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  1. In the words of Tupac Shakur " Fck Man City, fck jack's agent , fck Sky, fck Man U , Fck Bruno Fernandes the sabre toothed diving knobend too"
  2. Be worse than MON leaving us the day before the season.
  3. I'm asking the question as there seems to be a lot of activity here.
  4. Damn them! We'll just have to get Cash and Targett to play like him.
  5. Leonardo Spinazzola swap for AEG. (I'm one of AEG's biggest defenders) I'll have some of that.
  6. Pretty sure I bolded the bit I was responding to. My bad I didn't.
  7. I didn't watch the game. I'm also basing my opinion of Nakamba's improved passing from last season and the stats from FBREF. In our starting 11 there's at least 7 players who are more creative than him. Nakamba's job is to win the ball (which he does very very well) and then give it to one of the more creative players which he does. He struggles with 'progressive' passing. He obviously knows this and plays within his limitations. The debate is whether Will Hughes' passing is 'way better than his' - it isn't. It might be better (debatable) but it's not 'way' better. Edit - Will Hughes passing from the 19-20 Premier League season 73.6% completion, although his progressive passing is in the 28th percentile which is better than Nakamba's.
  8. 84% pass completion in the championship for Hughes compared to 85.7% in the Premier League for Nakamba. Nakamba has good short range 89% and medium range 89% passing. There's a myth Nakamba can't pass the ball. For some unbeknown reason people think the players' performances are the same from the 19/20 season and seem hung up on that. Nakamba has improved his passing. Not the most creative but his job is - get ball give ball , get ball give ball, get ball give ball. Makalele did the same.
  9. Can't wait for this to get over the line.
  10. I'd argue that for purely football reasons we can't let him go this season. Next season he'll not be as big a miss. Buendia and Bailey playing with Jack for a season will give us a really strong platform for 22/23 with or without him. But this season we really need him as that will be most effective for us. IMO.
  11. Any player who doesn't play for Aston Villa is effectively competing against us and therefore trying to beat us. Grealish leaving us whilst we're on the cusp of becoming a top team in a few seasons will leave a bad taste. I couldn't care less about him being a Villa fan he's a truly world class player that we need to keep to realise the dream of winning things.
  12. A lot of pre 2008 man city fans that I know are loving it. They're revelling in the fact that they can beat the mob in the same city as them. As for their 'dictatorship' it's their lives - people choose to live there. It's there way of life. Maybe the west should stop buying their oil.? As with the Saud's. Jack's a winner whether he does it here or does it elsewhere he'll be winning trophies within the next few seasons. The standards within our club has to go up a few levels.
  13. When junk like Solanki and Brewster are being transferred for £17m+ then we should absolutely be able to get £15m+ for AEG.
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