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  1. It's the first game in about 10 where Dean didn't tweak it during the game. I might have been tempted to go 4-4-2 just to see if we can stem the tide.
  2. Everyone of our players were 1/2 % below their own new found levels. Collectively it's a 20% drop. Dean has to recognise this going forward and play Nakamba et Al when needed.
  3. I think we should use it especially for our current run of games because Southampton Arsenal play a high press style although no where near as intense as that mob we faced yesterday. I do agree with you that if we played them exactly the same 15/16 games down the road we would have beaten them. We definitely need to take big chances in future games. 2-0 up and we don't lose.
  4. Natural born winner. Doesn't know when he is beat.
  5. https://sportsgrasp.com/football/you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it-cooper-on-bielsas-murderball/ I know a lot of guys on here are not a fan of Bielsa but he's a genius. I think Deano should include a similar offshoot of Murderball into the weekly regimen. I remember in the old FIFA games on the PS1 you could put a cheat code in and the pitch would have a wall around it. We should make a 1.5 sized pitch with a wall around and make that our Murderball pitch. Apparently Dean said that he knows they're the fittest team in the league? If that's the case why can't we be the fittest
  6. There were a few moments yesterday when handily placed but our players didn't have a pop. Compare that with the Leeds guys and they did. What this does is create a little doubt for the next time you're in a similar position is he going to pass shoot or dribble. We need to shoot more. I want Dean Smith to drill this into the players. Our 10/11 shots become 17/18 easily. Barkley had one and I thought he was going to rifle it in. I think our strongest 11 is good enough to win 15 games this season. But I also believe by resting 1/2 at a time it will be beneficial for our season.
  7. I think before the first goal in hindsight I would have bought on Nakamba. His legs could have given us fresh impetus. Having said that their keeper played really well and made some good saves. We can't concede that many shots again. I hope we can play high octane stuff like that too. It seems that we've gone for the men behind the ball and counter style.
  8. Seems most of our games are on box office.
  9. The same team that dominated Man City for 55 minutes of their game. Leeds are an anomaly. They are not going to be in the relegation battle and they have bought well. Brighton and Leeds are going to be a very good watch as they play similar football. Bad result. Poor last 25 minutes. One or two players looked unfit. In hindsight Mcginn and Barkley should have come on for the last 25/30. Nakamba and Traore to start. However games are not played on hindsight. We just need to learn and I'm glad we've had this wake up call now and not later on in the season. We need to press quicker es
  10. I'm not going to begrudge Jack shooting for that run btw.
  11. Hopefully we can get to January and be in the top 10 then we can bring one or two in to really strengthen the squad.
  12. Just goes to show what I've been bleating on about with regards to fitness and intensity for a while. Every player at the club has to have the same level of fitness strength and intensity as the Leeds lot. That way we can make changes to the likes of Barkley who was clearly unfit today.
  13. I'm willing to bet if we played the same way against Leeds in mid january we'd win. It's just typical Bielsa early season energy levels in the top division. Bielsa teams normally burn out by 16/17 games. I knew I should have screenshot the table when we were too at half time lol. We needed more pace today.
  14. What went wrong tonight was we didn't take the chances we were presented with and at the time they felt like big chances. I thought their Shackleton played really well when he came on. All of our players were 2/3% below their levels and against a team like Leeds early in the season you will get punished. Their 1-2's I'm sorry to say were a joy to watch. I thought we'd beat them after Philips' injury. But alas Bielsa has the whole group well drilled. Hopefully we can learn from this and realise that hard work, intensity fitness and strength will win out. We have to stop the shots com
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