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  1. Ha. Nah you're alright. Just put 6 waiver requests in so not giving up yet.
  2. Yeah I think we agreed to two up, two down but will have to check back.
  3. Heading for 10th defeat in a row this week. I have not been paying attention.
  4. 2010-11 season, Birmingham and Blackpool both went down with 39 points. That season after 24 games the league looked pretty similar to how it does now. West Ham and Wolves on 21pts, Wigan on 22pts were the bottom 3. Birmingham had 24pts from 23 games. 10th-16th had between 26 and 30pts. So no team was gone yet and plenty of teams could still get dragged into it, which Blackpool in 13th on 28pts after 24 games did. If you're going to need 40 points to be safe any season, I reckon its this one.
  5. But weird given he landed in Brum this morning.
  6. Option 2. Not that much room on Eurowings.
  7. 7am. He was on my flight. Doubt he’ll be playing as said he’s waiting for work permit.
  8. This any good? Much change from last year? Got last year’s and was a bit annoyed that something as simple as attribute masking wasn’t an option.
  9. I think someone had revised the latest Kantar poll to match 2017 turnout that put Tories of 34%, Labour on 30%
  10. Not anymore it seems. Looks like he’s been kicked today as well.
  11. Bit of a catchup due. Haven't felt much like looking at this since trading out Ayoze Perez the week he scores a hattrick, having stuck with him since draft day VT1 currently looks like this: 1. @skarroki 27pts (479 fantasy points) 2. @HanoiVillan 19pts (490) 3. @Rds1983 19pts (467) 4. @Demitri_C 18pts (489) 5. @tomsky_11 15pts (428) 6. @Hornso 12pts (445) 7. @lp_villa830 12pts (411) 8. @chappy 9pts (435)
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