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  1. Transactions. Find player you want. Click on initials of team owner (green button in “Sign” column. That brings up list of your players and team you are trading with, to select who you want to swap.
  2. GW4 Results: @tomsky_11 45 - 26 @Hornso @Demitri_C 64 - 59 @Rds1983 @lp_villa830 24 - 51 @HanoiVillan @skarroki 51 - 40 @chappy GW5 Fixtures: @HanoiVillan vs. @tomsky_11 @Rds1983 vs. @chappy @Hornso vs. @skarroki @Demitri_C vs. @lp_villa830
  3. Wasn’t aware of that. What was the reason, as didn’t seem terrible there? Would be willing to have him bat but not keep as seems to bat better when not keeping. If that isn’t an option for him then absolutely would take him out.
  4. He doesn't have a desire to give up keeping at test level but when Foakes is behind him and it affects his batting as it does he shouldn't really have a choice. If he's at 3 then there's no chance he's keeping. Might be interesting to try Stokes there, though is unproven. Only one test innings at 3. Nov 2018 in Sri Lanka. Out for 19. Has two innings at 4. 29* and 2. At least Bairstow has shown he is capable there in the innings he's had.
  5. Limited sample but Bairstow averaged 38.83 in 6 inns batting at 3 earlier this year/late last year.
  6. Burns Sibley Bairstow Root Stokes Roy/Pope Foakes S Curran Archer Broad Leach
  7. Maybe not Virdi or Tom but with you on the other three. Sam and Foakes should've been in already. Would consider Roy moving down the order but wouldn't be unhappy with Pope there. Not that any of this helps Surrey mind.
  8. GW3 fixtures: @HanoiVillan vs. @skarroki @chappy vs. @tomsky_11 @Rds1983 vs. @lp_villa830 @Hornso vs. @Demitri_C
  9. Just a heads up for anyone wanting to make changes to their team and isn't aware, up until 24 hours before the next gameweek deadline a waivers system operates. From the FPL Draft rules: After the waivers period ends and before the gameweek deadline, all players still unpicked (except those released in waivers) are available as free agents to whoever signs them first.
  10. GW2 Fixtures: @tomsky_11 vs. @Rds1983 @chappy vs. @Demitri_C @HanoiVillan vs. @Hornso @lp_villa830 vs. @skarroki
  11. Not the worst gamble. Defenders are the easiest position to rotate.

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