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  1. We haven’t improved since the first game. Same mistakes constantly a few decent performances but I can’t see him bringing us back up. At the start of the season I said the biggest limiting factor will be Dean Smith. We should have gone for Roger Schmidt or Marcelo Gallardo they with these same players would have us comfortably in mid-table. Lovely bloke Dean but not good enough. Had Thomas Frank come with him it might have been better but even then I wouldn’t have taken the risk. Such a shame because this the crowds have been fantastic. Sell out every game.
  2. Obstruction then. How many times have attackers run in to defenders got a free kick and yellow against their man? Modern game im afraid.
  3. Their player got two yellows for persistent fouling. Hardly worst decision of the season. Getting punched in the face and only conceding a goal kick is one of the worst.
  4. The first 10-15 minutes were theirs then up until they scored I thought we should have been out of sight but our crossing was poor today we kept hitting the first defender. VAR again has cost us a few decisions although their red card wasn’t deserved.
  5. Everton, Arsenal, Norwich both games, Burnley before he was crudely injured he showed enough ability to prove he is going to be a top top player. Juan Pablo Angel didn’t do anything for his first 9 games and he was a hero at Villa Park. He is a false 9 type striker who is better with the ball at his feet. lump and hope hoof-ball isn't his game.
  6. Evidently writing out your fantasies...
  7. It took changing to a system that allowed our players to compete better defensively in games that showed he isn’t stubborn. Nothing weird about it. I actually prefer 4-3-3 but we currently don’t have the players to be successful with it as has been shown since the Burnley game.
  8. Maybe you should read my WHOLE post before making your comments. To quote myself I said “he is starting to win me over is our dean. In fact since the Norwich game when we went to two defensive midfielders he has my backing.” I then mentioned fitness in general and then finished with Well done Dean!. Whilst this is only a football forum - taking selective comments and then totally disregarding and misinterpreting the complete text is a dangerous game that some unscrupulous men in bedsheets have been doing for centuries to further their own agendas and brainwash the masses to cause mayhem.
  9. My opinion is mine yours is yours. Had he changed to two defensive midfielders earlier we would have more points on the board.
  10. He’s starting to win me over is our Dean. In fact since the Norwich game where he went 4-2-3-1 he has got my backing. Yesterday I noticed our pressing was very good especially when they went 4-4-2 they changed it after 15 minutes and Kelechi went wide right which caused us problems but we were always in the game. it was like watching his Brentford and Walsall teams. One major concern for me still is our fitness needs improving.Late January and we’re still running out of gas at about 75 minutes in. But much improved since going to 2 defensive midfielders. Well done Dean!
  11. Any players we bring in should be an upgrade on those we already have or a different style of player in the positions we have. I don’t understand this notion on back ups.
  12. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but he’s got freakishly big hands.
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