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  1. Think this from the June FCG Meeting was the last we've heard on it? Guess there must be another meeting due soon if June was the last one?
  2. Reasonable assumption that PS referred to bottom right of page could be this guy? Bio mentions working with Villa. Also a Villa fan. Maybe he's on VT and could confirm... Also don't know Tom but follow him on twitter, seems he's works on local projects in some capacity including the Commonwealth Games, so doesn't seem completely crazy that he might come across some kind of genuine bid prospectus for the 2018 World Cup bid. They are certainly more legit than that picture doing the rounds this week, or anything else I think we've seen previously.
  3. There were these from the 2018 World Cup bid
  4. Often does but is not guaranteed. Only guaranteed European football down to 5th place - top 4 Champions League, 5th place Europa League. The other Europa League and the Europa Conference place are initially assigned to the FA Cup and League Cup winners respectively. They only pass to the next highest league finish if the Cup winner has already qualified by some other means.
  5. I think having Lars Bender and Aranguiz in the middle helps. Two good defensive midfielders. Plus Henrichs on the right probably more a defender.
  6. Went 7-9. Looks like we should be pretty much at full strength. Feel with that we've a decent chance of winning both home games and Arsenal away, would be dissappointed to lose any of those games. Utd and Spurs most likely defeats, but wouldn't be completely suprised to get something given the performance against Chelsea without our best XI.
  7. I believe he has said he prefers to play on the right and he's just had his best season in Bundesliga in terms of goals and assists where he has mostly played on the right by the looks of it. Prior to last season though he has mostly been played on the left, so playing him there really wouldn't be an issue. Certainly, if we were playing him as a wing back the left side would make more sense with him being left footed.
  8. Or wide in the middle 4/5 in a 3-4-3/3-5-2, like the above man of the match performance.
  9. @maqroll@Shomin Geki@a-k@skarroki you all good for draft in 30mins?
  10. Ha ok, you'll be number 6. One or two more would be ideal... @villaluke @avfcDJ @dont_do_it_doug. @andykeenan or anyone else!
  11. Moved draft time to tonight, 8.30pm UK time. We've got 5 in at the mo, would have thought we'd get the 7 that joined the one I deleted. Think we are missing @villaluke, @bobzy and @avfcDJ. You guys in? @dont_do_it_doug. and @andykeenan were in the original 10 so if either of you can join for tonight that would be good?
  12. Only 4 joined as it stands so good chance will push to tomorrow night if that suits people better?
  13. @maqroll, @villaluke, @skarroki, @Shomin Geki, @a-k, @bobzy, @avfcDJ still missing 5 teams and draft due tonight...
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