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  1. Yes please. Seen him live twice, was the standout player for Leverkusen both times. Was MOTM first time back in 2017 in a game that also featured the likes of Havertz, Pulisic, Brandt, Guerreiro and Volland.
  2. Lol just noticed after getting called out the other day he also changed his bio to remove the website he clearly didn't work for and is now "freelance".
  3. Unverified. No followers. Senior writer for a website on which his name doesn't appear once. From his profile picture he also seems to be a former Prime Minister of Portugal...
  4. I'd say best to aim as close to start of season as possible, though priority being a time everyone in that league can make.
  5. @Stevo985 has just reminded me I need to get this set up, so here we go! Looks like VT1 for this season should be the following: @chappy (VT1 Champion!), @HanoiVillan, @LancsVillan, @Rds1983, @Demitri_C (you ok to admin again this year?), @lp_villa830, @Hornso (VT2 Champion!), @AndyM3000 And VT2 will be: @Eak94 (at least you got more than 17 points!), @maqroll, @tomsky_11, @avfcDJ, @villaluke, @dont_do_it_doug., @andykeenan Could you all let me know the following: - Are you in for this season? - What draft dates/times can people make? - Also, do we want to stick with H2H format or switch to the standard overall score? (is there a way to add a poll to this?) We've also got at least one space in VT2 if anyone else would like to join?
  6. Not sure this place would be given to that "low" a team. More than likely would be a team in a league where the champions go into CL qualifying, ie. 11st rank country downwards I think, so as @Zatman suggested above based on current standings looks like would be the Austrian champions?
  7. Ha just asked this in the Breakaway League thread. The more fun version of your table above puts Man U and Liverpool in 19th and 20th and winning the cups and so still qualifying for the CL presumably! I assume there has to be a max teams per nation right? If there is, who gets cut first?
  8. Ha yep just picked up on that thread where I probably should have posted! Ditto the 8 qualifiers question that's just been raised there as well.
  9. Is there a max number of teams that can qualify from one nation? I make it that 8 would be possible if no restrictions, in the unlikely scenario that CL and EL winners both finish outside top 4 and the two wild cards come from the same nation, plus the top 4.
  10. Isn't the assumption here that 6th place qualifies for the EL because, as often happens, the FA Cup place passes to the league because the winners have already qualified? So actually Man Utd could finish 20th in league, win the FA cup and therefore be in the championship and and the CL group stages for the following season.
  11. Keep the results and give 3-0 win for each game still to be played against the 6. Puts us in 3rd and Leicester way clear at the top. Sorted.
  12. Bottom 2 for relegation, so yeah the league 2 promotion hunt a bit more open than the relegation battle as it stands
  13. I normally start unemployed with no qualifications or playing experience and try to take the Villa job along the way if I can. Also hadn't played the PC version for a few years but started on FM20 when game up on Game Pass. Current game started by taking the Distillery job in the third tier of NI and has gone like this so far: Highlights so far: - Back-to-back promotions with Distillery - First games with Glenavon were Europa Conference qualifiers. Comfortably beating Domzale and Bala, then knocked out FC Zurich on away goals and beat Freiburg 2-1 in the first leg of 4th qualifying round, only to lose the second leg 3-1 to a 120th minute og having gone down to 10 men. - Took Bristol Rovers from relegation places in November to 7th in first season after going on unbeaten run from January. Won the league the following season with 107 points and 101 goals. - Made it from lowest ranked playable European league to the highest in sixth season when controversially left Boro to take the Newcastle job. Could have done this a season earlier but turned down the Baggies job when they were sat bottom of Premier League as I was waiting to hear back after a second interview at Villa. I did not get the Villa job this time. - Took Newcastle out of relegation zone to comfortable mid-table in first season, but decided to leave at end of contract after failing to qualify for Europe in 2nd and 3rd seasons. - Short stint at AZ included 2-0 wins against both Chelsea and OL in my Champions League group. Anything better than a 2-0 defeat in final group game against OL would've got me through to knockouts. Final score: a 2-0 defeat. I was offered the Villa job the following week... - …which was a complete disaster! Narrowly avoided sack in first season after finishing 9th in Championship (not in screenshot above for some reason?!), having barely moved from where I took them over in the December and having spent around £150m in January, mostly through buying half my AZ team. Nearly sacked again mid way through the following season when languishing in midtable. Survived by going 18 games unbeaten from Dec to Feb. Comfortably making playoffs. Sacked with 3 games to after missing out on automatic promotion. Tom Heaton takes over and wins the playoffs. - Now in first season at PSV looking to break Ajax's run of 11 league titles, but an odd season so far has had Utrecht, NAC Breda and FC Twente leading the league for the most part. Currently 4th with several games in hand and qualified top of Europa League group into second knockout round.
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