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  1. No advance on the 15 we have so far. Haven't had a reply from @Skills or @rhyscartwright_avfc yet to confirm their places. If anyone happens to know them outside VT and can find out if they are in, please let me know. Suggest that everyone due to join VT2 does so if that hasn't happened already. So as it stands that should be @avfcDJ, @LancsVillan, @kurtsimonw, @Dante_Lockhart, @maqroll and @Fowlersrs. @villaluke has set up VT2 so will be able to provide code to join. @HanoiVillan if I don't here from @Skills in next week or so you'll be in VT1. Assume you are available for the draft on 8th August?
  2. The assumption of the post I replied to appeared to be that the fees spent on Jota and Guilbert would not appear in this season's accounts and that all subsequent spending this window would. This is not the case. When discussing the FFP impact of this summer's spending, this seemed like a point worth making.
  3. Where's the calc for this? Sure I've seen it discussed on here before but couldn't find it. I'm assuming the amount we can spend would be dependent on the length of contracts. The difference between £130m on 5 year contracts vs 3 year contracts would be about £17m in this season's accounts.
  4. Nice one. That gives us 15 confirmed so far, so leagues of 8 and 7 as it stands. Just two more to confirm from last year. If anyone else new wants to join let us know in next week or so, as will need to finalise leagues, get draft dates sorted and give time for people to set up draft lists.
  5. Ha! How about a bit closer to the season?
  6. I think trades should be available immediately after draft. I'm guessing all draft players not picked must go to free agency after the draft, so this should give opportunity to change team before first game. I'll try and confirm if this is the case or not. And on the allocated player, you can preset a short list which will be picked from if you are not available to select own player.
  7. Too late as in to aren't available for it? Or something else? I'd suggest the later the better as this gives more chance of new signings being in the draft and will know better who might be sold out of the league as well. If deadline day signings aren't in our draft then none of them will be available for first gameweek as new players added 48 hrs before gameweek will not be available on waivers until the following week.
  8. For everyone else that's in ( @avfcDJ, @kurtsimonw, @villaluke, @Dante_Lockhart, @HanoiVillan, @maqroll, @Fowlersrs ), also worth discussing what times are best for draft.
  9. For those the the VT Prem ( @chappy, @Hornso, @lp_villa830, @Rds1983, @Demitri_C, @skarroki ), any thoughts on draft day/time? I've provisionally set it for 8th August at 8pm UK time. This is 3 hours after transfer window closes, though not sure if this will give enough time for deadline day signings to be included in the draft. First game is Friday 9th.
  10. The draft time/date can be changed later. I’ve provisionally set the VT Prem league draft to a few hours after the transfer window closes.
  11. Not a lot at moment, unless you want to set up the VT Championship league? @avfcDJ, @kurtsimonw, @villaluke And @Dante_Lockhart, you are definitely in this league, so any of you can set this up. As it stands, we have 7 of 8 confirmed for the VT Prem. If the final person confirms they are not in, then @HanoiVillan would take their place due to being next best finisher last year. If they confirm then @HanoiVillan will be in VT Championship. That leaves 3 spaces (assuming league of 8 teams) for the 3 people yet to confirm for the VT Championship. If any of them drop out then @maqroll takes their place. If no drop outs, I guess this league will have 9 teams, unless we get more new players. I’d suggest there is no major rush yet with any of this as still over a month til season starts and probably best to do draft as late as possible. On when draft will be, that’s up to the participants in that league to decide when best suits most of them.

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