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  1. tomsky_11

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    I'm assuming that this disappearing to the fourth page means no one on here is playing this?
  2. tomsky_11

    Villa Park Atmosphere

    The club management didn't help either, did they, from what I remember? Might be worth giving it another go with the new owners? Think safe standing would massively help too if that were to come in any time soon.
  3. tomsky_11


    As an Orlando Magic fan, I very much disagree. Although having said that, last week went pretty well. 5 big wins on the bounce, including beating the Bucks on the road by 20, and ending a 13-game losing streak against the Hornets, winning by 38. All-Star Weekend has come at just the right time to break that form though.
  4. tomsky_11

    Villa Park Atmosphere

    Any chance of that Brigada lot coming back? Or something similar starting up? Think that would help the atmosphere in the Lower Holte.
  5. tomsky_11

    Lovre Kalinić

    There were positives and negatives. I think you're maybe a bit harsh on him spilling everything (handling generally seemed ok to me, can't remember him spilling anything of note. Any moments in particular?) and the first goal seemed more bad luck to me. I also thought he was better ball-to-feet than I expected, and he looked more comfortable than Nyland would with the few crosses I remember him having to deal with. However, I think you are bang on with the positioning issue and that is the biggest worry for me. That moment in the first half where he came rushing out and ended up in no man's land was genuinely baffling. And for the third goal it looked at the time like he'd made a very similar error. Hoping this is first game nerves or something. I'm definitely not writing him off after one game. But if these particular mistakes turn out not to be one-offs, then I think this could be a much bigger issue than Nyland's aerial deficiencies.
  6. tomsky_11

    Draft Fantasy Football 2018/19

    Last pick in our draft is currently in 2nd place, 2 points off top, with the highest score total for the season. They have the top two scoring strikers so far this season.
  7. tomsky_11

    Draft Fantasy Football 2018/19 have I picked up Dele Alli on waivers?!
  8. tomsky_11


    Yep, it’s not great. Were you in Pisa the whole time? Lucca is about half hour from there and much nicer. Florence obviously amazing and about an hour from there. Siena less than two hours away also a lot more interesting. Pisa is maybe good for an hour if it’s not too busy to see the tower but that’s kind of it.
  9. tomsky_11


    Has anyone been to the Fringe? Thoughts? Any advice for planning going?
  10. tomsky_11


    This. Atmosphere is incredible. Also, if you are Naples way, Herculaneum is worth checking out. Basically Pompeii but much smaller and much better preserved.
  11. tomsky_11

    Nintendo Switch

    What is it?
  12. tomsky_11

    Blose pre match

    Could argue it might not be so bad. 4 of Jutkiewicz's 9 goals this season from headers and he leads the league in aerials duels won with 12.3 per game. But he also loses 10 aerial duels per game on average. Jedinak is third in the league for aerial duels won per game with 9. But he also only lost 3 per game. Chester has won 3.9 a game on average this season, losing 2.8.
  13. tomsky_11

    John McGinn

    Possible alternative? He's from Hibernian He hates the Albion
  14. tomsky_11

    Draft Fantasy Football 2018/19

    I'm not bottom anymore!
  15. tomsky_11

    Draft Fantasy Football 2018/19

    Rank Team & Manager W D L +Score Pts 1 Dirty Old Kodjia Sam 10 0 1 544 30 2 No Villa No Party Joe 7 1 3 507 22 3 Hanoi Villans Steve 6 0 5 511 18 4 FC Dynamo Costco Rob 5 0 6 466 15 5 Brucey Bonus F.C Matt 5 0 6 458 15 6 Lances lemons Lance 4 1 6 446 13 7 Ctrl Alt De Laet Rhys 3 1 7 404 10 8 Tomsky's XI Thomas 2 1 8 445 7