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  1. I live near the Tesco carrier bags' training ground. I might have tried getting Maitland Niles to join once or twice at the traffic lights by the shell. Always just smiles.
  2. Our priority signing should be Maitland Niles, he allows us to then go get the like of oyarzabal as @paul514 suggested. Add another couple of high ceiling players to that . Then that's 4 players who can shoot us up the league.
  3. How long before he plays the next suicide pass thing in the next game? I'll start us at 14minutes.
  4. I might have been bleating about him all season. Get his boy Bamba in too and we'll have gone from weak wingers to absolute ballers. Still need a couple of solid CM/DM types with high energy, pressing and passing ability.
  5. Had we got Delle Alli we would be higher in the table. Quality player hung out to dry by the Ego.
  6. Tongue in cheek my friend tongue in cheek.
  7. With the games we have remaining we'll win 2/3.
  8. Well excuse me who the hell are you to bring common sense here.?!?!?
  9. A potential right back to bring in for competition for Cash is the RB at the club Sawiris was allegedly looking at buying. Falaye Sacko plays for Mali too. Vitoria S.C in Portugal that's the one.
  10. Wouldn't mind Robinson from Fulham as competition for Target.
  11. Kin hell Lingard scores again. This is what Barkley should have been doing. We should look at getting someone similar in next season to give us that experience and knowledge.
  12. Left field suggestion - increase the incredible Holte to even greater heights. Went past scumchester United's ground not long ago and some of their stands are huge. Same with the Newcastle one. The ideal situation would be if we had spare land all around the ground without roads going through etc. Which makes the North stand the only realistic feasible option to extend. Imagine a 3 tier Holte get a slide going from the top to the car park at the back . The doctor's theme park vision lives.
  13. If or when they have the Saudi takeover going through there'll be no chance of signing their best players. As you say £50m minimum is what he would cost. He originally cost them £17m from France. Ligue 1 is in dire straits we can pick up some excellent players for 50% off. New year sales in June, July, August??
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