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  1. I agreed with you. That’s what ok means right?
  2. Smith is a major cog in the recruitment process. He has said In a few interviews this season that he has a major say. Yes he did well getting us up but what is the point of getting promoted if we’re going to surrender like headless chickens in most of the games. It’s acceptable if we were playing the possession based attacking football I saw at Brentford and Walsall. But it’s not been evident in the main at Villa. When Swansea first came up with Rodgers they outplayed a-lot of teams in the Premier league. We’re too weak physically (as a unit) and we get bullied every game - this has happened since game one. It’s evident only one or two players have improved physically since that game yet as a unit we haven’t. That tells me Grealish, McGinn and Nakamba have decided to get themselves stronger yet others haven’t. Surely this is where Smith has to set The standards.? 6 games ago I said 4 wins with a few draws will see us safe but I fear we’re gone now.
  3. positioning ,fitness and strength all season for me has been below standard. This is all on Dean Smith he is the head coach therefore it’s his job to oversee this aspect of our club.
  4. Seems like that he is a little slower than usual is he carrying an injury?
  5. It’s the manager and the coaching. Luiz is a ball player, without it he is too inexperienced and positionally weak so he isn’t that good for us.
  6. If he comes to Villa he will have one.
  7. I wish Jack Grealish all the best wherever he goes to further his career.
  8. We’re not coming back up for a while. Even if we do we’re going straight back down. The whole setup is poor. I said it the day we got promoted Dean Smith needs to go and someone like Roger Schmidt or Marcelo Gallardo bought in. With the money spent they would have bought the right blend of players to play their way and their systems. The fitness is poor, off the ball running and positioning is poor. Physical Strength on the ball is poor ( except Grealish and Nakamba) it’s diabolical. Hell even with the current players I believe Schmidt or Gallardo would have us mid table. At least the players would be fitter and stronger. Get rid now let the new man settle in and see what’s available for next season to at least see what he needs to bring in and what he can keep. Obviously some Grealish maybe McGinn will have to go because of ffp. Just like Dean Smith and the rest of the coaching staff our players are brain dead and slow to react. It’s stemming from the coaches. The board is a disgrace too for giving him the extension.
  9. We haven’t improved since the first game. Same mistakes constantly a few decent performances but I can’t see him bringing us back up. At the start of the season I said the biggest limiting factor will be Dean Smith. We should have gone for Roger Schmidt or Marcelo Gallardo they with these same players would have us comfortably in mid-table. Lovely bloke Dean but not good enough. Had Thomas Frank come with him it might have been better but even then I wouldn’t have taken the risk. Such a shame because this the crowds have been fantastic. Sell out every game.
  10. Obstruction then. How many times have attackers run in to defenders got a free kick and yellow against their man? Modern game im afraid.
  11. Their player got two yellows for persistent fouling. Hardly worst decision of the season. Getting punched in the face and only conceding a goal kick is one of the worst.
  12. The first 10-15 minutes were theirs then up until they scored I thought we should have been out of sight but our crossing was poor today we kept hitting the first defender. VAR again has cost us a few decisions although their red card wasn’t deserved.
  13. Everton, Arsenal, Norwich both games, Burnley before he was crudely injured he showed enough ability to prove he is going to be a top top player. Juan Pablo Angel didn’t do anything for his first 9 games and he was a hero at Villa Park. He is a false 9 type striker who is better with the ball at his feet. lump and hope hoof-ball isn't his game.
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