict it for you. Jack Grealish is the dogs bollocks at LW, RW CF CAM wherever you want to play him. But for Villa I'd say lw/Inside left forward are his best positions because we play better and are more balanced.
  3. 3 lucky deflections? What about the sitters we missed in the same game that were created by Jack Grealish.
  4. What was he doing when Heskey missed those sitters for us during MON's era . Mings out.
  5. He would be with Sterling, Aguero, Gundogen, Foden, Mahrez to service.
  6. If signing Ross means that we keep Jack I'd pay whatever it costs. Or we try getting his buddy from Leicester instead.
  7. Genuine question. Name 5 players in world football who you'd take over Jack. With the exception of Messi I can't think of anyone else.
  8. If we were more clinical we'd have won most games this season by 3 or 4. Looking at all our defeats in isolation only really Leeds last 30 minutes, Southampton first 25 minutes and the man city game where I thought we were heroic yet still dangerous for decent portions of the game , no team has outplayed us. We have been the better team in every game except the ones I've mentioned imo. Next season we'll be more clinical all over the park. Excellent work done by our coaches and players. But we need that last 2/3% from all of them except Jack who's easily one of the top 5 players in the wo
  9. Re the third goal when you're not used to playing on a bog peat your feet are bound to get stuck. Reflect, forget move on.
  10. Naturally I disagree. He's a very good striker who's improving. I just think there's a slight weakness there that not only he has.
  11. The only change I would have made is Nakamba for Ross and then going to a 433 with Nakamba or Douglas sitting. What they started doing was dropping the ball into the front man and going from there. They started to occupy the space where a number 6 usually sits. But the signing of Sanson gives us that tactical flexibility for Smith to make changes earlier if needed.
  12. That's twice he's missed 1 -1 's with time. Definitely needs to work on that.
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