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    John Terry

    Well... 'as you like it'
  2. Exactly. But will he fit in to our style of play?
  3. Two of the biggest problems we've had this season is lack of pace and lack of variety in our attacking positions. Our defence has a lot of variety. If you play against Burnley you can put Hause in to deal with the aerial threat , against quicker forwards Konsa and Mings. Up front we don't have those options hence I think if the Samatta leaving rumours are true then with no clear date on Wesley's return we probably need 2 strikers minimum and 2 wingers / wide forwards. There are rumours linking us to Karlan Grant who is another good option to have and develop. So if we can pull off Abraham / Belotti with Grant / Weissman / Tarimi we've got good striking options. Competition for places and different types of strikers to do a job. I'd even be tempted to get an expensive striker with two additional cheaper ones who can be developed.
  4. That's a good list. Belotti or Abraham for me. Tehrimi would be a good cheaper additional signing to provide cover. Weissman too as a cheaper option to bring off the bench. You can buy poulsen to play off the wings too as well as through the middle.
  5. I wouldn't want Stones in our team because his lack of defensive ability. At Man City he has to face the ball maybe around 30% of the time. At Villa it's going to be around 30-40% possession for us. He's so error prone at City when they dominate the ball at Villa it's going to be increased as we won't have the ball as much. All our CB's are better than Stones at defending. Their distribution is improving too.
  6. I'm sure we've registered an interest in some players. Most likely monitoring the situation and are probably ready to table some bids before that window SLAMS shut.
  7. Love it! The great myth that liverscum didn't buy their way to the title their nobhead fans love to shout about. They seem to think the £75m each they spent on Allison and Van Dijk is make believe. Did it in the 60-80's and now they're back.
  8. I've always found it strange that people want to criticise certain regimes (I'm not a fan of the Saud's for the way they got in to power btw) yet it's our governments that are willing to sell weapons and continue to do so even after their questionable records. The UK is to resume arms sales to Saudi Arabia despite concerns they could be used against civilians in Yemen, in violation of international humanitarian law.  Sales were suspended last year after a legal challenge by campaigners.  A subsequent review found "isolated incidents" of possible violations but no pattern of non-compliance and "no clear risk" of future serious breaches. .....In May, the Trump administration issued an emergency declaration to push through an $8.1 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan without congressional approval....... Who's in the wrong? the person who uses the gun or the person sells the gun to the murderer. I noticed no-one is mentioning that the Reuben brothers are also part of the deal. Their morality hasn't been questioned??
  9. From that chart it's clear that if he wants to play with someone of a higher level he's going to have to move. I think he could buddy up with Trezeguet and Nakamba if Messi fancied a move to play with Grealish at Villa?
  10. I understand the sentiment of some posters re Tammy or any other good striker for that matter in terms of whether he will get the same service here? Obviously he wont, however if we put Tammy in our team this year I still think because of his movement and general link up play we as a team would have created more chances. Add to that his pressing which is better than Wesley's I think he could have bagged around 12 league goals with us. His goals would have probably been more spread throughout the season as opposed to at Chelsea where the majority came before lockdown. With a bit more care in his finishing I think he has the ability to score 20+ regardless of who he plays for. For me up front we need someone with his movement. He is constantly on the move. For that reason I wouldn't be against us paying big for Tammy.
  11. We're already according to some player lists that other posters have posted approx 6/7 players down. I'd rather not lose too many that were starting games. Summer 21/22 is when the likes of Samatta Trez etc should be made available.
  12. Truth be told I haven't seen much of Mitrovic to compare him to the guys I've mentioned. Tammy and Belotti will fit into the press from the front tactics that Dean Smith employed at Walsall (my hometown club) and Brentford. A cheaper alternative but definitely a risk is Patson Daka of RB Salzburg. I've seen him play and he definitely has it. Also a @Villain4Life recommendation.
  13. Again I don't know exactly what it is but from all the paper talk it seems to be around there. Imo Either Abraham or Belotti will be worth paying a premium for. They can both get 20 goals for us. Even with our current squad I think they can easily add 10-12 goals. So with better wingers/ wide forwards I'd expect around 20. Belotti is probably better for the high press tactics too.
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